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Monday Night Raw #1172, November 9, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Seth Rollins mash up

It’s like skynet went online and half the wrestling world blew up, the other half are f**k!n hypocrites, hating on Seth Rollins one minute, now he’s injured, they throwing get well memes all over the shop. GETTHEF**KOUTTAHERE! I can’t stand those fickle wrestling fans who don’t keep it real…


YO! WWE RAW INNA HENGLAN THIS WEEK! A tournament announced to decide the new World Wrestling Federation Champion, and it starts right here!

RAW #1172! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZ14,362 Fans in attendance! And that includes some of our very own Smack Talk Centre members! BIG UP!!! But don’t act silly! I will put you on blast!!!

Sh!t is funny because I’ve compared the Shield members to Austin (Ambrose), The Rock (Reigns), and Triple (Rollins). Dude is out up to 9 months at best. You know when he comes back it will be that ovation Triple had in 2002. Was it at MSG? I can’t remember… Answers on a postcard please! Tweet me @MZATheInfamous! Thank You For The Support!

I wonder what Roman Reigns gotta say about this? I mean, he was the #1 contender, but it seems that has been thrown out the window…

Funny thing is, I’m not so interested in the tournament as I am the Undertaker/Wyatt storyline…

Oh boy, Triple Teef talking the truth to Roman Reigns…. if Roman Reigns reminds me of The Rock… (well durr…) could Roman Reigns turn evil at the Survivor Series? Just like The Rock did at the Survivor Series in 98… to me it doesn’t matter whether Reigns turns evil or not.. the fans will feel what they feel about him. Triple… asking Reigns to pretty much join the Authority… Now there’s no Rollins for 9 months… OHHH CRAP Reigns has declined the offer! Take the offer and shove it up his candy @$$? I would have told Triple ‘No’ as well, but in a much nicer way… but now I look at it… if Triple is building towards his match with The Rock at WrestleMania, Roman Reigns is the key…

LET’S START THIS SH!T! Roman Reigns Vs Big Show to kick off the tournament!

STC’S Nicola Box is one of the 14,362 in attendance! We know how she feels about Roman Reigns, I can hear Nicola screaming from here! She feels almost the same as how I feel about Naomi… I hope Naomi’s beautiful @$$ is there this week…

…and so should Nicola scream her head off until her vocal chords are destroyed! Roman Reigns advances… the tournament brackets are now set up…and by that glimpse…it is clear that the Undertaker/Kane/Wyatt storyline WILL continue… which means any fans who thought otherwise I got four words for ya…

Wayne Rooney in the hiz-house! Big up Manchester United! Shout out to my ninja Irah and his brother Icy Fresh! Shout out to STC’s Bossman – Jamie Maverick Shields who might be swimming in his own sperm count!


Oh dear! Kevin Owens trying to insult the British Crowd and run down the Royal Family just backfired! NEWSFLASH Kevin – WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THE ROYAL FAMILY! Yeah I said it! The day Diana died, it was a WRAP. Maybe we care about Diana’s side of the family…

Good luck to Titus O’Neill… if the mighty John Cena couldn’t test Kevin Owens at first… Titus my ninja – you have NO CHANCE! But hey – The 1-2-3-Kid defeated Razor Ramon, so anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation!

FOR REAL! They doing Undertaker week on the Network all next week??? THAT’S IT!!! But Eddie Guerrero celebrates 10 years after his passing..yo WWE what you gon’ do???

Renée I’m not feeling your dress you wearing… Yo Deano – Talk to your girl!!!

I sincerely hope Becky Lynch beats out Paige’s blodclart… but since Paige is the #1 contender.. I can’t see Becky winning this…

WWE just released the official Survivor Series theme tune. It’s actually not bad… but you know the Infamous Informer always got a better one…

WHOA!!!! Anything CAN happen in the World Wrestling Federation! Becky just out-wrestled Paige! But Paige BEX!!! She put Becky in the PTO submission on the announce table! But did the crowd just boo Charlotte? Nah it couldn’t be so… where’s the cotton buds at – might have to clean out my ears on that one…

OH HELL NO – The two guys I hate – The Miz & Dolph Ziggler are facing each other to advance in the tournament, this is the part where I’m gonna go to the toilet, wash my hands, come back and tell you about what I purchased today…

WWE 50 BOOKSo here I was hunting down that Undertaker 25 Years of Destruction Book, but suddenly the book is hard to obtain. Did the distributors make a fatal error in mot printing enough copies? But I saw this book, It;s a steal at £6… so I snapped the sh!t up…

Alternatively I could tell you who’s on babestation tonight… That Kandi Kay – she is BAAAAAD!

