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Monday Night Raw #1180, January 4, 2016!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Show Charlie Murphy your titties

The realization just hit me.  Next Monday… It’s the Infamous Informer’s birthday! LAYDEEZ!!! Show Mike Dogg your t!tt!£$!! I think I should have a week off don’t you? F**k that – I GOTTA WORK! I want to continue entertaining you readers! But I warn you.. if you don’t see next week’s blog for some reason… that’s because either Jimmy Uso gave Naomi her ‘free pass’ or… The Infamous Informer is sexing your chick while you’re complaining on the internet about Roman Reigns!



WWF PROPA TINGZWell Stephanie doesn’t look too happy… but look who’s waiting at the stairs! Roman Reigns! Stephanie is talking calm… oooooooooh…that’s not good! She says she gonna make him suffer and fight for no reason until his body is destroyed! Roman says he’s gonna put a 70 year old man in Vincent Kennedy in the hospital if he f**ks with his title!!!! The question is out there!!! What is gonna happen in the title match? The Grant says this… it looks like Roman gonna f**k up Vincent Kennedy… but TRIPLE TEEF comes back… and USES DA HAMMER!!! That’s why Stephanie is talking so calm! WATCH DA RYDE!

Oh snap! Neville Vs Kevin Owens again??? AAAH yeah again and again! Will Neville neat Owens again in record time? If he does he’d better run like he should have done last week! But wait! Ambrose is at ringside… maybe Neville doesn’t need to run!

Say what???? Brock Lesnar returns on the Infamous Informer’s Born day??? Sh!t… I don’t want birthday suplexes! I bet it was you internet b!tches told him about me…

What a nasty Spike DDT from the top rope from Owens! Neville neck should have broke! SH!T! But Neville was fist and fire all over Owens! mash-up ribs and all!

Kevin Owens is STILL DA MAN! Neville did the right thing this time… just take the loss, Owens will show mercy….

Ooops! maybe not! Owens still wanted to beatdown Neville! Ambrose is having none of it! Deano, set up Owens on the announce table… Deano runs round the barricade, elbow drop to Owens through the table – BLAOW!!! And Deano grips the headpiece of Owens as if to say – DON’T F**K WITH ME!!!! Yo come the Intercontinental title match I don’t wanna see no basic singles match – these two guys are streetfighters! Take it back to the bars where the APA used to hang out!

AAAAAH SH!T! Vincent Kennedy is here! Yes, he broke the law last week, but this week, he IS THE LAW! Shout out to Motorhead!

Come on Titus! Brukk up that Stardust!!! Mash him up!!!! Beat out his blodclart!!!

Oh dear! Why doesn’t Stardust like when the crowd chant ‘Cody’??? I mean… the crowd are supporting him aren’t they??? They’re not? Oh dear….

The Clash of the Titus super move by O’Neill! BLAOW!!! Oh dear – Stardust is reading his own horoscope! It says – You got knocked the f**k out!

Looks like Becky & Charlotte gonna have another friendly wrestling contest…. YEAH RIGHT!!! Look at Ric Flair creep up behind Becky like – WOOOOOOOO!!! I’m telling you – he wants to f**k Becky!!! Yo Flair! The blue smarties is THAT WAY!!!


Nice entrance by Becky!!! I mean, she always had it in the NXT… but it’s good to see it here!

Look at Ric Flair doing his strut while the ladies are having a sparring contest! I mean sh!t! I would! I don’t know what Charlotte has been spending her WWE divas champion money on – but she’s been looking fine lately!

Oh yeah! Ric Flair gonna be on the Austin podcast next week too! WWE is being GOOD TO ME!!! All I need is Naomi…

There’s a sign in the crowd saying ‘We Want Tamina’… So Do I!!!! Can’t I have all of TeamBAD for my Birthday next week???

Hold up – Becky grabbed the tights and beat Charlotte! Charlotte don’t like that sh!t because Becky was gloating in front of her father! Now Charlotte is beating down her so-called friend! Oh dear!

Did Sheamus just call Vincent Kennedy his ‘Irish cousin’??!!!! HAHAHA!!! How can you jabronies dislike Sheamus when he has a way with words? Oh I get it… he’s not CM P…. Can that be a New Years Resolution? To not mention that muthaf***a’s name??? It’s 2016! He’s not important to us! Unless it’s the YOU EFF CEE…

Ok I’m getting bored of wrestling match after wrestling match… The Ryback fights The Big Show… yes people… this came on last week… so I’m gonna take my medicine because The Grant is sick of this sh!t!!!! Give me a storyline segment already!

