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Monday Night Raw #1107: August 11, 2014!!!

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The Infamous Informer

With celebration comes tragedy….

Not only are we celebrating Hulk Hogan’s birthday, and Hip Hop’s birthday (41 years young, birthplace – 1520 Sedgwick Ave), We lose a comedy icon, the man call Robin Williams… can we please get a moment of silence….


Don’t expect the Infamous Informer to show compassion for someone he was never a fan of! Not that he wasn’t a fan, just like he never grew up watching Mork & Mindy…nah-mean??

ENOUGH OF THAT SH!T! This week’s chosen indulgence: Pretty much the same as last week! It’s all about Summerslam at the Hogshead STC! Get your sh!t sorted, do you wanna end up saying ‘I Can’t Get In Da Club’ because you didn’t prioritize????

We got a birthday to celebrate damnit! I’m not here to mourn – F**K THAT! Let’s run some joke, that’s what Robin Williams would have wanted. RAW #1107! HOL’ DAT – BLAOW!!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZOh snap! Presents all over the stage for Hulk Hogan…do you think Brock Lesnar will kick down all the gifts????

Paul Heyman doesn’t do promos, he does DISSERTATIONS!!!! WHOA!!!!

Did this epic dissertation just turn into Heyman dropping Hardcore Thuganomics???? DAYUUUUM!!!! That was real talk though, everyone Brock destroyed, we don’t see them again!!!! How come he didn’t bring up Triple Teef when his client Brock Lesnar broke his arm???

…and what does Heyman mean by when Brock wins the title, this is HIS HOME??? He’s not implying what some fans are thinking is he? That according to reports, Brock will hold the title all the way til WrestleMania? This is how I KNOW that it was just hatred against The Rock when he won the title last year… now you made The Infamous Informer REAL MAD…. you picked the wrong day to f**k with the don!!! Ask those 2 big ‘pansies’ who called themselves ‘wrestlers’ at the PWL event recently???!!! It takes two of em to call out the Infamous???? Next time I’m coming to that event with my Roman Reigns SWAT attire and a steel chair…

Talking of Roman Reigns… he gotta fight Rybaxel, and Kane has traded his mask for his school trousers again……OH NO!!!!! No more setting people on fire, no more tombstones on priests…. people this is Kane’s way of winding down his career….let’s be real…

I see signs with $9.99 in the crowd! Better than that – I see signs with the Wu-Tang Logo in the crowd!!!!! And James Patrick Park Jr could not represent with his Smack Talk Centre sign last week…. KMT!!!

You mean to tell me that the combined force of Rybaxel were not enough to stop Roman Reigns? You two are WACK!!!!! Then that sexy @$$ Renée Young asking Roman question…. I’d have a ‘spear’ ready and waiting for that sexy lady! But I gotta say that pic of Renée looking like she taking a p!$$ in the urinal was disturbing….

Renee Young Urinal

As Seth Rollins battles RVD, Dean Ambrose picked the stipulation: A Lumberjack match??? Theoretically this means every one on the roster gets paid for Summerslams…. however I’m not feeling it. You mean to tell me that all this time that’s how Ambrose wants to f**k up Rollins? What happened to an I QUIT match? Parking lot brawl? Even a Lions Den match? F**k that – send for the Punjabi Prison in that muthaf***a!

This must make the 50th time that RVD & Rollins have fought…. and every-time it is entertaining. What a shame it wasn’t a full-blown feud….

Why didn’t you trust your instincts Rollins? Now we know what was one of Hogan’s presents! Ambrose himself! Exploding out of that package, trying to put beats on Rollins, and as usual Rollins takes his briefcase and runs for his life! You see what I mean for a stipulation? Lumberjack match….. Damnit Vincent Kennedy, are you that brukk that you can’t afford even the basic blue steel cage????

Uh-oh…. Stephanie has a confession… is she gonna adopt the Vincent Kennedy walk???

Oh hang on – some girl named Megan has a confession???? Who is she – Danny Bryan’s personal therapist? I’ve got a bad feeling where this is going…

No way – Megan’s saying that she’s been riding on Danny’s d!ck???? What is this – a parody of that Jay-Z & Beyonce mistress sh!t going on???

Look at Stephanie’s face!!! Rubbin it in!!!! I don’t think Megan did anything at all – Stephanie’s like – ‘Here’s $9.99 – get yourself the WWE Network!’


Brie Bella has gone buckwild! You don’t see that Stephanie trickify? Wait a minute – Brie has learned a new move! The Yes-Lock!!! OH SNAP!!!! All this is, it’s Triple Vs Danny Bryan – the wives edition!

Shout out to BDSIR NETWORK co-host and STC Member Chris Spotface McClain who pointed out that Cesaro doesn’t get introduced no more, now it’s all about Wack Swagger…. so disrespectful! I sincerely hope Rusev CRUSHES Swagger’s backbone at Summerslams!

