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Monday Night Raw #1188, February 29, 2016!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Chris Rock Oscars


This man showed the Oscars how to do it in 10 minutes! I wanna shout out to the 5% nation, I respect that you good people see things for what they are and not what they appear to be, I saw your comments regarding Chris Rock’s opening monologue… but can’t you just laugh and clap along for once??!!!!

As far as I’m concerned, Chris Rock is DA MAN. Kevin Hart cannot touch him I’m sorry, then I tyrn my attention to wrestling fans – Mick Foley is funny I give him that on stand up, but he cannot touch Chris Rock, nor can Dolph Ziggler, none of those wrestlers you watch when they do stand up. Yeah I said it – NONE OF THEM.

You guys marked out last week in my absence, now it’s MY TURN! THE UNDERTAKER IS BACK! I’m team Undertaker… f**k your little brand extension! Anything to get Cesaro over…


Dom’t get it twisted – I like Cesaro… but even I gotta side with Vincent Kennedy here – he IS missing something! And that’s REAL!


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RAW #1188! I might have missed a big RAW last week, I sure ain’t missing this one!

WWF PROPA TINGZI wonder why Rusev is in such a good mood? If anyone can body slam him, they win his Maserati car… YO SIGN ME UP! It’s only Rusev! It’s not like it’s Andre The Giant now is it?

Here he comes… that dirty, that evil… TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEF!!!!

Now they booing his @$$… they were cheering him last week! Ha! You wrestling fans are fools, you don’t keep it 100-1000 like me, Infamous Informer, GRANT BODY-P!

Nashville crowd chanting for Roman… WOW! No one challenges authority… but Deano knows NO AUTHORITY!!! After getting battered by Brock Lesnar, Triple ain’t nuthin right?

I’m loving this back and forth sh!t with Ambrose and Triple Teef! I’m just waiting for Ambrose to cheap shot Triple in his big nose! Ambrose wants to challenge Triple for the World Wrestling Federation Championship!

Well Triple is like – you fight Bertie first, then I’ll give you an answer.. see Deano could beat Bertie, and Triple could turn round and say f**k you! I’m the authority, I don’t have to defend my sh!t!

Yo Charlotte is looking fine more and more each day! I’m telling you her Divas Champion wages is been spent wisely on those facials! Grant & Leva


Sasha Banks Vs Becky Lynch… winner points to the sign and fights Charlotte! LET’S DO THIS SH!T!

Great technical counter moves by both women here! Bet you’d never hear me say that now would you? As my moms would say, two bad bull meet up!

Look at Ric Flair! With a smile on his face watching the match! Anyone would think he’s watching one of those Brazzer films!

Look pon this now… Sasha hit the sunset flip, and they lying on the mat in a reverse 69 with both shoulders on the canvas… I don’t know why the crowd are chanting Triple Threat for, I could have told you this last week… well I be damned – I DID!

Since the Wyatts are not f**k!n with the Undertaker this year, I have no interest in what Wyatt has to say!

I can tell you one thing I don’t really like about the commentary… they keep talking about ‘WrestleMania Moment’… I mean, now they got fans like ‘where the Mania Moment at?’ ‘Nah man WrestleMania was sh!t, because there was no WrestleMania moments!’ the matches could be off the hook, but if there’s no moments, then the IWC complaining begins!

AAAAH SH!T! Stephanie is gonna bring her speech for her Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence award! It’s all about that ‘GONG’! If that tolls… Stephanie GET OUT OF THERE!!! He might have one of these prepared for you!

You don’t wanna be on one of those again… DO YOU STEPHANIE??

She does look ravishing though GOD DAMN!!! Yo Undertaker get the cross out here!!!

Well… Stephanie’s acceptance speech was heartfelt right? I was hoping for the gong… didn’t get it… so I think I’m gonna tweet my displeasure…. I’ll be back in a bit…

WHO THE F**K DO YOU THINK I AM??? My momma taught me better than that! I’m Not That Guy… I DON’T DO DRUGS!

