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Monday Night Raw #1176, December 7, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Extreme Hint

For the record… that Extreme Brother is NOT me, Infamous Informer, ladies favourite GRANT BODY-P! The guessing game is on! People have said Spike Dudley, people have said the Hardys… some have even said Rhyno… RVD… Sandman, SABU! Personally I hope it’s SABU or Rhyno… Big ups to that man Rhyno, representing at the PWL joint at Walsall last Friday! Great dude, getting the kids to beat up his opponent! BEAUTIFUL!

RAW #1176! Send for the Tables, Ladders and the Chairs! Shout out to WWE fan -Chilli of TLC! – HOL’DAT – BLAOW!

WWF PROPA TINGZAaaaaah sh!t! These guys are OFFICIAL! They are – The League Of Nations! I like these cats! Even Bad News Barrett – he paid is pennants back in Manchester UK when Undertaker buss up his clart!

Oh snap! Sheamus says there’s not a group of four cats that can test them! But Yo! The Wyatt bwoy say are you sure??!!! We are official bad mans too! Crowd love this! But wait! Are they gonna clash or are they gonna fight a common cause?

Fireworks POP OFF! This is where we find out who joins Tom Dreamer the Dudley Bwoy!!!

BACKSIDE!!!! RHYNO! I saw that muthaf***a last week!!!! Damn the plane travels fast!

HOL’ON!!!! The Roman Empire coming down the stairs!!! The Usos & Ambrose! Now THAT is how to start this wrestling sh!t!!!!

This is INSANE! The Wyatt Bwoy Vs The League of Nations Vs The Roman Empire Vs Team ECDub! What a shame, Survivor Series was last month… oh well, we got it now muthaf***a! Better late than never!!!


MUTHAF***A! WHAT SORT OF MOVE WAS THAT? A super powerbomb/superplex from Strowman and the Usos to…. sh!t this is too much!!!! But Tommy hit the Dreamer Driver! Wyatts leave the building! Which part of them should I fear? They should fear my dutty foot!

AAAAH SH!T! Roman & Rhyno face off! but before they could fight Sheamus and Rusev interfere! The Dudley Boyz! Hit the 3D on Rusev! But Sheamus comes through with a brogue kick – BLAOW! Team ECdub out the game…

Shout out to Deano Ambrose! The Raving Lunatic is celebrating his born day on Raw getting his birthday beatings!!!

Hol’ on – Where’s Sheamus going???? He can’t put his fist in the ground??? Beating his chest sending for a brogue kick, but ran into a spear from Reigns – BLAOW!!!! The Roman Empire Reigns Supreme!

THAT IS HOW TO START THIS WRESTLING SH!T! But with just over 2 hours to go, can they keep up the momenonmum??? (YES I SAID THAT CORRECTLY! Shout out to John Witherspoons!)

Renee Young looks sexy as f**k!!! You know the birthday boy getting in her panties after this!


Oh F**k – Tyler Breeze Vs Ziggler again??? No – it turns out Tyler gonna sit down in his little VIZ place while Ziggler fights Kevin Owens… by the way – VIZ stands for Very Insignificant Zilch!!! Shout out to Lady C from that Celebrity Jungle show!!!

Lady C

Come on Mr King of Twitter – brukk up Ziggler!!! Beat out his blodclart! Meanwhile I’ll go and make my pudding… momenonmum slowed down already – chu!

Meanwhile birthday boy Deano was doing the same thing I was doing! Only he had popcorn and a cola in hand watching the match! cue more memes with that picture!

Er… If Kevin Owens picks up the win, ow come Deano’s music is playing? Oh that’s because Deano wants to congratulate is TLC opponent I guess…

I guess Ambrose had enough of the popcorn, and his thirst was quenched… he just threw the rest of the popcorn and cola in Owen’s face!! He can’t do that! He will pay for that I will assure you!

My girls are on! All three of them! Sasha & Naomi (with Tamina) team up to go against Team Bella. Well the Grant says this: If Team Bella win, that’s because Naomi was pinned, and all my NaoMob on twiWWE2K16 GRANT BODY -P!tter will not be pleased! But I cannot see that happening…

HA! Alicia & Brie – you have NO CHANCE!

Naomi – mind Alicia’s weave!!! It’s not like Jodeci are on stage!!! Or Method Man for that matter, Ginuwine and guys of that nature!


YES!!! What mi tell yuh! Naomi hit Brie with the Rear View – BLAOW!!! That’s what’s up! WAIT A MINUTE! The New Day!!!! They have formed an alliance with Team BAD! They combined their force!! Team BAD now have Unicorns on their head top! At last! Their chemistry backstage has now manifested onto TV! It’s official! Team BAD now have the creative keys!