I didn’t even check for that Cesaro Vs Swagger match…. I don’t give a damn about it, nor do I care about Zeb Colter’s bullsh!t @$$ promo… let’s get to the interview with Jericho & Bray Wyatt…

Did you make head or tail of that interview with Bray Wyatt & Chris Jericho?  No? Me neither…. let’s see the Divas Champion AJ Lee and datGRANT & LAYLA WWE2K15 @$$ in action!

Dayum she fighting Eva Marie! And 10 seconds into the match Paige just had to skip in the picture, I thought it was All Red Everything??? OH SNAP!!!! EVA MARIE WIN!!! If it’s good enough for Heath Slater last week, it’s good enough for Eva Marie! Now she can fight for a Title shot!

Now Paige is dropping Hardcore Thuganomics on her ‘frenemy’!!!! I get it!!!!! It is Hip Hop’s birthday after all!

Speaking of Hardcore Thuganomics….here’s the Doctor himself!!!! Come on Cena, draw for your Book of Rhymes! Don’t let Heyman out rhyme you and make Hip Hop look bad on her birthday!

Well IWC, you just got called out by John Cena! When will he turn evil? When will he stop being that dude with the fruity pebble T-shirts? Cena claims he’s gonna go BUCKWILD on Brock at Summerslam! Cena punkin out Brock and now a capacity crowd chanting Cena’s name! I thought Cena Sucks guys? I thought he was the same old sh!t for 10 years? To fight a beast, you must become a beast! Well The Grant Says, to those PWL wrestlers, one of em named Old B*stard…. to fight The Infamous YOU must become Infamous!

Shout out to STC members Dawn Bayley and Josh Kohli!

Hang on – Brie Bella & Stephanie are gonna fight now? They’re not gonna wait til Summerslams???? Nah Stephanie is up to something surely!

OH HELL NAW!!!! Stephanie paid Megan to press charges and send Brie to jail! She can’t go Brie Mode in there???? Not again – not Prisoner Cell Block HHH!

Stephanie’s right – if you believe in the words of the bible – What goes around comes around…. looks like Megan is gonna get not just the WWE Network, but she might have a contract to fight for the divas title for up to a year as well!!!! Maybe even a 50 inch TV and a PS$/XBoxOne to play an advanced copy of WWE2K15 on it!

Now that Miz is here and Ziggler is about to compete, this is the part where I get my necessary refreshments…. hang on, Slater is fighting??? Hang on he could pick up another win here!

OH SNAP!!!! Too much focus on trying to beat on The Miz’s money-maker, Slater wins by count-out!!!! YES!!! (don’t expect me to support Slater again…)

Terrible sportsmanship by Ziggler, why he had to drop the Zig-Zag super move on Slater? All Slater did was held out his hand to say good game to Ziggler… and you support this fool…. I am appalled!

While Randall Teef Orton Battles Sheamus, and everyone on Facebook is putting R.I.P. Robin Williams, I just wanna take this time to give a shout out to a comedian that I personally miss…..

Live On Live Long Uncle Phil

…like I knew Randall was gonna win this, but it was how…. so here’s me looking on the Real Ebony Babes FB page, when I heard – BLAOW!!!! RKO to Sheamus as he left the top ropes! Yep – An RKO out of nowhere!!!! BORING – okay it was a good wrestling contest, which a few feel it should have been for the US title (Don’t ask me why – ask STC member Anthony Cardenas) I would rather see an altercation between Reigns and Randall… that’s how I see it anyway!

STC Summerslam banner

Enough foolishness! we have a birthday to celebrate!!!! Hulk Hogan SALUTE!!!!

Shout out to Mean Gene Okerlund and Jimmy Hart! Anyone would think WrestleMania is coming!

An emotional and epic video package for Hulk Hogan right there, I just wish it was that Jimi Hendrix tune they rocked for it though!

They even got Hulk Hogan promoting the network! It’s $9.99 brother! And you jabronies don’t wanna buy it? You cheap arse muthaf***az – GET IN THE CHAIR!

OH SNAP!!!! Nature Boy Ric Flair in the building brother! My grandma would be proud god bless her soul! Dayum Mr Wonderful Paul Orndoff is here! BACK FOOT! Teach the kids their wrestling history! His theme is epic rude boy!

Roddy Piper is here too! I can’t lie, that wasn’t a surprise! Piper looks like he still got beef with Hogan from all those years back!

NO! NOT THE NWO MUSIC! Kevin Nash & Scott Hall are here! In their NWO colours!!! Who said Scott Hall was in a wheelchair? GET IN THE CHAIR!!!

Hey Scott Hall – we started that Survey Says sh!t – you keep the…. UH OH….BROCK LESNAR???!!! OH MY GOD!!! He can’t crash the party!