Edmond Mulhall made me do it!

Edmond Mulhall made me do it!


OH SNAP!!! Crowd chanting -Who Are Ya? To Zeb Colter!! They dropping WHAT chants to him! AAAH SH!T – Zeb is putting England on BLAST! He says Germany tells England what to do! He says soon Vladamir Putin will tell them what to do!!! and England complains about people crossing the borders! WHOA!!! That’s the man YOU supported England fans… you were saying – WE THE PEOPLE and sh!t… I have NO SYMPATHY.

Jesus Have Mercy that Naomi… please Uso can I borrow your wife for a weekend? Like for my 36th Birthday in January? I’mWWE2K16 GRANT BODY -P!in love with your wife. I can’t hold it back! Did you see how Naomi entered the ring? OHHHHHHH!

I don’t know why Natalya is f**k!n around with Team B.A.D. she may have defeated my Naomi but the three of em just f**ked her up and Naomi put the glasses on Natalya while she was caught up in the Bank Statement!! Come on WWE, hand Team BAD the creative keys just like you did New Day!

Now word on the street is I should pay attention to this match… because you internet jabronies splattered the picture/video all over Facebook… Wade Barrett is in the ring with Sheamus running his mouth at Wayne Rooney…. now personally, I’m not a Rooney fan, but that’s another issue altogether. So I’m gonna pay attention to Sheamus Vs Cesaro…



Sheamus Vs Cesaro could be the show stealer here! Amazing counter techniques by both men the likes of which we have never seen! I said this before I’ll say it again, I don’t think you love Cesaro as you claim, if you really love Cesaro, why isn’t the arena full of Cesaro Section signs? Not just a small area?


Cesaro killing it with those shoryukens! Rooney loves that sh!t! Barrett BEX! Barrett starts shooting his mouth off – Rooney boxes him in his mouth – BLAOW!!!! OH SH!T!!!!

NEXT MATCH!!! Deano Vs Tyler Sneeze all over his b!tch @$$! He just called Renée ugly, and he got Summer Rae by his side? Seriously guys, you cannot possibly support Tyler Sneeze. He just made The Miz and Ziggler look straighter than Indian hair!



Damn! Some kid is angry with Summer Rae/Tyler Sneeze! ‘That’s what you get when you mess with Dolph Ziggler!’ It’s still real to them damnit!!

OH NO!!!! THE NEW DAY ARE HERE!!! Ok let’s hear their Power of Positivity… that’s right! it’s an OUTRAGE!!! 16-man tournament and New Day are not in it? BLOODY DISGRACE!

NEW DAY’S insults to Europe have failed! Oh man!!!! But it doesn’t matter – New Day Vs Neville & Usos should be a thrilling contest, Not sure if it will top Cesaro vs Sheamus though…

They call that move – The Unicorn Stampede… Where all three New Day guys circulate in the corner and stamp out their opponent… I forgot to check if it’s in WWE2K16… if not then it should be in the new moves pack…

So the Tournament Brackets look like this:

WWE title TournamentI heard y’all not feeling the tournament!!! Oh well!!! #WhoeverLosesIWIN!!! You hate when I say that don’t you? It’s because I speak the truth – didn’t I tell you earlier that the Undertaker/Kane/Wyatt storyline is the main thing right now? We celebrating 25 years of the Don of Dons… you can keep your tournament! Truth be told I haven’t cared about the World Wrestling Federation Title holder since The Rock lost the title at WrestleMania 29! That’s due to me being an Undertaker fan!

Here they come, the wannabe Children Of the Corn – The Wyatt Man dem… claims he got Undertaker & Kane’s powers… this should be good… his ‘eulogy’…

British crowd singing ‘the whole world in his hands…’ That’s a NO from me: Grant Cowell!

Bow our heads and give thanks to my Dons??? YOU OUTTA ORDA & BRIGHT!

Where’s your super powers Wyatt? How come you can’t use em?

