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Monday Night Raw #1167, October 5, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

It’s that time of the month people! and I don’t mean wrestling fans on their period!


Not only have we gotta save the tables, but we gotta save the t!tt!£$ as well! Those things are good to us! And we are gonna celebrate t!TT!£$ this week on this week’s blog, because breast cancer is a serious thing. So if you’re a feminist, or a 40-year-old virgin who cums at the sight of nipples, or a battyman in love with CM Princess Peach B!tch, THIS BLOG IS NOT FOR YOU!!!

RAW #1167! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZMike Cole says we are in for a hell of a show… I hope he means no ‘repeat’ matches! Big Show seems to be alright as well, after the beating he took at MSG by BRRROOCCCK LESSSNARR who has kicked off RAW!

Oh no not the WrestleMania XXX nightmare…. I can’t relive that again and again! That’s like Bruce Lee when he had to fight that demon in his life!

Then the Summerslam ‘screwjob’… I mean, I’m Undertaker through and through and I will support him 100%… Heyman says it’s not a prediction, it’s a spoiler, One will walk out of the cell the victor, and the other will not walk out at all.. Oh well Brock… you are a beast… but Undertaker becomes a DEMON in that cell!

Oh what is the Big Slow doing out here? WORD? He’s gonna put his hand out and say Brock is the DON?!!!

What an idiot… Big Show – you are a Big Fool! Another suplex and an F-5 – BLAOW!!!! Now go to your room!

OFFICIAL – Roman Reigns fights Bray Wyatt in the Cell! YES! Finally WWE have got it right. two extremely personal rivalries that has gone too far that they have to send for the cell. That’s how it should be!

LADIES! Roman Reigns is in the ring! 6 man tag team action! Come on girls rub on your t!TT!£$!

467e0753-349a-4b1a-bddb-394b222c5d35That’s what’s up – Be Proud of your t!TT!£$!!! Roman Reigns is sure to win!

YES!!! Because you women rubbed yout t!TT!£$… nipples hard and all… The combined might of Reigns, Ambrose and Orton mash-up the Wyatt bwoy dem!

Don’t tell me Neville is gonna fight Stardust… oh thank goodness it’s Sheamus!

Sheamus talking too much sh!t, bad man move in silence… Neville starts kicking Sheamus all over the ring…and… the match dun already? You know what that was? that was Neville, Sheamus and Barrett (who was at commentary) basically saying ‘Yes sir’ to Mr McMahon’s register just to say they were present…

Oh no!!! It’s my hero! Bi-Polar Kane!!! Look at him! his leg is ‘mash up’!!! Seth is fed up of the mind games!!! The joke is that Seth shows so much hatred against Corporate Kane… and Kane acting like he’s the good Samaritan!

Ooh Stephanie is out here – if anyone supports breast cancer more than anybody, even me, it’s Stephanie! But check it – if the Demon Kane does not defeat Seth Rollins for the title at the PPV, then Corporate Kane is out of a job…. hmmmm…. logic says I support Seth Rollins here! As I was saying… let’s honor Stephanie’s t!TT!£$… even though they are a bit on the false side…

Stephanie tittiesNatalya back on di telly! Her opponent… the UNGRATEFUL BRAT – Paige! Hopefully she will lose again… come on Natalya, show Paige how to do it! You come from the Hart Dungeon – you cannot let this little b!tch win!

Look at Natalya throwing those bows! Come on girl! mash her up!!!

It’s NEVER your house b!tch! Do you pay the rent – NO – Shut the f**k up!


THAT’S IT NATALYA! Twist the b!tch up in that submission Razor Ramon used to do!

I swear down I hate when Paige even speaks now… so unattractive… I don’t get it guys – how is this woman so appealing? seriously guys, you got 30 seconds to convince me…WWE2K16 GRANT BODY -P!

Natalya applies the sharpshooter! But Paige made it to the ropes… SH!T!


The rest of Raw could be wack… Naomi may not appear… I don’t care – NATALYA BEAT PAIGE! Justice is finally restored!

Ever wondered why I didn’t write about the Lucha/Ryback/Kevin Owens match/segment? Because it wasn’t worth talking about…

Damn who p!$$£d Stephanie off? Maybe she found the pic of her ‘t!TT!£$’ exposed on the internet… IT WASN’T ME! I put up a nice picture of her! Even The New Day are confused… they thought she liked em! Maybe she does! I dunno…she mentioned nothing about tables so I suppose she supports the cause… #SaveTheTables


URRRRGHHHH This is tiresome… can’t this be on a segment after RAW live? I mean, It’s all good for Cena to be the spokesperson of this breast cancer sh!t and bigging up the breast cancer survivors… I have an idea, while Cena is doing that, let’s throw up another good ol’ t!TTy picture…

Torrie-Wilson-bikiniAAAH SH!T – they got Roman Reigns being a spokesperson too? THERE YOU GO GUYS! You can hate him now… but he won’t stop now!

For real – we just gonna have this match now? Corporate Kane & Seth Rollins vs The Dudley Boys?

HOLD UP – Someone is tuning into RAW this week…

If you’re going to give money to a company that claims to raise money for finding a cure for cancer, please do someresearch.Komen is a scam

I tend to believe him… but it’s like yo… why is he so concerned?

Anyway back to this – Uh-oh  – the Dudleys sent for the tables…. what must The New Day be thinking???

IT’S KAAAANE!!!! AAAAH SH!T! But the Dudleys stand their ground! They remember what Kane did to them at SmackDown… 3D!!! – BLAOW!!! Kane laid out! So before Seth took foot and run… the fool taunts Kane doesn’t he? Now I’ve watched this wrestling sh!t a long time, and I know that if Kane or Undertaker are laid out on the canvas… you NEVER stand over them… they WILL crab you by your neck from a floored position, then CHOKESLAM – BLAOW!! right through the table!

The New Day must be crying in the car at this time… guys – you may not have saved that table.. but you can save the t!TT!£$… I know you wanna save Team BAD’s t!TT!£$… SO DO I!!! You guys save Tamina and Sasha… but Naomi – she’s ALL MINE!

TEAM BAD 2These three… you don’t want to know what’s going through the mind of the Infamous Informer… GRANT BODY – P!

Imagine if Team BAD defeats the Bellas as well… I’d love to hail RAW as the best ever! But obviously I cannot do that…

WHOA!!!! Now when Brie drops the Danny Bryan kicks, the Boston crowd chant NO! NO! NO!

YES!!!! TEAM BAD show the Bellas how to do it! I can now go to bed happy… but there is still half an hour at best of this sh!t…

A wha de raaaaar??? Summer Rae with a tribute to the Super Athlete Rusev??? Where is this going?

