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Monday Night Raw #1167, October 5, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

It’s that time of the month people! and I don’t mean wrestling fans on their period!


Not only have we gotta save the tables, but we gotta save the t!tt!£$ as well! Those things are good to us! And we are gonna celebrate t!TT!£$ this week on this week’s blog, because breast cancer is a serious thing. So if you’re a feminist, or a 40-year-old virgin who cums at the sight of nipples, or a battyman in love with CM Princess Peach B!tch, THIS BLOG IS NOT FOR YOU!!!

RAW #1167! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZMike Cole says we are in for a hell of a show… I hope he means no ‘repeat’ matches! Big Show seems to be alright as well, after the beating he took at MSG by BRRROOCCCK LESSSNARR who has kicked off RAW!

Oh no not the WrestleMania XXX nightmare…. I can’t relive that again and again! That’s like Bruce Lee when he had to fight that demon in his life!

Then the Summerslam ‘screwjob’… I mean, I’m Undertaker through and through and I will support him 100%… Heyman says it’s not a prediction, it’s a spoiler, One will walk out of the cell the victor, and the other will not walk out at all.. Oh well Brock… you are a beast… but Undertaker becomes a DEMON in that cell!

Oh what is the Big Slow doing out here? WORD? He’s gonna put his hand out and say Brock is the DON?!!!

What an idiot… Big Show – you are a Big Fool! Another suplex and an F-5 – BLAOW!!!! Now go to your room!

OFFICIAL – Roman Reigns fights Bray Wyatt in the Cell! YES! Finally WWE have got it right. two extremely personal rivalries that has gone too far that they have to send for the cell. That’s how it should be!

LADIES! Roman Reigns is in the ring! 6 man tag team action! Come on girls rub on your t!TT!£$!

467e0753-349a-4b1a-bddb-394b222c5d35That’s what’s up – Be Proud of your t!TT!£$!!! Roman Reigns is sure to win!

YES!!! Because you women rubbed yout t!TT!£$… nipples hard and all… The combined might of Reigns, Ambrose and Orton mash-up the Wyatt bwoy dem!

Don’t tell me Neville is gonna fight Stardust… oh thank goodness it’s Sheamus!

Sheamus talking too much sh!t, bad man move in silence… Neville starts kicking Sheamus all over the ring…and… the match dun already? You know what that was? that was Neville, Sheamus and Barrett (who was at commentary) basically saying ‘Yes sir’ to Mr McMahon’s register just to say they were present…

Oh no!!! It’s my hero! Bi-Polar Kane!!! Look at him! his leg is ‘mash up’!!! Seth is fed up of the mind games!!! The joke is that Seth shows so much hatred against Corporate Kane… and Kane acting like he’s the good Samaritan!

Ooh Stephanie is out here – if anyone supports breast cancer more than anybody, even me, it’s Stephanie! But check it – if the Demon Kane does not defeat Seth Rollins for the title at the PPV, then Corporate Kane is out of a job…. hmmmm…. logic says I support Seth Rollins here! As I was saying… let’s honor Stephanie’s t!TT!£$… even though they are a bit on the false side…

Stephanie tittiesNatalya back on di telly! Her opponent… the UNGRATEFUL BRAT – Paige! Hopefully she will lose again… come on Natalya, show Paige how to do it! You come from the Hart Dungeon – you cannot let this little b!tch win!

Look at Natalya throwing those bows! Come on girl! mash her up!!!

It’s NEVER your house b!tch! Do you pay the rent – NO – Shut the f**k up!


THAT’S IT NATALYA! Twist the b!tch up in that submission Razor Ramon used to do!

I swear down I hate when Paige even speaks now… so unattractive… I don’t get it guys – how is this woman so appealing? seriously guys, you got 30 seconds to convince me…WWE2K16 GRANT BODY -P!

Natalya applies the sharpshooter! But Paige made it to the ropes… SH!T!


The rest of Raw could be wack… Naomi may not appear… I don’t care – NATALYA BEAT PAIGE! Justice is finally restored!

