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Monday Night Raw #1151, June 15, 2015!!!

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The Infamous Informer

It’s only right that I start the blog off like this. Even if you’re not a fan (which I’m not), you gotta pay respects to one of the foundations of wrestling. Take a bow Dusty Rhodes, LIVE ON LIVE LONG.

Sheamus is LOADED! Nikki going for 295! Cena CAN wrestle.. how many fans had heart failure? This is the aftermath! RAW #1151! HOL’DAT-BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZWell… somebody’s happy isn’t he? He retained his title, and he did it all on his own… somebody stick a gold star on this muthaf***a! Anyone would think Seth Rollins finished reading his first link-up book!

(A Bus.)

(A Big Bus.)

(A Big Red Bus.)

(A Big Red Bus In Hill Street.)


Oh for real? Welcome to Monday Night RAWLINS???!!!! He’s thanking us for being here! Well thank you Seth! You and Ambrose put on a classic match word up!

Damn Seth got a shout out list? Shall we play the 9th Wonder instrumental???

Hang on – he’s bigging up himself???? What about Triple & Steph? I thought Triple was proud of him? Not even they get props? Wait a minute – he should punch his ticket to the Hall Of Fame???? This man OUTTA ORDA & BRIGHT!

OH SNAP! Is that how Dean Ambrose gonna congratulate his adversary? Give him some more beatings??? HAHAHA! He ain’t going anywhere until Rollins comes back so he can get some more beatings!

Last week Joey Mercury pinned Rollins… you best give him his well deserved title shot RAWLINGS!

I thought this rivalry was over… I thought not!

I think Rawlings is in a little bit of trouble…. running his mouth disrespecting the whole authority…who’s the next opponent? I think we know don’t you sexy ladies and b!tch @$$ muthaf***az!

Big up Sheamus! The new Mr Munny Innah Bank! What’s wrong fat @$$ IWC jabronies? you didn’t like that sh!t? Do The Knowledge you big dummies!

Dean and Sheamus love a fight… and we love a fight too!!!! GET HIM DEAN! Mess up that Rocksteady Headtop!

Damn son! Sheamus just f**k!n up Ambrose legs!!!! Ambrose would rather pass out than tap to Rocksteady! So who’s Bebop? Mark Henry???


UH-OH!!! Randall!!!! Caused Shadfather’s favourite move! Ambrose got the Distraction Roll Up pin to Sheamus! Forget all that – Randall was out to finish Sheamus! RKO – BL…..no Sheamus blocked it!

Oh dear Joey Mercury heard me!!!! He wants to test RAWlings for the World Wrestling Federation Championship! Make it happen RAWlings!!!! #GiveJandJAChance! Make it trend! Put it on your twitter! Matter of fact – I’ll do that my damn self!

For real? They just did a Fatherhood advert featuring Roman Reigns? They’re not turning him heel now! IWC Make it Burn! Throw the rumours out the window!

Is it me or does Wade Barrett’s theme sound racist???? And you wonder why I can’t stand that muthaf***a!

OOOOHHHHH SH!!!T! It’s Kevin Owens!!! Looks like he’s gonna run the NXT open challenge! I believe I have found the right opponent for him… Could it be this b!tch?

Chyna 2015

Photo courtesy of STC Member Edd Mulhall

What the hell was she doing there? Answers on a postcard please! Tweet me @MZATheInfamous!

So that’s why you f**ked up Cena? Because Cena told you ‘You belong here’? Ok now we know not to compliment Owens!

Now this muthaf***a wants the US Title! I thought it was beneath you Owens? Anyway who’s gonna take the challenge? Dolph Ziggler? Is he bringing his new gyal?

Backing Kevin Owens here – COME ON OWENS!!!! Powerbomb Ziggler’s clart like you did Cena at the Munny Innah Bank!

I am disappointed! I was hoping for Chyna to come out! (Yo Mike she and Steph have beef) I DON’T GIVE A DAMN! Vincent Kennedy squashed the beef with Bret, Bruno, Warrior, and whoever else. Look at Warrior. He’s no longer with us in the physical… Steph – you gotta make it burn – same goes for you Chyna, sort your sh!t out!

See with Chyna all she gotta do his punch Owens in his d!ck and take his sh!t!!! She invented the low blow!

Well since the NXT championship isn’t on the line, what happens if Ziggler beats him? I’m saying hmmmmm….