BACKSIDE??!!!! NO! Summer going on her crusty knees? What is she gonna ask him – will you let me suck your c-


I guessed wrong! But marriage??? She calls him Ru-Ru! She says he can walk out of WrestleMania 32 as the World Wrestling Federation Champion???? WHOA!!!!

HE SAID YES!!!! BACKSIDE!!! Mr & Mrs Bulgarian Brute???

But not yet???? He says he gotta be the champion FIRST! Good thinking there Rusev! Sounds a reasonable deal to me… because if he wins, he can pay for the wedding! Rusev has his head screwed on!

To take your mind off that storyline… lets celebrate some more t!TT!£$… Lana where you at girl?

The crowd is like “John Cena SUUUUUUCKS!” Oh dear!

Who’s the opponent this week? They making a big deal of it this week, like there’s a surprise lurking…

Dolph Ziggler? Yes the match will be good but quite frankly, I’m not interested…


BIG E is gonna take him!!!! COME ON BIG E!!!!!

BIG E is straight dominating this match!!! Byron Saxton is right – underneath all that comedy, all that ‘obnoxious’ behavior, BIG E was a former NXT Champion, Former Intercontinental Champion… so BIG E can do this!

Imagine that – New Day with Tag Team and the US Title? similar to The Shield? Anyhow they win… Team BAD are in trouble… you know The New Day love to mess around with Team BAD… I WOULD!

OH NO! The New Day got caught trying to teef! Damnit…. Cena won, but The New Day continuing the assault, that fool Ziggler comes out – BUT YO – Ziggler super kicks Cena accidentally! It’s becoming obvious from here, considering certain rumors… Ziggler gonna be that dude to defeat Cena… ain’t that a b!tch… Damn The New Day mashed up Cena, Ziggler and the Dudley Boys???!!!! Xavier mashed up the trombone effect! But it doesn’t matter! THEY KILLED IT!!!

Now guys, let’s go out and nurture and caress and appreciate those t!TT!£$! Let’s make Dean Ambrose proud!












Monday Night Raw #1154, July 6, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Wrestling Blog logo


Time to put you IWC muthaf***az on BLAST!!! The Rock made the cover of WWE2K14, you lot were B!TCHES. Austin makes the cover of WWE2K16, not a peep out of you b!tches. All is right in the world. Hey! I love Austin as much as the next man, I don’t give a f**k who’s on the cover… but it told me a lot about you b!tches, let me tell ya!

Don’t EVER associate me with the IWC. You acted without the benefit of intellect. The real wrestling fans holla at yo boy!

Infamous Informer – Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw – Grant Body – P!! RAW #1154: HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZLate Night Survival Kit: Tortilla Pringles, Double Choc digestive (Freeze those muthaf***az Sub Zero as f**k!) KA Karribbean Cola, and some ice cream for later!

I wonder if they gonna follow through with the storyline? Is Kane really in Hawaii? Are J&J really crusin in that Cadillac?

I believe in God… but Brock – The God of Violent Retribution??? WHOA!!! I wouldn’t go that far! When Brock throws muthaf***az off cells and through the ring and tombstones through limousines – then come talk to me!

Heyman – don’t talk about my Undertaker like that!!!! I let it burn, don’t rub it in!!!

OOHHHHHH SH!T – The beatings begin tonight!!!! Seth broke the 11th Commandment! Seth you better give your soul to the lord, because your carcass belongs to BRRRRROCCCK LESSSSNAR!

Oh sh!t they ARE going along with the storyline! Seth is all by himself! watch this – Seth gets buss arse, then next week he blames J&J for gong on that road trip and Kane for taking that vacation! That’s if Seth makes it to next week of course…

The Miz is actually rallying the audience to get Ryback & Big Show to destroy each other!!! WOW!!! He is entertaining!!! Don’t over do it now…. before the two of em think – ‘this bwoy outta order & bright – let’s beat out his blodclart!’

What was the crowd chanting? Cleveland sucks? You should be chanting – F**k Miz Up!!!!

Seems like Ryback & Big Show heard me! Miz took his farss self and interrupted the match, finds himself in the middle of two big angry guys! Shell Shock – BLAOW!!!! Big Show picks him up – Chokeslam – BLAOW!!!! Sympathy??? I have none!


Aaaaah sh!t!!! J&J are in fact Crusin together! Why aren’t they packing it up with honeyz??? Some bromance sh!t going on??

This week, Paige takes on Brie Bella… come on Brie… get her!!!! KILL HER!!!

Mike Cole acknowledging Nikki’s title reign – 225 days… 70 to go…but Nikki is going for #Roadto300!!! I support it 300%!!! As long as Naomi or Tamina is not the opponent… I’m backing Nikki with long d!ck hip hop profession!!!!


YES BRIE!!!! About time you won girl!!! Alicia Fox and Nikki making sure Paige don’t come back…. no diva back stage is supporting Paige… because she’s a spoilt brat who acts like the ring is her house – but these divas been in the game longer than her!!! And AJ Lee don’t care… she happy with her husband! F**KOUTTAHERE PAIGE! YOU LOSE!!!

You know what… I didn’t realise RAW was in Chicago this week!!! Their ‘God’ couldn’t defeat the WWE machine… so Paige got no chance!

Sheamus Vs Ladies favourite Roman Reigns and this muthaf**k!n crowd are chanting for a man who cares not for wrestling because it’s ‘fake’… Chicago people are the WORST fans in the world, they refuse to let it burn. The only two good things that came out of Chicago are Mike Knoxxx and Married with Children!

FOR REAL???? A fake looking Bray Wyatt came out, Roman Reigns throwing fist and fire and all along… Wyatt was on the titan tron on some ‘Anyone but you’ sh!t…

While Sheamus looks confused in his head, Randall got voices in his head telling him to f**k Sheamus up!!!! RKO – BLAOW!!! There’s another match set up for Battleground – can I get a stipulation???

FOR REAL??? J&J come back to the WWE joint? And picked up no honeyz????? Ok I’m really starting to think J&J are…. well lets just say they got Rainbows on their FB profile pic….


Rusev is still bex!!!! Damn you worse than the Chicago crowd! Well at least was a fine @$$ chick like Lana… she sexy as f**k… The Chicago Crowd only got erection for CM Princess Peach B!tch!

Uh oh Ziggler is out here! Is Lana out to turn the other cheek??? Then fix her blouse & skirt???!!!

Oh no!!!! Ziggler said Rusev ruined a Janet Jackson classic! Disrespected J Dilla!!! Ok very good Ziggler – you tryna get some credibility points from me!

Wait a minute – RUSEV – TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!! There was nothing wrong with that muthaf***a! Beating down Ziggler with his ‘now good leg!!!’ Beat him down with his crutches! MY GOD THAT IS ENOUGH! NAH RUSEV – KEEP GOING!!! BEAT THAT MUTHAF***A!!!