Shout out to the fan in the crowd with the sign ‘LILLIAN DRIVES ME LOCO!’ You DAMN RIGHT! Let’s get a pic of Lillian and Natalya up here… FOR NO REASON!

Ok Kofi be like your brothers and take off the stupidness off your headtop! Ok New Day are pushing it here! They claim to be more legit than Edge & Christian! Snoop & Dre! Sonic & Tails! Even Grant Body-P & Ghostface Killah!

Now you guys gotta deal with Y2AJ… love to know where this storyline is going… I’m sure the IWC want Styles to be in the main evenyt straight away, because you know, the fans are such great businessmen!!!


That’s it Xavier! When in doubt… send for the trombone! it always works!

OH NO! Kofi just tapped out to the Walls of Jericho! I’m glad Jericho said ‘challenge for the tag titles next week on RAW’… hold up – IN CHICAGO???? Oh no not there… not ther place where they probably got a statue of CM Princess Peach B!tch emblazoned in city where they worship it like a wresssstlingggg…… GOOOOODDDDDDD!

AAAAAH SH!!!!!T! HERE WE GO!!! Huh??? Vincent Kennedy???!!! Well yes that’s cool as well!

Vincent Kennedy is 70 years old… if that gong sounds… I hope Vincent Kennedy got a nappy/diaper on!

He’s the instrument of destruction! But Vince! You don’t have an URN????

Told ya! As soon as the door shut – THAT’S IT! Shane goose cook! er Shane… you better learn that kung fu I saw you doing!

Oh sh!t… er Shane… you won’t be in Vince’s will if you don’t defeat Undertaker! Oh no! What happened to all those businesses you had Shane-O??? Vince is gonna shut down Shane as a biological son! He can’t do that!

In all honesty what an anti climax! I was hoping Undertaker was gonna chokeslam Vince to hell but… he basically said – CHEQUE PLEASE!

Oh boy… there’s gonna be a lot of jabronies complaining on the internet now! But me? I’m better than that. I’m gonna grab a pudding… chocolate cake and custard is the one!

Uh-Oh – Kevin Owens in the house… Mike Cole make sure you call the match and don’t talk about WWE Network, or WrestleMania moments… NONE OF THAT SH!T!

Has Lana took her WWE wages and brought some t!tt!£$??? Don’t make em any bigger than that now!

What do you think guys? Answers on a postcard – tweet me -@MZATheInfamous!

Meanwhile my wife who got away – Naomi needs to beat down that BellaDashian… sorry Brie but your Danny Bryan fighting style is no match for my Naomi!

Naomi with a new submission move and mash up Brie! It looks like CM P**k’s Anaconda Vise! If you muthaf***az start I shall sword swing and lyrically annihilate you! But what is Lana’s beef with Brie??? You don’t suppose we might see Lana fight at WrestleMania???

I think my Smack Talk Centre crew are right when they say – When Deano fights Bertie, the League of Nations will rush Deano, then Triple Teef will come and do the same to Ambrose what he did to Reigns…

Yo Facebook just told me that Meagan Good is live now (at time of this blog)… shall I forget this wrestling sh!t and watch Meagan???

Looks like something is going down at the church where she’s at… but why on a Monday night? Makes no sense… is she gonna get baptised? Or is she baptised already? Answers on a postcard please – TWEET ME!

Bertie is killing Ambrose!!! And that evil motorhead music hasn’t hit yet!

NOW THE EVIL MOTORHEAD MUSIC HAS HIT! And that Triple Teef is loosing his tie!

“You will never beat The Authority Dean”! Next minute Deano boxed Triple in his mouth! throwing lefts and rights! But Triple responds – pedigree – BLAOW! Triple is like – Ok Deano – next week me and you! Deano is like – ‘Thanks Hunter!’ Triple is like – HELL TO THE NAW!! Throws Deano across the announce table and hits the ground and pound on Deano!!!

If you ask me Deano got lucky compared to Roman Reigns! This can work both ways – Brock could interfere and batter Deano, or/and Roman could interfere and attack Triple! Either way… aaaah sh!t – this Road to WrestleMania is looking good! Maybe Undertaker didn’t have to say much in retrospect… Bad man move in silence!