Ever wondered why I didn’t write about the Lucha/Ryback/Kevin Owens match/segment? Because it wasn’t worth talking about…

Damn who p!$$£d Stephanie off? Maybe she found the pic of her ‘t!TT!£$’ exposed on the internet… IT WASN’T ME! I put up a nice picture of her! Even The New Day are confused… they thought she liked em! Maybe she does! I dunno…she mentioned nothing about tables so I suppose she supports the cause… #SaveTheTables


URRRRGHHHH This is tiresome… can’t this be on a segment after RAW live? I mean, It’s all good for Cena to be the spokesperson of this breast cancer sh!t and bigging up the breast cancer survivors… I have an idea, while Cena is doing that, let’s throw up another good ol’ t!TTy picture…

Torrie-Wilson-bikiniAAAH SH!T – they got Roman Reigns being a spokesperson too? THERE YOU GO GUYS! You can hate him now… but he won’t stop now!

For real – we just gonna have this match now? Corporate Kane & Seth Rollins vs The Dudley Boys?

HOLD UP – Someone is tuning into RAW this week…

If you’re going to give money to a company that claims to raise money for finding a cure for cancer, please do someresearch.Komen is a scam

I tend to believe him… but it’s like yo… why is he so concerned?

Anyway back to this – Uh-oh  – the Dudleys sent for the tables…. what must The New Day be thinking???

IT’S KAAAANE!!!! AAAAH SH!T! But the Dudleys stand their ground! They remember what Kane did to them at SmackDown… 3D!!! – BLAOW!!! Kane laid out! So before Seth took foot and run… the fool taunts Kane doesn’t he? Now I’ve watched this wrestling sh!t a long time, and I know that if Kane or Undertaker are laid out on the canvas… you NEVER stand over them… they WILL crab you by your neck from a floored position, then CHOKESLAM – BLAOW!! right through the table!

The New Day must be crying in the car at this time… guys – you may not have saved that table.. but you can save the t!TT!£$… I know you wanna save Team BAD’s t!TT!£$… SO DO I!!! You guys save Tamina and Sasha… but Naomi – she’s ALL MINE!

TEAM BAD 2These three… you don’t want to know what’s going through the mind of the Infamous Informer… GRANT BODY – P!

Imagine if Team BAD defeats the Bellas as well… I’d love to hail RAW as the best ever! But obviously I cannot do that…

WHOA!!!! Now when Brie drops the Danny Bryan kicks, the Boston crowd chant NO! NO! NO!

YES!!!! TEAM BAD show the Bellas how to do it! I can now go to bed happy… but there is still half an hour at best of this sh!t…

A wha de raaaaar??? Summer Rae with a tribute to the Super Athlete Rusev??? Where is this going?

BACKSIDE??!!!! NO! Summer going on her crusty knees? What is she gonna ask him – will you let me suck your c-


I guessed wrong! But marriage??? She calls him Ru-Ru! She says he can walk out of WrestleMania 32 as the World Wrestling Federation Champion???? WHOA!!!!

HE SAID YES!!!! BACKSIDE!!! Mr & Mrs Bulgarian Brute???

But not yet???? He says he gotta be the champion FIRST! Good thinking there Rusev! Sounds a reasonable deal to me… because if he wins, he can pay for the wedding! Rusev has his head screwed on!

To take your mind off that storyline… lets celebrate some more t!TT!£$… Lana where you at girl?

The crowd is like “John Cena SUUUUUUCKS!” Oh dear!

Who’s the opponent this week? They making a big deal of it this week, like there’s a surprise lurking…

Dolph Ziggler? Yes the match will be good but quite frankly, I’m not interested…


BIG E is gonna take him!!!! COME ON BIG E!!!!!

BIG E is straight dominating this match!!! Byron Saxton is right – underneath all that comedy, all that ‘obnoxious’ behavior, BIG E was a former NXT Champion, Former Intercontinental Champion… so BIG E can do this!

Imagine that – New Day with Tag Team and the US Title? similar to The Shield? Anyhow they win… Team BAD are in trouble… you know The New Day love to mess around with Team BAD… I WOULD!

