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Monday Night Raw #1291, February 19, 2018!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

WE want the brand extension!

WE want fewer pay per views!

WE want Cesaro to be champion!

Combined WWE PPV

Too bad you can’t have it all eh?



REQUEST TO JOIN – DON’T BE A POTATO! DON’T BE A TRAGEDY like…Dana Brooke. Come on Kurt – don’t be sexist – put the big t!tty gyal in the chamber! (Nah that ain’t politically correct… forget it…)

Screenshot-2018-2-19 Dana Brooke WWE ( DanaBrookeWWE) Twitter

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RAW 1291! Chamber Music, F**k!n the party up!

I don’t know about you but this Hardy Vs Wyatt thing – it needs a little extra something… yes they have clashed, yes they have both chatted sh!t… it needs to go to that next level for me to be re-invested… whatever Matt was doing in the TNA joint – bring that sh!t here and make it 10x better!

“What is so special about Ronda Rousey is – she’s an attraction…” In more ways than one eh Charlotte?!!!!


Aaah sheeeeeeet they showing footage of Ronda practicing her wrestling moves! UH-OH!!! This ain’t no Eva Marie folks!

Black Panther fever hits Titus Worldwide! Even Dana Brooke is doing it – (not properly she got a clipboard in her hand) But if they lose to the Bar, they will bring disgrace to Wakanda!!!

Titus Panther

YES!!!! WAKANDA FOREVER!!!! Apollo Crews was like – I AM T’CHALLA! SON OF T’CHAKA!!! Dana Brooke must have gave them some of that Vagin—- er I mean Vibranium! (still doesn’t sound right does it?)

Come on Nia you’re dealing with Asuka here! Asuka knows the way of the ninja and stealth attacks – YOU DON’T!

Mike Cole is talking about ‘friends’ and alliances that may occur in the Chamber… it’s still every woman for herself Cole! And it looks like Dana Brooke could well be dissed for real! I would say to Dana – walk out the joint – but maybe… she and Titus Worldwide should try Smackdown first before doing that…


HOLY SMOKES!!! Seth Rollins has done a ‘Chris Jericho’! By that I mean he beat the two top guys in the same night! In this case Double R & John Cena! Oh man! The IWC must be reaching fever pitch!!!

What a performance by Seth Rollins! Dude has lasted over an hour in the gauntlet match thus far! But there was no way he could outlast three guys, with two of them being Double R & Cena… Elias COME CROSS!

Next opponent – Finn Balor… and true say Elias was still mash up with his ribs, one coup de grace on them and it’s curtains for the man with the guitar!

Typical Miz has to be so dyam teef! Double R, Seth, Elias, and Balor use real skills – Not the Miz… he has to brfing his pu$$yclaat friends with him and attack Balor from behind…

…but if I was Balor, I’d let The Miz beat me and let me see the lights for the three because the winner has to fight…….BRAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!

“If you excuse me Charly, I have some unfinished business to attend to…” The Miztourage heard Braun say that and they was like – OH SH!T! we gotta leave the ring NOW!!!

Miz tried to get away, but Braun ketch him!!! The Grant Says – If Braun was in the police force, there is NO WAY you are out running him!

Running powerslam into the canvas – BLAOW!!!!

Chamber music, f**k!n the party up! That’s what Braun does!!!



STC 2018 logo3







Monday Night Raw #1290, February 12, 2018!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!


We all bought it! We all bought it – HOOK LINE & SINKER!!!! We all bought it! Even our wrestling journalist experts bought it! Every damn one of us were made FOOLS OF!



REQUEST TO JOIN – DON’T BE A POTATO! DON’T BE A TRAGEDY like… ALL OF US! Yes, we fell for it! IT WAS A WORK! Yeah we know EVERYTHING… don’t we wrestling fans!

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RAW 1290! I hope it doesn’t bore me like last week! GIVE ME SOME JOKE!!! 

WHOA!!!! John Cena haters – don’t hang up your keyboards of mass destruction just yet – dude just said he’s going to big BIG WrestleMania! and if he fails… then he doesn’t have a road to WrestleMania! Y’all better hope and pray Elias wins then eh?

Wait a second – The Miz believes he can win! Hey I’m all for The Miz winning the chamber! Imagine that! Talk about fantasy and reality!!!!!

Yo Miz, from one Mike to another Mike… you DO NOT wanna face Brock! You’re going to be a FATHER…remember??!!! And last time I checked, Brock doesn’t give a sh!t about your kids!


I like that idea! Make it happen Kurt! Miz Vs Cena – loser enters the chamber FIRST!!! In which case I’m backing Cena to win so that The Miz goes in first! See how fickle I am? I’m Blade dutty bwoyjust like you fools! Actually no…. to quote Blade… ‘I’M SOMETHING ELSE!!!’

Only ONE MAN has survived the Avalanche AA or the Super AA or whatever that blasted move is called and that’s AJ Styles! No way is The Miz gonna survive surely?

BLAOW!!!! 1, 2 and….. 3! The Miz b!tch @$$ gotta jump in the chamber FIRST! He will SUFFER!!! And John Cena is for the children… look at him signing autographs for the kids with special needs. You wanna hate THAT MAN for that? You’re more retarded than anybody else!

WHOA! I wasn’t even paying attention and Revival win their match against The Balding Club? I was sitting here wishing happy birthday to people on FB and I heard the 1, 2, 3 with Balding clubs shoulders to the mat looking at lights! Hahahahaha B!TCHES!

Yes Alexa I’m impressed with Mickie James too – she’s a mother and a WWE Superstar and she looks great… that is… until I come across THIS WOMAN… no she’s not a wrestler… but she’s a mother of FIVE. After two or three kids your body cannot recover again and you look like one of those guests from Jeremy Kyle but when you look like this… GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!!! (Edd don’t even attempt to research this one!!!)

Darci carpenter

Let’s just say she is a distant associate of mine as regards to my Journalistic Hip Hop career…moving on…

Goldberg eat your heart out! Asuka – 240-0!!! NO ONE CAN BEAT HER!!! Even the Undertaker is astonished!!! But let’s be real – you’re NOT gonna see Asuka at WrestleMania for 20+ years are you?


THAT IS TRUE! Had Asuka NOT relinquished the NXT Championship, god knows how much longer she would have been champion! 523 days… CM Who? GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE!

“Huge fan of Sonya Deville, she will have a great future here on Monday Night Raw…” 

Got that right Mr Greaves! She could GET IT!!!

Well so much for Sasha Vs Bayley at big BIG WrestleMania – we’re getting it now! (PAUSE)

BAYLEY WINS THE MATCH! Ok here’s the heel turn you know it alls have been waiting for!

SWITCH!!! Nia Jax attacks BOTH OF THEM!!! Ok go ahead, complain on the internet about how WWE dropped the ball again as you do!!!


TODAY, I WALK WITH ELIAS!!!!! There is a first time for everything! Why wish for the Doctor of Thuganomics to come back when Elias has got it covered!

“Don’t worry Miz, those songs were not for you, they were written for MARYSE!!!”

Pregnant women don’t do it for me personally but ELIAS WANTS TO PUT IT IN!!!

WAIT – I CHANGED MY MIND!!! I’M WALKING WITH BRAUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!! Have you seen the size of that guitar? He even broke that! And he can sing in tune too!

“Well Elias says he’s gonna win, but we all know that ain’t true,

You look at me boy when I’m singing, because I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!!!

You may not notice, you may not realise,  when this song is over, you’re gonna GET THESE HANDS!”


Are you ready for Braun Strowman’s album to drop? If you don’t buy it you’re gonna get these hands!!! I’M DUN!!!!!

HAHAHAHA!!! Strowman lick down Elias with the dutty big guitar! BLAOW!!! That’s it – now throw him off the stage! NO? Oh well!!!

Let me take this time to congratulate Ivory on her Hall Of Fame induction! Yeah I know what you’re thinking… Chyna gets dissed again! Hey – you praise the evil Triple Teef for making NXT/WWE better, but you run him down for this… you can’t have everything!

WHOA!!! Jason Jordan forced to miss big BIG WrestleMania! HOLY SMOKES!!! The question remains – what does this mean for Seth Rollins? I think everything has changed now, JUST LIKE THAT!

Tell em Kurt! The fans should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES! Cheering that Jason Jordan won’t be there? What sort of people are you?

Er what? Seth doesn’t want to be apart of Monday Night Raw? Welcome to the A Show Seth! I’ve been waiting for you!

Oh maybe not! He still wants to be Universal Champion! Er… how is this gonna work?

Makes sense! I hope Seth wins the Fatal 5 Way joint! But if he does, what about Finn Balor? Er… oh dear!

Sorry Apollo! Sorry Wyatt, Sorry Matt Hardy… the Chamber needs to be DON! But I gotta say I’m glad Apollo is up in that match…

OH SNAP!!! Seth and Balor did a ‘Undertaker & Kane to Austin’! You don’t get it? Er does this mean anything to you?