Yes Bo Dallas you are a good person… all you gotta do is BO-Lieve! Chicago you don’t get The Rock but you get Dean Ambrose! BO-Lieve you gonna get BUSS ARSE!!!

LET’S GO AMBROSE! – WE BO-LIEVE!!! Chicago Bo-Lieves!!! Do you Bo-Lieve your God is coming back to WWE? HAHA SHUT THE F**K UP!!!


If anyone is due to attend the Ambrose Asylum it’s gotta be Seth Rollins… calling out BRRROCCCK LESSSSNARRR??? Pass me the hymn book…

Who knows? Maybe The New Day will aid Seth Rollins and buss up Brock Lesnar as revenge for what happened in Japan?

FOR REAL WRESTLING FANS???? You paused your Sky Box to see this??? Best not show STC member Edd Mulhall – this will take him over the edge!
Screenshot courtesy of Powerbomb Pro Wrestling News

Why have I got that feeling that $55,000 Cadillac is gonna get f**ked up by Brock Lesnar??? I mean, Lesnar ain’t no Austin but….

Rollins and J&J are armed! They ready to give beatings to Brock!!! I know Rollins did not call Lesnar – Heyman’s b!tch!!! …………………How Great Thou Art… How Great Thou Art….

Oh sh!t – Brock was about to walk into the ring….but he’s walking back….. I know what he’s about to do!!! OHHHH SH!!!!!T!

OH SNAP!!! Brock send for the axe!!! I think Brock has played the bonus stage on Street Fighter IV!!!

Joey Mercury crying like a b!tch – OH MY CAR!!!! Lesnar with a Belly to Belly suplex to Joey Mercury into the car – BLAOW! Brock broke Noble’s arm with the Kimura lock! That’s what you get for not packing it up with honeyz!

PERFECT!!! (Points Roll Up) – GRANT BODY – P!!

THE NEW DAY LIVE!!! It’s a GLORIOUS DAY! I keep telling you fools – Brock took it easy on Kofi and The New Day in Japan! They got off lightly! Look at em now! Full of positivity!

Apparently my girl is not too pleased with me! Because I posted a pic of myself on my Facebook and it wasn’t exclusive to MZA DAYWALKERher! I committed a crime people! I should be punished for teasing you women because you can’t have the Infamous Daywalker! You can take your fingers out now… or you can carry on!!!


Big up to Titus O’Neill! cussing JBL for not calling the match between New Day and Lucha Dragons and instead talking about the Cadillac Brock destroyed!

Look at Cena surveying the damage!!! Oh dear!!!! Cena’s like – damn I only got 16 suplex from Brock??? I got lucky!

Oh dear I think Kevin Owens gonna cry in that same car because he lost the NXT title to FINN BALOOOOOOOOR!!! That entrance though…. wait a minute??? Kevin Owens is here!!!! Maybe Owens gonna take the challenge now instead of Battleground!

Hold up!!!! Cesaro’s interrupting the proceedings! I smell a triple threat – but will it be for Battleground? Summerslams???

Owens actually leaving the ring because Cesaro said so???? WHOA!!!! Somebody elect Cesaro for wrestler of the year! Rolling Stones – GET IN THE CHAIR!!!

(Side note: Rollin Stones elected Kevin Owens as wrestler of the year…)

So now it’s Cesaro Vs John Cena for the US Title… can you imagine if Cesaro wins in front of a Chicago crowd????

Chicago crowd chanting THIS IS AWESOME! As Cena and Cesaro deliver a great wrestling contest… ok just waiting for Owens to f**k this up like he did the last week…

Can’t hate on Cena now can you Chicago? Cena has being consistently dropping quality matches since he started this US Open challenge!

By the end of this year the candidates for match of the year may all involve Cena at this rate!

What a wicked piece of match! Cena finished Cesaro with the AA super move off the 2nd rope… it could have been the neutralizer of the top… And Kevin Owens tryna beat up Cena didn’t work… bwoy that S on Cena chest proper shining now!

But I have to sing ‘How Great Thou Art’ to the Cadillac…. the REAL VICTIM… that car did nothing to Brock….. NOTHING I TELL YOU!!!










Monday Night Raw #1146, May 11, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

I wanna take this time to big up the man call The Juice! Juventud Guerrera! Great interview he gave us at KicFM. But this is the clean version… the uncut, unedited version will be broadcast on STC From The UK on BDSIR Network. The Juice has music coming, gives a surprising praise to wrestling villain Vince Russo, and reveals an interesting story involving Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. All this and more – just hit play on the link below!

KIC Interview with former WWE and WCW star “The Juice” Juventud Guerrera! by Kic Fm on Mixcloud

I’m the Infamous Informer, a.k.a. The Daywalker… and I have NO sympathy, NO compassion, NO remorse…it’s the RAW before PAYBACK! HOL’DAT BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZThis week’s survival kit: I got Doritos, an Aero mint bar you can get for £1, a supermalt, and an ice cream for when I see Sophia Lares on Babestation if RAW gets wack in places… it will be a hard act to follow last week though…considering it’s the go-home show… RAW was OFF THE HOOK! And some muthaf***a named Vince Russo wanted negative spotlight. Well he got it alright… sorry Juice, but Russo – you’s a B!TCH!!!!


OH NO!!!! HE’S BAAAACCCCCCCK!!! TRIPLE TEEEEEEF!!!! Oh boy, lets see what the hammer wielding wretch has to…. what – Danny Bryan’s here too? Wherever you see Triple, Danny is not far behind…

Uh oh! Daddy’s Home! Is he gonna draw for the belt on Seth Rollins and Ka- I mean Glenn? Look at Seth on that bullsh!t… why doesn’t Triple just get it over it and have Seth join the Triple Teef Kiss my @$$ club! The Cincinnati Ohio Crowd want Ambrose!

Yes Rollins you’re right… it is a glorified 3 on 1 Handicap Match…. against Randall Keith Orton!!!! Fans are dreaming of a Shield Reunion like they singing the Bing Crosby Christmas classic!


Hang on…. so if Seth loses the title at Payback… Glenn loses his role as Director Of Operations???? Suddenly I want Rollins to LOSE!!!!!

Hold up Jamie Noble – you can’t talk to Triple like that???!!! Are you asking for a Pedigree boy????? Now look what you’ve done! You two security jabronies gotta fight Dean Ambrose! Just step away from the ladders Mercury! You and ladders don’t mix!


Question – you think J&J security will be in WWE2K16???!!!! They gotta be surely!

Ha! They love Deano! He brukk up the security! The security supposed to be some big tough muthaf***az huh? You know, they supposed to refuse jabronies from the club? Bloody useless!