About time Cena turned up! If he never turned up…bwoy…. you know what I would have loved??? If Unde…..Ah forget it!!!!!

Oh by the way… what was that about Sting turning up on Raw???? GET IN THE CHAIR!!!!!

Remember now…it’s all about Summerslams…. if you can’t get in da club, you have yourself to blame!











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Monday Night Raw #1105: July 28, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

Dayuuuuuuuuuuuuum! What the rarse did I wake up to this morning??? Spike TV can’t take this sh!t no more with Total Nonsense Atrocious Wrestling? No doubt, they made an ‘IMPACT’ alright, on the media and the IWC!!! Now all the WWE Fan Boys are hoping that TNA meets its end, they stole Triple and Undertaker’s shovel and they have worked hard to dig the grave! The real wrestling fans are concerned for all the talent that is there as their future hangs in the balance…by this Thursday coming… we will know for sure! Poor Danny Bryan, he just helped put a criminal to justice, and now his glory means nothing… similar to his WWE title reigns…

We are in for a big week in wrestling y’all… with that said, get me my BIG PIECE OF CHICKEN!!!! RAW #1105! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZWord on the street is that Stephanie McMahon has invited Brie Bella to Raw!!! My love for women is untold, and I am so invested in this storyline! It’s hotter than John Witherspoon’s hot sauce… hell, it’s hotter than Lana!!! YEAH I SAID IT!


When the start of Raw involves divas in Brie Bella & Stephanie, YOU KNOW sh!t is going down!

Since Raw last week had NO Cena, this week let’s start with him…. is it the toughest challenge for Cena??? I dunno man… he has defeated Brock before…but Brock brukk the streak – from you do that…. Cena is in trouble now!


There you go! Cena told ya! He defeated the beast back in 2012!!!! Cena belie- no sorry – BO-Lieves he can win!!!!

Not according to Paul Heyman…. Cena will be BEATEN! Cena will be VICTIMISED! Cena will be CONQUERED!!!!

Ok Cena got real talk for Heyman…. oh yes the passion… he promises Heyman that he’s walking out with this sunovab!tch!!!! (Poor Austin impression Cena but… what the hell!)

COUNTERACTION BY CESARO!!! I know he didn’t just tell Cena straight that he CAN’T WRESTLE!!! Understand what Cesaro just said people! Cesaro just said what the Anti-Cena attitards have been typing on their keyboards for years!!!! Do you realise that the Anti Cena Attitards are clenching their penises and thrusting away until they damage their monitor right now???!!!!


Cesaro, on a mission… to out wrestle Cena all over Houston! If Cena defeats Cesaro right now….oh boy oh boy… how crazy would that be? But if Cesaro actually defeats Cena? That would be HUGE!!! You know the rules WWE! defeat the champion in a non-title match, he’s the #1 contender straight away!

Oh man this is one of those matches where Cena has to draw for moves he don’t use!!!! Like he did with Sandow, like he did with CM P**k!

An FU (AA) off the top ropes – BLAOW!!!!! Cesaro is main event ready if you ask me! All he needs is a compelling storyline! Ok all you Anti – Cena attitards – shut the f**k up… you don’t know the meaning of the word ‘buried’!!!! If Cena dropped the FU on your b!tch @$$ you ain’t getting up!

Oh dear! Triple tried to be reasonable with Randall… Triple is right – Randall you cannot have a title shot with Cena because 1 – No one wants to see that sh!t – and 2 – Roman Reigns already said he’s gonna f**k you up every chance he gets! And then after him, he’s going after Triple! With that said – if Randall fights Roman Reigns at Summerslam I’m calling it now – Roman Reigns will LOSE because Triple TEEF is gonna f**k it up!

…and the masturbating continues!!!! This time for good reason… Paige is in the building… with that horrible @$$ voice…I’m sorry…. for a 21-22 year old??? She sounds more like 52!!!!

Now the masturbating continues for bad reason… the CM P**k chants continues while AJ Lee was in the ring…. f**ks sake!!!

Oh hell naw!!! Paige why you call AJ crazy for??? You know what happens when you call that girl crazy??? You know what AJ, you might as well learn the Anaconda Vise submission and the GTS supermove…. if you do that…you might cure these wrestling nerds of this problem! The man is straight edge for god sake… he promotes being clean, and not taking drugs, yet these wrestling fools are ADDICTED to chanting for a man who cares not for them! Something wrong with that picture if you ask me!

What’s up Steph?!!! You don’t look yourself…. you escaped getting cigarettes for Bea Smith didn’t you? You avoided playing the ‘scissor game’GRANT - BODY - P with Joan Ferguson… didn’t you????


Why get bex at us Triple? Stephanie shouldn’t have been farce should she? No one told her to slap a ‘paying customer’ in the crowd???

THIS IS WHAT I CAME TO SEE! Stephanie & Brie  Storyl- hang on – JERICHO????