STC 2018 logo3







Monday Night Raw #1277, November 20, 2017!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Deep breath… TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!! TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF! I knew that muthaf***a could not be trusted! I don’t think anybody saw THAT sort of ending coming though… and I don’t mean when Braun Strowman had him sh!tt!n his brief!



REQUEST TO JOIN – DON’T BE A POTATO! DON’T BE A TRAGEDY like Charles Manson. What I don’t understand is… we are celebrating the birthdays of Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest & DJ Lord Jazz of Lords of the Underground and all you fools can talk about is this inhuman scum?

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RAW 1277! Forget about NXT War Games. Forget about Survivor Series. The main story is – JoJo nudes have been leaked! Like – GOD DAYUUUUUUM! If you are good I may share them with you!

Steph Raw

Since Virgin Media wanted to f**k with me (internet was down) I have to play catch up on YouTube.

We at least Kurt still has his job… I still wanna know why Triple pedigreed him for no reason though!

Oh no Jason Jordan bex! I hope he knows what he’s doing!

He wants a match with Triple Teef? Does he realise this dude uses the hammer???

That’s what the fans want, but Triple doesn’t wrestle on a random Monday?

Triple H back off jacket! He’s THE GAME – he’s played this game for too long Jason Jordan is but a noob!

“Triple H isn’t afraid of anyone in that locker room…” – BRAUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!! You sure about that Stephanie?

Triple trying to stand up to him! Then he forgot he doesn’t have the McMahon Helmsley Regime so he backed off!


Kurt might still be the GM but The Authority is in full force I tell ya! Putting Braun up against Jason Jordan? TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!

Now, Finn Balor passes out to Joe’s super move right, and I couldn’t help but glance at Dave Meltzer talking about ‘Vince has no faith in Balor’… see muthaf***az – this is the sh!t I’m talking about – DON’T BE LIKE DAVE. Conversely, if Samoa Joe lost to Balor – there is Dave over there saying Vince has no faith in Joe… don’t follow him readers…

To those pea brains who say Dean Ambrose is ‘boring’ with that off the rope lunatic clothesline thing he does, I bet you didn’t see the lunatic roll up pin attempt on Sheamus did you??

If I had a negative to say about the Survivor Series, it’s that a Cruiserweight Survivor Series match would have been dope… The Zo Train Vs the rebels… Oh well… you could say it was WWE dropping the ball, but we don’t think about things like – time constraints…

I think Dana Brooke is trying to avenge her friend Emma’s release isn’t she? She wasn’t ready for Asuka in NXT, she ain’t ready now!

Remember last time Dana Brooke slapped Asuka? Didn’t work out too well! What makes her think it will work out this time?

OH NO! The ugly @$$ Paige is back! Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay… MISS ME WITH THAT BULLSH!T!

HELL NO I didn’t miss you. F**KOUTTAHERE!

Hold up! Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville?! Now you haven’t gotta question what happened to the Tough Enough female champion, but that Sonya Deville…I like em feisty! OH YEAH!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Now that’s funny! they beat down Bayley, Sasha and Mickie and then Alicia Fox screamed and run garne!!!! FANTASTIC!

Mandy Rose has a better super move than Eva Marie ever had!GRANT WWDJC2

Shout out to Micah Lee of Soul N Sports/BDSIR NETWORK – he posed the question – if RAW gets Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville – what does Smackdown get? WELL THE GRANT SAYS – BILLIE KAY & PEYTON ROYCE FOR THE WIN! DO IT!!!!

WELL THE GRANT SAYS THIS – If Mandy & Sonya have any sense – they will leave Paige before she turns on them – just like she did with Becky Lynch and Charlotte… Submission Sorority 2.0. What do you think folks?

YES!!!! THEY BEAT DOWN ALEXA BLISS! At this moment, I like Paige just that little eeeny beeeny bit more right now! Respect points gone up from NAUGHT – NAUGHT point ONE!


First Alicia Fox, now The Miz! HIM RUN GARNE!!! I wished Braun was at the other side of the stage to stop The Miz in his tracks… I would have been DUN!


Jason Jordan might be the luckiest muthaf***a alive – his knee gave in at the right time as if it was divine intervention – because my hero Kane appeared and attacked Braun Strowman!

Kane is killing Strowman with the chair! WHOA! He did The Undertaker move with the chair to the throat! HOLY SMOKES! All that is left to do is electrocute his seed bag and set him on fire! (What – no pyro? Ohhhh….)


In the battle to become the Intercontinental Champion… Sheamus & Cesaro try to teef!! Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale to Double R – BLAOW! 1, 2, and…NOT SO EASY!!!

The Shield come down to sort the injustice!

Spear to The Miz – BLAOW!!! 1, 2, and…3!!!! LET THE COMPLAINING ON THE INTERNET BEGIN!

Let’s be real – if all the beatdowns The Miz has had in recent weeks by the likes of Strowman and The Shield was somebody else, y’all muthaf***az be like – he’s getting buried! It’s a damn shame that half the wrestling fans have lack of intellect…

…and The Miz is still talking sh!t…. until The Shield appeared behind him! Now he wants to shake their hand? What a sportsman…

WHOA!!! The Miz said this is his yard??? Er… Roman…. do you have to make a long distance call to Death Valley?

Seth Rollins kick him down as if to say – SHUT UP YOUR BLODCLART BWOY!

Announce table set up – The Miz – Shield bombed through the table – BLAOW!!! When will he ever learn???

Monday Night Raw #1258, July 3 , 2017!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

So the Slammiversary popped off! and NEW! Unified TNA Champion (or whatever it’s called) ALBERTO EL PATRON! There he is running down the WWE in the middle of the ring… after all they did for you Bertie, if it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t be f**k!n Paige. Ungrateful sh!t!


Unlucky Cody Rhodes, you didn’t quite make history by holding both the ROH & IWGP titles… Good thing you didn’t, because my fellow JAMMS host and STC member Aydenn Wardle would have lost his sh!t and would have blew his load faster than Chicago bussin into Iesha in Poetic Justice.


REQUEST TO JOIN – DON’T BE A POTATO! DON’T BE A TRAGEDY like Bertie. Yeah I said it! Thinks he’s a big shot with that Mickey Mouse title. F**KOUTTAHERE!

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RAW 1258! We don’t sing Great Balls Of Fire over here?!!!! We sing FYYYREEE!! from Busta Rhymes!!!

Steph Raw

Right – I got half a pack of lockets, a hot drink of lemon and honey, plus a pack of jaffa cakes. Yes your Infamous Informer is not very well, and he doesn’t have Penny to sing him soft kitty… however this is Monday Night Raw, we ain’t tryna sleep!

Oh dear, my stream is f**k!n up! Maybe I’m not supposed to watch the World Wrestling Federation Live! I juts missed 15 minutes of this sh!t…

By the sounds of it, I missed Enzo talk sh!t in the ring for that long, and then ambush Big Cass from behind. Ah well!!! Onto Sasha sexy @$$ and Bayley potato @$$!

I know you’re the boss lady, but even you cannot contend with Alexa Blitch and the Bottom and the Breasts Nia Jax!

“This is MY division Sasha!” OH HELL NO! I changed my mind – Sasha – BEAT THAT B!TCH @$$! YES! A BANK STATEMENT! ALEXA BLITCH TAPPING OUT! BEEEEAAAATCH!!!!!

An exclusive interview with Brock and Joe? On the go home show before the PPV? You cannot be serious right now! THAT AIN’T HAPPENING!

Is this thing with Naom Dar/Cedric Alexander/Alicia Fox sh!t still going on??? I only expect this from Hollyoaks! Oh yeah – it’s a ‘male soap opera isn’t it??? Aww shucks…

Sheeeeeeet! Heath Slater been in the WWE game for 8 years! And he never won a title? Last time I check – he won the tag titles with Rhyno! Oh he means a singles title…

Miz says there will be no title matches… YES! KURK ANGLE will have something to say about that!

SERIOUSLY! Miz talking to Kurt Angle like that? This dude got no manners!!!! Heath Slater can fight Miz for the title NOW! If Miz holds down the title (which I think he will because he’s a b!tch hiding behind Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas) then he got Dean Ambrose to deal with at the Great Balls Of Fire joint!

The question remains – who thought up that PPV Title and who got that sh!t approved? Was it one of Vincent Kennedy’s favourite tunes of all time? If that was the case I wanna have my own wrestling promotion! I would call my PPVs ‘Da Mystery Of Chessboxing’… ‘House Of Flying Daggers’, ‘Assassination Day’, ‘Winter Warz’, ‘Bring The Pain’, ‘Brooklyn Zoo’, ‘4th Chamber’… should I go on????



Damnit! His blodclart Miztourage! Miz has always been a b!tch!

Did you hear that? John Cena advertising Tapout Body Sprays? Talking about feeding trolls and stopping internet warriors?? Here’s looking at you retarded 434 fools!

OH Sh!t – Titus may have a slogan for Apollo Crews – Crews Can’t Loose! But we talking BRAUN here! And Apollo just had a daughter! Apollo must protect her from monsters! They are everywhere! And above all else – keep her OFF THE POLE!!!