…and coincidentally, The Usos are at ringside…I dare one of the New Day members to take shots at Naomi… actually no I don’t!!!

Oh no they didn’t! One of the Lucha Dragon got tossed to the outside, Big E hits a belly to belly throw, and Xavier lies down next to the fallen Lucha and sends for the trombone!!!! He can’t do that!!!

A Triple Threat Ladder Match for the Tag Team Championship at the TLC joint! AAAAG SH!T! That match will be off the hook!

OH NO! Xavier blowing the trombone in Uso face, dem get bex and take the trombone from him abd beat him! Kofi distracted, got pinned by Lucha Dragon! Usos running off with the trombone and the Unicorn hats! The Usos will pay for that I will assure you!

Now THAT’S a good promo by Reigns aimed at Sheamus!!! F**K the haters!!!! I don’t know what secret he learnt… but that was good! That’s why even I, the Infamous Informer, Grant Body-P had to distance myself from the IWC last week and even my own Smack Talk Centre crew… all I saw was negativity against Reigns, Sheamus and his squad, I thought – THAT’S ENOUGH! I switched off my notifications for a hot minute… miserable AIN’T THE WORD to describe you fools!


Ok this week’s Miz TV should be good… is Charlotte turning evil? Or rather, is she becoming the dirtiest player in the game? But she can’t kick women in their cratches??? Let’s find out!

Oh man! The genes are strong!!! Introduce Ric & Charlotte properly fool!

Oh sh!t! Charlotte feels sorry for Maryse!!! Return imminent!!! Don’t hold your breath pervs!!!


I hope this ain’t no double turn bullsh!t… I still support Charlotte 100-1000!!!! Paige is too disrespectful – she just slapped Ric Flair in his mouth – CHARLOTTE F**K HER UP!

Maybe it’s similar to the Brock/Undertaker situation where the heel/face thing was non existent… and I think that’s what’s happening here.

I understand that Rusev & Lana are in love and all that, all that kissing… it’s great, but damnit GET A ROOM!!! SH!T!!!! It’s like seeing two people on facebook constantly reminding us how they love each other and sh!t… posting all those pics… I see the science! You’re there thinking… F**KOUTTAHERE!!!

No sign of it on FB

Listen to the crowd, they want Lana…yeah I know, I want Naomi too…

So that’s why Titus O’Neill is f**k!n with Stardust… he wants him to be Cody Rhodes… you remember him, the guy who put the prestige back into the Intercontinental Title… that dude from Legacy, but check it – is that what you really want to accomplish Titus? I mean, there’s a kid out there who says Stardust is his favourite wrestler, he signed a honorary WWE contract with Stardust… does Titus really wanna break that kid’s heart? I’m just saying…

Let me guess – Bertie Vs Swagger at the TLC joint – chairs match for the US Title? I notice Colter mentioned Cena’s name because Bertie felt embarrassed tripping over Colter’s scooter while in retreat of Swagger swinging the chair.. well that’s that match predicted!!! Sorry Swagger! You ain’t winning that title!

Remind me to download The Dudleys, Rhyno and Dreamer from community creations on WWE2K16… then again I might forget…

AAAAH SH!T! Team ECDub Vs The Wyatt bwoy dem… Elimination Tables Match at the TLC joint!!! This PPV is shaping up really nicely actually!!!

Sheamus said he was gonna teach Roman Reigns a lesson! Reigns is punctual! Tables, Ladders & Chairs all over the ring! Remember back in the days when the pupils showed up early and the teacher was late??? The temptation was there just to leave school and act like nothing happened?

Oh hang on! Sheamus is here! HERE WE GO!

Why is Sheamus chatting? Get down there and bring the ruckus!!!

For real Sheamus?! Roman put you on blast! The Irish love to fight! What happened Sheamus?? I want to be ENTERTAINED!!!

At least Roman is entertaining me! He’s like.. come on Sheamus, I’ll get rid of the chair, I’ll get rid of the table, I’ll get rid of the ladder too – OOPS – nearly threw the ladder at your b!tch @$$!

AAHH SH!T – the fight is on!!! Roman and Sheamus! Roman And Sheamus! Come on Roman! Kick Sheamus in the d!ck!!! (sorry Nicola Hardwick couldn’t resist!)

Sheamus thought he dodged the bullet with the first spear, but he wasn’t ready for the second one – SPEAR THROUGH THE TABLE – BLAOW!!! Roman will pay for that I will assure you!

(I used to love when Jerry Lawler used to say that!)