Question – you think J&J security will be in WWE2K16???!!!! They gotta be surely!

Ha! They love Deano! He brukk up the security! The security supposed to be some big tough muthaf***az huh? You know, they supposed to refuse jabronies from the club? Bloody useless!

Back in my day, if your shirt had no collars on, and you’re not wearing shoes… your @$$ ain’t getting in the club. I look around today, I see muthaf***az wearing shirt that look like they’ve fixed their car with it, Tight jeans and those funny looking converse trainers… sh!t is disgusting!

Dolph Ziggler is out to fight, Sheamus is on commentary… hang on – that’s it – just a single match at Payback??? GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE!!!! Urgh…

We got Neville Vs Barrett at Payback too? Yeah boyee!!!! COME ON NEVILLE!!!!!

YES! When Barrett turns his elbow pad red, THAT’S IT!!! CURTAINS FOR DOLPH B!TCH @$$!!! That’s what’s up!

…and then Sheamus continues the beatings!!!! Brogue Kick to Ziggler – BLAOW!!!! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? You DAMN RIGHT I’m entertained Sheamus! Any day when Dolph B!tch @$$ gets brukk up I am entertained!

OOOHHHH SH!T! So Booker-T is joing the Tough Enough team as a coach? Brilliant!

Enough of that sh!t… Rowan & Harper are reunited, Wyatt Family Buzzards excited! Fandango turn back! You can’t test these guys!

Rowan brukk up Fandango in what – 37 seconds???? I told you to turn back fool!!!! What I can say about the Wyatt man dem – They can’t test Undertaker & Kane! The TRUE Brothers of Destruction! Bray Wyatt can’t beat the don of dons… so you work that out!

Ok – can we just have this bwoy Cena just get on with the open challenge and not be on that bla-bla-bla…. bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-blaaaaaah!!! Who gonna fight him this week? Why don’t these Internet Cena haters step up??? Oh yeah I forgot – they out of shape, overweight, tryna audition for Tough Enough and can’t climb over the barricade!


I could barely hear NXT chants… very disappointing.

NEVILLE!!!!! Come on NEVILLE!!!! I used you on WWE2K15 to whupp Cena’s @$$ in that special mode! Mi get trophy for it!!!!

Oh man…. if Cena kicks out of that high risk manuever from Neville, chances are Cena will escape the red arrow super move… drops the AA and Cena wins…. I can say this – every week Cena fights somebody different…. so that’s cool.

Neville kicked out of 2 AA’s!!!!! You think tonight’s the night??? This could change everything!!!! COME ON NEVILLE!!! BEAT HIM!!!

OH BLAST!!!!! Neville hit the Red Arrow! But that blasted Rusev come and TEEEEEEEEF!!!! Rusev knew, that if Neville won, there would be no belt to fight for at Payback… so I see the science… Cincinnati want Lana!!! DON’T WE ALL!!! Don’t we all wanna ramm it in her Putin? The dildo strap ons have increased in sales… purchased by WOMEN!!!! They wanna ramm it in her Putin too!


Roman Reigns comes down the stairs, the women feel his cocky, and then Glenn is destroying him already!

Damn Glenn is fighting like Kane!!!! Uh Oh… I bet Stephanie is looking at the mask that Kane gave her…. oh sh!t Roman fighting back! Spear to Glenn over the announce table – BLAOW!!!

Ah yes…. those Bellas…. I love them but they still gonna lose!!! OH SNAP!! She fighting Tamina???? Oh lawwd Brie DEAD NOW!

Payback is a b!tch…. and Tamina is THE BADDEST B!TCH!!!!GRANT BENT ON DESTRUCTION

Mike Cole pointing out that Nikki won the divas title since November… so why aren’t you counting the days Cole? Do your journalism, do your googles!!!! God damnit!!!

Yes Tamina!!! Show these Bella b!tches how to kick somebody down – BLAOW!!!! Even Shawn Michaels had to turn his head on that one! Brie’s ti++!£$ cave in!


That theme tune for Payback is WACK!!!!! Give me some time to come up with the STC version!

Macho Mandow…. I’ve heard it all now!!! Well The Grant Says, if he’s such a good impressionist, maybe he should get in Stephanie’s little panties as well!!!


Wait a minute – The Ascension??? Not the Illuminati puppets??? Oh I get it, Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel are gonna combine their force and form the Mega Powers and brukk up these fools!

How did the Mega Powers implode again???? Was it something to do with that Miss Elizabeth lady??? That’s all they need now, who could fit that role???? Answers on a postcard please! Or if you one of those hip youngsters, tweet me @MZATheInfamous!


Lita & Billy Gunn join the cast of Tough Enough as well??? WHOA!!!! Now I have found the STC theme for Payback… but I won’t play it until the end of this blog…

Uh-Oh… Danny Bryan is out here… almost a similar situation to last year…. I’d better brace myself…

Well ain’t that a b!tch…. Danny’s out the game for god knows when…. he had to give up his title… again… I feel as though when it comes to titles, the boy Bryan is cursed. That blasted Triple Teef put a curse on him! Maybe he should do what Shawn did…. lay low for 4 years, come back and beat Triple Teef again!

Do not embrace the negativity… rejoice in the positivity!!!! Time for A New Day up in here!!!

Say word? 2 out of 3 falls match for The New Day Vs Cesaro & Kidd at Payback? I can ryde to that!!! NEW…DAY ROCKS!!!! I got the chant right! Don’t know why you can’t!!!

How dare Cesaro stomp out The New Day in rhythm!!!! Him outta orda & bright!!!!

Oh for real???? Cesaro has joined the Suplex city game??? I can hear an IWC member crying out – ‘why isn’t he pushed to the moon????’ Well Vincent Kennedy says – ‘maybe because he’s Swiss’…. The GRANT SAYS – if Cesaro was in the main event, would YOU put your hand in your pocket? or would YOU stream that sh!t as usual???

I know I did not just hear the ‘Elimination Chamber’ announced for May 31???!!!! Exclusive on the BUUUFTA Award Winning WWE Network??? And that sh!t is free for New subscribers NOW!!!! That changes everything as far as the Fatal 4 Way Championship match at Payback… time to re-assess my thoughts and science….

Chamber Music, f**k!n the party up!

Chamber Music, f**k!n the party up!

F**K it – Bray Wyatt on that bla-bla-bla-bla! Bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla!!!!! Come on Ryback… say your prayers before you feast on Wyatt… this Wyatt is outta orda & bright! He don’t watch the news!

Obviously Ryback ain’t afraid of this fool! Straight B-Line to kick his f**k!n @$$!!!! Spinebuster to Wyatt – BLAOW!!! Look Wyatt – NO ONE is afraid of your @$$, after Undertaker dealt with you at WrestleMania!