Oh no you know Jericho and Stephanie are arch nemesis! He got Houston singing this!!!! OH SNAP!!!


Then he pulled out old faithful! Asking Triple – Why the f**k didn’t he go to Stephanie’s aid straight away??!!! Simply put – she is a Trash bag, $5 dollar ho!!! (A pretty looking ho… that I’d wine & dine, take her to the movies… take her back to my crib… I will do all the rubbing…kiss her everywhere, Yes Triple – EVEN THERE!!!!)



Oh dear a shot to the head with the briefcase – BLAOW!!! Seth Rollins clapped Jericho down! We got a great match for later – Seth Rollins Vs Chris Jericho…BIG!!!!

6 Man tag team action! Miz & Rybaxel, Vs Dolph Ziggler and Usos…. bound to be a crazy hi-flying match… Can Ryback win another one???

HA! HA! Jailbird trending pon twitter!!!! Stephanie have criminal record!!!! Well if it’s good enough for Vincent Kennedy, it is good enough for Daddy’s Little Girl! JAY-BEE you are a funny muthaf***a! We should have our twitter and Facebook suspended for calling Stephanie a jail-bird??? So what should they do to users who have nasty pedophile sh!t on their Facebook or racist groups and all that sh!t???? Plant a bomb in their laptops and devices???? Actually that’s not a bad idea!!!!

Catch Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E at ringside!!! now sporting suits that my Uncle Danny would be proud of!

God damnit Ziggler won… well he’s in a storyline right now so until Summerslam, I won’t cuss… I’ll have to bite my tongue…

Er… Xavier… your work is not done… look at R-Truth acting a fool in the ring! Come for your brother! That ‘WHAT’S UP!’ sh!t don’t fly no more!

WTF!!!!!! R-TRUTH BRUKK THE STREAK OF BO DALLAS???!!! HOLY CRAP!!! Bo Dallas BEX!!!! Assaulting R-Truth! What you gotta say now JAY-BEE???? Greatest streak of all time??? GETTHEF**KOUTTAHERE! Undertaker never assaulted Brock after his loss… he took it like a man! Undertaker is a man of honor!

Damn why can’t somebody rip Lana’s blouse off???!!! Hold on – did Lana just cuss bad word???? Nah must be her fake accent!


While Zeb Colter talks his nonsense…. I thought I’d play this for my dude Lee Steadx of the STC, because that’s what he’s thinking when he sees Lana, knowing that Rusev is supposedly dating her…


RUCKUS IN HOUSTON BETWEEN SWAGGER & RUSEV!!!! Why have I got this feeling that this will be a submission match of some sort? Or an I Quit match? Loser has to quit talking trash about one’s country???? Both got submission super moves….

Props to WWE – I am invested in every storyline leading up to Summerslam!!!! Very good fellas!

Well apart from the Sandow/Adam Rose rubbish…. trust me to speak too soon!

Roman Reigns Vs My Hero Kane… well we know how this gonna turn out… awaiting Randall’s entrance to bait it up for Reigns…. but wait – who will my hero Kane fight???

Well Randall came a lot sooner than I thought! Randall, Kane & Reigns fighting in the crowd!

KANE! Chokeslam to Reigns! Left Randall to finish him off! Randall! With voices in his head! They are chatting to him! They telling him to f**k Reigns up all over the ring! DDT off the barricade! Set up announce table! RKO – BLAOW! The table didn’t break! Randall nah dun – a second RKO – BLAOW!!!! The table broke this time! Well done Randall you f**ked up Reigns but guess what? You still don’t get a title shot muthaf***a!


Oh my GOD – Summer Rae & Layla acting as Spanish cheerleaders??? With those boots and tights on? Tight leather dress and sh!t??? What more will these two do to keep my d!ck harder than Bruce Willis??!

Fandango lose again to Los Matadores!!! HA! HA! HA! Just the way playas play… every day all day! HA! HA! HA!

Naomi still looks bex… and sexy with it, Alicia Fox and Cameron looking like they run the school yard… and Natalya looking like….Natalya! I LOVE IT!!!! THIS IS WHAT THAT WRESTLING SH!T IS ABOUT!

Wait a minute – Naomi has a new submission super move???? Why isn’t my girl champion???? Ok I understand the situation right now!

Seth Rollins Vs Chris Jericho – this one should be wild!

Knowing that the last segment is between two women…. we haven’t seen that since 2005 when Trish fought Lita! I’m telling you this is how hot the storyline is!

Great contest between Rollins & Jericho as expected, but that codebreaker from the top ropes – BLAOW!!! – SEND FOR THE WYATTS! I’m telling you Jericho needs another game plan! He gotta get some steel chairs in reserve! Otherwise he will be slaughter every time!