AAAH SH!T! Hold the medicine! Why The Wyatt man dem wanna f**k up Ryback? What’s this about???

Hold up – They got The Big Show too!!! This is what I don’t get – The Wyatts can’t harvest any power from Show and The Ryback so what are they tryna accomplish????

Aah yes… The Royal Rumble… But it’s every man for himself though right? 4 guys cannot go to WrestleMania???? Er…

Meanwhile Dolph Ziggler is hoping to punch his ticket to big BIG WrestleMania…haahahahaha The Grant says – He will have his best Rumble performance yet… but… DREAM… DREAM….DREAM….. I BROUGHT YOU ALL MY DREAMS!!!!!!


Mike wake up – wha-what-What- yo Heath Slater beat Ziggler!!! BACKSIDE!!! And Slater has a new crew! No not the 4-man band… they are #SocialOutcasts… ok well… anyway…

Vincent Kennedy is giving me joke! Telling both Sheamus and Roman Reigns that it will be a fair contest!!! (YEAH RIGHT…!!!)

Thank you to STC’s David Connor Richardson… I could have done without that information, now I didn’t get to mark out that Chris Jericho turned up! Yes the ratings need a boost, network subscriptions need a boost… to do that Jericho all you have to do is tease Stephanie’s fine @$$… job done!

Aaah sh!t – Jericho gonna enter the Royal Rumble??? Well Jericho… your fate will be the same as Ziggler… DREAM…DREAM…DREAM… I BROUGHT YOU ALL MY DREAMS!!!


Kalisto and the Dudley Boys combine their force to compete against the UpUpDownDown guys… I’m sure the trombone will get involved, but I wanna see Team BAD… can’t they interfere in this match or something and shake they @$$??WWE2K16 GRANT BODY -P!

That was a nasty splash off the apron to Kalisto from Big E! But whining up his waist in front of  a guy is not cool yo!!! If that was me I would have got on the mic and called out Team BAD! If they gave me the creative keys…Team BAD would be in BIG trouble!

HAHAHAHA!!! Vincent Kennedy with the power walk in his referee shirt! He could have done with a tan though… His old man body is starting to show!!!


And the match is under way!!! I hope Vincent Kennedy calls it down the middle!!! But we both know that ain’t gonna happen!

Wait a minute… Sheamus used the stairs!! THAT’S TEEF! And Vincent Kennedy had his back turned!!! Hey Vince! You said no underhanded tactics!

Remember Roman! Don’t let Sheamus put you in the submission move! Vince is a very ‘inexperienced’ referee!!!

VINCENT KENNEDY TEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!! What sort of slow count was that??!!! Roman Reigns WILL f**k him up!!! But I’m sure that Triple Teef is behind the curtain with that hammer…

Reigns goes for the cover again… this time Vincent Kennedy needs eye drops! He is 70 after all!

Why did Roman hit the Superman Punch on Vincent Kennedy? How is he gonna win???

Stephanie gets involved too! And a crooked referee! Still waiting on that Triple Teef!!!

Somehow, Roman Reigns survives… but check this out… Vincent Kennedy flips the script! Roman Reigns must defend his title against 29 other men… er that’s right… The Royal Rumble is for the World Wrestling Federation Championship! That hasn’t been done since 1992!!! This has changed EVERYTHING!!! Er now is a good time to play that track Grant…











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Monday Night Raw #1174, November 23, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Now that your time of the month is over, you got all your complaints out your system, you threw away your wrestling tampons… always the same every month… ‘The PPV was sh!t…Roman didn’t turn heel, I wanted Kevin Owens to be champ, The Wyatts should have beat the Undertaker – they are getting buried… blah blah blah blah blah’ – SHUT THE F**K UP!

I thought you wasn’t watching again? Hey – The Only Way is Essex is THAT WAY! Don’t forget to cancel your WWE Network…

You still here? #WhoeverLosesIWIN, talking of which, Shout out to STC’s Aydenn Wardle! He’s a nice FELLA!

See what I did there? GRANT BODY-P!


WWF PROPA TINGZI’m actually looking forward to Triple’s opening segment… all he wanted to do was shake Roman’s hand… there was no need for the spear!!!

I notice they haven’t customised Sheamus’ title belt yet… he doesn’t look stupid people – Sheamus looks great with that title!

I thought the one question Sheamus had for these fools was – ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??? I didn’t expect him to ask -Who looks stupid now?! That is an appropriate question – because Roman Reigns come down the stairs… smiling! And the fans are cheering for him! They booed him the night before? Fickle fools… uh oh.. is Stephanie about to slap Roman Reigns???

