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Monday Night Raw #1112: September 15, 2014!!!

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The Infamous Informer


85%ers… I just quoted Supreme Mathematics. Only the 5% know what I just did here. 10% IWC b!tches step back and continue eating your monosodium glutamate, and polysorbate and drunk grape concentrate, with sodium benzoate!

Sorry I’m a Champion, as we enter the Night of Champions! RAW #1112! Hol’Dat – BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZNo messing about! Paul Heyman’s here! John Cena is here! Is Brock Lesnar here? because if not, it’s YO @$$ PAUL HEYMAN!!!! Cena said he will F**k you up!

Haha Heyman made Cena look fool!!!! Look at him! Waiting for Brock for a fight like a dyam arse! Well – Brock’s private jet is delayed – Cena – KICK HIS F**K!N @$$!!! Don’t wait til no halftime Cena – KICK HIS @$$! Why has Cena got Heyman in a headlock??? Stop this nonsense Cena! I’d be throwing fists and fire on Heyman! Hey I’m a big Heyman fan… but it’s like this – if Brock comes and f**ks you up Cena, it’s your fault… just like you let Nikki Bella freeze her eggs, when there are nuff man out there dying to be a father! They’d shoot up her club in a heartbeat!

Oh snap – GREAT BOOKING BY JOHN CENA!!! Heyman locked away in Cena’s locker room, guarded by the not so Great Khali! Remember back in the days? I think it was 2007 when the not so Great Khali tried to squeeze Cena’s head top and kill him? How times have changed…

Look at this… Chris Jericho Vs ‘Glenn’… did Mike Cole just call him the Big Red Monster? I see no monster, I see a big bumblehead fool in school trousers!

If my hero Kane wrestled as Jacob Goodnight… even Bray Wyatt would see his white trousers turn yellow! WWE Creative simply have no sense sometimes!

Great win for Jericho, another loss for Glenn. I love Kane, hate Glenn. CHU!!!

You mean to tell me Mark Henry has athletes sending video messages supporting him in his fight against Rusev? Oh man Mark best not let his people down… all this police brutality, all sorts of sh!t…. he got more weight on him than Wack Swagger, who is fighting against Bo Dallas… and I BO-Lieve Dallas can win!

I like that chant going on! WE-THE-PEOPLE – – – WE BO-LIEVE!!!! I BO-LIEVE!!!! Come on kid! You are an inspiration to us all!

Good adding on to his Arsenal… Bo Dallas putting hand on his heart saying – WE BO-LIEVE before coming off the top ropes! NICE! It’s a shame he didn’t connect with the knee drop though…

OH F**K – Dallas taps out to the Ankle Patriot lock…. DAMNIT…. no more victory lap for Dallas now…. B@$+@rd!!!

COMING NEXT! Brie & AJ Lee combine their force against Paige & Nikki! Who am I backing? I care not… Whoever Loses, I WIN! I wonder, is

The MAN in the PURPLE SUIT!this the part where Brie finds herself in the divas championship match???

F**K it – I hate this skipping sh!t! If I ever catch my baby girl skipping like its yellow brick road– our relationship is OVER!

Oh dear – Brie – you got no skills, or as my sis would say, Brie you got no barz! Your @$$ ain’t going in that title match! Paige with the Rampaige super move… Brie couldn’t get up after that…and then after the match Nikki Bella shuts Brie down with her torture rack super move – BLAOW!!!

I’m sorry Shadfather but the Great Khali could win star of the week here! I can’t believe Paul Heyman tried to escape out of the locker room to call his client… but Khali brukk up Heyman’s phone! Oh no! How is Heyman gonna tweet his followers???

Where is Vincent Kennedy when you need him? Mike Cole just did an epic fail – he called John Cena – The world’s largest athlete??? You got two choices Cole – BE FIRED or the alternative…. GET IN THE CHAIR!!!! Better than that – Where’s the Rock? So he can put his most electrifying T-Shirt over Cole’s foolish head top????

