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Monday Night Raw #1190, March 14, 2016!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

I really like this part of the year… you know why? Not just because big BIG WrestleMania is coming, but our friends over in the states have turned their clocks forward. That means from now until WrestleMania we can watch RAW an hour earlier. That means all being well, less yawning, more marking out, and if things get a bit stale, there’s always babestation!




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RAW #1190! Have you jabronies finished complaining about Deano Ambrose foot not underneath the rope? You really don’t want Triple Vs Reigns don’t you? ARE YOU THAT RETARDED?

WWF PROPA TINGZWord!!! We just gonna kick off with the World Wrestling Federation tag team titles? The New Day have destroyed the League of Nations on the twitter and the YouTube!

Shout out to Mike Knoxxx of the BDSIR NETWORK…as much as I love the New Day, there are certain aspects of them I DON’T LIKE. The unicorn stupidness on their head, twerking in guys faces, the rainbow on their T-shirts, and the cereal – Booty-Os… don’t get me wrong, it’s fortified with vitamins and iron, good for the kids, but to have kids say – ‘we are eating booty-os doesn’t sit well with me either… very cumse-cumsa tendencies… That’s not right!

Interesting… Xavier Woods is representing for the New Day in this tag team championship contest… I’m a bit nervous here… League of Nations could take it here… because Kofi doesn’t play the trombone! Oh No…

It’s all good! Xavier pinned Rusev and held the tights! New Day still champions but League of Nations bex! They mash-up The New Day! hey guys! The New Day just turned face… and we didn’t notice!

DAMN YOU LEAGUE OF NATIONS!!! But I gotta keep it real…by the LONS beating down the New Day like that, they gotta get that heat back, be relevant again as that destructive heel force. Looks like New Day need a 4th dude to join them! But they dun treated Mark Henry bad… Yo look no further than the Man In the Purple Suit himself! The Infamous Informer wouldn’t mind putting his timberland boots in Wade Barrett’s nose! One condition: I don’t do that booty shaking unicorn sh!t! I’m NOT THAT GUY, I DON’T DO DRUGS!

Unlucky Ambrose… after all you were dealing with TRIPLE TEEEEEEF! He paid the referee off… that’s my story, but I don’t complain about that sh!t… I keep it moving… but aaaaaaah sh!t!!!! That guitar riff! BRRROCCCK LESSSNARRR!!!  Grab the steel chair Deano!

Looks like Deano come prepared! He had a crow bar in his inside pocket! HERE WE GO!!!

Or maybe not… Brock is thinking about it! he doesn’t wanna get cunk in his head top!

Two shell shocks to Sin Cara – BLAOW!!! You don’t think Ryback is eyeballing the US Title???

Well I be damned! Ryback is on some David & Goliath sh!t for the big BIG WrestleMania!

Now what I wanna know is, why does Stephanie McMahon wanna address me? Does she have a steak cooked well done for me? Am I in for what could happen next?


Until I see official celebration cards in Clintons, that is NOT an official holiday! That was made up by some fat IWC muthaf***a who can’t get no pu$$y and it was rubbed in his face a month earlier!

Oh no! It is the Attitude era again! Stephanie is in a glorious mood, and Triple is gonna start his promo… I am the game-errrr… I beat Dean Ambrose within an inch of his life-errr, and Stephanie’s gonna cook me a fat steak and give me hed-errr!

Oh man.. Triple is hitting it on the head here with this ‘hope’ sh!t! It’s true – you jabronies had hope that Deano was gonna win… you deluded fools!

HOLY SH!T Triple is going in!!!! GET EM TRIPLE TEEF! I love when he throws shots at you fools! The man is talking about people’s wife and kids! Talking about how they live on hope! I LOVE THIS!

WHOA! TRIPLE TEEF GUARANTEED THAT ROMAN REIGNS WILL FAIL AT WRESTLEMANIA! But why did Dolph Ziggler’s music hit??? Oh well, join John Morrison in your future endeavour fool!


“You love Dolph Ziggler right?” Nah not really Triple, I can’t stand the f**ka!

Ok Triple – this Ziggler is getting outta orda & bright… I’m not sure where Stephanie is going with this proposal…

WHOA!!!! Stephanie gonna put Ziggler up against Triple Teef himself! Once again… y’all got hope… ABANDON HOPE! Triple – USE DI HAMMER! I’ve never rooted for Triple so much!

Look how little Renee Young is to the League Of Nations! They just challenged the New Day on some gang warfare business! Yo NEW DAY – HOLLA AT ME! I know Mishima Kung Fu! I have my woman on my side! LET’S DO THIS! Tweet me @MZATheInfamous!


