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Monday Night Raw #1068: November 11, 2013!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

It amuses me how this weeks Perfect Plex Radio show on BDSIR Network is entitled ‘We The People’ to honor Veteran’s Day… well your Hip Hop Reppin, Fried Chicken Eatin, Tekken @$$ whoopin, Total Diva Lovin Wrestling fan hating Infamous Informer has choice words about that… This week’s Raw takes place in Manchester, ENGLAND. If Zeb Coulter considers himself a veteran he will STAY THE F**K in America and don’t cross the borders over here. And if he does, I will raise my Size 12 Timberland Boots, honor the Jamaican/British Flag and say – I The INFAMOUS!!!

Jamaican Union Jack


WWF PROPA TINGZShout out to STC member Dean Winfield reppin at Manchester for the show!!! And big up the 13,614 in attendance! Yo – Smack Talk Centre is THIS WAY!!!

WTF is going on here???? Why is Brad Maddox, Vickie Guerrero and my hero Kane fighting over who Randall should fight… Why doesn’t my hero just chokeslam both their b!tch @$$£$??? Now look w’happen, Randall has to fight the Rhodes Brothers…. is this best for business??? Dunno about that but it’s best for my viewing pleasure… apart from the GM part just then… creative team fix up – MY HERO KANE IS IN CHARGE! That should have been an instant chokeslam!

Oh no the crowd are on one already! Chanting for JBL, ‘Randy’s boring’… oh dear!!! 13,614 people have paid their money!!!!

So let me get this right so I can understand this: If Triple and Steph are on vacation, who is Michael Cole gonna interview this week? I hope it’s my hero Kane!

What’s wrong Randall? You can’t manage the Rhodes Brothers??? He’s like f**k it! Me GONE!!! – RECORD SKIP – The Big Show???? He was reported absent on the register!!!! Him grab Randall – chokeslam through the announce table – BLAOW!!!! YUH DEAD NOW!!!

Wait a minute – The Big Show can’t just jump in a cab and head to the pub for a drink???? Ha – he might meet Sheamus or Wack Barrett on his travels!

Hold up – Los Matadores fight ‘The Union Jacks’??? Who are really 3MB? F**k this!!!! The crowd might love it, I certainly don’t!!!!! I’m going for a commercial break, let’s play one of my favourite British tunes since WWE is in England this week…
(Grant)GRANT - BODY - P
The beginning is still in my memory,
I was sittin’ in my school assembly,
Never listen to what da teachers tellin’ me,
I was thinkin’ “will I live to seventy?”,
And if I die will the world remember me?
Whos my friends and who’s my enemies?
Who will love and who will envy me?
Now I’m ready for whatever is meant to be...!

SHOUT OUT TO THE MANCHESTER UNITED FANS!!!!! (sorry Arsenal!! sorry Liverpool!!! You might be running the premier league dance but I think STC’s boss man slipped a cheque in WWE’s pocket Alex Ferguson style!)

So let me get this right so I can understand this: Next week on Raw its Raw Country from Nashville? Well THE GRANT SAYS when you gonna do Raw Hip Hop from New York or Detroit or Cali?????

Ok I skipped a few matches because they didn’t interest me. This one doesn’t either… but y’all excited. So for you, I’ll talk sh!t…. Dolph Ziggler! Curtis Axel! Intercontinental Championship! LET’S GO!

Actually this should be an even contest, Ziggler is all about PERFECTION, Axel’s father was PERFECT, so I expect a PERFECT match… yes??

The crowd behind Ziggler, but my dude Curtis Axel held down the title!!! YES!!! Talk sh!t now Ziggler d!ck riders!!!!! WHAT??!!!!!!

WTF??? Wack Ryder in charge of WWE Shop??? Let’s rob this muthaf***a! BREAK YOURSELF FOOL!

Blodclart – Bella Twins Vs Tamina & AJ Lee again???? no matter, just an excuse for me to fantasize over Tamina…

Why da rarse has Nikki got ‘Demon’ written on her socks? that’s not sexy! Oh I get it – Speed Demon… it matters not – KILL HER TAMINA!!!

Hold up – the crowd chanting – We want tables???? Yeah I’d lay Tamina over that table and (CENSORED!!!!) I gotta show respect to her father! That’s it – kick down her rarse, climb top ropes – superfly splash – BLAOW!!!