BUMBACLART SO THAT’S HOW IT GOES DOWN! When was the last time you were excited about a feud with two females??? Mickie James Vs Trish Stratus perhaps? I bet it was! Brie Bella will drop all the charges if Stephanie agrees to a fight at Summerslam!!!! So Steph puts on this act that she’s the victim only to – WHAAAAAAAAM! Blast Brie in her mouth corner! And all hell has broken loose! Capacity crowd with the Yes Chant! and This Is Awesome! Stephanie vows to make Brie Bella her B!TCH!!!! Stephanie, mother of three, a principal owner of World Wrestling Entertainment, corporate partner with many organisations! About to get it on with Brie Bella! Just think of the root of where all this began! All because Daniel Bryan would not Get In The Chair…. had he had done that… things would be different right now…. expect Danny himself to be at Summerslam supporting Brie along with Triple supporting his wife: TRUST ME… this match is gonna be DON!!! Nikki Bella gets a pay rise too! How about that then??!!!










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Smack Talk Centre -Raw – Monday Night Raw #1056: August 19 2013


What a week in wrestling!!!! HOLY SH!T! Darren Young admits his sexual orientation, Brooke Hogan gets shown the door by TNA, Ric Flair turns up at the WWE2K14 symposium drunk and telling true hollywood stories, and finally Summerslam… Kane gets destroyed and abducted by the Wyatt massive, CM Punk & Brock Lesnar put on a possible contender for match of the year, Natalya wins a match, and is there a reconciliation with Randall & Triple TEEEEEF, and even Vincent Kennedy???


WWF PROPA TINGZIn the words of birthday boy Nate Dogg, OH NO!!! The crowd is ruthless! John Cena just announced he’s gotta leave the game for about 4-6 months… hear the crowd – YES! YES! YES! They can’t say that!!!! That’s not the issue though, Daniel Bryan climbed the top of the mountain, only for Triple TEEF to say – BEAT HIM BACK DOWN!!!

Damn you looking fine Stephanie! But hold on – Danielson got the killer line of the night already – “When you sleep with TRASH, you start to STINK!” Steph is trying to deflect these shots as best she can! She is a boxer after all! But eventually Danielson will break those defences…. Steph rates him at a B+, but Danielson wants to call her the B-word!!!! Rewind back to 1997- 2008 and you can call her that and get away with it! unfortunately his lack of emotional content has him thrown out the joint…. Ok Bryan… LET’S GET DIRTY! And I don’t mean Christina Aguilera!!!


Blodclart I missed the Sandow Vs Cody Rhodes match due to the live stream f**k!n up… no matter I saw it on Summerslam anyway… if it was a divas match I missed I would be real mad and Ziggler would be real DEAD!!!! JOKE ME A RUN! Everyone knows by now I can’t stand the f***a!

And so the ‘Unleashed’ storyline continues! Heyman is prepared to take CM Punk back because Brock mash him up at Summerslam!! You know when Heyman is on the mic he spits fire…. my stream is really on her premenstrual cycle – damn I missed the rest of that segment! And I ain’t checking on WWE.com unless I really have to… I haven’t got that sort of time right now!

From this point on the resource comes from WWE.com as the live stream failed completely.

Will CM Punk retrieve the leash and put back round his neck???? I can’t see it happening as long as Randall and Bertie are the main champions…

This is the match that put me over the edge… the stream f**ked up, so did the internet for that matter and I find outGRANT - BODY - P that not only my baby mother Layla was on, but AJ, and the Funkadactyls are on in tag team action! 4 of my favourite ladies – this breaks my heart…. they should never fight! What happened to unity in black women? What happened Queen Latifah???

Not only did I miss the lovely ladies, I missed The Shield brukk up Ziggler???? NOOOOOOOOOO!!! WHHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! What did I do to deserve this? You see that is TRUE JUSTICE! You know why? Because Darren Young confessed about being gay and is comfortable about it, which is good… personally I’m not a fan of homosexuals, but I respect his honesty and integrity, unlike Ziggler who is LYING to his fans and leading them in the wrong direction… that’s why The Shield mash him up!!!

I feel like celebrating like Danielson right now! The Shield, triple powerbomb Ziggler into the canvas – BLAOW!!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Talk sh!t now Ziggler fans!!!! Ok I admit! I paid The Shield handsomely to f**k up Ziggler! LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Oh dear Sin Cara f**ked up his hand or his wrist in his contest with Bertie, you know why that happened? Because you didn’t have your special lights on!!!! I feel sorry for this kid you know why? He doesn’t seem to get a break, no storylines, he’s just thrown out there. No real feud, nuthin… the IWC gives him a hard time… the kids can’t connect with him like they do Rey… yeah that’s right play the violin behind him…

I don’t blame Bertie for reppin for the Latino community… he makes me so proud! Fat Joe, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Roselyn Sanchez and especially Big Pun would be proud of him! But what happened to your eye Bertie??? “Oh it’s cool…”

Bertie likes kicking people in their head, so Ricardo went and found a new cat he can rep for… ROB VAN DAM!!! Apart from the All Japan Pro Wrestling joint, have you ever seen anyone use martial arts better than RVD??? (Insert indy wrestler name here) that should be a great contest come Night of Champions! WWE make it happen Bertie Vs RVD!