YES! TEAM BADDER THAN BAD mash-up Brie Bella! But according to Lana, it’s Brie that has beef with her… but enough of that sh!t… when I saw Naomi in that ring… I had to play that Raheem DeVaughn tune again.. or that Torae tune -Override when he says this –

When I’m alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall
And think of you pinned against it, we getting it on
While I’m getting you off, I’m on top
You telling me to do everything except stop
We drop and roll, it’s a fire we cannot control
I’m in deep past your cervix and served ‘til I got your soul
Lock and load and then BANG!

Let me guess, Team Bad and Lana Vs Brie, Alicia & Paige at Big BIG WrestleMania? I can ryde to that! Let’s throw a pic of Lana… for NO REASON!

Lana for no reason

YOOOO! Mick Foley passing the torch… or should I say… the 2×4 with barbed wire to Dean Ambrose??? To aid him in his battle against BROCK LESNAR???? Ok if you are not ready for this big BIG WRESTLEMANIA – YOU’RE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM! SLAP YOURSELF, UNFRIEND ME, UNFOLLOW ME, because clearly, me and you are not on the same wave length! I happen to be more attractive to the women than you as well! My d!ck is bigger than yourrrrrrs!


AAAAH SH!T! Here we go! Dolph Ziggler Vs Triple TEEF! If Ziggler wins… he can choose a match of his choice for big big WrestleMania! I should root for Ziggler… but I want Triple to use the hammer!!!!

Big BIG WrestleMania 32 LOGO

Yes Triple! Brukk up Ziggler’s shoulder! Then… UUUUUUUSE DI HAMMER!

Ziggler is fighting valiantly! Stephanie is at ringside! If in doubt Steph, you know what to do!

I told you muthaf***az! ABANDON HOPE! Triple H with the pedigree – BLAOW! Ziggler does not surv- wait a minute! Roman Reigns coming down the stairs – No – he chose the ramp! and Reigns is BEX!!!! He busted Triple Teef open! He’s box him up all over the ring! He was gonna use the TV screen and buss up Triple! But even The Uso brudda and Mark Henry had  to restrain him and told him to let Triple live til WrestleMania! This has to be No disqualification! A normal wrestling contest is no good!

Big ups to Jacqueline! Now in the Hall Of Fame! My moms will be pleased! She used to love Jacqueline! And I love her too!


Ok lets see where they go with this Jericho & AJ Styles situation… Jericho done bunn up the Y2AJ T-shirt… you better put a stipulation on this muthaf***a!

Oh dear… Jericho is bex that everybody chanting for AJ styles… why can’t Jericho be bex when everyone was chanting for CM Princess Peach B!tch last week?

AJ drops the phenomenal forearm on Jericho – BLAOW! Looks like WWE want to push that as the supermove as opposed to the Styles Clash… not saying it’s banned… but I think WWE want Styles to limit the Styles Clash for special occasions,at least in my estimation.

OH NO! Here we go! Vincent Kennedy believes The Undertaker is his instrument of destruction! Here he comes! OH SH!T! Er… Vince… LEAVE THE RING!

What? Vincent Kennedy just told the Undertaker not to put his hands on him again???!!! Clearly Vince’s 70-year-old @$$ forgot what happened to him in 1998… or 2003 for that matter!

Let’s see what Shane gotta say!

Maybe he said too much! “I might be Vince’s son, but you (Undertaker) are Vince’s b!tch!”

The Undertaker! grabs Shane by the neck! But Shane is quick on his feet! Rights and lefts by Shane! Undertaker feels nothing! Throws Shane back in the corner! Shane still too quick! Vincent Kennedy pushes Shane into Undertaker! CHOKESLAM – BLAOW! Vince likes what he sees! Undertaker snaps his head to Vince! Vince leaves the ring! WISE MOVE! Undertaker, cuts his throat to Vince! OH LAWWWWD!

I don’t care if this match makes sense or not – Shane – kid you gon lose! Y’all muthaf***az wishing for a new era… you gonna get the same sh!t for the next 10 years regardless of the winner!













Many Thanks to the Infamous Informer for the use of his excellent scribing


Monday Night Raw #1146, May 11, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw

Smack Talk Centre Raw Logo

The Infamous Informer

I wanna take this time to big up the man call The Juice! Juventud Guerrera! Great interview he gave us at KicFM. But this is the clean version… the uncut, unedited version will be broadcast on STC From The UK on BDSIR Network. The Juice has music coming, gives a surprising praise to wrestling villain Vince Russo, and reveals an interesting story involving Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. All this and more – just hit play on the link below!