Great Balls Of fire

A 30- minute iron man tag team match between Sheamus/Cesaro & the Hardy Boyz at the Great Balls of Fire joint? WHOA! Sounds like WWE have been watching the Slammiversary and That G1 thing lately and got their study on!

Don’t you think that’s f**ked up people? Big Big Great Balls of Fire joint about to pop off and Finn Balor is not even fixed up in a match? But Raw made sure wrestling purists got their jerk on as he battles Cesaro here!

Wait a second, maybe he IS in a match at the PPV! I forgot about this Elias Samson dude… is that a bad thing?!

YES Wrestling fools don’t have a heart attack – Brock Lesnar IS SPEAKING TO SAMOA JOE! He is the best of the best of the best! You think Paul Heyman gonna say something stupid?

Hey Brock is laughing at this whole thing! He hasn’t gotta look for Joe! Joe gotta look for him!

Joe is on some – LET’S GO CHAMP! I like this! Considering it’s the go home show!

Joe is bex!!! Brock isn’t! You would think it’s the other way around! This is great!

Just when I thought Braun was getting better competition in Apollo Crews! For a minute Crews was killing Strowman! But Strowman hit the running powerslam, 1, 2 and – WAIT! He picked Crews head up! UH-OH!!!! DOUBLE R GET DOWN HERE FAST! THIS IS INJUSTICE!grant-body-p

He just dropped a second running powerslam! took his head off the canvas before the 3 and licked his forehead! OH MY GOD That’s some Wyatt sh!t right there!

After 3 Running Powerslams, it’s over… hey Crews… it could have been worse you feel me?

He just dashed Crews in the ambulance and told the driver to get going! But the driver nah move!

It’s DOUBLE R!!!! DUNA! DUNA! DUNA! DUNN-DUNN! How can you guys NOT LIKE this dude? YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

UUUUUUOOOOOOOOAHHHHH! Spear Strowman off the stage into tables – BLAOW!!!!! But how is he gonna drag that carcass into the ambulance? That’s what I wanna know!

Strowman still on his feet! BLODCLART!

Yo, I watched Wonder Woman recently. That Gal Gadot though! OWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Some lucky muthaf****a married her quicktime! She is FLIRT ON SIGHT I’m telling you! Watch STC’s Edd Mulhall… he’s on the case… he knows where all the naked pics is at! Personally, I don’t think Gal Gadot got any naked pics… I think Edd uses photoshop and is very efficient at it!


Wonder Woman



Monday Night Raw #1176, December 7, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Extreme Hint

For the record… that Extreme Brother is NOT me, Infamous Informer, ladies favourite GRANT BODY-P! The guessing game is on! People have said Spike Dudley, people have said the Hardys… some have even said Rhyno… RVD… Sandman, SABU! Personally I hope it’s SABU or Rhyno… Big ups to that man Rhyno, representing at the PWL joint at Walsall last Friday! Great dude, getting the kids to beat up his opponent! BEAUTIFUL!

RAW #1176! Send for the Tables, Ladders and the Chairs! Shout out to WWE fan -Chilli of TLC! – HOL’DAT – BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZAaaaaah sh!t! These guys are OFFICIAL! They are – The League Of Nations! I like these cats! Even Bad News Barrett – he paid is pennants back in Manchester UK when Undertaker buss up his clart!

Oh snap! Sheamus says there’s not a group of four cats that can test them! But Yo! The Wyatt bwoy say are you sure??!!! We are official bad mans too! Crowd love this! But wait! Are they gonna clash or are they gonna fight a common cause?

Fireworks POP OFF! This is where we find out who joins Tom Dreamer the Dudley Bwoy!!!

BACKSIDE!!!! RHYNO! I saw that muthaf***a last week!!!! Damn the plane travels fast!

HOL’ON!!!! The Roman Empire coming down the stairs!!! The Usos & Ambrose! Now THAT is how to start this wrestling sh!t!!!!

This is INSANE! The Wyatt Bwoy Vs The League of Nations Vs The Roman Empire Vs Team ECDub! What a shame, Survivor Series was last month… oh well, we got it now muthaf***a! Better late than never!!!


MUTHAF***A! WHAT SORT OF MOVE WAS THAT? A super powerbomb/superplex from Strowman and the Usos to…. sh!t this is too much!!!! But Tommy hit the Dreamer Driver! Wyatts leave the building! Which part of them should I fear? They should fear my dutty foot!

AAAAH SH!T! Roman & Rhyno face off! but before they could fight Sheamus and Rusev interfere! The Dudley Boyz! Hit the 3D on Rusev! But Sheamus comes through with a brogue kick – BLAOW! Team ECdub out the game…

Shout out to Deano Ambrose! The Raving Lunatic is celebrating his born day on Raw getting his birthday beatings!!!

Hol’ on – Where’s Sheamus going???? He can’t put his fist in the ground??? Beating his chest sending for a brogue kick, but ran into a spear from Reigns – BLAOW!!!! The Roman Empire Reigns Supreme!

THAT IS HOW TO START THIS WRESTLING SH!T! But with just over 2 hours to go, can they keep up the momenonmum??? (YES I SAID THAT CORRECTLY! Shout out to John Witherspoons!)

Renee Young looks sexy as f**k!!! You know the birthday boy getting in her panties after this!


Oh F**k – Tyler Breeze Vs Ziggler again??? No – it turns out Tyler gonna sit down in his little VIZ place while Ziggler fights Kevin Owens… by the way – VIZ stands for Very Insignificant Zilch!!! Shout out to Lady C from that Celebrity Jungle show!!!

Lady C

Come on Mr King of Twitter – brukk up Ziggler!!! Beat out his blodclart! Meanwhile I’ll go and make my pudding… momenonmum slowed down already – chu!

Meanwhile birthday boy Deano was doing the same thing I was doing! Only he had popcorn and a cola in hand watching the match! cue more memes with that picture!

Er… If Kevin Owens picks up the win, ow come Deano’s music is playing? Oh that’s because Deano wants to congratulate is TLC opponent I guess…

I guess Ambrose had enough of the popcorn, and his thirst was quenched… he just threw the rest of the popcorn and cola in Owen’s face!! He can’t do that! He will pay for that I will assure you!

My girls are on! All three of them! Sasha & Naomi (with Tamina) team up to go against Team Bella. Well the Grant says this: If Team Bella win, that’s because Naomi was pinned, and all my NaoMob on twiWWE2K16 GRANT BODY -P!tter will not be pleased! But I cannot see that happening…

HA! Alicia & Brie – you have NO CHANCE!

Naomi – mind Alicia’s weave!!! It’s not like Jodeci are on stage!!! Or Method Man for that matter, Ginuwine and guys of that nature!


YES!!! What mi tell yuh! Naomi hit Brie with the Rear View – BLAOW!!! That’s what’s up! WAIT A MINUTE! The New Day!!!! They have formed an alliance with Team BAD! They combined their force!! Team BAD now have Unicorns on their head top! At last! Their chemistry backstage has now manifested onto TV! It’s official! Team BAD now have the creative keys!


…and coincidentally, The Usos are at ringside…I dare one of the New Day members to take shots at Naomi… actually no I don’t!!!

Oh no they didn’t! One of the Lucha Dragon got tossed to the outside, Big E hits a belly to belly throw, and Xavier lies down next to the fallen Lucha and sends for the trombone!!!! He can’t do that!!!

A Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Tag Team Championship at the TLC joint! AAAAG SH!T! That match will be off the hook!

OH NO! Xavier blowing the trombone in Uso face, dem get bex and take the trombone from him abd beat him! Kofi distracted, got pinned by Lucha Dragon! Usos running off with the trombone and the Unicorn hats! The Usos will pay for that I will assure you!

Now THAT’S a good promo by Reigns aimed at Sheamus!!! F**K the haters!!!! I don’t know what secret he learnt… but that was good! That’s why even I, the Infamous Informer, Grant Body-P had to distance myself from the IWC last week and even my own Smack Talk Centre crew… all I saw was negativity against Reigns, Sheamus and his squad, I thought – THAT’S ENOUGH! I switched off my notifications for a hot minute… miserable AIN’T THE WORD to describe you fools!


Ok this week’s Miz TV should be good… is Charlotte turning evil? Or rather, is she becoming the dirtiest player in the game? But she can’t kick women in their cratches??? Let’s find out!

Oh man! The genes are strong!!! Introduce Ric & Charlotte properly fool!

Oh sh!t! Charlotte feels sorry for Maryse!!! Return imminent!!! Don’t hold your breath pervs!!!


I hope this ain’t no double turn bullsh!t… I still support Charlotte 100-1000!!!! Paige is too disrespectful – she just slapped Ric Flair in his mouth – CHARLOTTE F**K HER UP!

Maybe it’s similar to the Brock/Undertaker situation where the heel/face thing was non existent… and I think that’s what’s happening here.

I understand that Rusev & Lana are in love and all that, all that kissing… it’s great, but damnit GET A ROOM!!! SH!T!!!! It’s like seeing two people on facebook constantly reminding us how they love each other and sh!t… posting all those pics… I see the science! You’re there thinking… F**KOUTTAHERE!!!