I thought it would be a matter of time before that racist Zeb would target my black people… COME ON PRIMETIME PLAYERS!!! IT’S ALL ABOUT THIS BLACK FIST! SHOW THE FAKE AMERICANS ALL ABOUT HIGHER LEARNING!

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Now that Darren Young has had his moment of clarity, thus turning the PTP good, the question remains – what does AW think about all this??? I still say Bring Back AW!!! The sh!t he was talking last year, I think would be appropriate now that the storylines have become edgier!

Oh dear one man ain’t happy about Triple Teef – that’s the 7ft2, 500lbs Big Show… he actually said what happened at Summerslam was straight GARBAGE!!! And he’s liable to punch Triple in his mouth!!!! realising that the Sean Price of WWE is out to punch him thru school buses, Triple sends the Shield to brukk up Big Show…the Hounds of Justice can do what they wanna do… that won’t stop Show I can tell you that!

Have you ever wondered what happens when a moaning, whining IWC keyboard warrior finally takes his fat @$$ off the internet, leaves his house and attends a WWE live show, then proceeds to boo CM Punk??? Sorry Danielson, CM Punk just took the quote of the night!!! Instead of me spelling it out, just press play…


Well Heyman wanted an apology from Punk! And he sure as hell got it! Punk says he’s sorry he didn’t get to f**k him up! So what does Heyman do? He sends the weakling Curtis Axel after Punk… you know Wolverine ain’t leaving!!! Claws sheaved, LET’S GO!!!


Hear Heyman as Axel sets up the steel chair on CM Punk’s leg… “BREAK HIS LEGS!!!” See this is where we need JR… where is the over exaggeration? Where is the passion? Thankfully Wolverine’s healing powers enabled him to get out the way of the impact of Axel’s stomp, and the tables are turned! CM Punk beating down the pu$$ybwoy with the chair! Then picks up Axel, GTS on the steel steps – BLAOW!!!! GAME OVER! So much for your new Heyman Guy! Axel is WACK! His father must have turned his back in his grave give his son!

DAMN YOU WYATT!!! What have you done to Kane!!! DAMN YOU!!!! Leave R-Truth alone!!! I have right on my side… you got all the STC fools following you like sheep… not me!!! If you feel like an enemy… COME AFTER ME!!!!

Can you believe that while the sensible people are chanting for the Usos some dickheads are cheering for 3MB??? If you are one of those people… DON’T CHAT TO ME. You clearly have no sense, and you are probably like that same fatso that booed CM Punk, and then run him down at the airport to get autograph so you can sell that sh!t on ebay… maybe that’s what it is! CM Punk recognized that fat fool!!!! It all comes together now!

I was yawning through that Wade Barrett Vs Miz rubbish… thank god Fandango came down and shut that match down! If it means Summer Rae shaking her sexy legs then I’m all for it!!

“WHAT A MOMENTUS OCCASION!!!” And in the end, Triple saw the light!!! HAHA!!! Ok did Triple Teef snatch the quote of the night? “The coal has now become the diamond…” referring to Randall… was that cryptic to the video I put up at the top of the page??? Look at Vincent Kennedy!!! HIS SUIT DOESN’T MATCH!!! That’s the Vincent Kennedy I like – when his suit don’t match! Now, are we witnessing a new corporation here? Danielson tries to rush the ring, but The Shield beat him down as if to say – where ya go bwoy??!!! But Triple tells them to stop… and invites Danielson into the ring… WRONG ANSWER – RKO – BLAOW!!!!

THE GRANT HAS TWO THINGS TO SAY AND HE SAYS THIS: One, you mean to tell me that after all that, Randall kicked Vincent Kennedy in his head, kicked Shane in his head, kissed up Stephanie in front of Triple, and felt her breast, Triple now supports Randall??? All for the sake of business??? And two, why didn’t the entire locker room rush the ring???? Especially the Big Show?? Quick to talk sh!t backstage but can’t use his Sean Price punch???

…and all because he didn’t get in the chair…







Smack Talk Centre Raw – Monday Night Raw #1055: August 12 2013



Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Monday Night Raw #1055: August 12, 2013!!!

YO! YO! Put your f**k!n fingaz up, muthaf***az! Coz if you don’t give a f**k like we don’t give a f**k PUT YOUR MUTHAF**K!N FINGAZ IN THE AIR!!!

