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Monday Night Raw #1277, November 20, 2017!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Deep breath… TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!!!! TRIPLE TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF! I knew that muthaf***a could not be trusted! I don’t think anybody saw THAT sort of ending coming though… and I don’t mean when Braun Strowman had him sh!tt!n his brief!



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RAW 1277! Forget about NXT War Games. Forget about Survivor Series. The main story is – JoJo nudes have been leaked! Like – GOD DAYUUUUUUM! If you are good I may share them with you!

Steph Raw

Since Virgin Media wanted to f**k with me (internet was down) I have to play catch up on YouTube.

We at least Kurt still has his job… I still wanna know why Triple pedigreed him for no reason though!

Oh no Jason Jordan bex! I hope he knows what he’s doing!

He wants a match with Triple Teef? Does he realise this dude uses the hammer???

That’s what the fans want, but Triple doesn’t wrestle on a random Monday?

Triple H back off jacket! He’s THE GAME – he’s played this game for too long Jason Jordan is but a noob!

“Triple H isn’t afraid of anyone in that locker room…” – BRAUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!! You sure about that Stephanie?

Triple trying to stand up to him! Then he forgot he doesn’t have the McMahon Helmsley Regime so he backed off!


Kurt might still be the GM but The Authority is in full force I tell ya! Putting Braun up against Jason Jordan? TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF!

Now, Finn Balor passes out to Joe’s super move right, and I couldn’t help but glance at Dave Meltzer talking about ‘Vince has no faith in Balor’… see muthaf***az – this is the sh!t I’m talking about – DON’T BE LIKE DAVE. Conversely, if Samoa Joe lost to Balor – there is Dave over there saying Vince has no faith in Joe… don’t follow him readers…

To those pea brains who say Dean Ambrose is ‘boring’ with that off the rope lunatic clothesline thing he does, I bet you didn’t see the lunatic roll up pin attempt on Sheamus did you??

If I had a negative to say about the Survivor Series, it’s that a Cruiserweight Survivor Series match would have been dope… The Zo Train Vs the rebels… Oh well… you could say it was WWE dropping the ball, but we don’t think about things like – time constraints…

I think Dana Brooke is trying to avenge her friend Emma’s release isn’t she? She wasn’t ready for Asuka in NXT, she ain’t ready now!

Remember last time Dana Brooke slapped Asuka? Didn’t work out too well! What makes her think it will work out this time?

OH NO! The ugly @$$ Paige is back! Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay… MISS ME WITH THAT BULLSH!T!

HELL NO I didn’t miss you. F**KOUTTAHERE!

Hold up! Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville?! Now you haven’t gotta question what happened to the Tough Enough female champion, but that Sonya Deville…I like em feisty! OH YEAH!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Now that’s funny! they beat down Bayley, Sasha and Mickie and then Alicia Fox screamed and run garne!!!! FANTASTIC!

Mandy Rose has a better super move than Eva Marie ever had!GRANT WWDJC2

Shout out to Micah Lee of Soul N Sports/BDSIR NETWORK – he posed the question – if RAW gets Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville – what does Smackdown get? WELL THE GRANT SAYS – BILLIE KAY & PEYTON ROYCE FOR THE WIN! DO IT!!!!

WELL THE GRANT SAYS THIS – If Mandy & Sonya have any sense – they will leave Paige before she turns on them – just like she did with Becky Lynch and Charlotte… Submission Sorority 2.0. What do you think folks?

YES!!!! THEY BEAT DOWN ALEXA BLISS! At this moment, I like Paige just that little eeeny beeeny bit more right now! Respect points gone up from NAUGHT – NAUGHT point ONE!


First Alicia Fox, now The Miz! HIM RUN GARNE!!! I wished Braun was at the other side of the stage to stop The Miz in his tracks… I would have been DUN!


Jason Jordan might be the luckiest muthaf***a alive – his knee gave in at the right time as if it was divine intervention – because my hero Kane appeared and attacked Braun Strowman!

Kane is killing Strowman with the chair! WHOA! He did The Undertaker move with the chair to the throat! HOLY SMOKES! All that is left to do is electrocute his seed bag and set him on fire! (What – no pyro? Ohhhh….)


In the battle to become the Intercontinental Champion… Sheamus & Cesaro try to teef!! Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale to Double R – BLAOW! 1, 2, and…NOT SO EASY!!!