No sign of it on FB

Listen to the crowd, they want Lana…yeah I know, I want Naomi too…

So that’s why Titus O’Neill is f**k!n with Stardust… he wants him to be Cody Rhodes… you remember him, the guy who put the prestige back into the Intercontinental Title… that dude from Legacy, but check it – is that what you really want to accomplish Titus? I mean, there’s a kid out there who says Stardust is his favourite wrestler, he signed a honorary WWE contract with Stardust… does Titus really wanna break that kid’s heart? I’m just saying…

Let me guess – Bertie Vs Swagger at the TLC joint – chairs match for the US Title? I notice Colter mentioned Cena’s name because Bertie felt embarrassed tripping over Colter’s scooter while in retreat of Swagger swinging the chair.. well that’s that match predicted!!! Sorry Swagger! You ain’t winning that title!

Remind me to download The Dudleys, Rhyno and Dreamer from community creations on WWE2K16… then again I might forget…

AAAAH SH!T! Team ECDub Vs The Wyatt bwoy dem… Elimination Tables Match at the TLC joint!!! This PPV is shaping up really nicely actually!!!

Sheamus said he was gonna teach Roman Reigns a lesson! Reigns is punctual! Tables, Ladders & Chairs all over the ring! Remember back in the days when the pupils showed up early and the teacher was late??? The temptation was there just to leave school and act like nothing happened?

Oh hang on! Sheamus is here! HERE WE GO!

Why is Sheamus chatting? Get down there and bring the ruckus!!!

For real Sheamus?! Roman put you on blast! The Irish love to fight! What happened Sheamus?? I want to be ENTERTAINED!!!

At least Roman is entertaining me! He’s like.. come on Sheamus, I’ll get rid of the chair, I’ll get rid of the table, I’ll get rid of the ladder too – OOPS – nearly threw the ladder at your b!tch @$$!

AAHH SH!T – the fight is on!!! Roman and Sheamus! Roman And Sheamus! Come on Roman! Kick Sheamus in the d!ck!!! (sorry Nicola Hardwick couldn’t resist!)

Sheamus thought he dodged the bullet with the first spear, but he wasn’t ready for the second one – SPEAR THROUGH THE TABLE – BLAOW!!! Roman will pay for that I will assure you!

(I used to love when Jerry Lawler used to say that!)












Monday Night Raw #1158, August 3, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

They call him the Rowdy One. They call him the Best Heel of All Time. Well I call him Rowdy Roddy Piper. To be honest, I don’t necessarily agree, but I do think that he sparked off a lot of sh!t. He set the bar of what a heel should be, he set the standard of controversial segments, Piper’s Pit was the Godfather…Now we have Miz TV.

So let’s pay respects to a pioneer, the foundation of this thing we call wrestling. Rowdy Roddy Piper, LIVE ON LIVE LONG.

I’m expecting a 10 Bell Toll for this man. But we gotta keep it moving folks! Just like life, RAW GOES ON! #1158! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWasn’t the crowd meant to stay silent through the 10 Bell toll? F**k!n DISRESPECTFUL.

OHHHHH SH!T!!! Seth Rollins can’t wear that shirt??!!! I hope that haters know that if they buy that shirt…. CENA GETS PAID???? (If you don’t know what shirt I mean either watch RAW or look at WWEShop pon di hinternet!

And the crowd loves this sh!t! Knee into Cena’s nose – BLAOW!!!! Cena could be out the game, maybe out for Summerslam too… but it’s John Cena! He will come at the 11th hour! Crowd chanting ‘THANK YOU ROLLINS!’ I’d laugh if Cena’s music hit…

THERE YOU GO! TITLE FOR TITLE! SUMMERSLAM! I think my Co-Host (Shadfather) is right – The US Title gonna get CENALISED!

FOR REAL? Seth is gonna drop a WWE Title Open Challenge???? BACKSIDE!!! I knew Seth was a good man! I knew Seth was a fighting champion! What if Brock steps up???? I hope Seth is aware that he’s in the building!!!

Oh come on!!! The opponent has to be under 6ft tall? Sh!t that’s me out of the running!

FOR REAL? NEVILLE is under 6ft???? WROOOOOOOOOY!!! Go on kid! Get the title! This could be a Jeff Hardy/Undertaker 2002 moment!!!!

NEVILLE IS KILLIN EM!!!! Think of Summerslam Neville! You can headline Summerslams!!!!!

No way! was that a ‘botch’? The ref might have counted to three from that pinning predicament!

Neville hit the Red Arrow on Rollins! ONE, TWO, THREE!!!! OH SH!T!!!! Rollins foot was on the rope!!!! DAMNIT!

Come on Neville! Come on Kid! One more Red Arrow – NOBODY HOME!!!

Rollins Hit the PEDIGREE! PEDIGREE! ONE, TWO, DAMNIT! That match was OFF THE HOOK! Rollins was that close to losing his title! The Ref might be in trouble though! Was there hesitation when he counted Rollins shoulders to the mat the first time?

Kofi Kingston takes the pi$$ when he comes down to the ring in his entrance! Skipping and smiling like a battyman!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Los Matadores mash-up on the outside, and there’s Big E and Xavier laughing at them!!! They remind me of Takeshi’s Castle when the contestants end up in the drink!

Cena might be at home, but The Bella B!tches are here!!!! 253 days!!! Less than 50 days to go! HOLD ON NIKKI!!!

So Paige’s team is now called the Submission Sorority! I LIKE THAT!!! VERY GOOD! Shame it took em nearly a month to come with that name…

Mike Cole now acknowledging AJ Lee’s title reign! UH-OH!!!! You’re standing on Dangerous Ground Cole!!! Too close to the crown, let’s see if you know the bounds!

Team B.A.D. Have got their little shirts and everything! I should get one for my new niece!!! Beautiful And Dangerous! or as I like to call em… B.A.D.I.B. Beautiful And Dangerous INNA BED!


The Bellas lose again??? Oh dear… face it Bellas – you’re wack!!!

Come on Team B.A.D.I.B…. you should embrace JoJo! and make her welcome! You could be the Nation of Domina-…. OH YEAAAAAH!!!!!


But Yo Naomi baby girl! How you gonna call out Ronda Rousey name??? Don’t run your mouth! You saw what happened to that brazilian chick! 34 seconds later – IT ALL OVER!!!

34 seconds

See the Miz is one of those muthaf***az I can’t stand when it comes to honoring the deceased… it’s so contrived and fake… Bigging up Piper like that… you expect me to believe that? F**KOUTTAHERE!

Cesaro and Kevin Owens are guests on the Miz TV joint… they gonna fight at Summerslams… you know that match gonna be off the hook!

I love the elevation of Cesaro! The IWC are right for once! PUSH CESARO and leave Tyson Kidd at home! Stay home Tyson, clean up the place! Oh hang on – that’s what Shadfather does while you’re away! I’ve noticed Natalya has become more freaky on Total Divas recently… I wonder why that is????


Dayuuum WWE still supporting UFC footage of Ronda Rousey dedicating her 34 second beatdown!!!! Dana White you talking sh!t about WWE being fake… the Chair awaits… and you’re my dude because I’m a UFC fan!

What? Mark Henry ain’t 400lbs no more? He’s 399lbs? He’d better brukk up that Rusev dude! But I like Rusev though… oh well – WHOEVER LOSES – I WIN!

I don’t get it – I thought Swerved was axed Shadfather??? Or are you Swerving us??? WWE promoting that sh!t! I don’t get it!

HAHAHAHA!! Sheamus is an honorary Wyatt this week? Actually has a nice ring to it… Sheamus Wyatt… Yo WWE it’s about time y’all started making these Summerslam matches official!

For Real? WACK RYDER is here? And he’s fighting WACK BARRETT? Ok toilet break…

What happen – Wack Ryder lose again?? HAHAHAHAHA!! You see – that’s what happens when you’re CM Princess Peach B!tch approved…you’re cursed for life!


NO!!! PAUL HEYMAN CALLED THE UNDERTAKER A B!TCH???!!!! NO ONE EVER SAYS THAT!!! Heyman you are brilliant but I’m going off to help Undertaker build that casket for you… oh lawwwwd!

Why the f**k did Brock Lesnar throw the stairs in the ring like that? I’ma keep watching…

Oh so he’s standing on it is he? Ok…so according to MR DIRT SHEET, Undertaker asked for a rematch, BEGGED for a rematch against Brock Lesnar the following WrestleMania (31)? And Vincent Kennedy said NO? Can we get confirmation of this Vince?

OH SH!T – is the Don of Dons going to Suplex City??? Heyman is trying to convince me and use that propaganda! He’s very good…. but he’s NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!

The one thing he’s convinced me of – this match is TOO BIG for WrestleMania???!!!! Personally I think Undertaker & Brock know that their WrestleMania match was not good enough and they want to steal the show, especially as Undertaker is in better shape…

Heyman has pointed out that Undertaker has never beat Brock Lesnar… Yo Heyman, by saying that, Undertaker has WON. that’s not a prediction, it’s a SPOILER!!!