Question – is this like a ‘rubber’ match? Seth & Randall fight at WrestleMania, then they fight again at Extreme Rules, and now they fight again here???

I just wanna see a curb stomp by Rollins…. can I see it…. please??? Even though as a black man, I’m not really supposed to support that move?

For a minute I thought Seth was gonna send for the pile driver…. Oh hell naw! These J&J security mans just can’t help themselves can they? Uh oh!!!! IT’S KA- er Glenn!!!! What’s he gonna do???

NOTHING!!!! He grabbed a chair… but he didn’t do a rarse! Seth got f**ked up!!!! First the Dirty Deeds super move – BLAOW! Then the spear – BLAOW! Then the RKO – BLAOW! But a spear to Randall and Dirty Deeds to Reigns made Ambrose THE MAN!!!

It’s Payback, and they want it right now – Give them their f**k!n sh!t – Chicka- BLAOW!!!!










Monday Night Raw #1125, December 15, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Don’t confuse it with sleep, I might be the only person in the world who hasn’t watched NXT R Evolution. I’m taking y’all word for it! I heard it was DON! I’m not gonna argue or counter, matter of fact I got no bars simply because, I haven’t seen it! The truth is, I WAS watching it, I saw the first match with Kevin Owens & CJ Parker, but my stream went down, and I thought chu, me garne ah mi bed! I won’t have time to catch up on it now as I’m a busy man. If I don’t catch wrestling live, chances are I won’t catch up. Sorry guys!


I did however see the TLC joint, oh hang on – don’t forget the stairs! And it was a cool PPV. That’s it. But please, don’t compare it to NXT R Evolution. That’s like comparing the new Wu-Tang Album to Ghostface Killah’s 36 Seasons. A lot of you are doing that and it doesn’t make sense. You’re not acting without the benefit of intellect.

Ziggler – New I.C. champ! Cena’s going to the Rumble! Now we know not to f**k with Wyatt’s rocking chair! This means RAW! #1125! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZShout out to Chris Jericho – he’s in the building!!! And he’s running the dance this week! Shout out to all the jabronies still figuring out who that anonymous laptop GM is…. you WASSACK!

Jericho has come for his Slammy award that Fandumbgay rudely accepted last week! Somebody gonna get buss arse, and somebody gonna get f**ked!!! (Yes I’m talking to you Rosa Mendes!)


What’s up Heyman!!! Where’s your friend at? Watching Real Housewives of Orange County with the WWE Championship belt??!!!

Why you got beef with Jericho homes???? He won the award for Extreme moment of the year as voted by the fans! Did you vote on the WWE App Heyman? Dude I’m a big fan but shut the f**k up!!!!

Jericho wants his $200 as well! Heyman give up the money! You owe him that sh!t from 1995! Dude – that should come with interest! Oh hang on Heyman addressing Rollins…. UH-OH!!!

Suddenly Rollins is addressing Heyman! I thought he was ‘buried’ Internet Wrestling Attitards??? You don’t know the meaning of the word – SHUT THE F**K UP!

Hold up Rollins – how are you gonna call Cena a coward when you got two-man behind you fighting with you???? Now look what you done – you call his name and Cena comes out! Come on Cena – PUT HIM ON BLAST!!!

That he did! Rollins – you’re not a MAN!!!! A man stands on his two feet – he don’t hide behind Triple Teef & Stepha- oh hang on I would get behind Stephanie!!!!


Jericho got the Money, Power & Respect so, since Paul Heyman won’t give Jericho back his $200, I suppose he’s gonna beat it out of him! I would! Christmas is coming – Jericho gotta get that turkey for his family!!! PAY UP!!!

Seth Rollins Vs John Cena in a steel cage match… yeah let me see your stooges interfere in that one Rollins!

You gotta be kidding me… people can choose between a No Holds Barred match, or a Street Fight, or an Extreme Rules Match???? I’m not Vincent Kennedy…. but all those matches are the same sh!t!!!! One of these days I wanna interview Mitchell Cole and ask him what the difference is!

I’m not a Ziggler fan, but why are WWE referring to him as ‘the future’??? He’s been in this wrestling sh!t from 2006 as a member of the Spirit Squad and sh!t… that’s nearly a decade yo!

Oh dear…. Eric Rowan isn’t doing very well is he? He keeps getting punched through school buses… all you gotta do is put on your buzzard mask and look at Big Show funny… I promise you, he’s not the master of his own bladder!

I love The New Day! Full of positivity.. just like me!!! I can’t help but feel that during their interview with Renée Young dastardly dark thoughts were going through their head! I mean Big E was sweating for crying out loud! Renée is HOT!!!! Now STC member Dawn Bayley can back me up on this, but if three black men are around one attractive woman such as Renée, bad things are bound to happen… she’s seen me and my boys around a female…


Bella Twins Vs Natalya & Alicia Fox… makes me think of that new Total Divas advert… I’m a bit upset that Naomi isn’t in it this season, but those divas get a n!**@ d!ck hard!!!

Look at Jericho… he’s hosting the highlight reel… I hope he says some hot sh!t to Lana!!! I WOULD!!! If she said SHUT-TUP to me… I’d tell her – YOU SHUT-TUP!!! Stick this d!ck in your mouth!!!

Y2J Lana

GET HER Y2J!!!!! OH NY GOD NO!!!! He thinks something is not right between Rusev & Lana!!! Rusev so ‘stressed out’!!! he wants to show Lana his ‘Sputnik’!!!! OH NO!!! Lana & Jericho, trying to ‘SHUT-TUP’ each other!!! Was it me or was Lana going red in her face? Because we know that in real life Lana & Rusev are f**k!n!!!! Jericho killed me in this segment!!!!

Picture them married, Lana & Rusev, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.  They remember the first time, Lana & Rusev… F.U.C.K.I.N.G.!!!

Rusev tried to keep a straight face!!!! That was BRILLIANT!

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!!!! RYBACK???? Ok – I am confident – Ryback can take him!!!! I believe Ryback can win! Rusev had to retreat yo!!!!

#DoTheKnowledge moment – They just showed the vignette for The Ascension….. one of ‘em looks like Undertaker’s younger brother on some ministry sh!t! They on the come up!!! But yo – guess who came out to fight straight after? The New Day…. just doing the knowledge…

You are joking…. you cats in Detroit could NEVER be chanting for CM P**k…. I don’t get it… The New Day Vs Gold/StarDust… you are seeing WRESTLING…. that’s what you want right?

Now you’re chanting NXT… well f**k off to NXT wand watch their product!!!! Understand who I am: I am The Infamous Informer, and I hate negative wrestling fans! SAM_3844Here’s a remote – change the channel! And Shut the f**k up!