The Shield come down to sort the injustice!

Spear to The Miz – BLAOW!!! 1, 2, and…3!!!! LET THE COMPLAINING ON THE INTERNET BEGIN!

Let’s be real – if all the beatdowns The Miz has had in recent weeks by the likes of Strowman and The Shield was somebody else, y’all muthaf***az be like – he’s getting buried! It’s a damn shame that half the wrestling fans have lack of intellect…

…and The Miz is still talking sh!t…. until The Shield appeared behind him! Now he wants to shake their hand? What a sportsman…

WHOA!!! The Miz said this is his yard??? Er… Roman…. do you have to make a long distance call to Death Valley?

Seth Rollins kick him down as if to say – SHUT UP YOUR BLODCLART BWOY!

Announce table set up – The Miz – Shield bombed through the table – BLAOW!!! When will he ever learn???

wwf logo

Monday Night Raw #1171, November 2, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

I wanna give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Jerry the King Lawler. That man is officially indestructible. He was calling a match, then he had heart attack, and Lawler defeated death. Most recently he was in a car accident. The man emerged with not one scratch pon him. Defeated death again! You think he’s somehow related to that Hayden Panettierre cheerleader girl in Heroes? I’m sure he has had dirty thoughts about her… she’s young after all…


We are celebrating 25 years of the Don of Dons! Shout out to WWE.Com who got the divas all dressed up in sexy Undertaker like wear! Throughout this week’s blog you will see the divas in their ‘Undertaker’ gear… GOD DAYUUUUM!!!

RAW #1171! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

wwf logoYo I got that new WWE2K16! On PS3 though. Because PS4 costs too much!!! People – I put it like this – it’s an eyelash BETTER than WWE2K14 on last gen, which means WWE2K15 is straight garbage! Take that sh!t back to the store and trade the sh!t in! I have it on good authority that the PS4/XBoxOne versions are brilliant. COP YOURS NOW!!!

Let’s start this sh!t! Uh-Oh… Roman Reigns! Please Roman, don’t talk longer than 5 minutes! Just be straight up, tell Seth Rollins you’re gonna beat out his blodclart, then go back up the stairs!!!

He actually took my advice!!! Well done Reigns! That’s all you need!

Forget what Rollins said, he was actually gonna go down and test Reigns! But the Authority just had to show up… but that’s ok..that Stephanie… sexy f**ka!!!!

AAAAAH SH!T! We gonna have a Survivor Series jump off on RAW? Team Rollins Vs Team Reigns! WHAAAT! But why have I got this feeling Team Rollins gonna teef and brukk up Roman’s team before the match even happens? Then Reigns gotta run the gauntlet? Will we see Triple Teef sing Another One Bites The Dust again?

Talking of the video above, Dolph Ziggler is set for action… now he got this beef going with Tyler Breeze, the new battyman of the WWE. Yes, Ziggler has passed the baton on! Tyler Breeze, a man of phenomenal skill, is wearing frilly boots, loves himself, and wears pink wrestling tights. Sorry guys… that’s GAY!

Ziggler fighting Owens… oh dear… it will be a great contest, but Ziggler cannot withstand Owens pop-up powerbomb super move!

Ziggler leg mash-up though… Come on Owens – Charlie Horse that muthaf***a! KILL HIM!!! And KILL TYLER BREEZE while you’re at it!

And another thing – Tyler Breeze taking selfies – that’s GAY as well – yeah I said it! Now in the Smack talk Centre we have a dude who takes selfies – We call him #MrSelfie, but he doesn’t act like he loves himself and sh!t! He takes selfies with his fans!

I will say that is OUTTA ORDA & Bright what Breeze did, Ziggler all f**ked up on the canvas and Breeze taking selfie right by him! HE CAN’T DO THAT!

You know what I don’t understand, if you wrestling fans love Cesaro so much, why is it that there is a small Cesaro section in every arena and not the capacity crowd? Doesn’t sound logical to me…

Now Stardust & The Ascension are running around with ‘Stardust Section’ banners over their head too… these Ascension guys have lost direction, they are supposed to be official bad men who strike fear into every tag team! Now no-one is scared of these guys!