Pop-up Powerbomb – BLAOW!!!! Ziggler finish!!!! I just love the look on jabronies faces when Ziggler loses.. can’t kiss Lana right… all sorts of sh!t…

Where does Paige think she’s going? Rallying the rest of the divas to stop the Bella Twins? The women must take Paige for joke? Little 22-year-old milk of magnesia trying to lead the likes of my beautiful Naomi? My sexy Layla? Tamina? Alicia Fox??? Rosa Mendes? Are you smoking that tical Paige????

Undertaker Tombstone a B!tch

Meme courtesy of STC member Adam Maskell

My thoughts exactly Undertaker…. Paige outta order and bright!

Speaking of Undertaker, considering that he’s a few years older than Kane… Kane’s conditioning is better than that of his ‘brother’…

…and speaking of his ‘brother’… Ok Seth Rollins you’re pushing it now! Why do you love provoking Kane so much??? Mentioning Paul Bearer and the don of dons… er Seth… look at the meme above these sentences….

Damn come on RAW hurry up and get to the handicap divas match! I wanna see the Bellas knock Paige the f**k out! I wanna see what Wyatt gotta say about dropping Reigns with the Sister Abigail for no reason!

YES! Roman Reigns coming down the stairs! The women grabbing his d!ck!!!

It was injustice what Wyatt done! Oh no not this crazy cryptic sh!t!!! Or maybe not!!!! It all stems from when he defeated Wyatt last week! Stole his moment! Why did we not clock this before!

OH MY GOD!!! (I have to put on my JR Voice) BRAY’S GOING AFTER ROMAN’S DAUGHTER! HE COULD NOT BE THAT HEINOUS! WHAT A SICK & TWISTED HUMAN BEING! Yo that is f**ked up yo! No Roman – you have to F**k up Wyatt now…. this is some Cradle To the Grave sh!t now… some DMX & Vanessa sh!t!

Here we go… Bellas on Paige handicap match! Come on Bellas, beat out her blodclart!

Superb wrestling skill by Nikki! Caught Paige in the head scissors, turning her on her stomach and doing press ups! Can your favourite wrestler do that??? NO – SHUT THE F**K UP!

Shout out to Xzibit! Choke her Spank her Pull her hair!

Shout out to Xzibit! Choke her Spank her Pull her hair!

Nikki hit the elbow on Paige! FINISH HER! Nikki hits the rack attack on Paige – BLAOW!!! FATALITY!

Oh hell to the no – that Machine Gun scrawny idiot is gonna perform??? Ok this is the part where I watch babestation…

In fact f**k that – Let me play one of the latest tunes I’m feeling…

YES KEVIN OWENS! MY HERO! MY MAN!!! He just powerbombed Machine Gun pu$$yclart skinny leggings wearing b!tch through the stage!!! That was the best thing I’ve ever seen! F**k that fake sh!t! We don’t do that over here! Kevin Owens supports REAL HIP HOP!!!! HE IS BRILLIANT!!!

Why are the commentators bex for? I didn’t wanna hear that noise! The fans sure as hell didn’t! I wonder what Mike Knoxxx of the BDSIR Network/Fox Sports gotta think about that???

Big up the Primetime Players! New World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions! But can the New Day take back their titles?

Well this is a 6-man jump off, My dude Neville joins the PTP, against the team that uses the POP: the Power Of Positivity!

I know Dean Ambrose ain’t playing ‘Bullseye’  using Seth Rollins as the dartboard!

And people ain’t gonna stop until they get Kane to come to his senses and send for his mask and tombstone people and set them on fire! Come on Kane!!!!! This is why the fans loved you back in the day! Stop fooling yourself man!

Finally! We gonna find out who RAWlins next opponent is…. surely it can’t be the man that’s rumoured??? The man who defeated the don of dons and shocked the world??!!!

Triple’s dress sense is becoming more like Vincent Kennedy isn’t it???

Grant - still got it!

Seth seems to have a smile on his face…. I dunno Seth! Do you need the toilet? My instincts tell me you may need it!

Once again Steph your black dress – OHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Triple – get her for the lads!!!!!

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!!!! BRRRRROCCCCK LESSSSSSSNAR!!!!! He gotta Suplex City shirt!!!! That’s it now! What happened to your smile Seth? You’re the architect… right??? You are the future…..huh???!!! The Shield…. all that boasting? All that bravado? You can take him surely??? Your comrade Roman Reigns did!!! You are the best WWE champion of all time??? THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID! Now get in there and SHUDDUP!!!!