So that’s what their super move is called? The Midnight Hour! I like that sh!t!!!!!

You know what else I like? Even though I see Glenn in his Sunday School Trousers, there is always hints of my hero Kane trying to come out… he just told Adam Rose he and Glenn are fighting…. Party’s Over Tell The Rest Of The Crew!!!

Mitchell Cole – STOP calling Glenn the Big Red Monster! The man wears Sunday School Trousers, he doesn’t bring fire & brimstone anymore… he’s as human as you and me!

Or maybe not…. he just double chokeslammed Adam Rose & The Bunny…OH SNAP!!!! The TOMBSTONE!!! TOMBSTONE!!! KANE JUST TOMBSTONED THE BUNNY!!! (In my best JR Voice!)

I don’t know why Jericho bothered to go into his wrestling attire just to fight Paul Heyman… I’d just throw on something like The Rock would wear when he fought Mankind!!!

Rock bioMaybe Jericho should have taken that $200 cheque that Heyman wrote… because Heyman uttered the dreaded words – BRRRRROCCCK, LESSSSNAAAR!!! Hang on – HE’S HERE???!!!!! OH SNAP!!!! He just smiled in Jericho’s face…. Jericho was like – Er…. f**k that – the best defense is a great offense! Well that didn’t go so well – F5 – BLAOW!!!! What makes matters worse, Fandango decides now is a good time to come out! Looks like Fandango is gonna hold on to that Slammy a lil’ while longer!!!

Ha! Fandango dancing with Rosa Mendes and NOT putting it in – INJUSTICE!!! Roman Reigns is coming down the stairs!!!! He just speared Fandango out is dancing shoes!!! Now what does this Big Slow want!!! Reigns warned him – Come down to this ring and see w’happen to yuh! Superman punch in the mouth – BLAOW!!!! Even Big Slow was like – LAWWWWWWD!!! Found himself retreating for the hills like a dyam arse! Roman Reigns should have taken off with Rosa… that’s what I would have done! I got a spear for her too.. after all she loves being sexual and walk naked all over the house!


WWE doing more sh!t regarding Sting & The Undertaker on the WWE Network…. I’m saying hmmmmmmm….

Look at Naomi watching her man whupp The Miz’s @$$… Jimmy Uso – You are the second luckiest bastard on this planet I swear down! (So who’s the first Grant???) Who else??? ME!!!! Infamous Informer, Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw, Grant Body – P! When your girl plays Tekken, Call Of Duty, Need For Speed, is a WWE/UFC fan, and loves the Wu-Tang Clan, plus she’s a Native/Canadian, then me and you can have a conversation!

Well that cage….. it’s coming down…. Seth & Cena gonna fight…. and Brock is in the building… Oh boy…. somebody gonna get buss arse tonight!

Oh hell naw!!!! Ho Ho Ho Hogan on the Christmas show next week??? Cage Amateurs UK can I get the week off???

If Seth Rollins wants to teach Cena a lesson, why did he try to escape the cage so quick????

When will Cena learn that his 5 moves if doom no longer work??? Guaranteed his opponent will counter that technique or kick out at 2 somewhere?

Dayuuuum! Seth & Cena destroying each other in that muthaf***a! Cena hit the FU/AA super move from the top of the cage! Cena got this!!!!

OH SNAP!!!! CENA & SETH DEAD NOW!!!!! Now my common sense and instincts would say – LEAVE THE CAGE and RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!! Oh no too late – Brock’s in the cage! I think he’s just gonna say hello to Cena… 3 German Suplexes!!! BLAOW-BLAOW-BLAOW!!! All that while Seth is watching…. I would have been GONE!!!

Wait a minute!!! (JR VOICE) Paul Heyman & Rollins are shaking hands!!!!! OH HELL 2 DA NAW!!!! Rollins just become the new Heyman guy on some Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance Shang Tsung Quan Chi sh!t???? Hmmm… I think Rollins is clever here if you ask me! Do I wanna get buss arse by Lesnar? I think I’ll pass! join forces…. hey – if you brought a new car… you would buy insurance on that sh!t wouldn’t ya??!!! Exactly – so SHUDDUP!!!!







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Monday Night Raw #1118: October 28, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

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The Infamous Informer

Pay homage HIACLet me get this right so I can understand this: You got what you wanted, Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins in the Main Event of the PPV… they pay homage to the first two major Hell In A Cell matches, Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels & Mankind respectively, add their own elements, Bray Wyatt interferes on some crazy sh!t, and y’all still didn’t like that? You wait til I go on STC from the UK – BDSIR Network this weekend…. That’s all I’m saying!

My people Where Is The Love????? I dunno…. F**K!!!

Oh yeah y’all dun made him angry again – RAW #1118! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZTHIS IS IT PEOPLE! The road to WWE2K15 is finally here! I gets mine Friday! GET YOURZ!

Look at Triple TEEF fixing Glenn’s tie!!! Haha!!!!

Big up yourself Seth Rollins you look a bit mash-up!!! Well done – sell the wounds! I bet Cena don’t sell that sh!t!

I don’t get it – why are you moving on to John Cena, Seth? Explain yourself!

Oh seen he’s booked in a match???!!! Ok cool…. but wait a minute… Mr King of the Vines is here!

DAYUUUM I’ve never seen Randall so BEX!!!!! He wants to f**k up Rollins! Say what Triple? Take the night off? Even Triple can’t handle Randall’s rage! RKO to Rollins – BLAOW!!! Er where’s that cell at? Bring that sh!t down here!!!! Is Seth Rollins that teef that even Randall has to turn face?

Do you consider the tag team titles as the consolation prize after both Mark Henry & Big Show failed to defeat Rusev? The crowd chanting USA…. and Lana’s not there yet? SHUT-TUP!!!

Uh-oh problems brewing again with Henry & Show… if they’re not careful they might break the ring!

20111023_vs_henry_bs3_r_0Yo that new submission by Big Show is worries!!!! That’s one modification for WWE2K15 already!

OH SNAP!!!! Well we saw it coming to be fair! Mark Henry turned evil against The Big Show! World’s Strongest Slam to the Big Show – BLAOW!!!! Do it twice – BLAOW!!!! Three Times – BLAOW!!! run up – World’s Strongest Splash – BLAOW!!! THAT’S WHAT I DO!!!! Where’s my Mark Henry shirt – I’m wearing that with pride rude boy!!!!

Oh man, another wants to f**k up Seth Rollins – my ninja Roman Reigns! well so much for me hoping for Roman Reigns vs Triple Teef…. that has completely derailed now!