I knew that WACK Swagger would get involved in this Del Rio/Colter sh!t… didn’t I tell you that last week? At least the ignited feud has given Swagger something to do…

Now Zeb – don’t talk about my Canadian people like that (“I’d ask the Canadian people to join us if they were not so simple-minded”) Just because you now supporting Bertie… does not mean I like you – I DON’T! I keeps it real – if the Infamous Informer don’t like you – then damnit – HE DON’T LIKE YOU! Whether you turn face or heel!

Check it – WWE are promoting Batista and his new James Bond movie! We have not seen the last of he who despite the fact he’s a Wu-Tang Fan, insists on wearing skinny jeans and funny looking Bluetista attire!

FOR REAL!!! NOW INDIA have the WWE Network???!!! I gotta say WWE how could you disrespect Cena’s most loyal fans like that? By acquiring India, revenue is gonna go through the roof with John Cena (or should I say Jhon Chyena) as the most watched superstar on the network! UK fans – APOLOGISE to WWE – we acted like spoilt brats when we wanted our network!


OH HELL 2 THE NO!!! That blubbering potato stick in his beard Wyatt has teefed Undertaker and Kane’s powers??!! He can summon Thunder, Lightning & Fire??? He’s DONE IT NOW!!!!

But since Undertaker is due on Smackdown next week in the UK, I love to see how this plays out! But The GRANT SAYS THIS: NO ONE MAN SHOULD HAVE ALL THAT POWER…

OH NO!!!! Looks like Team Rollins is complete! joining Rollins: Kevin Owens, and The New Day! Once again – the New Day killed me! They used the Power of Positivity on Seth Rollins and guess what – IT WORKED! Rollins is there, dancing to the New Day Trombone! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Roman Reigns team is yet to be completed… but we don’t need to worry about that – it’s time for the laydeez!!!

Winner faces Charlotte at the Survivor Series joint! It is painfully obvious who is gonna win, so I’m gonna back Sasha, because she is Team B.A.D. and that’s how it goes!

YES! LOVE IT! Sasha kicked Paige out the ring and said “That’s right! This is MY HOUSE now!” TELL HER SASHA!!!

I love Sasha as much as the next man, but I’m gonna keep it real. Why does Sasha look like she bleached her skin? Answers on a postcard – tweet me @MZATheInfamous!

Sasha is fine but Naomi is still the sexiest woman on the roster – YEAH I SAID IT!

Meanwhile Becky Lynch is getting it in and beating out Paige’s blodclart!

Did Becky just… did she just drop a triple super plex on Paige, Sasha and Brie from the top? I think she did! That was off the hook!

Brie dropping the Yes kicks, Sasha issuing everybody Bank Statements, but that b!tch Paige hit Becky with the Ram-Paige super move… damnit!!! But was it surprising? Of course it wasn’t! Time for Charlotte to KILL the Anti-Diva once and for all!!

REPRESENTING TEAM REIGNS! Roman, Deano, The Ryback, and THE USOS! They’re BACK!! Roman called to his family!!! Now this Survivor Series match can jump off!

Look at Xavier running off his mouth like ‘I GOT THIS!’ – BLAOW! A ‘super kick’ in Xavier’s jawbone! Oh dear, the suoer kick is not sacred anymore… but let’s be real, there was a unique way how HBK did it.. he personalised that move. You were all jerking off when Ziggler did it and you named him the next HBK! So to that I say – SHUDDUP!

Oh dear the Power of Positivity is not working for The New Day! Kingston has been eliminated! Big E kicked in the door and hit the Big Ending Super Move on Jey Uso – BLAOW! He’s eliminated!

Jimmy Uso, with ANOTHER super kick to Big E, The remaining table saving member finds himself on the outside, Jimmy goes Uso Crazy, but runs right into a pop-up powerbomb from Owens – BLAOW!! Back Brukk!!

Ryback responds… Shell shock to Big E!!!

Rollins jumps in. Pedigree! The PEDIGREE to The Ryback!

Owens & Rollins teaming up and ,mashing up Ambrose, but they failed to realise that Lunatics have the strength of 10 men! Dirty Deeds to Owens – BLAOW!!! Now the tables are turned! Only Rollins left! He can’t take the pressure, so he thought f**k it – Steel chair to the gut of Ambrose – a shot to the back of Roman Reigns – I’m out this b!tch!