On a real though people… this week’s Raw… if you DVR’d it… you’re gonna fast forward a lot of sh!t… but don’t fast forward too much past Machine Gun b!tch @$$… Anyway guys, I think Seth Rollins will be needing the men’s room, nobody go in there for about 35-45 minutes… somebody open the window…

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Seth Rollins...

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Seth Rollins…











Monday Night Raw #1060: September 16, 2013!!!

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The Infamous Informer

Monday Night Raw #1060: September 16, 2013!!!

Chain gleamin’, switchin’ lanes, two-seater Hate him or love him for the same reason Can’t leave it, the game needs him Plus the people need someone to believe in So in God’s Son we trust Cause they know I’m gonna give ‘em what they want They lookin’ for a hero, I guess that makes me a hero!!!

Danielson has done it!!! He’s the new WWE Champion!!! But wait… the ref dropped a fast count… rewind back to WrestleMania XIV, Mike Tyson dropped a fast count on Shawn Michaels, thus making Stone Cold Steve Austin the WWF Champion, fast forward to 1999, Chris Jericho defeated Triple TEEF for the WWF title, but it was a fast count, and somehow the decision was overturned…

I have a bad feeling about this… we were celebrating with Danielson at Night of Champions…. I sincerely hope the celebration continues… but that Triple Teef…. I don’t truss him!!!


WWF PROPA TINGZI am so proud of Danielson right now! He won the title, and he didn’t have to get in the chair! Word is bond – I’m gonna do a Daniel Bryan tribute video… I gotta do it this week. WHUH-OH!!! NOT TRIPLE TEEF!!!!! What does he want???? he hasn’t come with a shovel has he???

Wait a minute, did Triple TEEF try to insinuate that Daniel Bryan and the ref were working together to ensure a fast count and  a win??? Yo Daniel!!! RUN!!! Triple stripping the title from Daniel Bryan? He can’t do that! Oh yes he can he’s the C.O.O.!!! Don’t hand it over Daniel! RUN!!!! Beat Randall or Triple over the head with it! Oh no!!! It does remind you of Vincent Kennedy & Austin doesn’t it???


MINE! IT’S MINE!!!”Vincent kennedy 3

“Good God……Good God…..” Shout out to Good Ol’ JR… how could they do you like that eh?

Here’s the twist! Stephanie wants the Randall that handcuffed Triple to the ring, dropped the DDT on her, kissed her and felt up her breast! She wants the evil Randall that kicked people in their head!!! I’M ALL ABOUT THAT STEPHANIE!!!

I wonder if I can get Stephanie eating donuts every February 10th….????

Mike Cole has informed me that Dean Ambrose has sung a ballad dedicated to Ziggler and you can find it on WWE.com… thank you MC!!! I WILL CHECK IT OUT!!!

Ziggler wins the match against Ambrose here, but I don’t care about that…Ambrose is still the man with the US title! I gotta see that ballad!!!

So Big Show can’t do sh!t again…. Stephanie says, he must sit one place and not move, unless she calls him… well THE GRANT SAYS Stephanie, I’ll sit here and do nothing…I’ll wait for the call from you, and I will give you my Big Show!!!

Hold up – Summer Rae is in the building!!! Excuse me, Grant Forsyth has gotta go and dance….GRANT - BODY - P

While I’m in profane mode, doesn’t Fandango feel like he wants to ramm is d!ck up Summer Rae while she wraps her legs round him like that??? I’m a legs man… and I’m sorry, she wraps her legs round me like that… somebody is losing her voice screaming!

Not even an hour into the show, my favourite divas haven’t been on yet, and Raw is already better than Night Of Champions!

How dare the crowd chant ‘What’ during Dusty Rhodes speech…. DISRESPECTFUL – GO AND WASH YOUR MOUTH WITH LIVORIS MUTHAF***A, AND DON’T SAY THE N WORD B!TCH!

I like the fact that Dusty Rhodes told Stephanie to bring her long legs to the ring and get to this business proposition… OH YEAAAH!!! I’m all over Stephanie tonight!

So I guess that’s what happens when you refuse the offer of giving either Cody or Goldust a job in WWE… can’t choose between is sons so Stephanie sends for the Shield to destroy Dusty… but she puts the brakes on and forces Big Show to punch Dusty through school buses… if you thought the Sean P punch to Daniel Bryan was hard to watch, this one makes your stomach churn… a heart full of regret, Big Show couldn’t stand there and let the Shield destroy him so it hurt him when he had to punch him for dolo…

Oh my god! Ladies everywhere! Aksana, Alicia Fox, Layla, Natalya, AJ, Brie Bella, Cameron & Naomi…. JoJo, Eva Marie, Nikki Bella… Where’s my Dhalsim hands to hug all of these women at the same time?

