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Monday Night Raw #1189, March 7, 2016!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Peace intelligent wrestling fans and peace to retarded wrestling fools around the world! Thank you for your patience with me bringing this blog to you. I really shouldn’t be writing this because I have an essay to complete and my laptop charger died on me but thanks to STC’s Lee Ashbourne he hooked me up. Something he didn’t have to do but he did why? Because he respects my conglomerate. For that I respect him for it. SALUTE.

Now I missed RAW this week, I heard some of you were anticipating a big return, some of you went as far as thinking it’s CM Princess Peach B!tch just because it’s in Chicago… you guys are OFFICIALLY the epitome of what the negative side of the Internet Wrestling Community is. Yes ANYTHING can happen in the World Wrestling Federation and Shane McMahon proved that 2 weeks ago… but I the Infamous Informer stand here as a PROUD Anti-Punk fan. I don’t worship somebody who doesn’t give a crap about me as a fan or the wrestling business. Take a good look at yourself CM P**k worshippers. YOU ARE RETARDED.



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RAW #1189! I’m surprised WWE didn’t draw up this tune for their WWE Network show this weekend!


WHOA!!!! Shane telling it like it is! That’s what the IWC have been saying for months now! Vince is out of touch! The talented wrestlers don’t get props while the stars with no skills get pushed to the moon! Shane is out to end it! Or is he saying that just to make the internet fans happy? Keep it real with yourself – sometimes you say sh!t that your partner wants to hear right?


AAAAH SH!T! When you hear the gong and the lights go out… THAT’S IT SHANE YOU’VE DUN IT NOW!

NO!!! VINCENT KENNEDY TRICKED US!!! Why he do this!!!!

Look at Shane – he’s dying to laugh here!!!

Oh no! Shane written OUT of Vincent Kennedy’s will! Stephanie gets everything! Oh well wrestling fans, we get NOTHING!

Awwww look at the pic of Vincent Kennedy and Shane when they were young! I’d like to add IWC idiots, that Vince used the word – WRESTLING in his promo… so with that – shut the f**k up!

OH MY DAYS! Vincent Kennedy took the photo and destroyed it! He can’t do that! This is Wrestlemania X-Seven all over again! He’s never gonna forgive Linda for giving birth to him!

“It’s so ironic that my greatest creation, is gonna put to rest, my greatest failure…”

WHOA! Worse than the XFL Vince????

Look at Shane go! Fighting off 4 security guards with the kung fu he’s been learning lately! GET DEM Ip Shane!

Shout out to Roy Lucier and the International Wrestling Fanbase – apparently Neville used a move that the late Hayabusa used in memory of his recent passing. Big those guys up – I would not have known that.

Owens was about gonna end Neville when suddenly! Sami Zayn comes through! Remember Owens nearly brukk his back and took him out the game!

He’s the guy who came back!!!! And you guys wanted CM Princess Peach B!tch… you still marked out though right?! YOU DYAM ARSE!

Wait a minute… has Lana got the freedom to wear what she wants now? She dressing more like that Ziggler kid than what Rusev likes with the tight blouse and skirt!

…and Brie Bella let Summer Rae beat her! Disgraceful! She uses Danny Bryan’s moves, wears his attire and cannot win a match? I know he’s leaving the game but come on!

Lana walking in the ring barefoot… she’s out to slap up Brie and show her panties I guess! Wrestling nerds PUT THE CREAM DOWN!

Lana just used the X-Factor super move on Brie! Wasnt that Brie’s super before it was X-Pac’s??? Anyway I have it on good authority that Lana can actually fight…


and I guess we gonna see that at big BIG WrestleMania. But if Danny Bryan is in Brie’s corner, it’s gonna hurt me to boo her… f**k that – WHOEVER LOSES – I WIN!

I gotta give Triple his props because he didn’t have to defend his title at all until WrestleMania because after all he is TRIPLE TEEF… I guess he clocked on that the IWC might have him up for it, best of luck to Deano… I sincerely hope (like all of you wrestling fans) that this makes things interesting in the storylines…I would hate to see Roman Reigns booed out of Dallas but at the same time the beef is between Roman and Triple to begin with. Fans can’t see that fundamental concept, that’s where I call them IDIOTS.


“Roadblock is just a name that some idiot in the marketing department came up with…” WHOA TRIPLE SAID THAT???

He just called Ambrose a speed bump or a pothole! That’s not right – Ambrose – BEAT HIM!

No Triple – The Authority doesn’t always win – THE INFAMOUS INFORMER ALWAYS WINS!

What did Dolph Ziggler do to get buss arse by The League Of Nations? Was he shaking his @$$ again like a faggot??? Answers on a postcard please – tweet me @MZATheInfamous!

Never mind guys – JBL told me – he was trolling the authority on the twitter… only the Infamous Informer can do sh!t like that, like walking like Vincent Kennedy, talk like Triple Teef, and show Stephanie how nasty I can be in the sack!


Four hot women fighting each other in the ring, who’s the winner here? RIC FLAIR N!&&@!

Look at him! Observing at ringside – just keep your eyes off my Naomi, or else I will joinI am himShadfather in his Flair Files quest!

If you are unfamiliar with the #FlairFiles, check out STC From The UK every Saturday 5pm UK 12midday EST on BDSIR NETWORK – The Best Damn Show In Radio! Cheap plug but it’s not because I pay those bills!

“Becky Lynch refered to her (Sasha Banks) as Nicki Minaj…” What an insult if I ever heard one! How dare Becky say that! Right – Anyone but Becky for the World Wrestling Federation Divas Championship at WrestleMania!

YES TAMINA! Brukk up Becky’s blodclart! (Becky I love you but you don’t diss Sasha like that!)

Michael Cole acknowledges what happened to Naomi happened to Conor McGregor, and if that is the case, then Naomi baby girl, NO SHAME in losing to Sasha. I still love you!

Charlotte stepping in to brukk up Becky & Sasha – TEEF!!!!! Now that it’s a Triple Threat match.. my prediction may have changed slightly…

Superb contest between The New Day & Y2AJ… Jericho goes for the Codebreaker – Big E uses counter technique – into the Big Ending – BLAOW! New Day wins!

OH SNAP!!! Jericho just turned evil on AJ Styles! You mean to tell me that WWE made those shirts and after like a week this happens?!!! The GRANT SAYS something must have changed within creative… maybe WWE’s original plan was to have these two ride together but the fans were like – NO – we wanna see AJ Styles shine as a singles competitor! Stop this Tag team sh!t! Triple Codebreaker to AJ Styles – BLAOW!!!

I don’t care how good of a wrestler Tyler Breeze is – if he dresses like a faggot – I got no props for him… Tyler is WACK! Kalisto out shined him on every level.. I think Breeze should join the social outcasts and then eventually, future endeavoured and off to TNA with his cumse-cumsa @$$!



Big ups to the Big Boss Man – HALL OF FAME 2016! Yes I can ride to that! But you see what corruption get him? Hung up by the cell by the Don of Dons! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!

Golden rule of fighting Wyatt – you don’t fight one, you fight all four, and unless you are Undertaker & Kane, you don’t stand a chance! Even Stone Cold Steve Austin was once tempted to rush the ring and drop stunners on the Wyatt man dem! (Hold that thought – WrestleMania 32 is in Dallas Texas after all!)

Big BIG WrestleMania 32 LOGO

Clearly that Triple TEEF is not afraid of Wyatt! Crowd chanting YES! As if they gonna clash… FOOLS!

I think Deano as got the picture! TRIPLE TEEF setting up the announce table! But Deano hit the Dirty Deeds on Triple – BLAOW!!!! Aaaah sh!t!!!! That’s it Deano, get these fools gassed up! Because once Triple uses the hammer… THAT’S IT!










Reproduced from the original by The Infamous Informer



Monday Night Raw #1176, December 7, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Extreme Hint

For the record… that Extreme Brother is NOT me, Infamous Informer, ladies favourite GRANT BODY-P! The guessing game is on! People have said Spike Dudley, people have said the Hardys… some have even said Rhyno… RVD… Sandman, SABU! Personally I hope it’s SABU or Rhyno… Big ups to that man Rhyno, representing at the PWL joint at Walsall last Friday! Great dude, getting the kids to beat up his opponent! BEAUTIFUL!

RAW #1176! Send for the Tables, Ladders and the Chairs! Shout out to WWE fan -Chilli of TLC! – HOL’DAT – BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZAaaaaah sh!t! These guys are OFFICIAL! They are – The League Of Nations! I like these cats! Even Bad News Barrett – he paid is pennants back in Manchester UK when Undertaker buss up his clart!

Oh snap! Sheamus says there’s not a group of four cats that can test them! But Yo! The Wyatt bwoy say are you sure??!!! We are official bad mans too! Crowd love this! But wait! Are they gonna clash or are they gonna fight a common cause?

Fireworks POP OFF! This is where we find out who joins Tom Dreamer the Dudley Bwoy!!!

BACKSIDE!!!! RHYNO! I saw that muthaf***a last week!!!! Damn the plane travels fast!

HOL’ON!!!! The Roman Empire coming down the stairs!!! The Usos & Ambrose! Now THAT is how to start this wrestling sh!t!!!!

This is INSANE! The Wyatt Bwoy Vs The League of Nations Vs The Roman Empire Vs Team ECDub! What a shame, Survivor Series was last month… oh well, we got it now muthaf***a! Better late than never!!!


MUTHAF***A! WHAT SORT OF MOVE WAS THAT? A super powerbomb/superplex from Strowman and the Usos to…. sh!t this is too much!!!! But Tommy hit the Dreamer Driver! Wyatts leave the building! Which part of them should I fear? They should fear my dutty foot!

AAAAH SH!T! Roman & Rhyno face off! but before they could fight Sheamus and Rusev interfere! The Dudley Boyz! Hit the 3D on Rusev! But Sheamus comes through with a brogue kick – BLAOW! Team ECdub out the game…

Shout out to Deano Ambrose! The Raving Lunatic is celebrating his born day on Raw getting his birthday beatings!!!