LAWWD have mercy! The Big Show! 7ft 2! The Big Show! 441lbs! Double chokeslammed The Wyatt Bwoy into the canvas – BLAOW! That should have went through the ring tuh blodclart!

Big up the Uso brudda! I like that these guys have had an incredible run with the tag titles… it took them so long to capture the titles and even I thought they would have dropped em sooner… more power to em!

Was that ANOTHER Epic Fail by Mike Cole? He just asked Jay-Bee and Lawler – ‘Did Cody just meow’??? I thought his name was Stardust??? I thought Cody Rhodes didn’t exist????? (Obviously in storyline terms IWC don’t get your dirty Y-Fronts in a twist!)

If Raw starts at 8pm EST, 1am UK, isn’t 9:30pm EST 2:30am UK HALFTIME???? Cena said if Brock doesn’t show up by half time Heyman will get f**ked up… well it’s halftime now!!! I see no Brock…. Cena – KICK HIS F**K!N @$$!!!!!

STC NOC BANNER The Uso Brudda, The Dust Brudda, Sheamus & Cesaro always put on great matches, if you not down with the Night of Champions card this Sunday… I’ll take that wrestling card!!!! Now go over there and watch the only way is Essex… you dumb rarse!


Theodore-Long-With-Renee Word on the street is that Jericho is leaving again after Night of Champions…. and the announcers are making a big deal out of Randall kicking Jericho in his head costing him a few months of his career…why have I got that feeling that Randall is gonna do it again???


Don’t waste time Cena! Stop chat – drop 16 suplexes on his @$$! I don’t care if he’s a 49-year-old father of 2, I don’t care if he’s acting with the benefit of intellect…. KICK HIS @$$!!!

Even the crowd want you to whupp his @$$! oh no…. Heyman got in your head…. goddamnit!!!! HERE COMES THE PAIN! HERE WE GO!!!

After mad mind games…. you know Brock the Conqueror couldn’t resist… he got in the ring… one German Suplex – BLAOW! Cena is like – OH SNAP! But Brock turn his back give Cena, Next minute Cena rushes Brock! Fist and fire! left’s and rights! Is Nikki getting wet backstage??? Is she thinking – f**k this egg freezing sh!t, I’m gonna jump on his d!ck and my vaginal walls is gonna trap him!!!!


That’s it Mike Cole – give the kids hope, because come Night of Champions… the Conqueror, BRRROCK Lesnar… is gonna brukk up Cena’s clart! I call it the battle between Kenshiro and Raoh the Conqueror in Fist Of the North Star!

fist-of-the-north-star-kens-rage-2kenshiro_vs_raohSo Cameron isn’t going to NXT after all? She’s gonna fight Naomi right here and now…. excuse me while I shed tears….

Good style out by Cameron when she pinned Naomi’s breasts to the mat instead of her back for the pinfall! HA! HA! Girl you don’t need to go to NXT!!! But that Sasha Banks though…. She and Cameron would make a great team!

There’s chants for Naomi! while Cameron has improved her fighting style! What sort of submission was that from Naomi??? WHOA!!!! Everytime I see Naomi fight she adds another move to her style! Give this woman the belt NOW!!!!! Well let her fight the winner between AJ, Nikki and Paige first…

I heard about this – Ziggler got his stunt double…. R-Truth…. I am DISGUSTED. I have lost respect for R-Truth, wearing pink brief and shaking his @$$…. F**k this… I’m off to watch babestation…. I’m a fan of that Sophia Lares lady… good gawd almighty!


Did Seth Rollins just make a racist gesture about Roman Reigns???? Acting like a gorilla and sh!t????!!! OH HELL NAWWW!! I didn’t think that was funny. Roman – F**K him up!!! He might as well have said, Roman, I’m coming for you n!**@!

So wait there… if we are getting Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns now… does that mean at Night of Champions they will fight again in a stipulation??? I hope that is so!

F**K it Roman – get disqualified – Rollins made a racist comment about you and your Samoan heritage… send for the steel chair and beat his backside!