I hope AJ Lee has kept it moving from Paige… I’m not impressed that there wasn’t any stipulations along the way…. oh goddamnit Paige is at ringside… NO San Antonio chanting for… oh no they have come to their senses…. Let’s go AJ! That’s what I like to hear!

Paige how are you gonna turn Alicia into a punk rock chick??? I have it on great authority that Alicia loves her Tinashe! Some Jhene Aiko!

Come on Alicia don’t let the punk rock chick beat you up like that???!!!!! What happened to your ghetto ways? All that random sh!t you was on??? You need to show this little gyal who’s boss! The youth of today… no respect….

Makes a change doesn’t it? John Cena is actually getting cheered here! But he’s getting cheered a bit too much… that’s why sexy Stephanie has to come out here with hardcore thuganomics of her own!

Oh sh!t Stephanie put Cena on blast!!!! Haha! He has to suck up to the fans! Hang on – NO – Don’t tell me Stephanie is offering Cena to send for the Authority? NO!!!!! Turn evil and sh!t!!! The IWC could be getting a hard on here! You know Cena ain’t gonna do that sh!t!!!!

You know what it is? It’s because they are the verge of losing Randall, the so-called face?

YOU DON’T SAY NO TO STEPHANIE???? 10 years ago she made you tap her @$$! How many guys besides Triple does Stephanie tell that to? Now look what you done! Triple TEEF is out here!

BACKSIDE!!! Team Authority Vs Team Cena for Survivor Series??? I have a question – does Team Authority include Triple TEEF? Because if it does – straight up and down Team Cena has lost! Triple has a point though… The locker room isn’t feeling Cena, who’s gonna team up with him? After all according to the IWC he buries muthaf***az! Cena looks worried and sh!t!!!!

Looks like Cena is wasting no time! Asking Ziggler to join his team? Instantly I’m backing Team Authority… I’m sorry Cena!

That’s what’s up!!!! My hero Kane (his name’s Glenn Grant) I don’t give a damn! He wants to f**k up Ziggler! DO IT KANE! KILL HIM!!!!

But first.. Hulk Hogan.. let’s see what this dude has to say …..BROTHER!

Oh it’s just bigging up Susan Komen…. yeah whatever – Susan Komen – show Hulk Hogan your t!++!£$!!!


HOLY F**K!!!! Well Bo Dallas issued an open challenge…. but Ryback???!!! WROOOOOOOY!!!! That’s my dawg!!!! GET HIM RYBACK! KILL!GRANT & LAYLA WWE2K15

Why have I got this feeling that Ryback will join Team Cena????

Check it – NO GOLDBERG CHANTS!! Finally! We just glad to see this dude back! Well at least I am!

If it’s true about Cesaro talking sh!t about Cena, expect this guy to lose all the time… and by the looks of his opponent – Dean Ambrose? Right this is the part where the Wyatt man dem gonna f**k him up again…. that sh!t was wild yo!

Ambrose straight up assaulting Cesaro! F**k!n him up with the microphone!!! He ain’t afraid of Bray Wyatt! Dammmn this dude is next level yo!!!

Uh oh!!! I’ve had my toilet break… I wanna see this Bella sh!t… this should be jokes!

See that wasn’t so bad was it Brie? All you had to do was accompany Nikki to the ring…. and raise her hand in victory, it wasn’t like she told you to bark like a dog and roll around in mud like Vince did to Trish!


Goddamnit I thought Undertaker taught you how to do the last ride Kane? You let Ziggler use counter technique? Come better than that Kane! Don’t let me call you Glenn!

BASTARD!!!! Ziggler out wrestled Glenn…. Damnit – set that muthaf***a on fire…. oh yeah I forgot – he’s not a monster is he? Just a man in Sunday School Trousers…

It’s ok – Seth has come to stomp out Ziggler, but Cena just had to come out and fight with Ziggler…. urgh, I feel my apple pie about to rise up my throat…

As usual, Cena seemingly unscathed from Hell In A Cell, Seth Rollins looks mash-up… anyway enough of this sh!t – when is Randall gonna appear and drop RKOs on both their candy @$$£$?

HA! HA! TEEF!!!! Seth’s stooges Patterson & Bri- er I mean Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury interfering and beating on Cena! These guys make me laugh!

For a man who you fools say only knows 5 moves…. he knows how to put on a great match doesn’t he? If the crowd is chanting – THIS IS AWESOME! He continues to prove you f**az wrong! But hol’on! Ziggler & Glenn! joining the war! F**k that – the entire locker room  has rushed the ring!!! Dunno why, it’s not like the Royal Rumble is around the corner…








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Monday Night Raw #1115: October 6, 2014!!!

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The Infamous Informer

It’s true Worst Comes to Worst my peoples come first… I gotta play Uncle duties, I had to look after my nephew while a family funeral is happening out-of-town. Which meant I missed RAW, and after what, two, three weeks of RAW foolishness, WWE pulls one out the hat when I’m not watching live??? DAMNIT, DAMNIT! DAMNIT!!!!!

This is my version of the events as according to WWE.Com. RAW #1115! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZSince when did you become a 2Pac fan Seth Rollins? All Eyes On Me, Me Against the World Sh!t???!!! All my enemies wanna kill me??!!! Thug Life Tattooed on my Belly??!!! He claims he loves it… well yeah – because you haven’t got BUSS ARSE yet that’s why!

Well Seth is either a 2Pac fan or a fan of Catwoman! This guy must have more lives than that b!tch! Every time Cena or Ambrose tries to get at him his legs did run! But not this time! Running into the crowd… what was The Shield known for apart from beating muthaf***az into the table? Yes – coming through the crowd – and that’s exactly what Ambrose did!

That’s it! BEAT HIM!!!! Oh goddamnit who sent the stooges down to break it up??? Hey Seth! Ever thought of running the 100 metres? I believe you can beat Usain Bolt!!!!


Word on the street is that idiot Ziggler lost his Intercontinental Championship Belt at the airport… So irresponsible! Vince – FIRE HIS B!TCH @$$!!! You got money to recuperate damnit!

…and that’s the man you IWC b!tches want to become WWE Champion? It’s never gonna happen now – the fool lost the IC Belt!

OH SNAP!!!!! Ziggler & the Usos – triple kick in the kisser of Stardust – BLAOW!!!! His full set of teeth should be coming out of his @$$ by now!

Oh no it’s ok – he found it… where do you IWC jabronies get your info from? STOP READING THE DYAM DIRT SHEETS!

What the f**k does Adam Rose look like? I’m sorry – I can’t support him… he looks like a battyman vampire! I shall speak no more about this.

WHAT? NO! Bo Dallas defeats my don Mark Henry again??? I mean this time Henry had criminal intentions… he wanted to f**k up Dallas this time, setting up the announce table and sh!t… I say do it anyway! And say – THAT’S WHAT I DO!!!