Hol’ on – Where’s Sheamus going???? He can’t put his fist in the ground??? Beating his chest sending for a brogue kick, but ran into a spear from Reigns – BLAOW!!!! The Roman Empire Reigns Supreme!

THAT IS HOW TO START THIS WRESTLING SH!T! But with just over 2 hours to go, can they keep up the momenonmum??? (YES I SAID THAT CORRECTLY! Shout out to John Witherspoons!)

Renee Young looks sexy as f**k!!! You know the birthday boy getting in her panties after this!


Oh F**k – Tyler Breeze Vs Ziggler again??? No – it turns out Tyler gonna sit down in his little VIZ place while Ziggler fights Kevin Owens… by the way – VIZ stands for Very Insignificant Zilch!!! Shout out to Lady C from that Celebrity Jungle show!!!

Lady C

Come on Mr King of Twitter – brukk up Ziggler!!! Beat out his blodclart! Meanwhile I’ll go and make my pudding… momenonmum slowed down already – chu!

Meanwhile birthday boy Deano was doing the same thing I was doing! Only he had popcorn and a cola in hand watching the match! cue more memes with that picture!

Er… If Kevin Owens picks up the win, ow come Deano’s music is playing? Oh that’s because Deano wants to congratulate is TLC opponent I guess…

I guess Ambrose had enough of the popcorn, and his thirst was quenched… he just threw the rest of the popcorn and cola in Owen’s face!! He can’t do that! He will pay for that I will assure you!

My girls are on! All three of them! Sasha & Naomi (with Tamina) team up to go against Team Bella. Well the Grant says this: If Team Bella win, that’s because Naomi was pinned, and all my NaoMob on twiWWE2K16 GRANT BODY -P!tter will not be pleased! But I cannot see that happening…

HA! Alicia & Brie – you have NO CHANCE!

Naomi – mind Alicia’s weave!!! It’s not like Jodeci are on stage!!! Or Method Man for that matter, Ginuwine and guys of that nature!


YES!!! What mi tell yuh! Naomi hit Brie with the Rear View – BLAOW!!! That’s what’s up! WAIT A MINUTE! The New Day!!!! They have formed an alliance with Team BAD! They combined their force!! Team BAD now have Unicorns on their head top! At last! Their chemistry backstage has now manifested onto TV! It’s official! Team BAD now have the creative keys!


…and coincidentally, The Usos are at ringside…I dare one of the New Day members to take shots at Naomi… actually no I don’t!!!

Oh no they didn’t! One of the Lucha Dragon got tossed to the outside, Big E hits a belly to belly throw, and Xavier lies down next to the fallen Lucha and sends for the trombone!!!! He can’t do that!!!

A Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Tag Team Championship at the TLC joint! AAAAG SH!T! That match will be off the hook!

OH NO! Xavier blowing the trombone in Uso face, dem get bex and take the trombone from him abd beat him! Kofi distracted, got pinned by Lucha Dragon! Usos running off with the trombone and the Unicorn hats! The Usos will pay for that I will assure you!

Now THAT’S a good promo by Reigns aimed at Sheamus!!! F**K the haters!!!! I don’t know what secret he learnt… but that was good! That’s why even I, the Infamous Informer, Grant Body-P had to distance myself from the IWC last week and even my own Smack Talk Centre crew… all I saw was negativity against Reigns, Sheamus and his squad, I thought – THAT’S ENOUGH! I switched off my notifications for a hot minute… miserable AIN’T THE WORD to describe you fools!


Ok this week’s Miz TV should be good… is Charlotte turning evil? Or rather, is she becoming the dirtiest player in the game? But she can’t kick women in their cratches??? Let’s find out!

Oh man! The genes are strong!!! Introduce Ric & Charlotte properly fool!

Oh sh!t! Charlotte feels sorry for Maryse!!! Return imminent!!! Don’t hold your breath pervs!!!


I hope this ain’t no double turn bullsh!t… I still support Charlotte 100-1000!!!! Paige is too disrespectful – she just slapped Ric Flair in his mouth – CHARLOTTE F**K HER UP!

Maybe it’s similar to the Brock/Undertaker situation where the heel/face thing was non existent… and I think that’s what’s happening here.

I understand that Rusev & Lana are in love and all that, all that kissing… it’s great, but damnit GET A ROOM!!! SH!T!!!! It’s like seeing two people on facebook constantly reminding us how they love each other and sh!t… posting all those pics… I see the science! You’re there thinking… F**KOUTTAHERE!!!

No sign of it on FB

Listen to the crowd, they want Lana…yeah I know, I want Naomi too…

So that’s why Titus O’Neill is f**k!n with Stardust… he wants him to be Cody Rhodes… you remember him, the guy who put the prestige back into the Intercontinental Title… that dude from Legacy, but check it – is that what you really want to accomplish Titus? I mean, there’s a kid out there who says Stardust is his favourite wrestler, he signed a honorary WWE contract with Stardust… does Titus really wanna break that kid’s heart? I’m just saying…

Let me guess – Bertie Vs Swagger at the TLC joint – chairs match for the US Title? I notice Colter mentioned Cena’s name because Bertie felt embarrassed tripping over Colter’s scooter while in retreat of Swagger swinging the chair.. well that’s that match predicted!!! Sorry Swagger! You ain’t winning that title!

Remind me to download The Dudleys, Rhyno and Dreamer from community creations on WWE2K16… then again I might forget…

AAAAH SH!T! Team ECDub Vs The Wyatt bwoy dem… Elimination Tables Match at the TLC joint!!! This PPV is shaping up really nicely actually!!!

Sheamus said he was gonna teach Roman Reigns a lesson! Reigns is punctual! Tables, Ladders & Chairs all over the ring! Remember back in the days when the pupils showed up early and the teacher was late??? The temptation was there just to leave school and act like nothing happened?

Oh hang on! Sheamus is here! HERE WE GO!

Why is Sheamus chatting? Get down there and bring the ruckus!!!

For real Sheamus?! Roman put you on blast! The Irish love to fight! What happened Sheamus?? I want to be ENTERTAINED!!!

At least Roman is entertaining me! He’s like.. come on Sheamus, I’ll get rid of the chair, I’ll get rid of the table, I’ll get rid of the ladder too – OOPS – nearly threw the ladder at your b!tch @$$!

AAHH SH!T – the fight is on!!! Roman and Sheamus! Roman And Sheamus! Come on Roman! Kick Sheamus in the d!ck!!! (sorry Nicola Hardwick couldn’t resist!)

Sheamus thought he dodged the bullet with the first spear, but he wasn’t ready for the second one – SPEAR THROUGH THE TABLE – BLAOW!!! Roman will pay for that I will assure you!

(I used to love when Jerry Lawler used to say that!)












Monday Night Raw #1157, July 27, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

I am him: Infamous Informer, Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw, GRANT BODY -P! I will tell you straight up and down – I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT HULK HOGAN. Only exception is if it’s in relation to this week’s RAW. I’m already sick of the sh!t over the weekend.

But that Terminator WWE2K16 though!!!! First thing on payday I’m taking my backside to GAME and pre-ordering that sh!t! I can’t see what the problem is with you gaming/wrestling nerds, you want special characters in games but you complain? Oh yeah I forgot, I don’t like your kind anyway!

If the crowd chant for Hogan, I won’t hold it against them. But after that, y’all gotta let it burn. RAW #1157: HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZYou watch, I’m in effect live this week and Brock Lesnar & Undertaker are not at RAW. It would be just my luck.

…and how does the show start? With the evil one himself – TRIPLE TEEEF!!! I am the gamerrrr…. I couldn’t control the situationerrrrrrr, I can’t get to the point in 20 minuteserrrrrr!!!

The rumours are true rude boy!!!! Summerslam 4 hours – GOD DAMN!!!! RILEY’S WOLVERHAMPTON – GET READY!!!!

What? More announcements? Ok Dean Ambrose Vs Big Show I can ride to that, Sasha Banks Vs Paige – Show her who the boss is Sasha! And Randy Orton Vs Kevin Owens??? Bellas Vs Charlotte/Becky? Big wrestling matches ah gwarn!

Seth Rollins – don’t expect me to stand up and say you’re the greatest champion of all time, you didn’t fight Undertaker & Brock Lesnar therefore…. you’re ONE OF the greatest pu$$!£$ of all time!

You just insulted John Cena my dude! OH SH!T – Cena paid his dues in the apology tour! He wants #16!!!! I support this! I’m all for upsetting the IWC!!!!

YES MOVEMENT for Cena Vs Rollins for the WWE title? No? Stephanie just trolled us all! God damn you woman! Go and kiss dog!


But Cena gotta defend his US Title against Rollins? Looks like the apology tour continues! I can ride to that! Backing Cena all the way! Cena successfully defends… I called it last week – Title for Title at Summerslam – REMEMBER I TOLD YA!

I though Ambrose was on some Eddie Guerrero sh!t – untying Big Show’s laces then taking out his legs! It was purely strategy to recoup…

Remember back in the days? When Big Show used to do the chokeslam and that would be it?

Yo Miz – keep telling yourself you’re the baddest muthaf**a in the WWE – f**k around and the glass will smash! I know somebody who you tell you different!

OHHH SNAP!!!!! Ambrose went for the suicide dive, and landed right into Big Show’s fist – PPPPPPPP! Ambrose ain’t making the ten count f**k that!

And even after all that, Ambrose got to his feet, Big Slow was gonna finish him… Ambrose sidestep – BOOM – right into the barricade!

For real???? Fandango is still alive???? Oh well he ain’t now… Neville just settled him with the Red Arrow… What’s Stardust beef with Neville??? Does he fancy him or something??? I think Stardust thinks a Red Arrow is one of those Ice lollies you get from the ice cream man…..