OFFICIAL Smack Talk Centre Summerslam Theme Song: Ja Rule & The Murderers – ‘We Don’t Give a F**K’

This is how it goes down! Once friends now enemies fighting over a leather briefcase! NXT Sistrins now NXT Nemesis team up with their respective men to go at it tag team style! Someone is gonna get BURNT! Can David bring down Goliath? Will the IWC go YES! YES! YES! or NO! NO! NO! and make angry YouTube videos forgetting to wash themself first?

It’s the RAW before SUMMERSLAM!!!! #1055! HOLD DAT – BLAOW!!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZBefore I go in, I just wanna say that Total divas on E! is THE MOVE! Ssssssssshhhh! Don’t tell the wrestling purists! They will get mad if you watched Total Divas over G1 CLIMAX this past weekend! F**K THAT – IT’S ABOUT A WOMAN’S WORTH! I don’t watch wrestling 24-7 jabroni!!!

I should have known that if Brad Maddox is the referee, something was gonna go down with the Wack Barrett Vs Danielson match…. Danielson missed the YES Kick, Barrett rolls up the kid, and the scrawny Maddox used a fast count!!!! TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF! Look at the sissy Maddox reminding Danielson that he can shut down the main event if Danielson does something rash… I would have f**ked him up same way, because I know Triple would rectify the situation right! GM or no GM, Danielson you should have kicked him down! You think Austin would have thought twice? it would be an instant STUNNER!!!

I wanna big up Cody Rhodes… you know why? He threw that stupid fisher price My First Briefcase in the drink a few weeks ago, and now Sandow get himself a nice sensible leather briefcase! Very good Cody! I still hope Sandow f**ks you up at Summerslam! Don’t expect much praise from me!

Interesting… Cody Rhodes claims that Sandow WILL NOT become the World Heavyweight Champion before he does…. WELL THE GRANT SAYS you might be right… but the moment you’re champion and you just had a gruelling match, who do you think would cash in his cheque against you??? You wanna think about that!

Why is there all this talk about Sandow & Randall cashing their cheque at Summerslam? I can sorta understand in the case of Randall… but let me tell you NOW: They are NOT gonna cash in!!! It’s what everyone expects! F**K THAT! Come check me next week and know that I’m right!

Big ups to Dean Ambrose!!! He just said that if the ghost of André The Giant is not in the Battle Royal then NO ONE STC Summerslam 2013CAN BEAT HIM for the US Title!!!  Now the rest of the Summerslam card is getting put together!

Wack theme song that WWE has chosen…. some bullsh!t @$$ tune by 2Chainz? We don’t do that over here THIS IS THE STC! Cage Amateurs UK! THIS IS HIP HOP! (Just check the tune above, top of the blog!

Yo CM Punk, I asked you before, I’ll ask you again… did you just quote another hip hop quotable? “You come at the King, you best not miss…”???? Sorry readers you don’t follow…. observe…

Big ups to Big E Langston! He said what I’ve said all along…Ziggler needed him to win his matches… Langston didn’t need Ziggler at all! YES! That’s the SISSY you support! Some of you have sons, and you are telling your sons that a wrestler wearing pink brief and whines himself and ‘twerks it’ is OK????? WAKE THE F**K UP MUTHAF***AZ!!!

SHOCK! HORROR!!!! Natalya defeated AJ! No need to go to specsavers – YOU SAW RIGHT!!! Natalya won a match!!! Natalya for women’s champion STRAIGHT AWAY!!!

UH OH!!! Somebody’s in trouble…trrrrouble… TRRROUBLE!!! Brad Maddox must answer to Vincent Kennedy!!! He could be fired right now!!!

Now he wants to be the ref for Cena Vs Danielson at Summerslam????? TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!!

GRANT - BODY - P…and just as Vincent Kennedy was about to appoint the Sissy Maddox guest referee, Triple puts a stop to that ONE TIME! Now Triple Teef is the guest referee!!!! Right you unwashed IWC idiots, I hear you saying ‘Overkill’ on the main event, why don’t you shut the f**k up for a minute… Triple claims he’s got everything on lock, I’m not so sure! Last time I check, Triple was the ref for the John Cena Vs CM Punk match two years ago, and what happened? Kevin Nash f**ked it up for CM Punk!!! Just reminding you… IT’S WHAT I DO!!!

That’s it Kane! Out-think the Wyatt massive! I see you rude boy! Using an Undertaker mind game! Disappear out the ring and appear at the other side!!! Drop the FYRE on em!!! the fire is the purification!!! But yo! Bray Wyatt is loving everything!!! This Ring of Fire/Inferno match is gonna be MAAAAAAAAD!!!!

You know what’s even better at Summerslam? 2 Divas matches!!!! Brie Bella and Natalya catch up!!! Natalya gave the b!tch slap last week – Brie turns the other cheek! She’s only doing what was written in the good book! Brie is bringing her girls – Nikki and that troublesome red-head Eva Marie, Natalya bringing my favourite Nubians – Cameron & Naomi! YEAAAH BOYEEEEE! You jabronies hit the bathroom at that time – give me a bucket of fried chicken and a supermalt and I’ll enjoy this sh!t!!! Yeah! I’m not a pro wrestling fan so what!!!! At least not any more!!!