OH NO! The New Day got caught trying to teef! Damnit…. Cena won, but The New Day continuing the assault, that fool Ziggler comes out – BUT YO – Ziggler super kicks Cena accidentally! It’s becoming obvious from here, considering certain rumors… Ziggler gonna be that dude to defeat Cena… ain’t that a b!tch… Damn The New Day mashed up Cena, Ziggler and the Dudley Boys???!!!! Xavier mashed up the trombone effect! But it doesn’t matter! THEY KILLED IT!!!

Now guys, let’s go out and nurture and caress and appreciate those t!TT!£$! Let’s make Dean Ambrose proud!












Monday Night Raw #1151, June 15, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

It’s only right that I start the blog off like this. Even if you’re not a fan (which I’m not), you gotta pay respects to one of the foundations of wrestling. Take a bow Dusty Rhodes, LIVE ON LIVE LONG.

Sheamus is LOADED! Nikki going for 295! Cena CAN wrestle.. how many fans had heart failure? This is the aftermath! RAW #1151! HOL’DAT-BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZWell… somebody’s happy isn’t he? He retained his title, and he did it all on his own… somebody stick a gold star on this muthaf***a! Anyone would think Seth Rollins finished reading his first link-up book!

(A Bus.)

(A Big Bus.)

(A Big Red Bus.)

(A Big Red Bus In Hill Street.)


Oh for real? Welcome to Monday Night RAWLINS???!!!! He’s thanking us for being here! Well thank you Seth! You and Ambrose put on a classic match word up!

Damn Seth got a shout out list? Shall we play the 9th Wonder instrumental???

Hang on – he’s bigging up himself???? What about Triple & Steph? I thought Triple was proud of him? Not even they get props? Wait a minute – he should punch his ticket to the Hall Of Fame???? This man OUTTA ORDA & BRIGHT!

OH SNAP! Is that how Dean Ambrose gonna congratulate his adversary? Give him some more beatings??? HAHAHA! He ain’t going anywhere until Rollins comes back so he can get some more beatings!

Last week Joey Mercury pinned Rollins… you best give him his well deserved title shot RAWLINGS!

I thought this rivalry was over… I thought not!

I think Rawlings is in a little bit of trouble…. running his mouth disrespecting the whole authority…who’s the next opponent? I think we know don’t you sexy ladies and b!tch @$$ muthaf***az!

Big up Sheamus! The new Mr Munny Innah Bank! What’s wrong fat @$$ IWC jabronies? you didn’t like that sh!t? Do The Knowledge you big dummies!

Dean and Sheamus love a fight… and we love a fight too!!!! GET HIM DEAN! Mess up that Rocksteady Headtop!

Damn son! Sheamus just f**k!n up Ambrose legs!!!! Ambrose would rather pass out than tap to Rocksteady! So who’s Bebop? Mark Henry???


UH-OH!!! Randall!!!! Caused Shadfather’s favourite move! Ambrose got the Distraction Roll Up pin to Sheamus! Forget all that – Randall was out to finish Sheamus! RKO – BL…..no Sheamus blocked it!

Oh dear Joey Mercury heard me!!!! He wants to test RAWlings for the World Wrestling Federation Championship! Make it happen RAWlings!!!! #GiveJandJAChance! Make it trend! Put it on your twitter! Matter of fact – I’ll do that my damn self!

For real? They just did a Fatherhood advert featuring Roman Reigns? They’re not turning him heel now! IWC Make it Burn! Throw the rumours out the window!

Is it me or does Wade Barrett’s theme sound racist???? And you wonder why I can’t stand that muthaf***a!

OOOOHHHHH SH!!!T! It’s Kevin Owens!!! Looks like he’s gonna run the NXT open challenge! I believe I have found the right opponent for him… Could it be this b!tch?

Chyna 2015

Photo courtesy of STC Member Edd Mulhall

What the hell was she doing there? Answers on a postcard please! Tweet me @MZATheInfamous!

So that’s why you f**ked up Cena? Because Cena told you ‘You belong here’? Ok now we know not to compliment Owens!

Now this muthaf***a wants the US Title! I thought it was beneath you Owens? Anyway who’s gonna take the challenge? Dolph Ziggler? Is he bringing his new gyal?

Backing Kevin Owens here – COME ON OWENS!!!! Powerbomb Ziggler’s clart like you did Cena at the Munny Innah Bank!