Oh blast – a victory by Reigns in a straight up wrestling contest…. GOD DAMNIT…. I HATE WRESTLING MATCHES!!! Only joking! I just think that when stars cut a promo where they say certain things about their opponent, I expect that sh!t to be delivered you feel me?

Interesting booking by WWE – Rusev & Mark Henry segment last???? Why is this? Is Mark Henry gonna strip Lana naked or something? (PG GRANT) GOD DAMNIT!!!! Lana would be crazy in TV-14 mode! She is Debra 2.0.! Let the truth be told! She has mastered d!ck teasology 101!


The question remains – will the crowd support Mark Henry like they did Wack Swagger? You dun know me, Mike Knoxxx and Spotface will be watching this closely…

As much as I love the ‘What?’ chant…. the crowd doing this against the man who is supposed to be supporting the States?

Oh no! Lana put Mark Henry on blast!!!! He failed in the 1992 Olympic games! And Lana showed the true champion he represented Russia! OH SNAP!!! Dayuuum Henry how you gonna come back from this?

By pledging allegiance to the flag???? Well yeah but NO! Rusev tries to attack Henry!!! But Check it – Rusev, tries for the Accolade super move! Henry fights out of it! Sets up Rusev – Sit out chokeslam – BLAOW!!! Is that a new super move???? I hope so! He’s gonna need it! Henry made a promise to not let his people down! YES!!!! THAT’S WHAT I DO!!!!! I need to send for my Mark Henry shirt on Sunday and represent!!!!










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Monday Night Raw #1109: August 25, 2014!!!

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The Infamous Informer

I stand before you a damned fool… I usually do the knowledge on a lot of sh!t, but not this Ice Bucket challenge sh!t… I understand that it’s for a cause, but ask yourself: Is the money REALLY going there? Why did we not think of those in third world countries who are dying for a drop of water? Why did Band Aid make that song 30 years ago, and up-til now the kids are STILL starving? Why did I engage in an activity that my ancestors were subject to torture? I can’t hold myself completely accountable…since my favourite celebrities did the same thing. Don’t get me wrong – I loved watching y’all do the challenge online (especially some of the women on my FB list… GOD DAYUUUM!) If the money goes to the cause, fair play… but if not, and there’s no true cure for cancer, and the kids in third world countries are still to be fed…


I AM THE INFAMOUS INFORMER, WOLVERHAMPTON’S LAST OUTLAW, GRANTINGTON STEELE – (That’s what happens if certain divas come near me not mentioning any names – (Layla) AND THIS IS THE RAW REVIEW BLOG! EPISODE #1109 – HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWord on the street is that Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels is in the hiz-house!!! But why? It was Vincent Kennedy’s birthday on Sunday… Get this wrestling fans – Vincent Kennedy turns 70 NEXT YEAR – That day falls on a Monday, August 24…. just letting y’all know…

The first ever WWE Hall Of Fame Forum??? I’m sure they had one of these before that featured Booker-T & Bret Hart among others…. well anyway let’s see what this is saying…

They are gonna discuss John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar???? You know the conqueror is gonna show up… Hogan and Lesnar reportedly talking trash…

Dayuuum HBK doubts Cena! HBK thinks Cena might have to start considering retirement???? Surely not??!!! Ric Flair agrees with him!!! Dayum he’s not feeling it! Only Hogan thinks differently! Well he would, he’s all about hulking up on some bullsh!t and coming back with a leg drop…. Big ups to HBK and Flair, they keeps it real!

Cena – you said you gonna bring the fight to Brock! Last time you said that Brock German Suplexed your blodclart 16 times!

Forget David Vs Goliath… this is some Rocky Vs Drago sh!t!!!

Here’s another fool who thinks he can win against my newest hero Rusev!!! Swagger – IT’S OVER FOR YOU!!! last time you passed out to the Accolade super move… this time he’s gonna break your back and your neck! RUSEV – I’m not as attractive or as ravishing like Lana, but RUSEV – CRUSH!!!

YES JAY -BEE! You started the lyric game early! “Swagger needs to make amends! if he doesn’t he has to leave the country!” That only drives me to support Rusev even more!!!! Imagine that!!! that should be the stipulation right there!