Like I said, one on one, Natalya can destroy AJ… the Fatal 4 way ting at Night Of Champions, I knew AJ got this… the issue is between Natalya and AJ, just like I said from marning!

Miz, me and you will never be friends… I know this, but words from the wise…. protect yourself at all times… because you got Randall in your match… Stephanie has pretty much handed Randall the keys to kick people in their head!

I don’t believe this sh!t!!!! Now Triple has just fired the referee Scott Armstrong just because he did one simple mistake… THE GRANT SAYS – was that a shot at Jim Ross? (think about it…) TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!

This is shocking – The Miz is actually fighting Randall in his hometown in front of his family! And anyhow Randall kicks Miz in his head…. oh lawwwd…

OH SH!T!!!!! It looks like Randall has found himself a brand new super move that is even more evil than the Punt Kick! I could hear the voices in his head from here!!! After he brukk up The Miz all over the ring, he sets him up, puts a steel chair between the Miz neck and head, runs up, jumps and drops his knee on the chair – BLAAAAAAAAAAOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Him dead now!

NO!!!! Look at Paul Heyman!!!! He’s BACCCCCK! He’s shaved his beard! He’s not stressed anymore! He’s in a wheelchair, but he has Ryback by his side!!!! And he called himself the Best In The World!!! Why? Because he ‘pinned CM PUNK!!!’ and it’s forever etched in the record books! I disagree with Paul Heyman when he said he got the worst beating in WWE history… I wanna introduce you to two people: Undertaker & Shawn Michaels… show Paul Heyman what a beating is!!

Sh!t is crazy how one year ago, CM Punk and Ryback had beef, and now one year later, it’s Ryback who is riding with Paul Heyman… who is so grateful for his life that he kissed Ryback!!! What is this? Just because Darren Young came out the closet in the public eye it gives everyone else the go ahead to kiss next man on TV????

After everything that has happened, can you imagine if Jim Ross was announcing? I bet those YouTube junkies are conjuring up something now….!!!

Just for the record, any wrestling fan that chants ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ is NOT A FRIEND OF MINE!!!

If Antonio Cesaro keeps doing that Giant Swing… he’s gonna turn face and go against Wack Swagger… that’s my word! That man has so much incredible talent and untapped potential… he hasn’t tasted World Heavyweight Gold yet… amazing!

The Usos killing it!!! simultaneously soaring over the top rope taking out the Real Americans! CRAZY!!! And rightfully, the Usos are #1 contenders for the tag team titles!!!! What y’all gonna say about the tag team division now??? TALK SH!T NOW!!!

GTA-V-bigWhuddup Wyatts!!! So much sh!t is happening that these guys nearly got lost in the shuffle… their promos are some of the best I have seen all year.. it’s on that disturbing Saw sh!t… and those that have followed the buzzards have that new Grand Theft Auto V game… that game is the new root of all evil… it will destroy relationships the world over. (Oh you’re just saying that coz you’re jealous) not so my friend… I’ve never been a fan of the series, a pure Street Fighter and Tekken me a deal wid!!! If you haven’t figured it out by now, The Infamous Informer is taking shots at STC’s boss man Jamie Maverick Shields, who seemingly has turned his back on his group in favour for this game… updating his status every two minutes about the game, while showing no love or regard for the group he created! It is shocking!!!!

This is not right!!! Danielson is competing against Roman Reigns… you got the Shield out there, and now the evil Randall is out there too!!! Danielson cannot contend with these odds!

And the evil Randall was gonna do it again… set up a chair to end Danielson… but watch da ryde! The locker room rushed the ring! Brukk up The Shield!!!! All this, while Big Show, Sheamus, John Cena and Kane were not in effect!!! RIOT LIKE IT’S PRISONER CELL BLOCK H!!!

You know Triple TEEF ain’t gonna like this!!! He’s probably back there polishing his hammer… oh wait.. that didn’t sound too right!!!

“There’s no shame, in going out fighting, and getting your @$$ kicked… There’s no honor, in not fighting at all…” (Undertaker, 2001)








Powerbomb Pro Wrestling News

Smack Talk Centre-Raw Monday Night Raw #1054: August 5, 2013!!!

The Jobber Blogger TNA And The Infamous Informer WWE

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Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Monday Night Raw #1054: August 5, 2013!!!