I am disappointed! I was hoping for Chyna to come out! (Yo Mike she and Steph have beef) I DON’T GIVE A DAMN! Vincent Kennedy squashed the beef with Bret, Bruno, Warrior, and whoever else. Look at Warrior. He’s no longer with us in the physical… Steph – you gotta make it burn – same goes for you Chyna, sort your sh!t out!

See with Chyna all she gotta do his punch Owens in his d!ck and take his sh!t!!! She invented the low blow!

Well since the NXT championship isn’t on the line, what happens if Ziggler beats him? I’m saying hmmmmm….

Pop-up Powerbomb – BLAOW!!!! Ziggler finish!!!! I just love the look on jabronies faces when Ziggler loses.. can’t kiss Lana right… all sorts of sh!t…

Where does Paige think she’s going? Rallying the rest of the divas to stop the Bella Twins? The women must take Paige for joke? Little 22-year-old milk of magnesia trying to lead the likes of my beautiful Naomi? My sexy Layla? Tamina? Alicia Fox??? Rosa Mendes? Are you smoking that tical Paige????

Undertaker Tombstone a B!tch

Meme courtesy of STC member Adam Maskell

My thoughts exactly Undertaker…. Paige outta order and bright!

Speaking of Undertaker, considering that he’s a few years older than Kane… Kane’s conditioning is better than that of his ‘brother’…

…and speaking of his ‘brother’… Ok Seth Rollins you’re pushing it now! Why do you love provoking Kane so much??? Mentioning Paul Bearer and the don of dons… er Seth… look at the meme above these sentences….

Damn come on RAW hurry up and get to the handicap divas match! I wanna see the Bellas knock Paige the f**k out! I wanna see what Wyatt gotta say about dropping Reigns with the Sister Abigail for no reason!

YES! Roman Reigns coming down the stairs! The women grabbing his d!ck!!!

It was injustice what Wyatt done! Oh no not this crazy cryptic sh!t!!! Or maybe not!!!! It all stems from when he defeated Wyatt last week! Stole his moment! Why did we not clock this before!

OH MY GOD!!! (I have to put on my JR Voice) BRAY’S GOING AFTER ROMAN’S DAUGHTER! HE COULD NOT BE THAT HEINOUS! WHAT A SICK & TWISTED HUMAN BEING! Yo that is f**ked up yo! No Roman – you have to F**k up Wyatt now…. this is some Cradle To the Grave sh!t now… some DMX & Vanessa sh!t!

Here we go… Bellas on Paige handicap match! Come on Bellas, beat out her blodclart!

Superb wrestling skill by Nikki! Caught Paige in the head scissors, turning her on her stomach and doing press ups! Can your favourite wrestler do that??? NO – SHUT THE F**K UP!

Shout out to Xzibit! Choke her Spank her Pull her hair!

Shout out to Xzibit! Choke her Spank her Pull her hair!

Nikki hit the elbow on Paige! FINISH HER! Nikki hits the rack attack on Paige – BLAOW!!! FATALITY!

Oh hell to the no – that Machine Gun scrawny idiot is gonna perform??? Ok this is the part where I watch babestation…

In fact f**k that – Let me play one of the latest tunes I’m feeling…

YES KEVIN OWENS! MY HERO! MY MAN!!! He just powerbombed Machine Gun pu$$yclart skinny leggings wearing b!tch through the stage!!! That was the best thing I’ve ever seen! F**k that fake sh!t! We don’t do that over here! Kevin Owens supports REAL HIP HOP!!!! HE IS BRILLIANT!!!

Why are the commentators bex for? I didn’t wanna hear that noise! The fans sure as hell didn’t! I wonder what Mike Knoxxx of the BDSIR Network/Fox Sports gotta think about that???

Big up the Primetime Players! New World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions! But can the New Day take back their titles?

Well this is a 6-man jump off, My dude Neville joins the PTP, against the team that uses the POP: the Power Of Positivity!

I know Dean Ambrose ain’t playing ‘Bullseye’  using Seth Rollins as the dartboard!

And people ain’t gonna stop until they get Kane to come to his senses and send for his mask and tombstone people and set them on fire! Come on Kane!!!!! This is why the fans loved you back in the day! Stop fooling yourself man!