Paige’s team don’t want none of B.A.D…. sh!t I DO!!! I want all of that Sasha, I want that Tamina roughness, and I want Naomi to drop squats on my c-MZA DAYWALKER 2


You see this is why Grant is not a Paige fan, she got Charlotte and Becky Lynch wearing ‘This Is My House’ shirts… they don’t have a team name, so it’s still all about Paige… mannn… f**k that b!tch!

LET’S GO SASHA!! Kill her! Destroy her completely!

You will see… in months to come, Paige gonna f**k over Becky and Charlotte… remember I told ya!

Aaaah sh!t why the ref throw out the women at ringside? What is he gay too? If that was me, I’d send for a next referee and I’ll go away with Charlotte, Becky, Naomi & Tamina! Me and them four would have a REAAAL good time!!!


YES! MY GIRL SASHA HIT PAIGE WITH THE BANK STATEMENT!!! Whose house is it now b!tch!!! That’s what’s up!

For real Rusev? You gonna get Summer Rae a dutty dawg? Good idea Rusev call the dog – Dolph Ziggler! That’s a great name!

He got Summer Rae a dead fish??? Oh my days – he’s tryna say Lana pu$$y smells??? OUTTA ORDER & BRIGHT!

Pushing the boundaries are we Triple Teef??

OH NO! Lana kick down Summer Rae! and rub her face in the fish! You know what Lana’s tryna say right???


Haha I just love when Rusev is cussing! Face it Rusev – you want Summer Rae to dress like Lana on some Action Bronson biting Ghostface style and sh!t – admit it – Summer Rae was just the consolation prize!

What I wanna know is, why are muthaf***az concerned about Axelmania? The Grant says – F**K AXELMANIA! AxelMania is dead, and in its death, long live the DAYWALKER!!! GRANT BODY – P!!!

Ok – a lil mathematics – last week, Los Matadores beat the PTP, I thought that makes them #1 contenders… this week Lucha Dragons beat Los Matadores… both matches had The New Day causing the distraction… is it me or do I smell a Fatal Four Way match at Summerslam? Come on! Throw the Tables, Ladders and the Chairs in there let’s do this!!! (Oh sh!t am I asking too much? I better get my mind out the attitude era!)

For real Wyatt? You just gonna say that the parents don’t love their kids? Well at least he isn’t speaking cryptically…he’s gotta point though, the police don’t protect us… they wanna destroy us because they can and get away with it…

Wyatt gonna digress about some pet… I guess he’s talking about Luke Harper coming back to him… yeah yeah where’s the Shield??? Come down the stairs!!!

I guess the Shield can’t be bothered… lets continue the Divas revolution! See I like Becky & Charlotte, I hope they brukk up the Bellas.. it’s that Paige I’m not a fan of!

…and while they come down the ramp and get ready for their contest against the Bellas, check this exclusive interview that MIKE KNOXXX and GRANT BODY – P interviewed, the beautiful, sexy, don’t take no sh!t, former Tough enough competitor – Gabi Castrovinci! Don’t just look at her and wank off… CLICK THE PIC NUH MAN!!!!

11693889_10206409570616322_7326486061945163969_n247 days??? COME ON NIKKI!!! You can do it girl! If you don’t make it, I won’t be mad though… divas division stepped up!

I got this feeling somewhere down the road Triple gonna give Gabi a tryout anyway… he sees that uniqueness in her… You see? Winning Tough Enough ain’t sh!t!

OH SNAAAP! Becky Lynch use the DISARMOUR super move! Alicia Fox tapped out like a b!tch! Alicia in my bad books too!

Sheamus at ringside while Kevin Owens and Randall fight? Hmmm I think we know who gonna win this one! Unless of course Cesaro finds himself out here!

See Randall ain’t like John… Randall is more of that dark hero sh!t… Randall will f**k you up – Cena won’t!

Sheamus – you do realise I was sitting there waiting for you to interfere in  that match… so what stipulation you and Randall gonna have???

I knew Cesaro would get involved but it didn’t work out too well for him – pop-up powerbomb – BLAOW!!! Try again kid!

Ok main event time! John Cena Vs Seth Rollins! COME ON CENA!!! What – you thought Cena was gonna be in mid-card forever??? YOU DUMB RARSE!!!

Quote of the week – “If you’re a champion your ego should be out of control… look at Floyd Mayweather… he’s out of control… he’s never been beat…” (JAY-BEE) Let’s be real – from time Big Show couldn’t manage Mayweather, my dude Pacquiao couldn’t take him back in May! Yo Mayweather haters… you gotta make it burn!

Oh dear! Seth Rollins hit the Tiger Knee right into Cena’s nose – BLAOW!!! That should have been a Mortal Kombat X-Ray moment! Yeah the crowd would chant ‘This Is Awesome!’ because Cena nose brukk up!!!!

Go on muthaf***a, tell me this wrestling thing is fake…. oh that would be you CM Princess Peach B!tch!! That’s why I lost respect for that fool! And Cena just beat Rollins with a f**ked up nose!!! YES CENA!!! The respect I once had for CM Pnuk… is now handed over to Cena! What you gonna do now Rollins? You gotta defend your title at Summerslam!!! (Why have I got this feeling Rollins gonna get away again??? Either that or Sheamus cashes his cheque against Cena and win???

Quality wrestling contests, no sign of Undertaker & Brock (as I thought,) and no Hogan chants! WOW! maybe there is hope for humanity!











Monday Night Raw #1148, May 25, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Since my computer decided to crash just before RAW, this week’s blog comes courtesy of WWE.Com.

Well now, what do I see? a Ronda Rousey interview??? Hmmm that seems to be an interesting read…

…and RAW takes place at Nassau Coliseum for the last time… Even Vincent Kennedy had to come out and give a shout out…


If you want to know more about the madness in Smack Talk Centre, the wildest FB wrestling forum, accept NO imitations, simply hit up your Facebook and go to www.facebook.com/groups/smacktalkcentre. REQUEST TO JOIN – DON’T BE A WEIRDO!

OK enough of all that sh!t! On May 31, 2015, you will all bear witness, to the Elimination Chamber!!!! RAW #1147! Hold-Dat – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZThey still on this ‘new face of WWE crap???’ I guess WWE is still in that transitional period then…

So all Ambrose has to do is come down to the ring, and sign the contract for the WWE Title at the Chamber, bear in mind there is Rollins, J&J, Glenn, Stephanie and Triple Teef in the ring???? F**k it – I’d do it! J&J are heediat, Glenn is SAWFT (shout out to NXT) Stephanie has a mean slap (more of a turn on than a turn off) that Triple Teef though… if I see that hammer ME GARNE! Gotta make ninja moves!

OH SNAP!!!! That is injustice still! Roman coming down the stairs!!!!

I was ready to see ruckus until Stephanie sent for a Taaaag Teeeeam Match!! Teddy still doing the one foot skank!

Oh yes, it is Roman Reigns birthday! Glenn and Seth hoping to give birthday beatings! I bet some of the STC ladies not mentioning any names (Nicola) would love to clean the Roman penis!!!!


Who am I? The Infamous Informer, The Daywalker! Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw! The foul-mouthed blogger of the Smack Talk Centre!!! RePPiN 4 Cage Amateurs UK and Radio presenter for KicFM & BDSIR Network! If you don’t know who you’re dealing with by now, YOU’RE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM!

Amazing move by Rollins! Took the tag from Glenn, bounced off the top rope and dropped a flying knee Sagat style to Ambrose! TIGER!!!!

Rollins ran his mouth earlier about Ambrose ‘not in his league’…but Ambrose got Rollins with the backslide pin! Uh-Oh I have a feeling where this is going…

Oh dear Rusev still bex! What’s worse than losing at WrestleMania? Watching his woman kiss an American twice!!! THE GRANT SAYS – Rusev – you lucky it was Ziggler and not a ninja like me! Because once Lana goes Grant Body P, she will fall weak at the knees!

Luckily for Lana, The Grant has love for Naomi & Layla… Lana is temptation incarnate though!

Looks like Lana and Rusev are about to reconcile! She must have listened to the STC From The UK show when the Infamous Informer revealed that Ziggler is GAY!

Ok Lana, all you gotta do is tell Rusev those three words: I WAS WRONG! Yeah girl – you know you’re wrong! You turned traitor against Vladimir Putin and kissed an American! The ultimate betrayal!

Wait a minute…. Lana’s face change??? But Lana…. YOU’RE WRONG! Ziggler is not interested in you! He’s GAY!

Oh man! Rusev’s pimp game is tight! He owns Lana! He told her to get back in the ring! And so she does like a fool! WHOA! Where’s the baby powder at?

WHOA!!! Or maybe not! Lana just marched up to him and cussed down his clart!!! Lana used the Wu-Tang lyrical sword!!!! AND DROPPED THE MIC like her name was Chris Rock!

Maybe Rusev really did say ‘I Quit’ in Bulgarian… or he said something along those lines!

Look at Rusev’s face! She put the baby powder on him!!!! She told him! YOU DON’T OWN ME!!! Well The Grant Says – Lana, Vince McMahon has a contract that says otherwise!!!


Haha I can hear the IWC b!tching about this match… Ryback defeated King Barrett… they be like ‘Barrett should win every match now he’s the king… nah they ruining his charac-” OH SHUT YOUR MOUTH PUNK!

Er… who is Stephen Armel??? This Stardust kid just unleashed his dragon breath on him! Ooooh Stephen didn’t like that sh!t!!! I think Stephen wants to beat out his blodclart!

Now Bo Dallas wants to start trouble… reigniting the NXT rivalry…. and now they gotta match at the Chamber… you know what…. that match gonna be off the hook if the match is NXT standards!

I think Dallas is cheering on Neville! All he has to do is BO-Lieve!

…and he did! Red Arrow – BLAOW!!! Well that’s what happens when you spazz out at a fan with a ticket! Ask the PWL crew who start on the Infamous Informer! They end up losing their matches!