OHHHH SH!T – here comes Paige with her Submission Sorority… COME ON NAOMI! Make this gyal look mash-up for


the Austin podcast! Send the b!tch back to freak island!

Oh hang on… Paige wearing the HotRod shirt… she can’t lose this match surely!

Haha I like that! Naomi is battering Paige! Telling her to ‘Kiss My Lights’!!! And kick her in her mouth! GWARN GIRL!

Naomi – I’m not mad at you girl, Paige wore the Hot Rod shirt… give her that one… but any other night – Paige ain’t sh!t!!! Only joking Paige but it is MY WOMAN you dealing with! The one with the most sense on Total Divas, that chick you turn to for advice!

OHHH SH!T! Some fool named Stephen Amell wants to test Stardust next week on RAW… seriously guys who is this fool? Answers on a postcard please – tweet me @MZATheInfamous!

Main event time already??? The Shield and Randall Vs The Wyatts and Sheamus! LET THE RECORD SPIN!!

Ha! The Wyatts & Sheamus had no chance!!!! The Shield & Randall mash them up! All I know is, I’m looking gimmick matches at Summerslam involving all these guys… Roman Reigns and Wyatt fight already so up the stakes with them, Sheamus & Randall fight already so do the same with them! I don’t wanna hear no singles match!

That’s enough for me! Me garne ah mi bed… I was gonna watch the Austin Podcast with Paige… but I can’t be bothered. It’s only Paige… I’ll check it in the week… F**k that…












Smack Talk Centre Raw

Monday Night Raw #1153, June 29, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Wrestling Blog logo



WTF is going on I Can’t Go To Sleep,
My people getting killed in a church I couldn’t go to sleep
Can’t go on holiday in peace I couldn’t go to sleep,
France knocked out the Women’s World Cup I couldn’t go to sleep,
It’s hot to def today it’s hard to go to sleep!!!!

I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation people… FRANCE WAS KNOCKED OUT THE WOMEN’S WORLD CUP!!!! BY ZE EVIL GERMANS! That, broke my heart… and you will see why in this blog later…

The Infamous Daywalker up to his outrageous antics again! Let’s see what happened on RAW shall we? RAW #1153: HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!


…and in the first 16 seconds of catching up with RAW, I see Wrestling storylines recycling itself. It seems to me that Seth Rollins has spent his WWE wages on gifts for the authority out of the goodness of his heart! Everybody gets Apple watches???? FOR REAL???

Yo Seth! Er somebody over here would like a PS4, with Batman Arkham Knight, and an all expenses paid trip to Canada to see his baby girl!!!


I see what looks like an unveiling portrait for Glenn… don’t tell me – is it a pic of Kane on the cover for WWE2K16? No? Is it a semi naked pic of Lana??? I bet it’s a pic of Seth Rollins with the WWE Title, just like what The Rock did with Faarooq back in 98!

Haha Seth Rollins bigging up Kane and tells the audience to give him a round of applause!!! Yes I gotta do it too! APPLAUSE!!! BRAVO KANE!!! HE IS THE F**K!N MAN, OK!!!

Ok watch for the switch…

Say what???? Seth is giving Kane a vacation to Hawaii???? Why not Tunisia??? I mean, he can set fire to those muthaf***az who shot up the beach!!!


Uh oh Seth is not done! J&J security get an extra gift? They gonna be stylin and proflyin like Ric Flair?

YO!!! who is that blondie on stage???? Answers on a postcard please! Tweet Edd Mulhall on his twitter!!! @edmondmulhall


A brand new Cadillac???? GETTHEF**KOUTTAHERE!!! Yo J&J gonna get nuff pu$$y in that whip word up!

Any one would think these muthaf***az won the Showcase Showdown on The Price Is Right!

Listen to Seth describing the capabilities of the car!!! With gay marriage in full force, that car gonna be packed with honeyz!!!

Is this all we gotta do for f**k!n up Brock Lesnar??? Yo sign me up! You know a lot of Undertaker fans wanna beat up Brock for breaking the streak… and we get rewarded handsomely by Seth Rollins????

Why is the Miz talking sh!t about ‘stick and move’??? Last time I check, he got knocked the f**k out by Big Show!!

Miz tries to pull a fast one by kicking down Ryback… Ryback wants to f**k him up!!! I mean who doesn’t!!!

By the way, any one seen Damien Sandow??? Answers on a postcard please – tweet me @MZATheInfamous!


The Miz tries a cross body, Ryback catches him, lifts him up, and walks round the ring with him for about 5 minutes! Probably went to a commercial break! Come back, and Ryback is still holding him up! Suplex – BLAOW!!!!! They gotta put that in the WWE2K16!

Haha! Crowd chanting FEED ME MORE, Ryback ready to Meat Hook Clothesline The Miz blodclart, and the Miz is like – f**k it!!! ME GARNE!!! Well you can’t win the Intercontinental title that way at Battleground you WASSACK!!!

So let me get this right so I can understand this: Has Alicia Fox become the ‘Black Bella’??? COME ON ALICIA! Destroy that Paige lady! She calls herself the ‘anti diva’…. but she’s in Total Divas… what sort of sh!t is that?? That’s contradictory and sh!t!

Hey I like that move by Paige though! Running knee into the turnbuckle, then she follows up by standing on the first rope and dropping what looks like multiple Tiger Knees into Alicia! Paige got her Sagat on! PUT THAT MOVE IN THE WWE2K16 game!Grant Body P

Holds on to Alicia, 3 clotheslines in succession, a drop kick, comes of the ropes, another roundhouse kick to the face! Superb rally of moves by Paige!

Ok Alicia, you deserve to lose now! I mean I’m not a Paige fan but that was off the hook!

“THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!” Well Paige, do you pay the mortgage muthaf***a????  NO YOU DON’T – Vincent Kennedy does!!! SO SHUDDUP!

This week yo’boy Cesaro steps up for the US title Open challenge… or as my ninja Shadfather likes to call it: The John Cena Apology tour!! Can Cesaro giant swing Cena out of the title??

What sort of move was that by Cena? It was like, when Cesaro came off the top rope with a cross body, Cena countered, I expected an AA… but then it was like a tilt-a-whirl facebuster! What you Cena haters gotta say now muthaf***az???

Y’all gonna have to re-assess Cena’s move set on WWE2K16! Gone are the 5 moves. Gone are the Cena friendly NES Controller… You’re looking a full Capcom Fight Stick this time for WWE2K16! You gonna have to drop fireball and dragon punch motions and sh!t!


OH SH!T! I thought Cesaro got Cena with the neutralizer super move!

Cesaro, sends for his giant swing, follows it with a sharpshooter…OK RING THE BELL!!!!!


Now why would Kevin Owens do that???? It wasn’t like Cena was gonna tap – Cena never gives up! We have seen Cena pas out to the accolade super move from Rusev – come on Owens!!!! I mean I know why you did it but… BOO THIS MAN EVERYBODY!!!! I don’t care if he f**ked up Machine Water Gun Kelly Bundy B!tch!

(Shout out to Christina Applegate…she’d still get the D!!!)

43 years old lads... she's officially a cougar!

43 years old lads… she’s officially a cougar!

Haha superb! Darren Young has Bo Dallas in a submissive predicament (yes I know it didn’t sound right) and the New Day are giving the clap therapy! I would help out Bo Dallas but The Rock f**ked him up the other day!

OH NO! Kofi lost to Titus O’Neill in that 8 man tag contest! that’s not momentum going into his big match with BRRRROCCCK LESSSNARRRR in Japan July 3??? Ooooh I can hear the IWC complaining about that one…

FOR REAL LANA???? You are calling Ziggler a ‘REAL MAN’???? Look at the way he’s dressed?!!! Even the crowd are not convinced… dropping the WHAT? chant on Lana! (You don’t judge a man on the way he’s dressed Grant -) don’t argue with me IWC jabroni… gay marriage is in full effect and I know a lot of guys are falling on their knees  for Ziggler to put a ring on it!


Look at Rusev with his brukk up self! Why doesn’t he just GOOO AWAAAY??? (Shout out to STC’s Joanne Chapman!! She knows what I did there!)

Ok Rusev you got yourself some new pu$$y in Summer Rae but he looks like that Summer Rae has been F**K!N YOU UP IN THE BED!!!


Now Rusev’s saying that Lana can’t kiss??? Of COURSE she couldn’t kiss – look at your big @$$ – your mouth bigger than her face!!!

Rusev – you got Summer Rae there – so Keep It Moving to the K.I.M.!!!! You downgraded anyway – so Rusev – you get this week’s GET IN THE CHAIR AWARD!!!!

FOR REAL???? Summer Rae just slapped Lana???? OHHHH SH!!!T HERE WE GO!!! Someone’s blonde extensions gonna get pulled out tonight!!!!

WROOOOOOY!!!! Lana has gone postal on Summer Rae! White Panties showing for the world to see! Wrestling Fans wanking in their seats! Ziggler why you breaking up the fight for??? YOU WASSACK!!! Let em go!!!