Well you know what? Roman always did say to Triple… ‘We gonna have our own game of thrones – Believe That!’ I will always remember that line… but why did Rusev appear out of nowhere and kick down  Roman like that? Sheamus follows up – Brogue Kick to the jaw bone of Reigns – BLAOW!!!!

TLC Jump off – Sheamus the Champion, Vs Roman Reigns the Challenger! Tables Ladders & Chairs match!!! Rather disappointing I thought, I was hoping for The Usos Vs The New Day Vs The Dudley Boys in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match…but I don’t complain on the internet… Ain’t got time for that!

Talking of which… first match – Dudley Boys Vs The Wyatt pu$$y bwoy dem… they were NO MATCH for the Don of Dons and his Brudda!

Ha! The Wyatt bwoy might be able to defeat the Dudley Boyz and mash dem up, but they harvested the Undertaker and Kane’s power and still couldn’t beat them??? They are WEAK!!!! To quote Liu Kang to Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat…

“All those souls and you don’t have one of your own… I pity you sorcerer!”

You wanted Sasha Banks, I wanted Sasha Banks (but Naomi more) HERE SHE IS! Sorry Becky Lynch fans! But hey, shades of NXT Takeover though right?WWE2K16 GRANT BODY -P!

I should really call the match but that Naomi… apart from my real-life lady – Naomi is everything I want in a woman…

You know what I love about Sasha though? She loves her video games too, I see her out there on the UpUpDownDown channel on YouTube controlled by The New Day…but I bet she couldn’t beat my woman at Need For Speed Undercover…and I’m sure she cannot test me once I don the Purple Suit in Tekken because after all… I am HIM you don’t see my picture???

Sasha Banks – STILL undefeated on RAW!!! Is it her time come the TLC jump off? Uh Oh… don’t tell me that Ugly Paige still thinks she is still in line? She claims Charlotte’s arms were underneath the bottom rope when she executed her figure 8 super move… What sort of sh!t is that??? She rolls the footage and I’m sorry, if I was the ref – I would let that off – how the f**k are you gonna control your arms when in a submission move like that? You know what Charlotte – if it means you gotta f**k up Paige again – I’m all for it!

OH NO!!!!! The New Day are starting their Country Music Jamboree Open Tag Team Championship Challenge? If this is aiming to diss country music I’m all for it because most of those country music artists support the confederate flag… NO ONE LISTENS TO THAT SH!T!!

OH SH!T!!!! The New Day are going in!!! COUNTRY MUSIC IS WACK!!!!

Lucha Dragons have accepted the challenge!! LET’S DO THIS SH!T!

Hold the brakes! Uso Brudda want to accept the challenge too! I think New Day are trying to get out of it!!!

OH NO! You can’t cancel the Open Challenge??? I thought these titles were the symbol of excellence? (that’s the US title Grant) is it??? Aww shucks…

WHOA! Mark Henry & Neville had a wrestling contest, Henry lost, and Neville wasn’t inducted in the Hall of Pain??? Yo Neville… you gonna make it! YOU GOING TO THE TOP! I just don’t know when…


This is interesting… Stardust and Goldust are on seperate teams… Stardust riding with the Ascension and Goldust riding with the Primetime Players… I remember Goldust saying he had no desire to fight his brother… and I think they did, but the match fell flat and was quickly forgotten. Sure it was a pre-show or something – what was it? Tweet me @MZATheInfamous!

It’s gonna interest me what that fool Colter gotta say about the state of MexAmerican Address…

If this is so MexAmerica, why can’t Bertie & Zeb get that belt customised? The MexAmerican championship? Damnit creative what’s holding you back? Is it the Irish Madman who my radio co-host Shadfather calls Vincent Kennedy?

I was wondering when Wack Swagger was gonna show up and re-ignite his rivalry with Bertie, just don’t get drink/weed driving okay fool?


The truth of the matter is this – Zeb left yo @$$ Swagger because you failed to defeat the Super Athelete Rusev, and Rusev proceeded to break Zeb’s legs, and Swagger let that happen! Obviously Swagger forgot about that sh!t… but that doesn’t mean I’m now a Zeb Colter fan – FAR FROM IT!

So here we go, the rematch for the World Wrestling Federation Divas Championship… Paige face it 0 you can’t manage Charlotte… by the way – how long has Charlotte held the champonship for now? Just over two months right?

Come on Charlotte… now is your time… THIS Is your destiny! BREAK PAIGE’S LEGS!!!

Big ups to Charlotte – she respects Paige as a competitor… You know I don’t know if even I can give Paige credit for that… the day she dissed my sexy, beautiful and dangerous Naomi… she sealed her fate.