Be patient Henry… you’ll get him!

Hmmm… amusing…Cena says that he sees in Ambrose what no one else has: GUTS… why did he not say ‘ATTITUDE’??? I’m jussaying… Shout out to the attitards!!!

So STC’s Ian Cooper was right!!!! Cena Vs Ambrose at the Hell in the Cell PPV with the winner facing Seth Rollins? What do you make of that people??? I’ll tell you what – tune in this week on BDSIR NETWORK – STC From The UK Sat 1am UK time, 8pm EST!

“You said you could beat me with one hand tied behind your back…. COME ON HOT SHOT!!!” (Vince McMahon to Stone Cold Steve Austin, April 1998)

10469748_10204537437416929_5824888263508120328_nWell Brie Bella thought she could try the same thing against Summer Rae. With my sexy Layla on her side, surely Summer Rae can’t go wrong, right?

WRONG!!!!! I can’t believe you Summer! I thought you had skills? Disappointed ain’t the word!!!

Big ups to Brie though…. she’s keeping the YES movement alive! Her music is still wack though… I gotta go in the lab and find a suitable theme song for her… since I don’t fancy Brie like I do Layla, Rosa, Naomi, Lillian, Stephanie… it will take me a while to find that track…

How is Tyson Kidd gonna use Natalya as a shield to get away from Wack Swagger? What sort of stupidness is that???

HAHAHA! Tyson Kidd getting the better of Swagger and Tyson is like – HI FIVE Nattie! Natalya just kissed her teeth and walked away!!!

Big ups to Roman Reigns he’s on the mend… but let’s be real… that was a waste of satellite TV!


Oh snap! It’s Vladamir Putin’s Birthday! SALUTE THIS MAN!!!! Or maybe not…..


HA! HA! HA! HA! Lana don’t give me joke! The Big Show should be in prison like all of us???!!! For desecrating the Russian Flag? OH SH!T!!! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! We committed a hate crime!!!! Wait a minute – Lana baby girl – haven’t you being hating on the Americans for months now????!!!

I’m not American, but I would chant USA! Just to hear Lana say SHUT-UP!!! It turns me on….!!!!


Er… Rusev…. if Big Show has been suspended, why you calling him out so you can crush him???? Er… anybody in there??? (knocking your head to check if there is a brain in there!)

NOW THIS IS WHAT I HEARD ABOUT!!! The past few weeks, I’ve been yawning my @$$ off at RAW and watching Babestation at the same time. The ONE WEEK I miss Raw due to family commitments, and THE ROCK appears on RAW???!!! Did you IWC jabronies pick this up in the dirt sheets??? You think Lana is getting wet…. with perspiration???

Hit the link below after the jump:

The Rock went to Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx!!! That’s what I love about this dude – he knows his Hip Hop Origins!!!! That’s why I’m like – F**k The Rock haters!

Whoa -whoa- whoa – Rock??!!! You had one last borough to go to? You forgot Staten Island homes???? The home of A Better Tomorrow! In stores on Warner Bros records December 2, 2014!!!!!

This is the part where the crowd should be chanting – WU-TANG! WU-TANG! WU-TANG! WU-TANG!!!!

15,000+ strong in Brooklyn chanting HOLY SH!T! HOLY SH!T! HOLY SH!T!!!! upon Rock’s presence!

Look at The Rock looking up and down at Lana… do you think he’s gonna ‘fix his jeans’???

What the hell was Rusev blubbering on about??? – IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT HE THINKS!!!!

OH SNAP!!! The Rock just quoted Jay-Z!!!! STC member Richard Selby is gonna love this!!!!

The Rock just slapped the sh!t out of Rusev!!!! He should have fixed his jeans to Lana though!!!!

You should have never told The Rock to Shut Up Lana! Now he got #SovietStreetWalker trending on twitter! Oh dear you know bad mouthing The Rock is baaaad news!!!

Right these are Anthony Benigno’s words: Not mine!

“With Alicia Fox now holding the coveted title of Paige’s Best Friend, it was only a matter of time before The Diva of Tomorrow and her batty BFF teamed up in an official capacity to torment the reigning Divas Champion, AJ Lee.”

I have an idea what ‘batty’ means over in the states, but in Jamaican terms batty means bottom, @$$.. backside… that sort of thing. you put ‘man’ at the end of batty and well a picture of Adam Rose or Darren Young or Dolph Ziggler will appear in the dictionary!


What the rarse is this Emma doing? All this dancing nonsense? This ain’t Strictly Come Dancing fool??!!! This ain’t ballet?!!! This is WWE woman!!!! Look at AJ Lee… frustrated and sh!t… a fine woman like that should not be frustrated???????!!!!!

So w’happen, has Cesaro & Miz switched dance partners? Now The Miz could be fighting Sheamus for the US Title, while Cesaro could be fighting Ziggler for the IC? Meanwhile the crowd love Damien Sandow! Expect a face turn from Sandow somewhere down the road. The fans love his ‘stunt double’ antics!

Right IWC! F**k what you think you know. Last week, you assumed that Luke Harper is going solo… This week, that cryptic promo was as f**ked up as they come with Eric Rowan! The GRANT SAYS THIS: Don’t try to work it out… and that pregnant vision was mad disturbing… I think that all it is, is that the Wyatt Man dem have put extra creativity behind them… and it’s worries for everyone in the mid-card division at least!

You see what happen when you farce yourself in next man business Cena? Now Ambrose has gone to get a hot dog or two… and you’re there getting timberland boot stomped out by Randall, Seth and Glenn…

Wait a minute – I thought Ambrose went for a hot dog? He’s back and he’s brought the cart with him!!! I guess Cena, Glenn, Randall & Seth are hungry too… all that wrestling they be doing…

Oh hang on!!! He got ketchup & mustard as his artillery? Er… Randall… Glenn… turn back! You don’t want none of that!

Told ya!!! My fallen hero Kane & the evil Randall went from setting people on fire and ‘killing legends’ to being squirted with mustard & ketchup… To quote The Streets: Has It Come To This????

Oh lawwwd that must sting! Ambrose throwing a hot tub of onions over Rollins backbone!!! You know the onions have ben in that hot oil and sh!t!!!

OH SNAP!!!!! Ambrose use the spatula thing and clamped Rollins in his seedbag! Oh that’s it now – Sex life DUN!!!

Since I never saw this live, I can’t exactly judge this show… what I can say though… is The Rock’s appearance alone makes RAW automatically was better than the past two or three weeks… and I suppose WWE knew their ratings were in trouble… so they hit the emergency glass button! THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED!

RUSEV & LANA: Shame on you, when you step through to – the Ol’ Dirty Bastard – BROOKLYN ZOO!!!








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