Let me tell you something about me: I love hip hop, I come from the era where every artist came different, had their Corporate Austinown style and was being ORIGINAL. there was no biting… (what’s this got to do with wrestling) shut up and let me finish…??? Hip Hop is about EXPRESSION. Scratch that – Madonna did a tune called Express Yourself. That’s what Daniel Bryan be doing. EXPRESSING HIMSELF. He loves his beard, his crazy hair, and his wild technical wrestling style. NO ONE wilds out like Danielson, and the McMahons realise this that he is on the edge of being THE MAN of the company. So now they want to give him a makeover, try to mould him and be this corporate dude… THAT AIN’T GONNA WORK!!!! Just like I said last week, look what happened with Austin!!!! My advice to Danielson…. Tell the McMahon dem seh – DO YOU… BECAUSE YOU CAN’T DO ME!!!!


WWF PROPA TINGZI thought they banned the initial stage fireworks at the start of the show???? Ah forget it – Stephanie McMahon is on! GOD DAYUUUUUM!!!!

Well actually the makeover could have been a lot worse! Danielson comes out sporting a suit, his hair gelled back, and his beard is INTACT!! Maybe a woman’s touch works right??? Stephanie fix him up!!!! And Brie Bella couldn’t do that??? Yo Brie you may need to watch your girlfriend!!!! That goes for you Triple! Watch your wife! You saw what happened with her and Kurt!!!

Wait a minute – here comes Vincent Kennedy!!! And he’s not entirely satisfied!!! He wants the beard shaved off!!!! Vincent Kennedy sends for the barber chair… and tells Danielson – “GET IN THE CHAIR!!!!” I’m gonna be saying that all week!!!!! HA! HA! Did the beard go??? HELL NAWWWWW! Wack Barrett was gonna do the honors but Danielson beat him down and shaved half his beard! Next minute he reveals his new shirt – a dart thrown at Cena here – ‘THE BEARD IS HERE!!!’ at the front, and ‘YES! YES! YES!’ at the back!!! So that’s the rumoured heel turn of Bryan out the window!

Now this is interesting… Christian is already #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title…but Rob Van Dam beat Bertie! WHOA!!! I smell a triple threat match brewing… but wait there – Ricardo baited up the match for Bertie! He didn’t mean it to go down that way, but Bertie kicked him down! Beat him down! Threw him out the ring! Placed his head between the steel steps and the ring post – ran up and kicked him – BLAOW!!!!!!! Oh lawd Ricardo – HE’S PROBABLY DEAD BY NOW!!!!

Now that Cody Rhodes has turned face, he finally has a voice???? Ok Cody you have given me joke by throwing Sandow’s briefcase in the drink… and you had Sandow crying like a b!tch…. you brought the briefcase back and it’s all mash-up! The contract looks like it was fed to the fishes! Oh dear! How is Sandow gonna cash in his cheque now???? This needs to be addressed at the Board of Directors! But the crowd didn’t look interested at all in the storyline…. DISRESPECT!!!!!

Ok RYBACK! MY HERO MARK HENRY! But the tables are turned! This time Ryback is the villain! Mark Henry is my hero! GET HIM MARK!!!! unfortunately as Henry was battering him, Ryback took foot and run gone…. these two gonna clash again at Summerslam surely! SEND FOR THE STIPULATION! Mark Henry don’t like that count out sh!t…. w’happen Ryback? Your belly full????

While Cena is in the ring talking sh!t, lets talk about the divas for a hot minute… the BellaGRANT - BODY - P Twins, they are up their own arse ain’t they??? They so fine… first I’m saying hi… then I’m waving goodbye…. but did you see Natalya drop that slap in Brie’s face – BLAOW!!!!!! Bwoy they need to get up off the Hamster Wheel!

Oh right – back to Cena… he was talking something about – he’s been 5 moves of dooming jabronies since January and Summerslam will be no different…Randall appears and lets Cena know who got the cheque, and the Shield think this segment was WACK so they thought justice must be served, next minute Danielson runs through… now here I was waiting for Teddy Long to say “Now hold on a minute playas” and announce a 6-man tag… but Brad Maddox has already learnt well!

Hold up – The Wyatt Family are in a match???? WHOA!!! Er Cameron! Naomi! come and seek sanctuary!!!!

Enough of that sh!t – It seems that The Wyatt Family have brought back the true essence of my hero Kane!!!! First PPV for Bray – and he’s fighting Kane in an INFERNO MATCH?????? Hear Michael Cole – “What does he mean by ring of fire??!!!” Michael Cole you get the OFFICIAL DYAM ARSE AWARD!!!!