The crowd on that YES! Chant! Look at Lana! Standing tall with her hands crossed like she’s an elegant lady!!! HA! HA! HA! I LIKE THAT!!!! Like nothing happened!!!

OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!! Did you see that? Roman Reigns throwing powerbombs and kendo sticks and superman punches at anything that moves! Seth Rollins coming off the top ropes – SUPER MAN PUNCH IN HIS GRILL!

OH NO!!! WYATT!!! Er.. now is not a good time Wyatt!!!

Wyatt just f**ked up Reigns! (Side Note: Er Wyatt, you supposed to remove everything from the announce table before dropping Reigns through it fool!)

Dean Ambrose, has insane as he is, cannot contend with Kane & Rollins???? CHOKESLAM! followed by a PEDIGREE! – BLAOW!!!


Seth is not dun! Table set up in the corner, Roman Reigns – powerbombed by Seth Rollins! Picks up his carcass, another pedigree in the canvas! Bray Wyatt… picks him up… drops the kiss of Sister Abigail!!! THIS IS NOT COOL! You can’t let your daughter see this Roman!!!! It’s a baaaad day for the ladies this week, their heart-throb destroyed!

Now back to the top of the blog, I said I couldn’t go to sleep because France were knocked out of the Women’s World Cup. Now we have ugly German women possibly going to the final and none of them are gonna look like this…

Louisa Necib, French Football player












Monday Night Raw #1150, June 8, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Photo courtesy of STC member Kenny Green

Photo courtesy of STC member Kenny Green

WAIT A MINUTE!!! How dare Ambrose pose with the belt outside the building where my heart was broken!!! Seth Rollins you can’t let him do that! He will pay for this I will assure you!!!

In other news, Goldberg find himself in a wrestling ring lately, dropped the spear on Scott Steiner, hit the Jackhammer – BLAOW!!! Suddenly wrestling nerds are experts and have a pHd in medical examination! GETDAF**KOUTTAHERE!

(Shout Out to my don Jazz Kumar at Iron Skull Productions!)

Ok, let’s see who got that munny innah bank!!!! Who’s loaded? Who’s brukk? Let’s find out! RAW #1150! HOL’DAT-BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZThis week’s survival kit: Those Tortilla Pringles are the lick! I got that galaxy chocolate,  I got samosas… That Strawberry KA drink hits the spot (oh you didn’t know? I don’t drink fool!)

Is that how we gonna kick RAW off? US Open Challenge? I say Serena Williams should step up.. she got the Grand Slam title and all that, I think Serena Babygirl can beat him! Where she at?

Australian Open Tennis

She looks so fine don’t you agree??!!!

Oh snap – is Cena on that bla-bla-bla???? Sorry I wasn’t paying attention…

I hear the IWC on that I hope Kevin Owens beats him at Munny Inna Bank… Well THE GRANT SAYS just to p!$$ you nerds off I’m backing Cena this time! But I gotta say yeah – send for the NXT challenge! Hang on – Cena accepts? No no no no don’t let him challenge!

WICKED! That’s a good idea! The superstar can choose which belt they wanna fight for!!!

Neville stepped up! What if he chooses the NXT title? He’s been there before of all people!

OH SH!T – He’s gonna test Kevin Owens!!! Oh man! Who do I back??? No brainer – NEVILLE! Imagine if he wins??? It would be HUGE!

Time to get my Samosas – this is gonna be great!

What I hate about these streams is that I gotta put up with the imbeciles that is the IWC hating on Cena… I’m Big Man to them, and that’s saying something!!!! I can’t even hide the chat window… it’s p!$$!ng me the f**k off to be honest! The Grant’s wrestling intellect is far greater than these fools! they are beneath me, The Infamous Informer, The Daywalker, Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw, Grant Body – P!!!

Oh man! After two failed Red Arrows, Owens uses counter technique and pop up powerbomb – BLAOW!!!!

Er.. why is Owens inviting Cena back in the ring??? I think it’s mind games…. Because Owens left the ring? Well upward on onward to Owens Vs Cena II! Straight up and down, the GRANT SAYS – Cena gonna win… which means rubber match at the next PPV (Battleground). Remember I told ya!

OH NO! Seth is BEXXXXX! Triple and Steph actually found this funny! I hope Rollins sees this blog!

Ambrose Belt 2

Oh dear Rollins you DID say that you could do this sh!t on your own, that you don’t need the authority! YES YOU DID!!! Now shuddup and find an opponent to get your punching bag on!

Wait a minute – my time now! DIVAS!!! This ain’t your house b!tch – THIS IS MY YARD! AH MY BLOG DIS! Backing Nikki ALL THE WAY!

Nikki Bella Vs Paige

Ok Summer Rae – get your @$$ kicked… but I was told in confidence that you can wrestle! I ain’t seen sh!t yet! Same goes for you Paige – you gonna get yo’ @$$ kicked too… and kicked OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!

Come on Nikki girl! Almost 200 days as champion! There’s only 95 days left! I believe you can win!

NO! Ambrose playing saxophone with the WWE title in New Orleans??? He’s a better champion than you Seth! He’s representing!!! Hinstagram has blown up!!! And it’s no selfies!

I’m not sure about the biggest jack@$$ in WWE history in Seth…. Roman Reigns you’re my dude but do your googles, do your youtubes… Triple TEEF was the biggest jack@$$!

So Glenn finds himself in the ladder match? Hang on – his job is to win???? Uh-Oh…. If he turned back into Kane and cashed his cheque against me it would be curtains… I DON’T WANNA DIE!!!

What the???? R-Truth thought he was in the Munny Innah Bank match??? Glenn was like – You’re not in the match fool!!!!

Kofi RePPiN 4 The New Day! Yeah go ahead and say it, ‘Kofi’s just there for the spots…’ well explain this – How come Kofi is fighting Brock Lesnar in Japan later this month??? Yeah answer me that?


Are you not entertained Randall? Sheamus is whuppin yo’ @$$!!! I hope Russell Crowe realises he’s made that line into hot merchandising! And as for Liam Neeson… did he ever think that his particular set of skills would blow up like that?

I don’t think Randall cares about the disqualification… Sheamus was gonna f**k him up.. you see what Randall’s titan tron says? It says STRIKE FIRST. Therefore…. RKO to Sheamus – BLAOW!!!

NO! Ambrose on the bull with the title!!! Ambrose broke Instagram!!!! He is the true face of the WWE! Not even Cena did this sh!t in 10 years!

Where’s Jamie Noble going? He and Mercury are Shield 2.0.????? Shocking!!! he just said that to Rollins? Now look what you’ve done Noble, now Rollins has chosen to fight both you & Mercury! But hear the joke! They gonna stand up to him! Mercury has spoken for the first time since…. the ladder clapped him in his head!


Glenn & Ziggler, having a row on RAW! The crowd want Lana’s sexy @$$…  you lot can’t want her as much as STC’s Edd Mulhall! He wants Lana more than all of you put together! Everyday Edd posts a pic of her fine @$$… to the point where even STC’s ladies fancy her in her tight up skirt!

Talking of Lana… here she is in pink…. OHHHH! Notice – she has never wore a brown blouse and skirt… so for you jabronies who like that doodoo brown sh!t… you are NARSTY – OK!

So is that it? If Rusev in crutches, Lana gotta be in crutches too?  Look at her with a mash-up ankle… look at my black referee… he’s tempted to feel her up!!!! Can you blame him???

All night they’re showing more pics of Ambrose partying with the title!!!! F**k that – let’s throw up another pic! Rub it in Rollins grill!

Ambrose Belt 3

Time for Miz TV with Ryback and Big Show, how’s your chin bone Miz? You think this may turn into some Triple Threat jump off? Not sure if Miz wants to do that!

Miz talking about his muthaf***k!n money maker… I hope Big Show punches Miz again through school buses! Knock his teeth right into his throat! Then he will be brukk teet and Munny Innah Bank!


Maybe Big Show ain’t f**k!n with the Authority no more! Crowd chanting ‘WHAT?’ after Big Show’s lines! IWC shut the f**k up – if you was in the arena you would chant the same thing!

Oh snap! The Miz gets boxed out of his on TV show! And Ryback picked up The Big Show and shell-shocked him out – BLAOW!!!

The Wyatt man dem claim that we should be afraid of them…..

Rollins, you better hope and pray that Glenn doesn’t win that briefcase on Sunday, because if he does, your goose cook! Same goes for Ambrose! Title or no title – I foresee a Seth Vs Kane match for Battleground! Yes I predicted it for this PPV… but bwoy… WWE must have known of my plans!

It amuses me that the women who have made it to the finalists of Tough Enough look like models as opposed to wrestlers…. The IWC nerds ain’t gonna like that… it’s all good to me though!!!

Two bad bull meet up! Titus O’Neill Vs Big E!!!! Use the hashtag – #MinisterOfMass to support Big E! Well I would but he’s fighting Titus…. this ‘black on black’ violence makes me sick!!!! I bet the Babylon are sitting in the station eating popcorn and donuts as two black guys batter each other in the ring!