Another muthaf***!n match with Ziggler and Sheamus???? When will Ziggler ever learn…

Look at Lana.. she is so proud of her ‘new man’… I suppose love is blind! The Man is Ga…. oh forget it Lana… you’ll soon learn… uh-oh why has Rusev got a smile on his face???

Rusev ready to bait it up… Ziggler kicks him down, turns round – BLAOW!!!! Brogue kick to the face!!! IN YO FACE!!!! Sheamus win again!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

RUSEV – YOU ARE THE F**K!N MAN – OK!!! Beats up Ziggler, puts the Accolade on him, and tells Lana – KISS HIM NOW!!!! SUPERB!!!! Rusev – the SUPER ATHLETE!!!

Ok it’s about that time people! Cena’s US Title open challenge! You get the Bla-bla-bla-bla-bla… then Here Comes A New Challenger! Get Ready For The Next Battle…. Wack Ryder???? SERIOUSLY BRO? He must be still mad that Eve kissed up John Cena!!!! I mean GOD DAMN she was fine!!!

THAT’S HOW TO DO IT ZIGGLER! Cena is getting in that tongue!!!! Yo Gracie – you are a lucky muthaf***a! I used to have it bad for Eve… ahh the memories…

Hang on – ZACK RYDER – TEEEEEEEEF! He’s using the Entourage crew distract Cena so he can get the distraction roll up! Shadfather are you watching this????!!!

HAHAHA!!! Wack Ryder went for the 450 splash and missed!!!! Attitude Adjustment – BLAOW!! F**K YOU RYDER!!! (see what I did there???) I have no sympathy… Well done Cena! Eve should have come out and kicked Ryder in his d!ck again!!! That would have been great! I don’t care if it was Ryder’s home town of Long Island! F**k him and his stupid internet show!


Now you got those stupid internet muthaf***az at ‘PG Kills WWE’ FB group who want Cena to LOSE the US Title… they might be the most immature group I have come across. Some of their memes are funny, some are just plain IGNORANT. If you are a member of that group – LEAVE THAT BLODCLART. Bunch of kids! Don’t know their wrestling history and sh!t!

OH BLAST! Somebody clap Mike Cole across his head-side! The muthaf***!n Battle Royal was meaningless. Naomi was the TRUE #1 contender… NOT Paige… I hate when he says that sh!t! No wonder STC’s twitter handler Billal da VIPAH wants him fired… DO YOUR GOOGLES MUTHAF***A!

This RAW gets better!! And I mean that in a good way! Ziggler loses, then Ryder loses, now Paige loses to Tamina! YES! Everything’s going my way!!!!

Is it me or has Nikki Bella put hair extensions in her head top? Nikki, you gon lose that title and your hair! Naomi, you are looking sexier than ever… that yellow top you got on, those boots, tights… OOHHHHHHHH!

Wait a minute… 10 guys against 3 men??? Glenn that’s TEEEEEEEF! Saying that… didn’t a similar thing happen with The Shield??? Come on New Day! Use your positivity! You can beat them!

Oh no!!! Xavier Woods running his mouth and everyone rushed the ring!!!! That’s called positivity! Because New Day won the match by disqualification! Xcellent Xavier! You used your pHd skills!!!

The question remains: Why isn’t Vincent Kennedy concerned about the well-being of these 12 superstars inside a structure like the Elimination Chamber? What about protecting his investment??? Maybe he learned from last time…

So how come WWE.Com manage not to show why Ambrose got ‘arrested’? What the f**k did he do?? I never saw this live neither do I have time to catch up so tweet me @MZATheInfamous… I would prefer a stamped address envelope with your answer on it though…

When Triple Teef is in the ring saying sh!t like ‘I Am The Game-errrr…’ That’s INJUSTICE!!!! Roman Reigns is back!!!! beat down the Authority!

Look at Seth Rollins putting the boots on Reigns!!!! Stamping him out like he’s in a Mobb Deep video!

But wait…. the PO-PO???!!! Who called the PO-PO???!!! Is Triple gonna get arrested for being teef all these years??? TAKE HIM AWAY! He’s too TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!!

Roman’s smiling!!! Maybe he called the cops!!! Little snitch!!!!

HOLY SH!T! Dean Ambrose!!! He got two night sticks on him! Big Boss Man would be so proud! The Authority gonna do time! HARD TIME!!!!

Ambrose beating them down! But the numbers game catch up with his blodclart! The nightstick on the canvas! Seth picks it up! OH SNAP – Roman takes it from him! Seth goose cook! And the ruckus continues! J&J back in it! Glenn back in it! But Roman – double spear to J&J – BLAOW!!!

Superman punch to Glenn! Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds super move on Glenn – BLAOW!!!

It’s ON NOW!!!! Talk about a surprise PPV – it’s gonna be OFF THE HOOK!


It’s ON NOW!!!! Talk about a surprise PPV – it’s gonna be OFF THE HOOK!











Monday Night Raw #1141, April 6, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Last night I cried Tears Of Joy, What did I do to deserve this?

Before I let the outrageous Grant Body-P through, as Michael Grant, The Man in the Purple Suit has to give a shout out to the Lionz Den massive down in London…they showed me love out there I showed them love back… all these years of my moms talking about London guys hating Wolverhampton guys, maybe that was back then… these guys settle differences on Tekken! And what an epic tournament it was… trust me when I say I am a tired, flued up man after that, plus Wrestlemania last week… yet I’m still gonna watch Raw live plus the interview with Jericho & Cena? I got my survival kit here… so let’s DO THIS!!!

I’m the Infamous Informer, and I have NO sympathy, NO compassion, NO remorse…welcome to the RAW After RAW After Big BIG WrestleMania! HOL’DAT BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZBig Show looks proud of himself doesn’t he??? Standing there by the André the Giant trophy….damn the crowd are hating on Rollins! Y’all was cheering on the kid when he cashed his cheque!

Enough of the chatter Big Show & Rollins, Randall has to be the #1 contender surely? people still chatting about the RKO that hit BLAOW!!!! Around the world!!!

So Glenn is running the show while Triple & Steph are f**k!n??? Ryback, Randall, and Roman all gotta fight twice before a #1 contender is determined while Seth sits on his @$$??? If I was Seth, I’d be prepared to lose that title before Brock come back from suspension…not that it makes any difference anyway – his @$$ still gonna get popped!

Big ups to STC’s James Patrick Park Jr. In attendance this week on RAW!

Glenn still proving he still has a bit of ‘Kane’ left in him, winning means nuthin to him… Kane is about f**k!n up people… and he nearly did that to Randall in their match!

Oh dear… is Mike Cole still sipping food through a straw in the hospital? Bryon Saxton, Booker-T and Jay-Bee in effect…

WOW AJ Lee… you left the game and you not even 30 yet??? I suppose love conquers all…she gotta stand by her man after all! I’m tempted to cuss Philip… but NO. I’m not going there. You would want your wife to support you??? That’s part of the plan when you join in holy matrimony! Let’s celebrate AJ’s run here.

OH SNAP!!! Glenn got Neville fighting Rollins???? Damn Glenn is not f**k!n about!!! I don’t expect Neville to win, but suppose he does? It would be huge!!!!

But it’s a case of #WhoeverLosesIWin… because guaranteed muthaf***az will be complaining about Neville coming from NXT and getting ‘buried’…. or if Neville won they would complain about Seth looking weak, and Neville suddenly getting a push… but no doubt, Neville took it to him!

Word is that Rusev has put in his rematch clause for Extreme Rules…. Yes…. now for the true match I wanna see between him & Cena… I wanna see brutality B!ATCH!!!!

Wow… Cena thinks he still runs the place, but he must have matured… he hasn’t pimped out the title… He knows G-Unit aren’t carrying the swing no more!


Next boxer for Cena’s US Title… Dean Ambrose tried to test him and came so close… this week it’s Stardust…let’s be real – it’s WWE2K15 Cena mode brought to life!!!

Notice – they acknowledge the amount of times Ric Flair N!&&@ has won the US title – 6 times… just do the science behind that…

YOOOOO!!!! That DDT by Stardust was nasty bredrin! You saw how Cena dropped on his head top??? JEEZ!

Consider that springboard stunner a new move for John Cena…. 5 move memes burnt to the ground!!!! Give it up for Cena… Rise above hate!!!

Bella Twins stepping to the stage next…. YES!!!! This is my favourite part y’all already know!

People – we gotta move on! Out with the AJ, in with the Paige & Naomi! Now the question remains…will the crowd start chanting AJ Lee on some trolling sh!t? That would be f**ked up….and you know what? When AJ was there, they chanted for somebody else…. you see? tell em Busta…

Y’all don’t appreciate sh!t!!!! GRANT BODY – P!!!!

It’s gonna be interesting how the New Day are gonna respond by this negative energy… now it’s been acknowledged that the crowd ain’t feeling em… Kofi & Big E tryna keep up the positivity, Xavier Woods however… seems like he wants to go militant….

…and it doesn’t help when the Lucha Dragons messed up the New Day…. You know what the New Day needs? The new Kendrick Lamar album… they will get that positivity back!

Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly

My dude Roman Reigns coming down the stairs!!!! Just don’t act bright or you will get pushed back in your seat!

Roman can take lick though bwoy! My advice to him? Wrestlers are gonna clock on to his superman fighting style… look w’happen to Cena – No one falls for that sh!t no more!!! Roman you gonna have to change up a lil bit!!!

Yo what’s wrong with this picture? 4 women running up on Glenn asking for a Battle Royal on some

The Man In The Purple Suit (left) & STC member Kuran King (right)

#GiveDivasAChance sh!t??? Glenn is all sweated up, Summer Rae wiping herself on him?? Remember back in the days? When Women used to run for their lives from this guy? If they got caught they got tombstoned??? Suddenly ‘The Way We Were’ song springs to mind…

Who the f**k is Bray Wyatt talking to now?? After he get buss arse by Undertaker at WrestleMania (which I knew was gonna happen) he’s started his cryptic sh!t again… and ends it with ‘Do I Have Your Attention Now?’ Right jabronies don’t even think about it – put your d!ck away if you managed to find it past your beer bellies – NO IT’S NOT HIM he’s talking to… he’s in UFC now durrrrr!!!