I can’t lie – I thought Swagger had that much won when he got the patriot lock on Rusev. Rusev looked like he was gonna bite his own hand! NO RUSEV!!! Don’t let Vladimir Putin down!

Ha ha! I love that sh!t! Swagger screaming ‘We the People’ at Rusev, and before he could finish, Rusev kicks him down as if to say SHUDDUP!!! LET’S GO RUSEV!!! For me! For Putin! For the WORLD!!! And most importantly, for LANA! You want more of that sweet pu$$y don’t you???!!!


YES!!!! RUSEV BEAT HIM DOWN!!!! STAMPED HIM OUT!!! Where’s the flag at? YES! That is REPRESENTING!

So nice for Bo Dallas to check in on Swagger while the doc is checking his ribs out… I mean he’s right, all he had to do was Bo-Lieve!

Here’s another case of whoever loses, I win! RVD Vs Cesaro – winner fights Sheamus for the US Title at Night of Champions… I like all three guys so it should be a great contest come the PPV…

..and even though Cesaro vs Sheamus will be a great match… can’t help but feel that WWE dropped the ball here…it’s time for Rusev to go against the US champion… then you couldn’t call a champion!!! Rusev is undefeated!!! Or are they going to save that til a future PPV like say I dunno…. Survivor Series???

Right for all you jabronies who are wondering what’s the point watching Raw if Ambrose is not on tonight, here’s an answer…GRANT & LAYLA WWE2K15 Paige Vs Natalya! I am SO FEELING Natalya’s attire, shows off her sexy thighs…. dayum girl!

JAY-BEE YOU DID IT AGAIN! ” Can you imagine if Natalya has to tap out to her own move? She’d be thrown out of Canada!”

Well Natalya won’t be thrown out of Canada… but she lost to Paige’s supermove – The Paige Turn… but forget all that – What the deal with AJ Lee??? Hugged up Paige and called her  – her English Muffin??? Took her hand and kissed her? Damnit why doesn’t these two just get it over with and get some scissor action going???


Wait a minute – a eulogy for Dean Ambrose???? JAY BEE is killing me today! He says he’s gonna miss him! Look at Kane and Seth Rollins dressed in black! Yo Kane! Where the casket at? Oh yeah – last time you f**ked around with a casket your brother f**ked your head up!

I have a question Rollins: How are you gonna blame US – The WWE Universe for choosing the stipulation when they were all the same sh!t last week??? Falls Count Anywhere/No DQ/No Holds Barred = ALL THE SAME SH!T!

Ok Rollins you destroyed the Shield…. INJUSTICE! Roman Reigns is coming down the stairs! Kane & Rollins cannot handle the Rage of Reigns!

Right you IWC B!tches it is clear that Reigns is feuding with the whole authoritaah! One by one, until he faces Triple Teef. After that, he will send for the Rumble and win that mofo, go to WrestleMania and become…. CHAMPION! But here’s the twist – Brock WILL NOT be the opponent… you know why??? Because of one Dwayne Johnson… You forget Vincent Kennedy wants that money match for WrestleMania 31… He wants Brock Vs Rock II. Roman will most likely fight whoever the champion is by then. Will Sting fight Undertaker? Time will tell. Why is Hogan in training? He hinted at Cena… remember the words of the Infamous Informer… I have just predicted 4 matches right there!

Ok we gonna get a tag team championship match that I felt should have waited til Night of Champions but…. I’m gonna go with WWE’s madness and see where this goes… The USO Brudda! The Dust Brudda! LET’S GO!

Oh no! They went USO crazy! But did they fake that knee injury to get themselves disqualified? And if they did, Was that a ‘heel turn’ by The Dust Brudda??? Beating down the USO brudda like that??? Answers on a postcard please! Or holla at us at the WWE smack talk centre – http://www.facebook.com/groups/smacktalkcentre – Request to join – DON’T BE A WEIRDO!