Positivity wins the race! Minor distraction cost Titus the match… hol’ on.. Roman Reigns coming down the


stairs??? But there’s no injustice committed???

Oh I get it… he’s fighting Kofi Kingston… again… I can’t watch… I like both men!

Munny Inna Bank kick off – R-Truth Vs King Barrett… y’all gotta problem with the pre-show? Then go and f**k off! Nothing is good to you!

Haha! I see you in the crowd! with the sign saying ‘Texas Death Match’! Don’t get yourself gassed now! We ain’t got to Summerslam yet!

This is actually a good match between these two! Damn Kofi why did they choose you to go to suplex city of all people? But hey, stranger things have happened… after all, who knew that Eddie Guerrero would defeat the mighty Brock Lesnar???

OH NO!!!! Ambrose is here! Complete with popcorn and a Pepsi…. that must mean return imminent for CM Princess Peach B!tch!!! SHUT THE F**K UP!!!

Ok all parties are here, J&J are ready to take Rollins, Ambrose got his popcorn reading the comments, Glenn is out there too! HERE WE GO!!! 2 on 1 handicap match!

Can you imagine if J&J defeat Rollins??? It would be a bigger upset than Owens defeating Cena!!!

OH SNAP!!!!! Just as Rollins was gonna finish Noble with the pedigree, Ambrose ran in and gave the title to Rollins! Mercury, saw the distraction, roll up pin (Shadfather won’t like that) and pinned the champion! That technically means Mercury is next in line for the WWE Title!!!! The shame and disgrace! Then Ambrose enters the ring, Dirty Deeds to Rollins – BLAOW!!! Then Ambrose take off with the title!!! OH LAWWWWD There will be hell to pay!! Has Ambrose got enough hell in the bank???? GEDDIT???











Monday Night Raw #1149, June 1, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

On this day… I see clearly…. actually I learned a few things:

1: No matter how many jobs and interviews you apply for, if you don’t apply for the ones the DWP give you, they take away your benefits.

2: WrestleMania 31 was released on this day. I copped it, and watched it with family. The way they enjoyed it reminded me THAT is how to enjoy wrestling. Not that sh!t you IWC B!tches do – watch it, look out for botches, anything negative, hoping for 5* matches…. F**K all that sh!t!

3: The hospital took a blood test from me, and revealed that your Infamous Daywalker needs more serum. In other words: I need another blood transfusion.

4: Despite the success of WWE Elimination Chamber, there are still muthaf***az posting up CM Princess Peach B!tch memes…’Vince, do you miss me?’ All sorts of sh!t… LET IT BURN Jabronies… you really are worse than actual b!tches who love their men who abuse them.


Let’s get into this sh!t! RAW #1149! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZAustin podcast with Paul Heyman tonight! Ok survival kit… I’ll be up til 5am writing and finalising this sh!t..

Chilli Dog pizza (with Frankfurter stuffed crust)

Tortilla Chip Sour Cream Pringles,

Happy shopper Jaffa Cakes (Highly recommended)

Italian Gelato from Iceland for £2 (that is the moooove!) almost as tasty as the real thing in Italy! Yep – I’m ready for this RAW sh!t!

Oh dear! Ambrose run gone with the title and now the whole Authority is coming out… let’s be real though, the ref made the RIGHT call. Rollins put the ref in harm’s way on purpose, thus making him disqualified… but let’s have some fun… Ambrose won that match damnit! Rollins shoulders were down for the three!

It’s all INJUSTICE! How dare Triple Teef demand Ambrose to come down to the ring! Roman Reigns must come down the stairs!

Yo  – who’s f**k!n around with the mic back there? Oh dear DWP get ready for more applicants!

Roman just called Rollins the worst champion ever??? Er what about Great Khali? Bob Backlund? John C- nah I ain’t one of them haters!

Oh dear… Rollins is bexxxxxxx!!!! He agreed to the match at the PPV! Rollins! Ambrose! Ladder match for the WWE Title! Now there’s no excuses as to who wins that sh!t!

Check it – Roman Reigns is in the Money Inna Bank match.. but Triple says, if he doesn’t win, he’s OUT of the match… Well THE GRANT SAYS – If I was Reigns, I’d LOSE… you know why? Check it out – F**k the title… how about f**k!n up Triple himself???!!! That’s what I’d pick! Kick him down in his 3ft nose!


Triple has chosen Barrett to deny Roman… in a way I’m backing Barrett, it makes things more interesting!

Reigns ducks the bullhammer, hits the spear – BLAOW!!! Roman Reigns still in the match! Try again Triple!

Wait a minute…. Reigns gotta beat Mark Henry too? TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!!! Hear him singing – ‘Somebody gonna get their wig split’!!!! HA! HA! HA!

Salute – the NEW World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion – RYBACK!!!! Big respect to this man!

Oh for real? The Miz fights Ryback for the title? Miz ain’t gonna get very far!!!

See? I told you – PPPPPPPPP!!!! Miz punched through school buses by the Big Show! He wants to test Ryback for the I.C. Title! Oh no!!!! Ryback you can’t pick him up for the Shell Shock super move – he’s too damn big!!!

Lawwd have mercy – Kevin Owens! The Superstar! The Champ is Here!!!! You know they’re having a rematch at Munny Inna Bank right??? Hmmm…. half the STC don’t like that… what’s wrong – afraid Cena will win this time?

Oh my days! Owens putting Cena on blast! His son became a Cena fan! Owens travelled the world honing his craft! Now he’s gonna expose the ‘lie’ that is Cena! Didn’t he do that already???

You know Cena had to come out here and deliver some real talk!

I know Cena did not say Owens doesn’t deserve the NXT championship!!! GASP!!!! He’s asking for a pop-up powerbomb surely!

This ain’t one of those BLA-BLA-BLA promos… Cena shut Owens DOWN! One kid dressed up in Cena attire holding a sign saying ‘I Beat Cancer’ – Cena pointed her out! Owens had no bars after that!!!!

Ok Cena – you got Owens good and proper lyrically, but you better learn 15 more moves… because Owens, despite his appearance, got SKILLZ!!!! You only got two weeks! TO THE PERFORMANCE CENTER MUTHAF***A!


WHAAAAAT!! It’s the New Day! Love these ninjas!!!!

Shall we just post a pic of Lillian Garcia for no reason? That woman – you can’t just f**k her… you gotta love and caress her!


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I gotta fix my trousers like The Rock!


The appearance of the Primetime Players coming to support Ziggler has now become a 6-man tag with The New Day. With Young an official homosexual and Ziggler a homosexual in denial I back the New Day ALL DAY!

Big ups to the PTP though, they got the win over New Day…. UH OH!!! Guys???? What happened to the positivity???

Here we go! Is Mark Henry gonna send for the Hall Of Pain on Reigns???

Nope – Roman Reigns hit the superman punch on Mark Henry – wins by count out!!!! But Henry don’t like that sh!t!!! He sent Reigns for the Hall of Pain!!!! If I was Reigns, I’d get myself out of that arena big time! Because if I know that Triple Teef, Triple nah dun with him!

Now he’s gotta fight Wyatt??? That lantern wielding fool? THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!! TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEF!!!!!

Well the Milk of Magnesia Paige finally gets her title shot against Nikki…. come on Nikki… don’t let this b!atch beat yuh!SAM_3844

Nikki – you have held the divas title for 190 days…. come on girl! Only 105 days to go!

I can’t believe that after all these years, The Bella Twins still use the twin magic super move against Paige… I mean, I’m glad Nikki won but is the referee blind??? Golden rule in Bella matches – check the t!tt!£$!!! You think Dean Ambrose would fall for that twin magic sh!t???


Oh man I don’t think I’m gonna make it to the Austin/Heyman podcast… I’m yawning like a muthaf***a here! I can hear Sheamus asking me – am I not entertained??? I mean I am but… maybe that ice cream can make all the difference…

Hold up – more participants are to be announced in the money inna bank ladder match??? OH SNAP!!!!

Oh man look at the state of Rusev! He’s on crutches and sh!t! He’s lost everything! the title, Lana, his wrestling spirit…. he reminds me of HBK when he was desperate to fight Undertaker and this epic tune was played…

Say what? Kevin Owens hosts the NXT open challenge on Smackdown??? Is it me, or does Owens want to be John Cena in his own way? Could be interesting to watch! But I dunno man, He nearly powerbombed Sami Zayn through the ring!

Look at Reigns! I don’t know if he’s gonna make it either… End this early Reigns…. you don’t wanna be fed to the buzzards???

OH NO – TEEEEEEEEEF!!! What’s the pu$$yclart Authority doing out here??? Reigns, I’m gonna pray for ya…. but the match was granted for Ambrose so maybe that t!++y mastering dude may leave the strip club and enter the arena!

And here they come… these guys – Glenn, J&J, Seth – they all pu$$y!!!!