You may not like that but it masks who could possibly win in the title match… and that’s the science behind that! But Deano – talk to your girl – she took it upon herself to let us drool over her!











Monday Night Raw #1121: November 17, 2014!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

You know what? Every year I delete the data from my WWE games off my PS3 to make space for the new one… for some reason one mind told me NOT to delete 2K14…. I’m glad I didn’t… now I’m hearing that the PS4/XB1 versions of the game ain’t all that either… like dayuuuuum! Seriously it might as well have been an upgrade like Street Fighter, where I downloaded the upgrade to Ultra Street Fighter IV and sh!t… don’t get me wrong, I like the game… but not able to put Ain’t No Grave to Undertaker’s entrance or Method Man’s ‘Kane’ to Kane’s entrance is unforgivable…not to mention NO LAYLA in the game… HEINOUS. 2K Games: GET IN THE CHAIR!!!!

Will the Authority survive? Or will the IWC be subject to Cena’s rule? Everybody, wants to rule the world… shout out to Tears For Fears…. RAW #1121! HOL’DAT -BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZNow we gotta deal with this grumpy cat… which I’m sure is WWE taking the p!$$ out of the IWC because what are they? GRUMPY! Yeah I said it! Don’t mistake me, Infamous Informer, Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw, Grant Body – P! for one of YOUUUUUU!!!!

Oh no not the authority!! RAW opens with ANOTHER Team Authority segment???? Ok backing Team Cena! ARE YOU MAD???? After what Triple pulled last week…. LONG LIVE THE AUTHORITY!!!!

Ok Stephanie you just described Kane as sick and twisted monster… you gonna give him his mask??? You better!!!!!

Enough chat from Triple & Steph…. Ryback is out here – Feed Me More of that pu$$y Steph!


Why you bringing up old sh!t Steph? Footage of Cena running down Ryback and sh!t…. they had their beef back last year… I see what you tryna do Steph! Working brain and sh!t!!!

Ok Ryback playing that ‘Austin’ role… I’m on the side I’ve always been on, and that’s MINE!


YES!!! Patterson & Brisco start brukk up Ziggler! Rollins lick him down with the briefcase! The match nah start yet! THIS IS GREAT!

OH SNAP! It’s for the Intercontinental title and sh!t! Come on ref let’s go! Ring the bell damnit!

OH SNAP!!!! KISS MI NECKBACK! LUKE HARPER – NEW INTERCONTINENTAL….. CHAMPION!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!! I feel like dancing like Triple Teef and sh!t!

….and Seth Rollins – Curb stomp to Ziggler – BLAOW!!!!! WROOOOOOOOY!!!!! First Great Khali is let go, now Ziggler get buss arse! SHOUT OUT TO ICE CUBE!

Oh my god this grumpy cat is real! I thought it was a still picture that posted memes!

What is this? The Bunny wants a piece of Natalya??? Who gives a f**k about the Adam Rose/ Tyson Kidd match? well certainly not me! The Bunny got taste in women if you ask me!!!

Mi nah understand all this nonsense between Bray Wyatt & Dean Ambrose… f**k all that cryptic sh!t – just fight damnit! I do know this: Both of em are not all there in their headtop!

In Prisoner Cell Block, they call it Solitary. In WWE. they call it the doghouse! Talk sh!t, and you get f**ked up every week. In the case of Cesaro…. he’s about to be f**ked up by Ryback…

Will you three muthaf***az (Cole/Lawler/JayBee) stop talking about what would happen if the Authority loses at Survivor Series and call the damn match???? Two talented muthaf***az – Ryback and Cesaro and that’s all you mans can chat bout…. BLODCLART!!!

STC Survivor Series 2014

Lana, I am disappointed at you & Rusev, I thought you would have desecrated the US title by now and created a Russian title….

That is f**ked up – to advertise the Survivor Series that is FREE… while UK cats still have to pay £14.95 for that rarse!

Oh Lana just said SHUT-TUP to the fans…. my tingz stand up again!!! And Lana put the US on blast about Kim Kardashian showing her @$$ all over the internet! WTF?!!! Lana wants to show the world her topless pics??? Have we gone TV14 suddenly??? Well fear not, if Lana won’t show us… I WILL!!!