ANOTHER AWARD WINNING INTERVIEW PROMO FROM BRRROCCCK LESSSNAR!!!! He’s basically saying that for 12 years Cena was only the man because Brock went on to conquer other sh!t, which he did…he claims that Night of Champions will be Cena’s LAST NIGHT! Oh man!!!! As an Undertaker fan, I don’t feel so bad anymore, even though I’m over the streak thing!

Oh f**k… Miz & Ziggler are on… this is the part where I go to the toilet… I don’t even need the toilet – I’m gonna switch on my PS3 and have a quick game of Soul Calibur…

Say what? Damien Mizdow? The Miz’s stunt double???? Lawd have mercy – let me hit the PS3 switch…

In fact f**k that – let me see my favourite Ice Bucket challenge…. I got a bit of a Soul Calibur going on in my pants watching this!


Looks like my Soul Calibur is gonna stand at attention because now the Bella Twins are in the ring… and if Nikki Bella ‘hates’ her sister, shouldn’t she change her music???

Jerry Lawler is gonna see if he can reconcile the two… more like get a Bella sandwich!!!! DUTTY BWOY!!!

Oh snap – she just took a shot at the guys that can’t get any pu$$y! Taking shots at Danny! Jerry Lawler!!! I thought Summerslam was time of the month but now she wished death in the womb! Dayuum she assaulting Brie! I see you wrestling dorks hoping for a wardrobe malfunction and got your Sky Boxes hoping to hit pause if you catch a glimpse of Nikki’s panties! Ha! Your eyes have to be razor-sharp like mine hahaaha! I’ll be looking forward to your saddo Sky pause screen shots on Facebook!


Get it over with Bella Twins give the fans what they want – a good ol’ bra & panties match! (Calm down Edmund Mulhall!)

Oh man don’t tell me Kane is gonna fight in his school trousers again…. the new school term starts in two weeks! If he splits his trousers… oh boy oh boy!

Handicap match! Ka – f**k that – I’m calling him Glenn from now on… My hero Kane wears a mask and tombstones priests and sets people pon fire! This guy with Seth Rollins fighting Roman Reigns? His name is GLENN!

Clearly these guys are not here to win the match – they are here to f**k up Reigns! NO – WAY – I know they didn’t send for the cinder blocks again to drive Reigns head top through them like they did Ambrose… luckily for Reigns he had strength to fight off Rollins and Glenn!

I like how JAY-BEE & Jerry Lawler are arguing about the actions of Rollins & Reigns, Michael Cole stays out of it and then cuts in to talk about the WWE Network which 170 countries can get for $9.99! Great commentating guys!

Ok, Kofi Kingston is in the ring… time to pay attention. We gonna find out the truth if this ‘Black Men United’ faction will manifest or if it has disbanded like the dirt sheets say and you jabronies read and Bo-lieve…

Talking of Bo-Lieve, why did Swagger attack Bo Dallas for??? All Bo Dallas did was give words of inspiration…Sore loser…

Right we gonna see if Cena’s fighting style has cracks in it after that beatdown by Lesnar… don’t worry Cena – Bray Wyatt cannot drop 16 suplexes on yo’ @$$!

Wait a minute – is John Cena dropping suplexes on Wyatt??? Rude boy – he’s sending messages to Lesnar here! I wonder – is Cena gonna rise like the Undertaker and stick his tongue out???

Well Cena didn’t make it to 16 – The Wyatt man dem clocked on and shut that down quick! Hol on a minute playas! This ain’t Teddy Long but The Grant says watch this become a six man tag team match… because Big Show and my hero Mark Henry have got involved!

Ok let’s look at it on the real… Can Cena execute 16 suplexes? Or can Wyatt take that punishment? So basically they styled it out???

The authority made it a 6-man tag team match… did they really? I don’t remember seeing Triple Teef or Stephanie’s sexy @$$ there??!!! Unless it was Glenn who issued it… let me check their twitter real quick… in fact f**k that – it’s not important!

Wow! Cena came different yo! He didn’t send for his 5 moves of doom…but he dropped those Supermoves on all the Wyatt’s @$$£$! Well you gotta give the kids hope! Restore their faith in their hero!










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