So w’happen, Sheamus turn bully now? Claims there’s not enough big guys in the house? Obviously Mark Henry thinks he’s outta order and bright – induct this stupid ginger mohawk looking fool into the Hall Of Pain!

Only that Sheamus kicked down Mark Henry and said ‘that ain’t happening’!!!

So they changed up Sheamus music now? Well guys, you’re the ones to blame – YOU thought his character went stale, YOU wanted him to turn evil, now he has, so stop your noise!

Finally Damien Sandow faces the Miz in a wrestling contest… come on Sandow… show this muthaf***a manners!!!

Damn Sandow is going in! Rights! Lefts! knees to the head top!

HEY TEEEEEF!!!! Miz grabbed the tights!!!! Don’t worry Sandow… Extreme Rules is the end of April… I’m sure you can use weapon to disfigure his money-maker!

Ryback, Randall & Reigns fighting… look here now, the Authority wants to cause trouble… it’s nice to see Ryback back in that main event picture…

OH SNAP!!!! Roman Reigns flew over top ropes like his name was The Undertaker!!! Is who tell the Authority to cause trouble???

The Big Show! Grabbed Roman Reigns! PPPPPPPPPP!!! Punched through school buses!!! Ryback fighting the J&J Jabronies only to RKO’d by Randall – BLAOW!!! Randall’s going to Extreme Rules! Seth don’t like that sh!t – Curb stomp to Randall – BLAOW!!!

Well one may think – Randall beat him at WrestleMania, that means he can beat him again! Er yeah… but I think Seth gonna be one of those people who is gonna be so TEEF with the belt, you gonna wish for BRRRRROCCCK to come back, take the title and GONE!!!!









Monday Night Raw #1129, January 12, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

You IWC muthaf***az are obviously either blind, deaf, or stupid, you know why? Because last week, I saw THREE GUYS get ‘fired’… I had my best friend come check me the other day, and he told me – ‘someone told him that ZIGGLER got fired…’ and the worst part is: It’s still real to you damnit!!!! I can say two things: one, Kudos to WWE for still provoking emotion out of you muthaf***az, that shows that when a heel does his thing right, and fans are wilding for days, WWE did their job. The second, and most important… SHUT THE F**K UP!!!


macho man

Big ups to Macho Man Randy Savage! Finally in the Hall of Fame!!! And rightfully deserved! For all you dumb muthaf***az who still want C***s B****t in the Hall Of Fame… GET IN THE CHAIR!!! RAW #1129! HOLD DAT – BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZWell John Cena looks his happy cheerful self…. maybe he’s had a revelation???

WHOA!!!! Cena using IWC tactics here!!!! Use the hashtag #AuthoritySucks! He knows he wasn’t accountable for that sh!t the Authority pulled! I’m not gonna join the trend for the simple reason – I LIKE THE AUTHORITY! Especially that Stephanie – OHHHH! Front way – Back way – I’d tear her @$$ up!!!!


Do we wanna see the three stars back in WWE? Well for me 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!!!! All Cena has gotta do, is defeat Seth Rollins…. in a Lumberjack match… sounds simple enough… Oh wait… it’s all the cats that support the Authority and all the Cena haters….

Wait a minute – the #1 Trend Worldwide is #RAWNewOrleans? I thought it was #Authority Sucks??? Isn’t that like an epic fail Cena? It’s only The Rock who can command such a trend!

Trust me Mike Cole: Cena doesn’t feel responsible… that’s the Authority using psychology on that sh!t! Now you jabronies love off your Ziggler, so you have no alternative to support Cena here! Is he a c**t now Robert Ashford! HA! I MADE YOU LOOK!

Maybe he is!!!! OH NO!!! The Big Show with the Sean Price Punch to Cena – P!!!!! Rollins wins! And Ziggler, Rowan & Ryback are still out of a job… BOO HOO – GET OVER IT!!! That’s what Ziggler’s brief says! OVER IT!!


So hold on… Naomi gotta fight with one arm tied behind her back??? I’d tie her with both hands but that’s just me – ahem – but if Ambrose doesn’t pass some stupid @$$ test he can’t fight in the rumble???

Now #LumberjackMatch is the #1 trend pon di twitter? HA! F**k all that – follow us pon di twitter – @stc_wwe and use the hashtag #fcukouttahere!

Next week on RAW: Hogan, Michaels, Razor Ramon and Ric Flair N!**@ all up in effect!!!! I see what’s going on there… that’s a WWE Network UK move… and guess what? I’m still not sending for that rarse!!! At least not now!

What’s this sh!t Big Slow be talking???? Did you listen to half the sh!t he says??? Nah, me either… something about Roman Reigns being a loser… even my stream can’t be bothered with this sh!t! it’s gone and crashed on me! Now I don’t know what Roman Reigns said to Big Slow! Or was it a blessing in disguise? Answers on a postcard please!

Maybe I should send for the WWE Network… this is not cool yo!

The rest of this blog is documented as according to WWE.Com

Look how long Alicia Fox has done this wrestling sh!t… if she can’t defeat Naomi with one hand tied GRANT - BODY - Pbehind her back Alicia will bring shame and disgrace to herself!

I bet that makes Booker-T feel sweet when he saw Alicia drop the scissors kick on Naomi! It made me feel sweet just seeing Naomi full stop!!! I bet sex with her is out of this world!!! That @$$ tho!!!


On a real though, I love Stephanie but she doesn’t wanna f**k with Naomi… I’m telling you that from now! She put Naomi in that predicament in the first place!

I gotta respect any one who goes against Miz… knowing everything Miz does Sandow does! Down to the bumps! I respect them because how can they not laugh?! Because I’m an Undertaker fan… I’d love to imagine what would happen if he went against The Miz with Sandow there too? THAT would have me in stitches…

Damn I gotta say, Today is a good day for anyone who supports the Authority!!!! I mean, Big Show punches Roman through school buses, Alicia wins her match, Seth Rollins beats Cena, now The Miz defeats the Uso brudda!

Come on WWE! I know you want Roman Reigns to be your next top dude but you cannot deny Danny’s popularity, why won’t you let things run naturally??? It will break my heart to see cats boo Roman Reigns out of the building because he was…’forced down our throats’… look at Danny! He got the Yes movement rolling again, after jabroni journalists were quick to talk sh!t on their blogs talking about – the YES movement is over… does it matter if he has the look? He has the skills and with a simple YES! Chant brings a powerful message to the youth! Even your father Stephanie, embraces the chant now…

You need to get with the programme baby girl!

I see what you tryna do, anything to put Danny back on the shelf… so you send Glenn after Danny… er Steph, that ain’t gonna work you know why? because it was My Hero Kane who took out Bryan… not Glenn you silly girl!!!

By the looks of this brawl, Danny’s fighting style remains unchanged! I sincerely hope he has an alternative top rope move! I don’t know about that flying headbutt yo!

I don’t get it – why is Natalya & TJ at ringside when Paige and Brie Bella are fighting? Answers on a postcard please!

Oh I remember now! TJ has his hands on the Bellas lately hasn’t he?? See if wrestling recycles itself then if I wrote the script I would have had Cena suddenly come out and drop the AA/FU on TJ for ‘no reason!!!’ (No Reason??? Well you do the knowledge… observe…)

Haha! Paige just slapped TJ – WHAMMMM!!! And Natalya liked that sh!t! Look how fine Natalya is! I’m telling you man – Natalya ain’t getting that good loving… I gotta song for you Natalya, and it goes a lil’ something like this:

And I know you’re getting bored, dealing with him,

I know you miss my lovin, my thuggin, Thug Lovin!!!!


Who else than to induct Randy Savage than the other half of the Mega Power himself – Hulk Hogan!

Macho Man Randy Savage – SALUTE THIS MAN! I have to admit though, I wasn’t a fan of him, I didn’t dislike him either… he was just one of the guys that was there that you simply couldn’t miss! What I can say, Macho Man was my dude in Spiderman!

“Please Lock the Cage Door At This Time!!!” Doesn’t it sound TEEF when the announcer says that? We need him for WrestleMania 31 that’s my word!!

I can imagine the IWC saying stupid sh!t like – ‘Spiderman knows how to take bumps!!!’

WHAT SORT OF MOVE WAS THAT BY THE ASCENSION??? It was like a double team reverse release flapjack or some sh!t!!! OH LAWWWD – I dunno you know! They could be better than the Road Warriors… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Quote from Mike Cole ‘They say they are better than Demolition, the Road Warriors, the Powers Of Pain… Soon they are gonna compare themselves to the Mega Powers’… Uh oh don’t rattle Hogan’s cage Cole!!!

…and now we will never know who is the official bad man between Ryback and Rusev (storyline folks don’t get cocky) so instead we get Ambrose Vs Rusev… er I like both guys… so I wanna see a good clean fight, ok???!! Ok er maybe not…

Gotta say I love that move by Dean Ambrose – I’m sure it’s in the WWE2K15 game – where he looks like he’s gonna fall out the ropes but bounces back and claps em down with a mean clothesline!

Damn Ambrose! You must be the only dude that loses matches and the IWC b!tches don’t call you a jobber/someone who gets buried!!! Damn the Authority is killin em this week!

WHOA!! They made Brock speak on the mic!!!! (Hold your heart Grant) Don’t worry I’m here!!!! He says he gonna conquer everybody! YES!!!!

Contracts signed, no going back now! Is it me or does it seem that Brock has become more of the ‘neutral’ or ‘tweener’ character here? Because Mr Tandem Engine (Rollins) has taken this heel sh!t to a new level! (well not quite Triple’s level) but you get the idea!