Finally! We gonna find out who RAWlins next opponent is…. surely it can’t be the man that’s rumoured??? The man who defeated the don of dons and shocked the world??!!!

Triple’s dress sense is becoming more like Vincent Kennedy isn’t it???

Grant - still got it!

Seth seems to have a smile on his face…. I dunno Seth! Do you need the toilet? My instincts tell me you may need it!

Once again Steph your black dress – OHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Triple – get her for the lads!!!!!

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!!!! BRRRRROCCCCK LESSSSSSSNAR!!!!! He gotta Suplex City shirt!!!! That’s it now! What happened to your smile Seth? You’re the architect… right??? You are the future…..huh???!!! The Shield…. all that boasting? All that bravado? You can take him surely??? Your comrade Roman Reigns did!!! You are the best WWE champion of all time??? THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID! Now get in there and SHUDDUP!!!!

On a real though people… this week’s Raw… if you DVR’d it… you’re gonna fast forward a lot of sh!t… but don’t fast forward too much past Machine Gun b!tch @$$… Anyway guys, I think Seth Rollins will be needing the men’s room, nobody go in there for about 35-45 minutes… somebody open the window…

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Seth Rollins...

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Seth Rollins…











Monday Night Raw #1141, April 6, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Last night I cried Tears Of Joy, What did I do to deserve this?

Before I let the outrageous Grant Body-P through, as Michael Grant, The Man in the Purple Suit has to give a shout out to the Lionz Den massive down in London…they showed me love out there I showed them love back… all these years of my moms talking about London guys hating Wolverhampton guys, maybe that was back then… these guys settle differences on Tekken! And what an epic tournament it was… trust me when I say I am a tired, flued up man after that, plus Wrestlemania last week… yet I’m still gonna watch Raw live plus the interview with Jericho & Cena? I got my survival kit here… so let’s DO THIS!!!

I’m the Infamous Informer, and I have NO sympathy, NO compassion, NO remorse…welcome to the RAW After RAW After Big BIG WrestleMania! HOL’DAT BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZBig Show looks proud of himself doesn’t he??? Standing there by the André the Giant trophy….damn the crowd are hating on Rollins! Y’all was cheering on the kid when he cashed his cheque!

Enough of the chatter Big Show & Rollins, Randall has to be the #1 contender surely? people still chatting about the RKO that hit BLAOW!!!! Around the world!!!

So Glenn is running the show while Triple & Steph are f**k!n??? Ryback, Randall, and Roman all gotta fight twice before a #1 contender is determined while Seth sits on his @$$??? If I was Seth, I’d be prepared to lose that title before Brock come back from suspension…not that it makes any difference anyway – his @$$ still gonna get popped!

Big ups to STC’s James Patrick Park Jr. In attendance this week on RAW!

Glenn still proving he still has a bit of ‘Kane’ left in him, winning means nuthin to him… Kane is about f**k!n up people… and he nearly did that to Randall in their match!

Oh dear… is Mike Cole still sipping food through a straw in the hospital? Bryon Saxton, Booker-T and Jay-Bee in effect…

WOW AJ Lee… you left the game and you not even 30 yet??? I suppose love conquers all…she gotta stand by her man after all! I’m tempted to cuss Philip… but NO. I’m not going there. You would want your wife to support you??? That’s part of the plan when you join in holy matrimony! Let’s celebrate AJ’s run here.

OH SNAP!!! Glenn got Neville fighting Rollins???? Damn Glenn is not f**k!n about!!! I don’t expect Neville to win, but suppose he does? It would be huge!!!!

But it’s a case of #WhoeverLosesIWin… because guaranteed muthaf***az will be complaining about Neville coming from NXT and getting ‘buried’…. or if Neville won they would complain about Seth looking weak, and Neville suddenly getting a push… but no doubt, Neville took it to him!

Word is that Rusev has put in his rematch clause for Extreme Rules…. Yes…. now for the true match I wanna see between him & Cena… I wanna see brutality B!ATCH!!!!

Wow… Cena thinks he still runs the place, but he must have matured… he hasn’t pimped out the title… He knows G-Unit aren’t carrying the swing no more!


