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The Jobber Blogger #64 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 22/8/13

The Jobber Blogger #64 – TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 22/8/13

August 26, 2013 by DiVineDiablo


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Ahh, the Bank Holiday Monday!… Yup, I have no further things to add to the idea of Bank Holidays. The only “day off” I get is Christmas day, and even then I feel fairly confident they would make me work if given the chance. Though to answer everyone’s biggest question… no I am not working today, but not because it’s a Bank Holiday. Surely this just means the Bankers go on Holiday today and take pockets full of your money that you invested. I am fairly sure that isn’t true, the meaning of Bank Holiday, I don’t even know. But why should I know, it’s a Monday morning, and I’m writing about Wrestling! What more do you need to know then that.

Also last week’s Blog of Jobbering goodness post over on Total Nonstop Rewind (www.facebook.com/TotalNonstopRewind) did better than 95% of the other posts. That goes to Linda once more for being awesome and sharing it out there! Perhaps this week I can claim two readers, and oh yes, be prepared with your hand in front of your face for some good old Face Palming!

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TNA: IMPACT WRESTLING – 22/8/13 – Hardcore Justice part 2?

Okay, so what exactly is up with this being Hardcore Justice part 2? They didn’t really emphasise that to any huge level, people had no idea it was supposed to be a “Continuation” of the whole Themed PPV – Television Broadcast. But that is just splitting hairs, the real travesty comes with, just what the hell are they doing over in TNA Land?

TNA opened up to Bully Ray, Anderson and Tito Ortiz backstage where Anderson whined about not being best friends with Bully Ray. Well okay, it was pretty much a “I have no idea what you are doing, when did you become friends with Tito”. But it was done in a whiney begging for attention kind of manor. Which led to Bully Ray being the typical “Bad Guy Boss” telling Anderson to mind his business and get on with his job.

This is the problem with The Aces and Eights,… okay so The Problem, the whole thing is a mess! A faction which is built of “Biker” Gang Wrestlers, whose entire purpose was to Invade TNA, get a job, and help Bully win the World Championship and keep it. That is it. Now everyone is running around doing Bully’s bidding, why the hell is Anderson, who has worked so hard over his career to get into the position he is, why is he doing all he can to be Bully Ray’s lap dog, and keep the Championship on him. The whole idea is this tightly knit group of guys who bonded over a common enemy. Why did they need to invade in the first place, it was a yearlong plan, when Bully has had multiple World Championship matches beforehand. Technically if this was a real thing, they could have rigged the match before. Why did he need to Marry Brooke, why did he need to be best friends with Sting. The whole thing is stupid, if it was to gain trust, win the Championship, hold a power position and leverage the Management, then yeah, that’s awesome. But just to win the Title, Bobby Roode used a Beer Bottle, that seemed so much easier than this Faction of non Biker, Biker Gang members. What was a “Cool Factor” is now just Bully Ray and his bunch of bitches, might as well have them shinning his shoes whilst he shouts at them. It’s pathetic.

Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian the self proclaimed E.G.O (Extraordinary Gentleman’s Organisation) made their way to the ring.

Roode was congratulating Bully Ray on his World Title victory, and his ability to screw the system once more and make a friend. That’s a strange congratulations, but I suppose it could be an untapped “Greeting Card” genre?

Friend Card

Roode is now in Second Place on the Leader Board and not much longer to go before the BFG Series wraps up. However with the Three of them, they are looking to add one more member to their ranks and make their Chances even better of battling it out amongst themselves for a shot at the Bound for Glory Main Event World Championship Match. Roode wants to add Austin Aries to the mix.

This is when James Storm and Gunner crash the segment, and it took me by surprise, I forgot these guys were even in TNA again, let alone they were the Tag Champs. Storm took offensive to Roode claiming Aries can trust him, of course with Roode turning his back on the Cowboy and Winning the Championship.

Storm then proceeded to Punch Roode in the face, and thus an “impromptu” match was born!

Bobby Roode and Kazarian vs. James Storm and Gunner

Christopher Daniels is competing later on, on the card and so he was sent to the back whilst the others fought it out.