HERE WE GO! Seth takes the first swing, misses, Cena comes with counter technique, Brock Lesnar – German Suplex to Cena! German Suplex to Rollins! Cena recovers, FU to Lesnar through the table – BLAOW! Turns to Triple – and says this -‘Do you see me now??’ (WrestleMania 31 hint)

Rollins recovers, bounces off the ropes, Curb Stomp to Cena – BLAOW! Here’s the big one – bounces off the turnbuckles, Curb Stomp to Lesnar – BLAOW!!!

I know what you’re thinking… Rollins is a DEAD MAN at the rumble! I don’t think Triple is a fan of Ice Cube, but Stephanie knows her hip hop, and as far as the Authority… she’s gotta say, Today Was A Good Day!









BDSIR Network



Monday Night Raw #1105: July 28, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuum! What the rarse did I wake up to this morning??? Spike TV can’t take this sh!t no more with Total Nonsense Atrocious Wrestling? No doubt, they made an ‘IMPACT’ alright, on the media and the IWC!!! Now all the WWE Fan Boys are hoping that TNA meets its end, they stole Triple and Undertaker’s shovel and they have worked hard to dig the grave! The real wrestling fans are concerned for all the talent that is there as their future hangs in the balance…by this Thursday coming… we will know for sure! Poor Danny Bryan, he just helped put a criminal to justice, and now his glory means nothing… similar to his WWE title reigns…

We are in for a big week in wrestling y’all… with that said, get me my BIG PIECE OF CHICKEN!!!! RAW #1105! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWord on the street is that Stephanie McMahon has invited Brie Bella to Raw!!! My love for women is untold, and I am so invested in this storyline! It’s hotter than John Witherspoon’s hot sauce… hell, it’s hotter than Lana!!! YEAH I SAID IT!


When the start of Raw involves divas in Brie Bella & Stephanie, YOU KNOW sh!t is going down!

Since Raw last week had NO Cena, this week let’s start with him…. is it the toughest challenge for Cena??? I dunno man… he has defeated Brock before…but Brock brukk the streak – from you do that…. Cena is in trouble now!


There you go! Cena told ya! He defeated the beast back in 2012!!!! Cena belie- no sorry – BO-Lieves he can win!!!!

Not according to Paul Heyman…. Cena will be BEATEN! Cena will be VICTIMISED! Cena will be CONQUERED!!!!

Ok Cena got real talk for Heyman…. oh yes the passion… he promises Heyman that he’s walking out with this sunovab!tch!!!! (Poor Austin impression Cena but… what the hell!)

COUNTERACTION BY CESARO!!! I know he didn’t just tell Cena straight that he CAN’T WRESTLE!!! Understand what Cesaro just said people! Cesaro just said what the Anti-Cena attitards have been typing on their keyboards for years!!!! Do you realise that the Anti Cena Attitards are clenching their penises and thrusting away until they damage their monitor right now???!!!!


Cesaro, on a mission… to out wrestle Cena all over Houston! If Cena defeats Cesaro right now….oh boy oh boy… how crazy would that be? But if Cesaro actually defeats Cena? That would be HUGE!!! You know the rules WWE! defeat the champion in a non-title match, he’s the #1 contender straight away!

Oh man this is one of those matches where Cena has to draw for moves he don’t use!!!! Like he did with Sandow, like he did with CM P**k!

An FU (AA) off the top ropes – BLAOW!!!!! Cesaro is main event ready if you ask me! All he needs is a compelling storyline! Ok all you Anti – Cena attitards – shut the f**k up… you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘buried’!!!! If Cena dropped the FU on your b!tch @$$ you ain’t getting up!

Oh dear! Triple tried to be reasonable with Randall… Triple is right – Randall you cannot have a title shot with Cena because 1 – No one wants to see that sh!t – and 2 – Roman Reigns already said he’s gonna f**k you up every chance he gets! And then after him, he’s going after Triple! With that said – if Randall fights Roman Reigns at Summerslam I’m calling it now – Roman Reigns will LOSE because Triple TEEF is gonna f**k it up!

…and the masturbating continues!!!! This time for good reason… Paige is in the building… with that horrible @$$ voice…I’m sorry…. for a 21-22 year old??? She sounds more like 52!!!!

Now the masturbating continues for bad reason… the CM P**k chants continues while AJ Lee was in the ring…. f**ks sake!!!

Oh hell naw!!! Paige why you call AJ crazy for??? You know what happens when you call that girl crazy??? You know what AJ, you might as well learn the Anaconda Vise submission and the GTS supermove…. if you do that…you might cure these wrestling nerds of this problem! The man is straight edge for god sake… he promotes being clean, and not taking drugs, yet these wrestling fools are ADDICTED to chanting for a man who cares not for them! Something wrong with that picture if you ask me!

What’s up Steph?!!! You don’t look yourself…. you escaped getting cigarettes for Bea Smith didn’t you? You avoided playing the ‘scissor game’GRANT - BODY - P with Joan Ferguson… didn’t you????


Why get bex at us Triple? Stephanie shouldn’t have been farce should she? No one told her to slap a ‘paying customer’ in the crowd???

THIS IS WHAT I CAME TO SEE! Stephanie & Brie  Storyl- hang on – JERICHO????

Oh no you know Jericho and Stephanie are arch nemesis! He got Houston singing this!!!! OH SNAP!!!


Then he pulled out old faithful! Asking Triple – Why the f**k didn’t he go to Stephanie’s aid straight away??!!! Simply put – she is a Trash bag, $5 dollar ho!!! (A pretty looking ho… that I’d wine & dine, take her to the movies… take her back to my crib… I will do all the rubbing…kiss her everywhere, Yes Triple – EVEN THERE!!!!)



Oh dear a shot to the head with the briefcase – BLAOW!!! Seth Rollins clapped Jericho down! We got a great match for later – Seth Rollins Vs Chris Jericho…BIG!!!!

6 Man tag team action! Miz & Rybaxel, Vs Dolph Ziggler and Usos…. bound to be a crazy hi-flying match… Can Ryback win another one???

HA! HA! Jailbird trending pon twitter!!!! Stephanie have criminal record!!!! Well if it’s good enough for Vincent Kennedy, it is good enough for Daddy’s Little Girl! JAY-BEE you are a funny muthaf***a! We should have our twitter and Facebook suspended for calling Stephanie a jail-bird??? So what should they do to users who have nasty pedophile sh!t on their Facebook or racist groups and all that sh!t???? Plant a bomb in their laptops and devices???? Actually that’s not a bad idea!!!!

Catch Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E at ringside!!! now sporting suits that my Uncle Danny would be proud of!

God damnit Ziggler won… well he’s in a storyline right now so until Summerslam, I won’t cuss… I’ll have to bite my tongue…

Er… Xavier… your work is not done… look at R-Truth acting a fool in the ring! Come for your brother! That ‘WHAT’S UP!’ sh!t don’t fly no more!

WTF!!!!!! R-TRUTH BRUKK THE STREAK OF BO DALLAS???!!! HOLY CRAP!!! Bo Dallas BEX!!!! Assaulting R-Truth! What you gotta say now JAY-BEE???? Greatest streak of all time??? GETTHEF**KOUTTAHERE! Undertaker never assaulted Brock after his loss… he took it like a man! Undertaker is a man of honor!

Damn why can’t somebody rip Lana’s blouse off???!!! Hold on – did Lana just cuss bad word???? Nah must be her fake accent!


While Zeb Colter talks his nonsense…. I thought I’d play this for my dude Lee Steadx of the STC, because that’s what he’s thinking when he sees Lana, knowing that Rusev is supposedly dating her…


RUCKUS IN HOUSTON BETWEEN SWAGGER & RUSEV!!!! Why have I got this feeling that this will be a submission match of some sort? Or an I Quit match? Loser has to quit talking trash about one’s country???? Both got submission super moves….

Props to WWE – I am invested in every storyline leading up to Summerslam!!!! Very good fellas!

Well apart from the Sandow/Adam Rose rubbish…. trust me to speak too soon!

Roman Reigns Vs My Hero Kane… well we know how this gonna turn out… awaiting Randall’s entrance to bait it up for Reigns…. but wait – who will my hero Kane fight???

Well Randall came a lot sooner than I thought! Randall, Kane & Reigns fighting in the crowd!

KANE! Chokeslam to Reigns! Left Randall to finish him off! Randall! With voices in his head! They are chatting to him! They telling him to f**k Reigns up all over the ring! DDT off the barricade! Set up announce table! RKO – BLAOW! The table didn’t break! Randall nah dun – a second RKO – BLAOW!!!! The table broke this time! Well done Randall you f**ked up Reigns but guess what? You still don’t get a title shot muthaf***a!


Oh my GOD – Summer Rae & Layla acting as Spanish cheerleaders??? With those boots and tights on? Tight leather dress and sh!t??? What more will these two do to keep my d!ck harder than Bruce Willis??!

Fandango lose again to Los Matadores!!! HA! HA! HA! Just the way playas play… every day all day! HA! HA! HA!

Naomi still looks bex… and sexy with it, Alicia Fox and Cameron looking like they run the school yard… and Natalya looking like….Natalya! I LOVE IT!!!! THIS IS WHAT THAT WRESTLING SH!T IS ABOUT!

Wait a minute – Naomi has a new submission super move???? Why isn’t my girl champion???? Ok I understand the situation right now!

Seth Rollins Vs Chris Jericho – this one should be wild!

Knowing that the last segment is between two women…. we haven’t seen that since 2005 when Trish fought Lita! I’m telling you this is how hot the storyline is!

Great contest between Rollins & Jericho as expected, but that codebreaker from the top ropes – BLAOW!!! – SEND FOR THE WYATTS! I’m telling you Jericho needs another game plan! He gotta get some steel chairs in reserve! Otherwise he will be slaughter every time!