WHAT????? The Real American Pu$$!£$ are in England??? Muthaf***a!!!!

Yo CENA! You better f**k them up with your 5 moves! And don’t sh!t yourself (literally) doing it! The first verse is dedicated to you Zeb… YOU DUMB MUTHAF***A!

Oh dear! You gotta love the Shield mans!!!! Randall’s like – where were you mans when Big Show f**ked me up? Told Randall straight – we don’t work for Vickie, Brad , Kane, and not him either! They work for TRIPLE TEEF!!!!

I care not for Fandango or Tyson Kidd… f**k that – maybe I should join the Manchester crowd and sing the Fandango theme and take shots at Summer Rae…. shout out to Mike Knoxxx – he’s right – Summer Rae’s looks are not as hot as I previously assumed… just bend her over, choke her, spank her, pull her hair… you don’t need to look at the face that looks like she’s been in a d!ck sucking marathon! GRANT BODY – P!!!!

Ok this is it y’all!!!! COME ON CENA!!!! Destroy these border crossing muthaf***az! I THE INFAMOUS!

How dare this muthaf***a disrespect England! LETS GO CENA! All you Cena haters you get a Timberland boot in your fat @$$, and all you racist muthaf***az chanting ‘We The People’ get a black fist in your ugly @$$ pimpled up face!

Gotta say this match is maaaaaaad! The only time y’all should boo Cena is when he doesn’t let Cesaro use the giant swing. Cena has already taken TWO sho-ryu-kens from Cesaro, but the b!tch Swagger taps out to Cena’s STF! Did I fail to mention that Bertie was there watching, after the match he assaults Cena only to be saved by Big E Langston, and them stupid muthaf***az chanting ‘We the people’ are now chanting Big E???? F**k!n snakes!!!!

Some of you guys in the crowd should NOT be dancing when R-Truth tune drop! You got no rhythm! DeeJay from Street Fighter would be ashamed! Is this something that R-Truth is gonna start doing? Run a d!$$ record on his opponent like Mr Hardcore Thuganomics used to do??? I think he should!


Oh snap!!!! Ryback lose again!!!! Damn son…. WWE will probably keep him until they grab hold of Goldberg…. then if Goldberg f**ks him up then it’s the end of Ryback’s career for sure!

You know what I just noticed??? The announce team now have a new announce table! I want somebody to mash that up too!!! It would be great!

The crowd is loving this contest between Langston and Bertie…. a bit too much! now they are doing the Mexican wave…. badly!!!! Then they be chanting – ‘We are awesome!!!’ Well THE GRANT SAYS…. nah, not really!
Unlucky Langston…. when Bertie locks in that cross-arm breaker, THAT’S IT!

OH SNAP!!! LOOK PON PAUL HEYMAN!!!! He is f**ked up!!!!!!


Apparently it’s OUR fault now that Paul Heyman got buss arse…. My hands are clean… I had nothing to do with it rude boy! So it seems that the feud between Punk and Heyman is STILL not over!!!! Heyman swears vengeance… what’s he gonna do in that wheelchair???? Curtis Axel – you sir are a pansy – yeah I cheered for you earlier but that was then! Heyman gets more beaten with the kendo stick!!!! OH LAWWWD!

Ok main event time! Danielson & CM Punk Vs The Shield! Ok Roman Reigns, don’t trip up on the way down!!!

Kinda weird that this might be the first time CM Punk has clashed with The Shield… remember back in the day? They used to seemingly protect him and his title to make it 434 days… Yeah you CM Punk fans don’t remember that sh!t!!!

No way… CM Punk and Danielson may have this match won…. hol on… The Wyatt Family!!! OH SNAP!!! The Shield and The Wyatts clash!!!!!! LAWWWWWWD! But wait! They have a common enemy! Punk & Bryan! UH OH!!!!  think their goose cook now!

WAIT A MINUTE! The Rhodes brothers! the Usos!!!! BACKSIDE!!! It’s all out ruckus now!!!! Ok this is how it’s going! 6 Vs 6 at Survivor Series! The Shield/Wyatts Vs CM Punk/Bryan/Rhodes Bros/Usos! It’s gonna be MAAAAAAAD!

SMACK TALK CENTRE: Where are we going to watch such epicness????