I LOVE THAT MOVE BY CHARLOTTE! She catches Paige in the haed scissors, and flips Paige around like a suplex using her legs three times! Wicked move!

Paige & Charlotte are putting on a technical wrestling clinic here! But check it – y’all didn’t like that sh!t at the Survivor Series. I thought you wanted wrestling right? That’s why I can’t f**k with the so-called hardcore wrestling fans…

…and they are probably complaining that the match ended in a double count out on the internet, yeah like mark Zuckerberg can help them… he doesn’t give a f**k… he’s sitting in his mansion with b!tches saying CHING CHING!!!


Somebody tell me why Heath Slater is wasting my and your time apppearing on TV? Do I have to post up another babestation pic???

Maybe I won’t need to! Ryback just woke up.. it’s feeding time! Slater tries to crack the Ryback with the guitar… it had NO EFFECT! Counterattack – Shell Shock to SLATER – BLAOW!!!!

Up next… Deano and Ziggler team up Vs Battyman Breeze and the World Wrestling Federation Twitter Champion – Kevin Owens! Check this in the latest in his series of putting dumb fans on blast!


I don’t know whether to watch this match… because of Deano and Owens, I am 50% interested… the other 50%… wants to see Kandi Kay again…


Main event jump off! Rusev Vs Roman Reigns! So hold on, I gotta make modifications on WWE2K16 now right? Sheamus & Rusev, they as good as Authority now! Remember back at WrestleMania 26? Sheamus and Triple Teef had beef? Look at em now… WOW!

You know this is straight TEEF when Sheamus is there constantly clapping down Reigns everytime he’s on the outside, the ref clocked it and now Sheamus has to leave the building!

It all comes together now! Why did Barrett come and teef? Because we got a Eurovision Union between Rusev, Barrett and Sheamus! Roman Reigns cannot overcome this??? WWE2K16 people… put these three together, Call em The Eurovision B!tches!










Monday Night Raw #1141, April 6, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Last night I cried Tears Of Joy, What did I do to deserve this?

Before I let the outrageous Grant Body-P through, as Michael Grant, The Man in the Purple Suit has to give a shout out to the Lionz Den massive down in London…they showed me love out there I showed them love back… all these years of my moms talking about London guys hating Wolverhampton guys, maybe that was back then… these guys settle differences on Tekken! And what an epic tournament it was… trust me when I say I am a tired, flued up man after that, plus Wrestlemania last week… yet I’m still gonna watch Raw live plus the interview with Jericho & Cena? I got my survival kit here… so let’s DO THIS!!!

I’m the Infamous Informer, and I have NO sympathy, NO compassion, NO remorse…welcome to the RAW After RAW After Big BIG WrestleMania! HOL’DAT BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZBig Show looks proud of himself doesn’t he??? Standing there by the André the Giant trophy….damn the crowd are hating on Rollins! Y’all was cheering on the kid when he cashed his cheque!

Enough of the chatter Big Show & Rollins, Randall has to be the #1 contender surely? people still chatting about the RKO that hit BLAOW!!!! Around the world!!!

So Glenn is running the show while Triple & Steph are f**k!n??? Ryback, Randall, and Roman all gotta fight twice before a #1 contender is determined while Seth sits on his @$$??? If I was Seth, I’d be prepared to lose that title before Brock come back from suspension…not that it makes any difference anyway – his @$$ still gonna get popped!

Big ups to STC’s James Patrick Park Jr. In attendance this week on RAW!

Glenn still proving he still has a bit of ‘Kane’ left in him, winning means nuthin to him… Kane is about f**k!n up people… and he nearly did that to Randall in their match!

Oh dear… is Mike Cole still sipping food through a straw in the hospital? Bryon Saxton, Booker-T and Jay-Bee in effect…

WOW AJ Lee… you left the game and you not even 30 yet??? I suppose love conquers all…she gotta stand by her man after all! I’m tempted to cuss Philip… but NO. I’m not going there. You would want your wife to support you??? That’s part of the plan when you join in holy matrimony! Let’s celebrate AJ’s run here.

OH SNAP!!! Glenn got Neville fighting Rollins???? Damn Glenn is not f**k!n about!!! I don’t expect Neville to win, but suppose he does? It would be huge!!!!

But it’s a case of #WhoeverLosesIWin… because guaranteed muthaf***az will be complaining about Neville coming from NXT and getting ‘buried’…. or if Neville won they would complain about Seth looking weak, and Neville suddenly getting a push… but no doubt, Neville took it to him!