BUMBACLART SO THAT’S HOW IT GOES DOWN! When was the last time you were excited about a feud with two females??? Mickie James Vs Trish Stratus perhaps? I bet it was! Brie Bella will drop all the charges if Stephanie agrees to a fight at Summerslam!!!! So Steph puts on this act that she’s the victim only to – WHAAAAAAAAM! Blast Brie in her mouth corner! And all hell has broken loose! Capacity crowd with the Yes Chant! and This Is Awesome! Stephanie vows to make Brie Bella her B!TCH!!!! Stephanie, mother of three, a principal owner of World Wrestling Entertainment, corporate partner with many organisations! About to get it on with Brie Bella! Just think of the root of where all this began! All because Daniel Bryan would not Get In The Chair…. had he had done that… things would be different right now…. expect Danny himself to be at Summerslam supporting Brie along with Triple supporting his wife: TRUST ME… this match is gonna be DON!!! Nikki Bella gets a pay rise too! How about that then??!!!










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Monday Night Raw #1103: July 14, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Ok so Germany won the muthaf***!n World Cup…. THAT AIN’T SH!T compared to my triumph!!!! I met the Supreme Clientele Champion himself – Ghostface Killah! My idol of 20 years!!!

GRANTFACE KILLAHNow that I’ve been in the presence of greatness, YOU are reading greatness. I appreciate that. I got my ginger nuts, my dairy milk bubbly mint chocolate, my Sprite, I’ve had a nap after the epic London trip… LET’S DO THIS!!! RAW #1103, HOLD’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWord on the street is that the icon himself Sting will appear on Raw to promote his addition on WWE2K15!!!! I have warned a certain STC member in the name of Stephen Cooper: If Sting DOES NOT APPEAR IN THE RAW ARENA…. the dreaded chair awaits!!!! Believe me – he don’t wanna go there!!!

So w’happen, they got Cena to advertise the WWE Network now? I think I’m used to Michael Cole advertising that sh!t!!! F**k that – The Infamous Informer and Shadfather advertise that sh!t better – It’s $9.99 a month which is £6.71 – which is around the national minimum wage so THE GRANT SAYS – if you working and you’re a wrestling fan… you better cop that sh!t before I clap you in your head!

You mean to tell me that while Dean Ambrose was getting buss arse by My hero Kane, Seth Rollins and Randall, John Cena and Roman Reigns were in the ring just watching that sh!t? I thought Ambrose was your ‘brother’ Roman??? Oh I get it… one of them was Kane…. but you’re both big strapping guys huh???? You both claim to be ‘Superman’ in your own right??? As Vincent Kennedy would say, ‘John Cena & Roman Reigns are nothing more than two, putrid… p-(censored)!!!!!’


Oh HELL 2 DA NAW!!! It’s that how it goes down? Everytime Miz fights his grill is gonna be on the titantron??? While I remind myself it’s not the attitude era no more, now would be a good time to ask Austin & Big Show to destroy the titantron!!!

I’d rather see Vladimir Putin’s dry @$$ grill up on that muthaf***a!

Word is that Wade Barrett will be at Battleground to present the Intercontinental Championship to the winner…. while Shadfather backs the Great Khali, I back The Miz!!! I hope Wade Barrett says “Congratulations you won the Intercontinental Championship, but I’m afraid I got some BAD NEWS!” And clap down the winner with the belt! It would be great!!!!

Damn the way Stephanie is all over Triple… I’m not interested in this next Dolph Ziggler contest…. Triple just GET IN THAT PU$$Y! Or do I have to go GRANTINGTON STEELE on your wife while you watch and you jerk your hammer?


HA! HA! Fandango as a solo dancer…. that’s right – because he’s a B!TCH!!!!! Since I hate both Ziggler and Fandango, lets watch this right here, when Summer Rae and my Baby Moda Layla saw sense and beat down the pansy!

YES! YES! YES! Now on Raw, Summer Rae & Layla just dissed Fandango! Now they dancing around Ziggler! THIS IS IT! They could cure Ziggler of his homosexual tendencies!!!!! I’m sorry, if I was Ziggler, I don’t care if it’s in front of 15,000 fans, I would be protruding in those wrestling trunks!!!!!


NO! Sandow dressed as some idiot in a McDonald’s???? EPIC FAIL! WWE YOU DROPPED THE BALL HERE! He could have dressed up as Sting to annoy the fans on some bullsh!t!


There could still be hope for STC’s Stephen Cooper yet!!!!

OH SNAP – 2 out of 3 falls tag team contest between The Wyatt man dem and the Uso Brudda at Battleground? Did you see the Wyatt tag team super move? I don’t know what to call it – f**k it – I call it the Buzzard Death Drop – BLAOW!!!! I’m sorry Usos – you cannot compete with that move!

Lana what you doing hiding behind that podium thing? Let me see your sexy @$$ legs in that tight up skirt!!! Anyway I’m backing your argument girl in this American/Russian détente thing going on here!Official_WWE_Battleground_poster_featuring_Bray_Wyatt

GOD DAMN – Lana makes that Russian accent sound sexy – imagine f**k!n her and she has to scream and holla in that language???!!! GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!

See that’s why Rusev gonna beat Swagger at Battleground – even the crowd boo their own president…. RACIAL MAN RACIAL!!!!!

But I gotta say – I can’t wait for this match!!!! Backing Rusev all the way! RUSEV! CRUSH! USE THE ACCOLADE AND KILL!!!!

OH MY GOD! WWE NETWORK DOING A PHILIP BROOKS SPECIAL! All the Philip Brooks fans are gonna rush to the chemists and get that essential cream to put on their genitalia!!! Chemists across the world are gonna make a huge turnover!!! Socks will be hard to find in Primark! Normal folk (that’s me and you) invest in an umbrella! There’s gonna be CM Spunk everywhere!!!!


…and the suffering of Nikki Bella continues! Listen to Stephanie wuk brain on Nikki, saying that Brie was selfish for leaving her hanging like that! Well Steph has a point, I mean, The Bella Twins are a package after all, fans like to see the twins… but let’s be real, ever since they got involved with Danny Bryan & John Cena the appeal has gone… I don’t know about you… I don’t fancy the twins anymore… like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, when they got involved with Jay-Z and Kanye, the sex appeal was lost. Don’t get mad, I’m only being real!

You know – the team of Cameron and Alicia Fox could work here… do you think Naomi will come out to help out??? You never know!

Say what? Cameron Vs Naomi at Battleground???? WHOA! This PPV is gonna be great!!!

Even though I knew about this…. I JUST MARKED THE F**K OUT WATCHING THE TRAILER!!! TWO GENERATIONS OF STING ON WWE2K15!!! THE GRANT SAYS – I’m pre-ordering that sh!t!!!!! If WWE do the entrance like what they just did there…. HOLY F**K!!!!

Hmmm interesting…What’s wrong Randall? Afraid that my hero Kane won’t stick to the plan and make you the champion??? If that’s the plan we don’t need a plan B???? Triple looked at Randall as if to say – there is ALWAYS A PLAN B…

Talking of Plan B…. what’s this I hear? Paul Heyman quit? Or he was fired? All apart of the plan people! I was looking forward to him telling me that his client – Plan B himself – conquered the Undertaker’s Streak at WrestleMania!

YES!!! With the combined force of Big E & Kofi, Big E defeated Cesaro! Suddenly Heyman disappears and Cesaro loses????!!!!! Ok now guys, call up Mark Henry and Titus…..

Are people chanting ‘BORING’ to Bray Wyatt’s promo? do me a favour wrestling fools – purchase the muthaf***!n network for $9.99 a month – you have to purchase the cream separately – watch your f**k!n Philip Brooks documentary and F**K OFF!


LAWD HAVE MERCY – EVA MARIE DEP PON DE TELLY! Let’s see what she has learned….

Whoa Eva has improved a little bit! She has learned a few holds and submissions! And a back-breaker too! WOW! Only that her moves don’t look like they hurt…

I’d still f**k the sh!t out of her though! Grantington Steele that pu$$y – BANG BANG BANG!!!

Big ups to WWE – they got the Sting merchandise up for sale and everything! Come on guys! Get to contributing towards Sting’s retirement fund!


All I have to do is BO-LIEVE!!! Bo-Lieve that while he’s fighting The Great Khali, I’m getting some ice cream!!!

Hey I just had a thought…. Do you think Bo Dallas could win the Battle Royal?????

He just defeated The Great Khali via count-out! Maybe he may lose the Streak to don of dons himself???? Just a thought…

Oh no! Paul Heyman is here!!!! Here we go! He’s talking about Plan C! And he didn’t mention the Undertaker’s streak!!! Uh Oh guys and gals! stay close to your loved ones!!! Tell them that you love them!

Why does this muthaf***a Flo-rida keep passing through Raw? He must be broke because nobody buying his wack records or downloading his sh!t from iTunes! And RePPiN4U sure as hell doesn’t endorse his sh!t!


Wow Ric Flair looks good! Look at him looking at Renée like he wants to go buckwild and profile up in her @$$!

Oh no!! Ric Flair predicts John Cena gonna hold down the title at Battleground! Roman Reigns don’t like that sh!t! I tell you this: If Renée asked me that same question – who I think gonna win… I would say…. ME!!! Let’s me and you go in the back, play some Ghostface Killah, and make the Wizard of Poetry do the talking!


Uh-oh!!! at time of writing this, there is about 20 minutes left until I begin construction of the chair custom-built for Stephen Cooper!

It could be excellent strategy here, that Kane, Randall and Seth Rollins took out Ambrose earlier… let’s do the knowledge here, Ambrose says that anytime Seth tries to cash the cheque, he would come and f**k it up. So by doing that, they take on Roman and Cena, they brukk them up enough and then Seth can cash his cheque right there without worrying about Ambrose!

Nice to see Seth Rollins using the three amigo suplex right there! Ok who’s gonna use the triple German suplex?!!! Yes wrestling fools, WWE may erase Chris Benoit out of their history minus the network but his moves live on live long through various superstars!