AAAAAAH SH!T!!!! UNDERTAKER & KANE ARE BACK!!! They have come to f**k up Wyatt! Wyatt tries his usual sh!t, and all his Wyatt boys have appeared… Rowan & Harper – DOUBLE CHOKESLAM – BLAOW! Braun Strowman knocks the Dons down with a double clothesline… but the dons rise up! grabbed Strowman and threw him over the announce table! Then… Wyatt left… Kane kicks him down! Both grab him by the neck – CHOKESLAM – BLAOW!!! Yes Wyatts, you can beat one of them down and there’s 4 of you, but you cannot withstand the combined might of the OGs – the Brothers of Destruction! The only thing I was a little disappointed with, was that Jim Johnston should have played this sh!t because he got it in the production truck, and if he did, it would truly be CURTAINS for the Wyatts!










Thanks to The Infamous Informer for the use of his scribings


Monday Night Raw #1165, September 21, 2015!!!

Smack Talk Centre-Raw!!

Sshhhhhh….. I’m not supposed to be online… even Virgin Media can’t stop me from laughing at you fools. Getting angry that Jericho was the mystery partner? WOW. Angry that Cena won the US Title and he might start his open challenge sh!t again?

Now I’m not laughing, because it looks like Sting really mashed up himself in his match against Seth Rollins. Is this retirement for the legend? Another dream match just a dream in Undertaker Vs Sting? RAW #1165! HOL’DAT – BLAOW!!!

WWF PROPA TINGZI don’t ever recall The Wyatt Family ever starting this RAW sh!t…

…and Roman is like – ENOUGH OF THIS SH!T – I’m coming down the stairs and I’m still gonna f**k you up…send your Wyatt b!tches to the back, no referee, let’s END THIS SH!T!

For real??? The rest of the crew just had to teef? Dean Ambrose comes down the stairs! They need to combine their Shield Force and f**k up Strowman like back in the day! (Well not quite like back in the day because there’s no Rollins.) But where Y2J at? You think he’ll come out and help?

Nope – but they get a VIPER!!! Randall Orton… the Apex Predator!!! The Wyatts are lucky Randall didn’t kick them in their head!

AAAAAAAAH SH!T! So hold on! Did Brock Lesnar f**k up Kane that bad, that Kane now has a split personality? One some bi-polar next level sh!t? Check it – Seth Rollins opens the door looking for Triple & Steph, but who does he see? Corporate Kane in his suit and Sunday School Trousers! He’s all happy and sh!t! Like he has no idea what happened at the Night of Champions! He’s on some Professor Klump/Buddy Love sh!t!

OHHHHHHH!!! Lillian Garcia talking Spanish announcing the Lucha Dragons to the ring! It’s bad enough Lillian fine as f**k but if you are not aroused by the Spanish language spoken by a woman… KILL YOURSELF!


So if you missed the Pre-Show on the WWE Network, tough t!tt!£$ – you gotta see the match on RAW. Love Neville and the Lucha-Lucha, I like the Ascension as they have unknown potential, Stardust – we know he got skills, but me see that match already. So it is with regret that nature calls and I gotta do a #2… excuse me…

151049-no-more-heroes-3966Aaaah that felt so much better… ah where was we? Oh yes, Mark Madden is good but MIKE DOGG is THE BEST!

For REAL!!! Bo Dallas still lives??? Did Brock kill him then Bo climbed himself out of the grave because he BO-LIEVES??? He’s gonna go back in there because he’s up against the Ryback…

Quote from Kevin Owens to Michael Cole – “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet…” Yo Kevin – tell these Internet Wrestling B!tches that! they might appreciate Pro Wrestling & Sports Entertainment  a bit better!

RIC FLAIR N!&&@! He and Charlotte are gonna show Nikki what a celebration looks like! Nikki surpassed the record last week, and no one came to her bashment hahahahahaahaha! Tell me Ric… did you put it in Paige & Becky?


His proudest moment of his life happened when his daughter defeated (in his words) a great champion in Nikki Bella! GUNSHOT TO YOU WRESTLING B!TCHES! Who the f**k is Mark Madden???!!!

Oh HERE WE GO!!! PAIGE HAS TURNED EVIL!!!! F**K THAT B!TCH!!!! She cussed down the entire diva division…

I knew all along it was all about Paige from the beginning of this sh!t… Charlotte needs to slap that b!tch upside the head… Yeah Paige get on ‘our’ side talking the truth about the Bellas sleeping their way to the top… but I was never a Paige fan from the beginning. Always respected her fighting style, but the day she cussed down Naomi, I closed the book on Paige’s B!TCH @$$!