Word is that Rusev has put in his rematch clause for Extreme Rules…. Yes…. now for the true match I wanna see between him & Cena… I wanna see brutality B!ATCH!!!!

Wow… Cena thinks he still runs the place, but he must have matured… he hasn’t pimped out the title… He knows G-Unit aren’t carrying the swing no more!


Next boxer for Cena’s US Title… Dean Ambrose tried to test him and came so close… this week it’s Stardust…let’s be real – it’s WWE2K15 Cena mode brought to life!!!

Notice – they acknowledge the amount of times Ric Flair N!&&@ has won the US title – 6 times… just do the science behind that…

YOOOOO!!!! That DDT by Stardust was nasty bredrin! You saw how Cena dropped on his head top??? JEEZ!

Consider that springboard stunner a new move for John Cena…. 5 move memes burnt to the ground!!!! Give it up for Cena… Rise above hate!!!

Bella Twins stepping to the stage next…. YES!!!! This is my favourite part y’all already know!

People – we gotta move on! Out with the AJ, in with the Paige & Naomi! Now the question remains…will the crowd start chanting AJ Lee on some trolling sh!t? That would be f**ked up….and you know what? When AJ was there, they chanted for somebody else…. you see? tell em Busta…

Y’all don’t appreciate sh!t!!!! GRANT BODY – P!!!!

It’s gonna be interesting how the New Day are gonna respond by this negative energy… now it’s been acknowledged that the crowd ain’t feeling em… Kofi & Big E tryna keep up the positivity, Xavier Woods however… seems like he wants to go militant….

…and it doesn’t help when the Lucha Dragons messed up the New Day…. You know what the New Day needs? The new Kendrick Lamar album… they will get that positivity back!

Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly

My dude Roman Reigns coming down the stairs!!!! Just don’t act bright or you will get pushed back in your seat!

Roman can take lick though bwoy! My advice to him? Wrestlers are gonna clock on to his superman fighting style… look w’happen to Cena – No one falls for that sh!t no more!!! Roman you gonna have to change up a lil bit!!!

Yo what’s wrong with this picture? 4 women running up on Glenn asking for a Battle Royal on some

The Man In The Purple Suit (left) & STC member Kuran King (right)

#GiveDivasAChance sh!t??? Glenn is all sweated up, Summer Rae wiping herself on him?? Remember back in the days? When Women used to run for their lives from this guy? If they got caught they got tombstoned??? Suddenly ‘The Way We Were’ song springs to mind…

Who the f**k is Bray Wyatt talking to now?? After he get buss arse by Undertaker at WrestleMania (which I knew was gonna happen) he’s started his cryptic sh!t again… and ends it with ‘Do I Have Your Attention Now?’ Right jabronies don’t even think about it – put your d!ck away if you managed to find it past your beer bellies – NO IT’S NOT HIM he’s talking to… he’s in UFC now durrrrr!!!


So w’happen, Sheamus turn bully now? Claims there’s not enough big guys in the house? Obviously Mark Henry thinks he’s outta order and bright – induct this stupid ginger mohawk looking fool into the Hall Of Pain!

Only that Sheamus kicked down Mark Henry and said ‘that ain’t happening’!!!

So they changed up Sheamus music now? Well guys, you’re the ones to blame – YOU thought his character went stale, YOU wanted him to turn evil, now he has, so stop your noise!

Finally Damien Sandow faces the Miz in a wrestling contest… come on Sandow… show this muthaf***a manners!!!

Damn Sandow is going in! Rights! Lefts! knees to the head top!

HEY TEEEEEF!!!! Miz grabbed the tights!!!! Don’t worry Sandow… Extreme Rules is the end of April… I’m sure you can use weapon to disfigure his money-maker!

Ryback, Randall & Reigns fighting… look here now, the Authority wants to cause trouble… it’s nice to see Ryback back in that main event picture…

OH SNAP!!!! Roman Reigns flew over top ropes like his name was The Undertaker!!! Is who tell the Authority to cause trouble???

The Big Show! Grabbed Roman Reigns! PPPPPPPPPP!!! Punched through school buses!!! Ryback fighting the J&J Jabronies only to RKO’d by Randall – BLAOW!!! Randall’s going to Extreme Rules! Seth don’t like that sh!t – Curb stomp to Randall – BLAOW!!!

Well one may think – Randall beat him at WrestleMania, that means he can beat him again! Er yeah… but I think Seth gonna be one of those people who is gonna be so TEEF with the belt, you gonna wish for BRRRRROCCCK to come back, take the title and GONE!!!!