Oh snap! Reigns mash-up all three guys in one night! What are you guys gonna do? Oh no… Where Ambrose deh??? See him here!!!! Outsmarting them and run gone with the title!!!! Hahahahah!!! The Authority have been teef since August 2013, and Ambrose can’t be teef for 5 minutes….











Monday Night Raw #1138, March 16, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer


I wanna big up my ninja from another mother – King Vaughn, check out his latest blog on his Top 10 WrestleMania events. Broken down and dissected, that man did the knowledge. CLICK HERE to check it out!

I also wanna big up my people at BDSIR Network Perfect Plex Talk Radio, superb interview with the man call Bruce Prichard – that man keeps it real, and hear Spotface break down and do the knowledge on the Evolution of Randy Orton and how it takes effect on Seth Rollins. With the Smack Talk Centre on their network, y’all wonder why they are the Best Damn Show In Radio heading into their 1000th podcast. CLICK HERE for the replay!

I’m the Infamous Informer, and I have NO sympathy, NO compassion, NO remorse, and I heard that somebody in PWL doesn’t read the news… I’ll leave it at that… for now!


WWF PROPA TINGZF**kin brilliant, the stream I’m using has those irritating adverts I can’t get rid of…well looks like Seth Rollins has recovered from last week’s beating from he who has voices in his head and they chat to him!

It’s ok – I got rid of the bullsh!t, let’s enjoy this RAW sh!t!

Look at Big Show apologising like a b!tch – where the f**k was you when Seth was getting buss arse!!!! Where was your Sean P punch???? SHUDDUP!!!

And as for you Glenn, with your stupid suit on, if you had your mask on, Randall would have been on fire by now…

And as for you J&J, I suggest if you want forgiveness, you join the Seth Rollins suck my d!ck club… you two jabronies take turns – one handle the balls while the other gets that cock meat sandwich!


WHOA!!! Rollins accepts the match at WrestleMania! Watch out Randall! Watch out for the Tandem Engine!

But he promises to END the future!!!! He’s gonna kick the future in his head!!!! We might not see that solar eclipse… but Rollins might!

Here comes the skipping anti-divas!!!! I’m sorry I’m laughing at JAY-BEE (JBL) is cussing Cole for getting the WrestleMania times wrong!!!! OH SH!T!!!!GRANT & LAYLA WWE2K15

Uh-Oh!!! The Bella twins don’t support the hash tag – #GiveDivasAChance, they say #GiveUsABreak… well THE GRANT SAYS – Watch where you walk Bellas! It would be a damn shame if Paige and AJ Lee ‘break’ your sexy bones with their submission techniques!

…I mean, Brie… don’t you want babies? How you gonna do that if Paige and AJ Lee make you look like Boxing Helena????

Boxing Helena


Apart from Nikki defeating AJ Lee… OHHHHHHH!! Nikki you need a goooooood f**k! I think Rusev should get in that pu$$y and include Lana…. that will REALLY F**K Cena up!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

…and to think… the divas had a decent time in the ring right there!

Sounds like Big Slow and Glenn have changed their tune! Now they think Seth deserved the beat down! They enjoyed it apparently… Well I can see Glenn enjoying it anyway!

OH NO! Mizdow has to make sure that The Miz wins the André The Giant Battle Royal… or he’s fired! Well if it was good enough for Austin, Jim Ross, Mick Foley, Bischoff, John Meningitis… it’s good enough for you Mizdow!

Well Mizdow didn’t help the Miz against Ryback… he can’t be fired for that surely??? It’s only if Miz loses the battle royal!

But he got dropped with the Skull Crushing Finale – BLAOW!!!! Come on Mizdow! If Austin stood up to McMahon and beat him up every week I can’t see what the problem is!

OOOOOH SH!T – John Cena vs Rusev – contract signing!!! You know Rusev is going through that table right???!!!!

Make up your mind jabronies – what you chanting? John Cena sucks? Or USA! USA! John Cena stepped out of the title picture  and you fools still chant Cena sucks? Well I suppose y’all keeping it real… come on guys get a stipulation on this sh!t!

Look at the kids in the audience!!!! They are emotional!!!! They want Cena to f**k up Rusev!!! Even I never thought it would come to this so I apologise to the IWC… I’m human like you… I still got more sense than you though!

Big up Cena! It’s no longer a contract signing! It’s a declaration of independence!!!! WROOOOOOY!


Wait a minute… where Lana at? Is The Rock getting in that Putin??? Booker-T is upset! Crowd is upset! WE WANT LANA! This is INJUSTICE! Roman Reigns come down the stairs!

OH SNAP!!!! Rusev NEVER said that he was gonna defend his title against Cena!! There’s substantial evidence!!!!

MY GOD!!! Rusev has gone too far here! disrespecting generations of America! F**K it Cena – KICK HIS F**K!N @$$!!!!

Rusev signed the contract after running America down to the ground!!! WOW!!!! No way is this a simple wrestling match – F**K THAT!!!! Cena – you gotta go Extreme on his @$$! You think Rusev could talk to me about Jamaica Land We Love???? He’d be a DEAAAADDDDD Super athlete!

New Day are in effect!!! Natalya in all leather! YES!!!!!

Oh no that might be f**ked up… one of the USO brudda suffered a shoulder injury? He might miss big big WrestleMania? He can’t fight his best? BASTARD!

Dayuuum! Everybody walk out on Rollins! The Authority don’t wanna get kicked in their head! Stephanie must be thinking – ‘I’m just rubbing my t!tt!£$ like Simon Says!!!!’


Oh my god…. OH MY GOD!!!!!! Brock Lesnar does not give a f**k!!!! Suddenly I’m gonna pray for Roman Reigns… I mean, I believe he can win… but we talking BRRRROCCCCK LESSSNARRR! Did you hear him? Contract or no contract, he gonna be the WWE Champion!

“I. WILL. F**K. UP. ROMAN REIGNS. THE END…” and leaves the set! Expect that line to sell on T-Shirts!!!! Either that or we gonna see memes of that sh!t!

It’s like Roman’s being trained by Paul Heyman! OBSERVE!


Big ups to Larry Zkysbzo! Hall Of Fame rude boy! Bruno Sammartino teach him to fight! That means he’s an official bad man!!! He stood up to the NWO in WCW!!! I give him props!

Oh snap! Heath Slater and Wack Ryder get TV time??? You know big Big WrestleMania soon come!

My Hero Mark Henry showed them how to do it! Dash everyone out the ring! THAT’S WHAT I DO!!!

BACKSIDE!!! LL Cool J gonna be at big BIG WrestleMania 31??? What’s he gonna perform? Mama Say Knock You Out? I Shot Ya? Ill Bomb? Or my personal favourite – 4,3,2,1???

LL Cool J WrestleMania 31


Why do WWE love cutting off Heyman’s mic? They don’t do that to the Miz?

Heyman says Brock is gonna give Roman a ‘prison beating’? That don’t sound good at all!!!! Now look what you’ve done Heyman! Talking too much sh!t has made Roman come down the stairs! You can’t tell Roman ‘you can’t’!!!

Big ups to JBL! Roman’s shirt might say ‘I Can, I Will’, but T-Shirts don’t win matches!!!

It’s a great message though… I Can, I Will… shout out to NAS!!!!

All Roman’s fam is gonna be at Big BIG WRESTLEMANIA! (Does that include Rikishi? The Rock???) It’s a wrap, no way am I bringing my family to watch me lose! F**K THAT!

Haha! R-Truth on that Shaggy ‘It Wasn’t Me’ sh!t with the Intercontinental Title! This 6 man tag match should be great, but I’m more interested in the outcome…

Shout out to STC’s Shadfather – my potna in crime on the STC From The UK show – he said the Intercontinental Title is cursed – IT IS! I compare it to the Soul Edge sword – that sword turns people mad and sh!t to whoever wields it!


Even Triple Teef & Stephanie are having none of it from Seth Rollins! Why do suddenly I think all this is a set up to make Randall think yeah – I’m gonna f**k him up again, but all that time the Authority had his back all along, only for Sting to appear from the rafters with his baseball bat and f**ks up everything! Now THAT would be Mark-Out Worthy!

Obviously after last week, Bray Wyatt hasn’t watched the news! Let me tell you in Brock Lesnar language:


Oh no! Next week on Raw, not only is Brock and Reigns gonna ketch-up face to face, but Snoop Dogg is gonna be in the hiz-house??? You know the divas will make sure their pu$$!£$ are clean for next week!!!


Ok it’s only Seth & Randall in the ring now!

Or maybe not! I KNEW IT!!!!! The Authority tricked Randall – but they didn’t fool the Infamous Informer!!!! Has Triple got his hammer???

Oh my days they gonna rush him…. WAIT A MINUTE! The crow sounded!!! STING IN AH DE RING WITH HIS BASEBALL BAT! BEAT DOWN THE AUTHORITY! THREW HIS COAT AFTER TRIPLE! Randall Orton! RKO’in muthaf***az!!! OH SNAP!! TRIPLE IS BEX!!!

Big ups to Jim Johnston – I wasn’t with Sting’s theme originally, but listen to it good… that is some Mortal Kombat last boss sh!t right there!!!