So that’s why my baby mother turned evil… she wants ATTENTION… Layla baby I always rise at attention!!! I understand though… I’ve been busy lately, yes I am writing for an indy female wrestler, but that’s BUSINESS. I’m still #AllAboutThat with you baby!!!! Don’t get it twisted!

Gotta say AJ & Layla -or should I say Lay-J skipping all over the ring after they beat down Kaitlyn is BRILLIANT!


While Christian is beating down Heath Slater I just wanna say HAPPY BORN DAY to fellow admin of the Smack Talk Centre and bossman of the BDSIR Network – Mike KNOXXX –  the championship belt KING!!! That’s right – spelt with three X’s because he’s HARDCORE! SALUTE MY NINJA!!!


THE CLAWS ARE OUT! “LET’S GO PUNK!!!!” It’s clobbering time! Time to go Wolverine on Curtis Axel!!!

You know what? As I watch this match, and I see the evil look on Heyman’s face, and Punk hell-bent on destroying his former mentor, I remember the film Unleashed with Jet Li and Bob Hoskins….

…and just as Jet Li gets his hands on Bob Hoskins… HERE COMES THE PAIN!!!! That music hits and IT’S ON!!!! CM Punk & Brock Lesnar! David & Goliath! But this ain’t the bible! This is WWE!!! It looked like Punk was kicking Punk all over the ring, but then he saw Heyman…. NO Punk forget him for now!!! Oh no Brock got him – F5 – BLAOW!!!! Brock nah dun!!! “HURT HIM!!!” says Heyman! Brock with the steel chair – hit Punk in his back – BLAOW! hit him again – BLAOW! hit him again – BLAOW!!!!!! WROOOOOOOOOOY!!!! Big ups to my girl Renée Young who had to interview Heyman and his boys! Hey Renee baby girl! Come and interview me… let’s get to the sex questions!!! Well Brock told Heyman to say something stupid, and maybe he has! Next week – Heyman Vs CM Punk??? that’s gotta be walking into Death Row surely!

Summer Rae DON’T START ME WITH THEM LEGS!!! You gotta n!**@ wilding right now! Hold on – Michael Cole just said that Summer Rae loves Kofi Kingston’s fighting style and his new attire? Kofi…. now’s the time to put that Jafakecan accent on! I swear I would ravish that woman!!! I’d F**K Summer Rae… I LOVE LAYLA!!!

Notice I didn’t mention Fandumbgay? HA!

You know it’s all eyes on the main event at Summerslam, Vincent Kennedy is mad involved in it… I forgot that Triple is out to counter whatever dastardly plan Vincent Kennedy is trying to pull!!!!

Oh no what are these three racist idiots doing out here??? Ok let me go and get a drink…

Hang on – their opponents are the Usos??? BRILLIANT! KILL THEM USOS!!!!

F**K! How the F**K that these so-called Real Americans beat the Usos??? Yo Rikishi you gonna have to get involved in this rude boy! I would so love that!

Yes! that contest between Ziggler and Langston sweet me! You know why? Because Kaitlyn came back to beat down the happy-go-lucky skipping psychopath AJ, everything went haywire, and it enabled Langston to hit Ziggler with the super move – BLAOW!!!! That goes to show that YOUR HERO – THAT PINK PANTY WEARING BATTYBWOY IS TRULY A PU$$Y! He can’t fight by himself! He is weak!!!!! BIG UP LANGSTON!


Ah forget about it – you wanna wrestling match? Check for Ring of Honor… because this became all out RUCKUS! And just when the three top guys of the WWE had the Shield shook, Randall already dun warned Cena & Bryan – I can cash in my cheque ANY TIME.. RKO to both Cena & Bryan – BLAOW!!!! And any time could have meant right there and then… because the voices in his head were saying – ‘CASH IT IN NOW!!!’ But the Shield came back to pick up the pieces! I guess Randall is a patient man!

Now the question is out there in the IWC – has Randall turned evil???? I wouldn’t say so… because he dun warned them what would happen. The crowd didn’t necessarily like what happened out there, but for Randall, it’s going his way and that’s what he wants…. it’s more a slow-ish heel turn if you ask me… but he STILL isn’t cashing the cheque in at Summerslam, I’m standing by my prediction… but either way, it’s a win-win for the Infamous Informer. No point getting worked up and angry about it….. to me it’s just storyline progress… and don’t forget the Triple Teef factor as well…