Props to Nikki, she also spoke truth. As soon as you champion, the real snakes emerge… like Paige herself.. Nikki had to deal with that sh!t for 301 days from her rivals and the IWC. Now Charlotte gonna get it… it’s the sad truth.

Maybe Paige offered Ric Flair some pu$$y and Ric turned it down and said ‘I like my meat medium well???


Aaah man I love Mark Henry & Sheamus…. Sheamus became a hero for life because he prevented Ziggler winning the rumble one year… shut down al the Ziggler fools… I have said for years that Ziggler ain’t sh!t… but then I remembered, I’m just the Infamous Informer, Wolverhampton’s Last Outlaw, Ladies Favourite – Grant Body – P!

Talking of that fool Ziggler, he teams up with the Dudley Boyz, goin up against The New Day & Rusev! OH NO!!!! I can feel it – they gonna make Rusev do something funny!

HA! HA! HA! Corporate Kane is giving me joke!!!! He’s a bit ‘too happy go lucky for my liking!’ Where’s the mask?! It’s GONE! He’s going out to find it!

You know who else is giving me joke? Natalya. If anyone is ‘frustrated’ it’s Natalya… she just put on her granny panty girdle and told Paige to watch where she walks… I don’t hit women – it’s WRONG. But rather Natalya verbally slap Paige up than me!

NOOOOO!!!! We must build a wall around DudleyVille! We must stop the table madness! We have a voice! Together we can save the tables!!! Let us begin! I hold the first brick…

Build a wallOh I get it…. I never clocked on that New Day used a Donald Trump quote and flipped it around…

OH SH!T!! Xavier playing Rusev’s theme with the trombone! While Ziggler is getting BUSS ARSE! It’s like, he’s showing Jimmy Hart how to do it!

Even Summer Rae’s getting in there!!! Look how she’s handling the trombone! DUTTY GYAL!!!

What???? Rusev just yelled at Ziggler – Lana’s is MINE! She will never be YOURS! Damn Rusev… Lana pu$$y must have been THAT GOOD!


And just for no reason… let’s throw up a pic of Lana… just for STC’s Premiere Dutty Bwoy – Edd Mulhall!!

Lana BattySlap that @$$ up 2 time!

In fact I’ll leave Lana to you. Naomi is all mine! I love her more and more each day. Here’s a th20150921_220014ought… what if Natalya defeats my baby? #WrestlingIsStoryline so I wanna see how it plays out…

Nice cat-like suit Natalya! Compliments go a long way people. I’m not Ladies Favourite for nothing… ever wonder why they call me ‘Mr Grant’????

Oh dear… I thought Natalya was actually gonna win that… but I’m glad she didn’t! Damn Naomi – YOU ARE AMAZING!

FOR REAL??? The crowd are chanting Big…Show Sucks ‘New Day style’? They got Big Show in preparation for his encounter with the beast BRRRROCK LESSSNARR! Cesaro doesn’t wanna get punched through school buses again!

OHHH CESARO! I mean, he got that power – suplexing The Big Show from the outside to inside the ring! And that didn’t save him from getting that inevitable – PPPPPPPP!

Big Show talking sh!t about Brock! I mean, yes, You buss up Brock’s blodclart back in Survivor Series 2002… this is 2015 muthaf***a – it’s a different Brock Lesnar you ah deal wid! back then He never had all that suplex city business and UFC fighting skill!

By the way – what was that about ‘Cena’s open challenge’ Cena haters? Don’t you retards have enough? I mean, you put so much focus and energy hating on a man, you don’t realise that’s what keeps him on his game! You haters just DON’T THINK… do you???

He’s fighting Seth Rollins for the US title… so, let me get this understand so i can understand this… what if Cena retains? Does that mean he’s ‘buried’ the World Wrestling Federation Champion???? YOU DUMB RARSE!

You lot argue that out… while I just wait for the Demon Kane to come out and f**k up Rollins again!

Uh-OH!!! I mean… Cena defeats Rollins… in a way does that mean he’s the #1 contender for the title? Hmmm interesting…

Corporate Kane appears on the titantron! Smiling and all! He’s like YO! You need to be the BEST Champion you can be! But the DEMON Kane appears from beneath the ring! Comes after Rollins! Drags him down all the way to hell!!!! Oh LAWWD HAVE MERCY!!! (Yes we know how it was done you smarks – GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE!) Ok – a storyline with both personas at once is cool! I can ride to this!

Take it away Method Man…. IT’S KAAAANE!!!!











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