Next boxer for Cena’s US Title… Dean Ambrose tried to test him and came so close… this week it’s Stardust…let’s be real – it’s WWE2K15 Cena mode brought to life!!!

Notice – they acknowledge the amount of times Ric Flair N!&&@ has won the US title – 6 times… just do the science behind that…

YOOOOO!!!! That DDT by Stardust was nasty bredrin! You saw how Cena dropped on his head top??? JEEZ!

Consider that springboard stunner a new move for John Cena…. 5 move memes burnt to the ground!!!! Give it up for Cena… Rise above hate!!!

Bella Twins stepping to the stage next…. YES!!!! This is my favourite part y’all already know!

People – we gotta move on! Out with the AJ, in with the Paige & Naomi! Now the question remains…will the crowd start chanting AJ Lee on some trolling sh!t? That would be f**ked up….and you know what? When AJ was there, they chanted for somebody else…. you see? tell em Busta…

Y’all don’t appreciate sh!t!!!! GRANT BODY – P!!!!

It’s gonna be interesting how the New Day are gonna respond by this negative energy… now it’s been acknowledged that the crowd ain’t feeling em… Kofi & Big E tryna keep up the positivity, Xavier Woods however… seems like he wants to go militant….

…and it doesn’t help when the Lucha Dragons messed up the New Day…. You know what the New Day needs? The new Kendrick Lamar album… they will get that positivity back!

Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly

My dude Roman Reigns coming down the stairs!!!! Just don’t act bright or you will get pushed back in your seat!

Roman can take lick though bwoy! My advice to him? Wrestlers are gonna clock on to his superman fighting style… look w’happen to Cena – No one falls for that sh!t no more!!! Roman you gonna have to change up a lil bit!!!

Yo what’s wrong with this picture? 4 women running up on Glenn asking for a Battle Royal on some

The Man In The Purple Suit (left) & STC member Kuran King (right)

#GiveDivasAChance sh!t??? Glenn is all sweated up, Summer Rae wiping herself on him?? Remember back in the days? When Women used to run for their lives from this guy? If they got caught they got tombstoned??? Suddenly ‘The Way We Were’ song springs to mind…

Who the f**k is Bray Wyatt talking to now?? After he get buss arse by Undertaker at WrestleMania (which I knew was gonna happen) he’s started his cryptic sh!t again… and ends it with ‘Do I Have Your Attention Now?’ Right jabronies don’t even think about it – put your d!ck away if you managed to find it past your beer bellies – NO IT’S NOT HIM he’s talking to… he’s in UFC now durrrrr!!!


So w’happen, Sheamus turn bully now? Claims there’s not enough big guys in the house? Obviously Mark Henry thinks he’s outta order and bright – induct this stupid ginger mohawk looking fool into the Hall Of Pain!

Only that Sheamus kicked down Mark Henry and said ‘that ain’t happening’!!!

So they changed up Sheamus music now? Well guys, you’re the ones to blame – YOU thought his character went stale, YOU wanted him to turn evil, now he has, so stop your noise!

Finally Damien Sandow faces the Miz in a wrestling contest… come on Sandow… show this muthaf***a manners!!!

Damn Sandow is going in! Rights! Lefts! knees to the head top!

HEY TEEEEEF!!!! Miz grabbed the tights!!!! Don’t worry Sandow… Extreme Rules is the end of April… I’m sure you can use weapon to disfigure his money-maker!

Ryback, Randall & Reigns fighting… look here now, the Authority wants to cause trouble… it’s nice to see Ryback back in that main event picture…

OH SNAP!!!! Roman Reigns flew over top ropes like his name was The Undertaker!!! Is who tell the Authority to cause trouble???

The Big Show! Grabbed Roman Reigns! PPPPPPPPPP!!! Punched through school buses!!! Ryback fighting the J&J Jabronies only to RKO’d by Randall – BLAOW!!! Randall’s going to Extreme Rules! Seth don’t like that sh!t – Curb stomp to Randall – BLAOW!!!

Well one may think – Randall beat him at WrestleMania, that means he can beat him again! Er yeah… but I think Seth gonna be one of those people who is gonna be so TEEF with the belt, you gonna wish for BRRRRROCCCK to come back, take the title and GONE!!!!