KIC Interview with former WWE and WCW star “The Juice” Juventud Guerrera! by Kic Fm on Mixcloud

I’m the Infamous Informer, a.k.a. The Daywalker… and I have NO sympathy, NO compassion, NO remorse…it’s the RAW before PAYBACK! HOL’DAT BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZThis week’s survival kit: I got Doritos, an Aero mint bar you can get for £1, a supermalt, and an ice cream for when I see Sophia Lares on Babestation if RAW gets wack in places… it will be a hard act to follow last week though…considering it’s the go-home show… RAW was OFF THE HOOK! And some muthaf***a named Vince Russo wanted negative spotlight. Well he got it alright… sorry Juice, but Russo – you’s a B!TCH!!!!


OH NO!!!! HE’S BAAAACCCCCCCK!!! TRIPLE TEEEEEEF!!!! Oh boy, lets see what the hammer wielding wretch has to…. what – Danny Bryan’s here too? Wherever you see Triple, Danny is not far behind…

Uh oh! Daddy’s Home! Is he gonna draw for the belt on Seth Rollins and Ka- I mean Glenn? Look at Seth on that bullsh!t… why doesn’t Triple just get it over it and have Seth join the Triple Teef Kiss my @$$ club! The Cincinnati Ohio Crowd want Ambrose!

Yes Rollins you’re right… it is a glorified 3 on 1 Handicap Match…. against Randall Keith Orton!!!! Fans are dreaming of a Shield Reunion like they singing the Bing Crosby Christmas classic!


Hang on…. so if Seth loses the title at Payback… Glenn loses his role as Director Of Operations???? Suddenly I want Rollins to LOSE!!!!!

Hold up Jamie Noble – you can’t talk to Triple like that???!!! Are you asking for a Pedigree boy????? Now look what you’ve done! You two security jabronies gotta fight Dean Ambrose! Just step away from the ladders Mercury! You and ladders don’t mix!


Question – you think J&J security will be in WWE2K16???!!!! They gotta be surely!

Ha! They love Deano! He brukk up the security! The security supposed to be some big tough muthaf***az huh? You know, they supposed to refuse jabronies from the club? Bloody useless!


Question – you think J&J security will be in WWE2K16???!!!! They gotta be surely!

Ha! They love Deano! He brukk up the security! The security supposed to be some big tough muthaf***az huh? You know, they supposed to refuse jabronies from the club? Bloody useless!

Back in my day, if your shirt had no collars on, and you’re not wearing shoes… your @$$ ain’t getting in the club. I look around today, I see muthaf***az wearing shirt that look like they’ve fixed their car with it, Tight jeans and those funny looking converse trainers… sh!t is disgusting!

Dolph Ziggler is out to fight, Sheamus is on commentary… hang on – that’s it – just a single match at Payback??? GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE!!!! Urgh…

We got Neville Vs Barrett at Payback too? Yeah boyee!!!! COME ON NEVILLE!!!!!

YES! When Barrett turns his elbow pad red, THAT’S IT!!! CURTAINS FOR DOLPH B!TCH @$$!!! That’s what’s up!

…and then Sheamus continues the beatings!!!! Brogue Kick to Ziggler – BLAOW!!!! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? You DAMN RIGHT I’m entertained Sheamus! Any day when Dolph B!tch @$$ gets brukk up I am entertained!

OOOHHHH SH!T! So Booker-T is joing the Tough Enough team as a coach? Brilliant!

Enough of that sh!t… Rowan & Harper are reunited, Wyatt Family Buzzards excited! Fandango turn back! You can’t test these guys!

Rowan brukk up Fandango in what – 37 seconds???? I told you to turn back fool!!!! What I can say about the Wyatt man dem – They can’t test Undertaker & Kane! The TRUE Brothers of Destruction! Bray Wyatt can’t beat the don of dons… so you work that out!

Ok – can we just have this bwoy Cena just get on with the open challenge and not be on that bla-bla-bla…. bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-blaaaaaah!!! Who gonna fight him this week? Why don’t these Internet Cena haters step up??? Oh yeah I forgot – they out of shape, overweight, tryna audition for Tough Enough and can’t climb over the barricade!


I could barely hear NXT chants… very disappointing.

NEVILLE!!!!! Come on NEVILLE!!!! I used you on WWE2K15 to whupp Cena’s @$$ in that special mode! Mi get trophy for it!!!!

Oh man…. if Cena kicks out of that high risk manuever from Neville, chances are Cena will escape the red arrow super move… drops the AA and Cena wins…. I can say this – every week Cena fights somebody different…. so that’s cool.

Neville kicked out of 2 AA’s!!!!! You think tonight’s the night??? This could change everything!!!! COME ON NEVILLE!!! BEAT HIM!!!

OH BLAST!!!!! Neville hit the Red Arrow! But that blasted Rusev come and TEEEEEEEEF!!!! Rusev knew, that if Neville won, there would be no belt to fight for at Payback… so I see the science… Cincinnati want Lana!!! DON’T WE ALL!!! Don’t we all wanna ramm it in her Putin? The dildo strap ons have increased in sales… purchased by WOMEN!!!! They wanna ramm it in her Putin too!