Well Well Well! All guys in that match minus Seth Rollins be dropping their super moves on each other setting up the Fatal 4 Way jump off…. AND THE SHOW HAS ENDED!!!! You know what that means! Out comes the tool box! all the nails, all the wood, all the sharp edges… Let’s begin CONSTRUCTION!!! OHHHH STEPHEN???!!!!!!


(back story – he was on STC FB page today ranting and raving about Sting’s appearance on WWE Raw this week, he knew it was to promote the game, but he really thought he was gonna appear, and tried to convince us… I warned him only ONCE, that if Sting DOES NOT APPEAR… he would be given the GET IN THE CHAIR!!! AWARD…. his brother Ian Cooper is gonna love this, especially when WWE Network are doing a special on his idol???!!!!)










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Monday Night Raw #1100: June 23, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre Ray Logo

The Infamous Informer

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 3 Lions On The Shirt turned into 3 B!TCHES ON THE SHIRT!!!! WHOEVER LOSES, I WIN!!!!


All you have left to celebrate is the 1100th edition of Monday Night Raw… Now there is a Munny Inna Bank Briefcase match, Seth Rollins a.k.a. Mr tandem engine is already in the match. Which 6 superstars will join him? And The Infamous Informer tells you this: If Dolph Ziggler is in that match… HE AIN’T WINNING SH!T!!! That’s not a prediction, that’s a SPOILER!!!!

Enough of that, LET’S DO THIS! RAW! #1100!! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZMissing 6 minutes of the opening segment of Raw because the laptop crashed is BAD FOR BUSINESS!


So let me get this right so I can understand this! Vickie can either get fired, or fight Stephanie McMahon in a match? Vickie I understand the legacy of the Guerrero name, but Vickie your name is Guerrero only by a piece of paper!!!!!

Intercontinental Championship jump off! Wade Barrett Vs Dolph Ziggler! One of em buried the Undertaker and got away with it… the other walks around with a SWAG here to show the world…. hmmm who shall I back????? NONE OF EM!!!!

4-on-3 Handicap jump off! Reigns, Sheamus & Cena Vs Randall, Bray, Cesaro & Bertie! Who shall I back? I just wanna see RUCKUS!!!! That’s how the F**K I roll!


WTF???? Now the Wyatt man dem come out to a f**ked up organ version of the Whole World In His Hands??? I thought they were shutting that sh!t down!

Jimmy Uso got clotheslined out of his boots rude boy! Jey ain’t coming out here not just to spectate f**k that! He’s out here to brukk up the Wyatt bwoy!

Is that Jey’s super move? ‘U-SO CRAZY’??? A body splash off the top ropes?!!!

Irrelevant, the Wyatt man just f**k up people whether they win or lose… but come the PPV, BWOOOOYYY!!!

What’s up Bray! Nice of you to drop in on the titan tron…. how come you muthaf***az don’t diss Bray and say he’s live via satellite?!!!

You know what? Vladimir Putin’s face is so DRY that I’m starting to think that he’s an official bad man!!!!


This should be interesting! Cameron and Paige at commentary, while Alicia Fox and Naomi are engaged in combat! Give me a chance to check out the attire!

It just breaks my heart that Cameron has beef with her sista Naomi…. don’t worry readers, I’ll be ok as soon as Layla comes on later…

I gotta agree with Cameron – she is one of the stars on Total Divas!!!! She gives me joke every week!

No wonder Shadfather is annoyed with Jerry Lawler! He should be throwing shots at Paige and Cameron left & right! Shadfather is right – fire Lawler and Hire Charlamagne Tha God!!!!12zCHARLEMAGNE-articleLarge

HE’S DA MAN!!!! Have you heard his interviews with female celebrities? Think Lawler in Attitude/Ruthless Aggression Era x10!!!! I look up to this man. He is an inspiration to us all! Howard Stern MOVE OVER!

Talking of inspiration…. BO-LIEVE!!!! The most inspirational superstar of all time in WWE?

Say what? Titus O’Neill loses to Bo Dallas and JAY-BEE calls it the greatest streak in sports entertainment???



He got something to say about the Briefcase Munny  Inna Bank ladder match….sssssshh…..

YOU HEAR THAT IWC DICKHEADS!!!! Triple said that the contact can be cashed in any time up to a year… so don’t pressurise the winner of the match!

The participants:






You’re improving on your English accent Triple!


Wait a minute…. where’s the 6th participant Triple? You introduce Seth Rollins who you say is gonna win this Munny Inna Bank, I got 5 in my list here! Ain’t there supposed to be 7?

Seth – words from the wise – wrestling fans don’t get over sh!t – they are still talking about the muthaf**k!n screwjob, they still debate about Chris Benoit’s death and the family, Seth – some of em think Philip Brooks is coming back!!!!!

Why the f**k did Triple laugh at the thought of RVD winning the match this year? RVD won the thing back in 2006! (One of my favourite years in wrestling I might add…)

I hope you make an example out of Seth, Mr Monday Night! It’s the 1100th show – REPRESENT!!!

It’s a nice idea to have someone win the title at the PPV, and then somebody from the contract match cashes in on the same night…. but truth be told, I don’t want that to happen. It seems kinda obvious though doesn’t it!

OH SNAP!!! I forgot about Dean Ambrose!!!! Baiting the match up right there between Seth Rollins and RVD!

Dean wants in the Munny Inna Bank contract match! I don’t blame him either! He says he wants to climb the ladder and grab the cheque… THE GRANT SAYS he’s more out to f**k up Seth Rollins! Dean gotta be the 7th dude!

PLUS! Danny Bryan gives his thoughts on him being stripped of the title on the pre-show…. BWOY!!!!! I just wanna say, just for the record, my hero Kane is not involved in a match yet…I’m just saying…

Really Wade Barrett? You gonna beat down Dolph Ziggler so much that he has to change his name??? I’m all for that – The lord is a forgiving lord, and I was created in his image, therefore, I forgive you Wade! DESTROY ZIGGLER!!! DESTROY HIM!!!

Now I think about it…. maybe Ziggler should win… I’m just doing the knowledge…

HA! Ziggler hit his Zig Zag super move, and Barrett rolled out of the ring! NICELY DONE!

Well thank you very f**k!n much Virgin Media, you did it to me again didn’t ya! I was actually engrossed in that Wade Barrett Vs Dolph Ziggler match and your internet connection just had to falter didn’t it? You best sort it out and make sure I don’t miss Vickie Guerrero Vs Stephanie McMahon! Dun know I’m backing Stephanie! Never liked the b!tch Vickie word up!!!

(Yes I am watching via stream because I’m a struggling broke n!**@ tryna make ends meet!)

Might as well play some good ol’ Tekken while I’m waiting…. F**K!

Just in time to see the match! THIS IS WHAT I CAME TO SEE!!! I didn’t know theyGRANT - BODY - P put mud wrestling in this sh!t!!! OH SNAP! Stephanie threw Vickie in the soup!!!! Vickie is outta here! Stephanie feel sweet! Singing the goodbye song while doing the Danny Bryan chant! She can’t do that!

NO!! VICKIE PUSHED STEPHANIE IN THE SOUP!!!! Oh my gosh that murky narstyness!!! I bet Triple is in the back ‘feeling’ himself right now!!! You know Steph is gonna get it later in the bed!!!

There hasn’t been a mud wrestling contest like that in years! Not since the Torrie Wilson days!!!!! WOW!!!! If only it was bra & panties and Vickie actually won the match… don’t get excited guys, TV-14 ain’t coming back…

Hmmm… Paige Vs Naomi WWE Divas title at the PPV… it’s a heartbreaking prediction I’m afraid… but you can catch me on YouTube this week with the Munny Inna Bank Prediction blog and I’ll tell you how I feel about it! Alternatively you can catch me and Shadfather and maybe more on the STC From The UK show on BDSIR NETWORK – Cheap plug but not cheap coz I pay the bills around here!

Instead of being entertained badly by Sandow dressed up as some president and Big E mashin him up… oh hang on!!! Pastor Langston???!!!! I like that promo right there! ‘Enough is Enough-ha! We-ha! This is our America-ha! We will stand-ha!!!!’ They say most black pastors are corrupt, so this is what Big E be doing when he’s not in church…. put your eyes back – SHE’S MINE!


Do you just ‘turn off your ears’ to Cena’s promo and just gaze at Renée Young’s sexy @$$? Things you wanna do to Renee’s sexy @$$!

MAIN EVENT JUMP OFF! 4 on 3 handicap match! the ladders are already there! F**k it – let’s do this ladder match right now!

This is interesting – the mighty Super Cena cannot best Cesaro in a test of strength contest!!!! HAHA!!!

You have no idea how high I am on this Bray Wyatt dude – he was once known as Husky Harris…. HUSKY MUTHAF***!N HARRIS! he had no skills, from that to WrestleMania XXX with John Cena, now he is in the main event, and could become WWE World Heavyweight Champion! HOW CRAZY IS THAT! DROP THE BOMB ON EM!

See that’s why you f**ked up Broadus Clay! You had some bullsh!t @$$ gimmick that worked for Cameron & Naomi!

Oh dear all is not well with these tags on both teams! You know this match ain’t gonna end decisively!

Damn son! Super moves all over the ……. hang on…. MY HERO KANE????

OH SNAP!!! I GET IT!!! KANE WANTS IN!!!! MY HERO KANE IS THE 8TH PARTICIPANT!!!! YES! I KNOW WHO I’M BACKING! But wait – BLAOW!!! Roman Reigns hit the spear on Kane!!!!!

Now that question is answered, looks like Big E & Rusev are gonna have a Part II, the contract ladder match is gotta be a show stealer surely! The Divas title match should be a great contest in Paige and Naomi, Plus Danny gotta give his views… Munny Inna Bank is gonna be DON!!!!









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