Oh f**kin hell, These so-called Real Americans… time to have a p!$$…. Oh Zeb Coulter SHUT THE F**K UP…

Hold up – did Zeb just wish death on 2.5 so called ethnic minorities??? If you still a Coulter fan I am liable to punch you in your f**k!n mouth.

Ok Usos – don’t let these bigots beat you this time! If they beat you, you have disgraced Rikishi, Haku, Superfly Snuka, Umaga, Tamina, Roman Reigns, The Rock, and most importantly, High Chief Peter Maivia!!!!

YES! YES! YES! YES! I’m feeling like Danielson right now!!! GWARN USOS!!! The stars and legends are proud!!!! IT’S ALL ABOUT THIS SAMOAN FIST!!!!

Now for some serious sh!t…. The Miz got Cena and Danielson on his show, and was told by Danielson to stop his noise before he boxes him in his mouth! Cena spouts the same sh!t, it is real talk what he says though, he deals with critics every day, he knows he hears them (and by that, he means you IWC) go on about his 5 moves of doom and his make a wish stories… but Danielson says he’s in this sh!t for the WRESTLING!! That Cena is a parody of this wrestling sh!t!!! Which weighs out more? Hold up Cena used the dreaded W word – WRESTLING! BACKSIDE!!!! Yo I gotta song for the both of you, but before I do, Cena goes on like he’s beaten everybody…. NEWSFLASH!!! You haven’t beaten Undertaker rude boy! Now for the tune…. It’s a shame, people in the rap game, only in it for the fame extra-large!!!!

Cena is not a WRESTLER? The respect isn’t there? Triple comes out to maintain order? Randall reminds em what he got in his hand? SH!T JUST GOT REAL!

Now let’s have some fun… what the f**k has R-Truth done to his hair???? Has he relaxed his hair or something?

Quote of the night comes from Jerry Lawler – “I bet you wanna dance with Summer Rae, dial 1-800-YOU WISH!!”

Don’t you love that when Fandango gets buss arse, he still can breathe enough to say what his name is? Why does Summer Rae continue to hang around with this sissy?

Ok Battle Royal jump off!!!! The winner, gets to fight Dean Ambrose for the US Title…. in YouTube!!!! Is it worth the hassle? I could back certain guys here but it’s for the US title, I mean big up to Ambrose for putting prestige on it, but it’s like, you dep pon YouTube!

Big up Kofi for using crazy skillz and agility to hold out in the Battle Royal! But those racist bastards had to eliminate him didn’t they? BACKSIDE! Well at least Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce represented in the championships lately! Trust in my hero Mark Henry to eliminate the racist bastards! THAT’S WHAT HE DO!!! RESPECT!

Big ups to RVD for taking Mark Henry out to face Dean Ambrose! It’s a shame we won’t see them fight at the gathering unless someone hooks up YouTube on their iPh- “WELLLLLLL, IT’S THE BIG SHOW!!!” BACKSIDE!!! Just when the Shield was gonna move in on Mark Henry and RVD, Mr Iron Clad contract appears ready to bring the ruckus! Did you see the look on Seth Rollins face??? He was like – OH SH!T!!!! Now I get it!!! RVD fights Ambrose, Mark Henry & Big Show combine their force against the tag team champions. As for the Ryback….sh!t just hasn’t been the same since John Cena called the Ambulance on his @$$!!!

Ok here’s the main event! Yo what happened to Heyman’s ECW music???? Sound bwoy! DJ! Fix up man!

Summerslam MarvelIT’S A TRAP!!! Screamed the IWC and the WWE Universe! Well no sh!t Sherlock!!! Now according to Heyman, it’s up to Punk to play the ‘stupid hero’ and get buss arse, or not turn up at all and be a ‘smart coward’. Thankfully for Punk, he was neither… Wolverine knows about stealth techniques!!!! Disguised as a camera man, took the camera, beat it over Brock’s head with it – BLAOW!!!!! Grabbed a chair, took advantage of the fallen beast – slam it in his back bone – BLAOW!!! Heyman’s legs did run!!! And again, not one scratch pon him face!!!! It’s just like Paul Bearer back in the day – he always got away from getting buss arse by Undertaker after the betrayal and once Undertaker got his hands on Bearer – his goose cook! And soon that will happen to Heyman!

Now earlier in the blog I said that the quote of the night came from Jerry Lawler, well our survey says – NOT REALLY! It came from a random fan and it went a little something like this:

Cena: I’ve beaten HBK, Triple, JBL, The Rock, CM Punk…

Daniel Bryan: You call their names like they are better than me…

Random fan: THEY ARE!!!!