Roman Reigns comes down the stairs, the women feel his cocky, and then Glenn is destroying him already!

Damn Glenn is fighting like Kane!!!! Uh Oh… I bet Stephanie is looking at the mask that Kane gave her…. oh sh!t Roman fighting back! Spear to Glenn over the announce table – BLAOW!!!

Ah yes…. those Bellas…. I love them but they still gonna lose!!! OH SNAP!! She fighting Tamina???? Oh lawwd Brie DEAD NOW!

Payback is a b!tch…. and Tamina is THE BADDEST B!TCH!!!!GRANT BENT ON DESTRUCTION

Mike Cole pointing out that Nikki won the divas title since November… so why aren’t you counting the days Cole? Do your journalism, do your googles!!!! God damnit!!!

Yes Tamina!!! Show these Bella b!tches how to kick somebody down – BLAOW!!!! Even Shawn Michaels had to turn his head on that one! Brie’s ti++!£$ cave in!


That theme tune for Payback is WACK!!!!! Give me some time to come up with the STC version!

Macho Mandow…. I’ve heard it all now!!! Well The Grant Says, if he’s such a good impressionist, maybe he should get in Stephanie’s little panties as well!!!


Wait a minute – The Ascension??? Not the Illuminati puppets??? Oh I get it, Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel are gonna combine their force and form the Mega Powers and brukk up these fools!

How did the Mega Powers implode again???? Was it something to do with that Miss Elizabeth lady??? That’s all they need now, who could fit that role???? Answers on a postcard please! Or if you one of those hip youngsters, tweet me @MZATheInfamous!


Lita & Billy Gunn join the cast of Tough Enough as well??? WHOA!!!! Now I have found the STC theme for Payback… but I won’t play it until the end of this blog…

Uh-Oh… Danny Bryan is out here… almost a similar situation to last year…. I’d better brace myself…

Well ain’t that a b!tch…. Danny’s out the game for god knows when…. he had to give up his title… again… I feel as though when it comes to titles, the boy Bryan is cursed. That blasted Triple Teef put a curse on him! Maybe he should do what Shawn did…. lay low for 4 years, come back and beat Triple Teef again!

Do not embrace the negativity… rejoice in the positivity!!!! Time for A New Day up in here!!!

Say word? 2 out of 3 falls match for The New Day Vs Cesaro & Kidd at Payback? I can ryde to that!!! NEW…DAY ROCKS!!!! I got the chant right! Don’t know why you can’t!!!

How dare Cesaro stomp out The New Day in rhythm!!!! Him outta orda & bright!!!!

Oh for real???? Cesaro has joined the Suplex city game??? I can hear an IWC member crying out – ‘why isn’t he pushed to the moon????’ Well Vincent Kennedy says – ‘maybe because he’s Swiss’…. The GRANT SAYS – if Cesaro was in the main event, would YOU put your hand in your pocket? or would YOU stream that sh!t as usual???

I know I did not just hear the ‘Elimination Chamber’ announced for May 31???!!!! Exclusive on the BUUUFTA Award Winning WWE Network??? And that sh!t is free for New subscribers NOW!!!! That changes everything as far as the Fatal 4 Way Championship match at Payback… time to re-assess my thoughts and science….

Chamber Music, f**k!n the party up!

Chamber Music, f**k!n the party up!

F**K it – Bray Wyatt on that bla-bla-bla-bla! Bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla-bla!!!!! Come on Ryback… say your prayers before you feast on Wyatt… this Wyatt is outta orda & bright! He don’t watch the news!

Obviously Ryback ain’t afraid of this fool! Straight B-Line to kick his f**k!n @$$!!!! Spinebuster to Wyatt – BLAOW!!! Look Wyatt – NO ONE is afraid of your @$$, after Undertaker dealt with you at WrestleMania!

Question – is this like a ‘rubber’ match? Seth & Randall fight at WrestleMania, then they fight again at Extreme Rules, and now they fight again here???

I just wanna see a curb stomp by Rollins…. can I see it…. please??? Even though as a black man, I’m not really supposed to support that move?

For a minute I thought Seth was gonna send for the pile driver…. Oh hell naw! These J&J security mans just can’t help themselves can they? Uh oh!!!! IT’S KA- er Glenn!!!! What’s he gonna do???

NOTHING!!!! He grabbed a chair… but he didn’t do a rarse! Seth got f**ked up!!!! First the Dirty Deeds super move – BLAOW! Then the spear – BLAOW! Then the RKO – BLAOW! But a spear to Randall and Dirty Deeds to Reigns made Ambrose THE MAN!!!

It’s Payback, and they want it right now – Give them their f**k!n sh!t – Chicka- BLAOW!!!!