Heath Slater – WHERE ARE YOU GOING??? Send for the Accolade Rusev!!! If Swagger could beat him, Big E, Mark Henry, Big Show… what chance did you have???? You dyam arse!

Er Erick Rowan…that cat is not Renée Young….. er…. even Miz & Sandow look confused… making these Wyatt man look fool… they supposed to be scary and sh!t!

What’s Stephanie doing? She’s not about to trouble Big Show is she? Remember when she slapped him up and f**ked with him? She’s f**k!ng with him now….

WHOA!!!! Induct Big Show into the Hall of Fame 2015 if he steps down from Cena’s team? Think about it Show! Remember how Steph & Triple f**ked with you last year!!!

WTF? Suddenly Sheamus is an illegal citizen? Is this where you come in Zeb Colter? Well do your job jabroni! Oh that’s right – Rusev f**ked you up at Summerslam! YOU B!TCH!

Hang on – they fight for a championship opportunity? I thought Cena got that already! Nah I smell a rat here! Stephanie wukkin brain as usual to take down Team Cena… all this Authority dissecting sh!t they doing is only telling me that Team Cena gonna win at Survivor Series… I hope it’s not the case! But I’m not gonna tweet my displeasure at Triple! I’m not like you Internet Wrestling B!tches! All Stephanie has to do is give back Kane his mask! No need for this divide & conquer sh!t!!!

There you go! I knew full well neither was getting title shot! Rusev & Mark Henry out to finish the both of em! OH SNAP!!! Mark Henry setting up the announce table! Mark Henry with the world’s strongest slam to Sheamus – BLAOW!!! THATS WHAT I DO!!!!

I can’t lie Brie looks sexy dressed up as AJ!!!! GOD DAYUUUUM!!! Sorry Danny… and sorry Philip for that matter… I gotta send for the Cocoa Butter…GRANT THAT'S WHAT I DO


If you gonna chant CM P**K… you might as well chant Cena & Danny as well!

UH-OH!!! Was Brie meant to do that? Pin her sister like that??? Er that was cool considering she was meant to be Nikki’s assistant which was a ridiculous storyline if you ask me… and I love women! There is so much Nikki could have done… supposed to be hated but it only has guys wanting to f**k Nikki Bella even more!

Look at Brie celebrating like a fool with AJ on that Danny Bryan sh!t… AJ with a kick to the mid section of Brie… DDT into the canvas – BLAOW!!!

8 man tag team contest??? On Raw? Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Championship match at Survivor Series??? NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! It should be the other way round! Why call this sh!t Survivor Series? You might as well call it WWE…..er….WWE…. Fully Loaded or some sh!t like that! WWE wonders why the Smack Talk Centre ain’t organising sh!t til the Royal Rumble! But believe me when I say – that sh!t is gonna be OFF THE HOOK!!! THEY SHOOTING! AH MADE YOU LOOK!

Trust the Miz to act like a B!TCH! Tags MizDow, the crowd loves him. Then he tags himself back in instantly… I hope he gets BUSS ARSE!

So… if the Authority has f**ked up Cena’s team apart from Cena… who else gonna sign the contract for this match??? I wonder if Vincent Kennedy might come out and switch sh!t up??? Ok I’m probably asking too much…

What’s wrong with Triple Teef? he sounds worried and sh!t…. now he’s tryna convince himself – THEY…WILL…NOT…LOSE!!!

HA! HA! Triple don’t give me joke… looking for Cena’s ‘teammates’… We can’t see them!!!

Triple is killing me! He’s going to sleep through Cena’s promo!!!! He can’t do that!

HAHA! Ok that was funny… Cena says when he’s done with Rollins he will be cleaning toilets!!! HA! HA! I gotta rate Cena for trying to sway me to back his team!

Seems like it will take more than beat downs to take out Ziggler & Big Show – but here’s the twist – Eric Rowan has joined Cena’s team???? BACKSIDE!!!! So has Ryback!!! So wait there – Sheamus is out the game now…. what de rarse??!!! I should back Team Cena but I’m sorry – my hatred for Dolph Ziggler run deep – I can’t put it aside – plus two of my favourite dudes – Rusev & Mark Henry ride for the Authority… did Cena just put Triple TEEF through the announce table??? HE CAN’T DO THAT!!!!

He just did – BLAOW!!! Now I know Team Authority GOT THIS!!!!










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