I suppose there wasn’t really much to prove here, other than a good old heated fight. But I was thinking once more about the whole Bobby Roode heel Turn, and if that isn’t enough to give Hogan some control in the Creative department, I don’t know what is. They would have just built Bobby Roode made him a face, given him the Title, and that would have been it. The very idea that Roode worked So Hard to make it to the Main Event, and fall short by Angle cheating to win, to then live with the fact he had gained nothing for all of his hard work. But a mere few days later his Tag Team Partner won the Championship on his first try, that right there is awesome character work to send Roode crazy. Then of course Roode learns from his defeat and Cheats to win The Big One and goes on to become TNA’s best World Champion and one of the best World Champions in Wrestling for a long time. People gave Hogan crap for making Roode loose, but he developed Roode to be a huge star with huge potential and a whole locker-room of talent he can fight for a long time.

Well that was an unexpected Rant, but it’s true!

TNA really need to Develop some Tag-Teams, I for one miss Tag-Team Wrestling, it was one of the best things through the 90’s. I miss having Wrestlers wanting to be Tag-Team Wrestlers. Even a few years ago, TNA had a thriving Tag-Team Division that put it much higher than the competition. Now, now they have a mash up for Champs, and two other teams, but neither of them are shown as a team currently or in pursuit of the belts.

Long story short, Storm was setting up Roode for the Last Call Super-kick only to have Roode hide behind Earl Hebner. This is when Kaz ran in with Tag Belt in hand, to get met with a Super-kick from Storm. Roode capitalised on the opportunity and low-blowed Storm, rolling him up and getting the win.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Manik

It appears that Sonjay’s nickname is officially “The Greatest X-Division Wrestler never to be Champion”, I guess really, if he won the belt now, he would lose the only claim to fame he has that’s unique. Might as well fire him now and be done with it.

TNA have officially changed the X-Division Matches back to 1-on-1 for their primary match type. I guess this means they can change it up now and then when they want to. I don’t get why they need to have a “Set” match type. Can’t they just be matches, and a whole range of them?

People think it’s to save money, that they don’t have enough Money to constantly pay other stars to come in and take up a place in the 3-Way matches. Of course it made no sense in the first place. I do still like that they try things to see what works. I get a feeling Manik is going to turn Heel, and become something more of a “Character”, and I think Sonjay might be the chosen victim to do that with.

Dixie Carter recently signed TJ Perkin’s (Manik) to an official TNA Contract. In the video she even talks about how good he has been since putting on the costume. Which is funny, because Hogan called him the Original Suicide. Either way, TJ looks like a kid, but in the Costume, he’s awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a fantastic Wrestler, it’s just it needs to be one or the other, stop showing him outside of the Mask, or stop him wearing a Mask.

Taz blabbed on about not liking Manik, and not understanding why he needs a Mask. So I am hopeful that the Manik Character will become something much more interesting, and indeed something we don’t really see within the X-Division.

Also Manik won.

Jay Bradley vs. Hernandez vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Joseph Park (w/Eric Young) – Street Fight – BFG Series – 20Points

Just like the Ladder and Tables matches from last week, this Street Fight was to dish out yet another 20Points in the BFG Series.

Roode and Kazarian made their way out to ring-side during the match. But one of the things that really caught my attention was how much Jay Bradley stood out in this match type. He was physical, brutal and entertaining. The Street-Fight (Hardcore) mentality really suited his Style and Character and I for one think that’s something they could showcase.

Austin Aries made his way to the Ring and distracted Hernandez. Daniels picked up on the Distraction as Aries then went around Double High-Fiving Roode and Kazarian. Then he dropped Daniels with a Brain Buster and legged it being chased by EGO.

Bradley then hit Park in the face with some Brass Knucks, but that only proceeded to Bust him open, which of course did the usual, and a Blackhole Slam later, Park had won the 20Points.

Bully Ray made his way to the ring for a Championship Celebration.

There isn’t enough of these… or there are too many of these. Perhaps too many.

Bully took the time to just blab about himself and being World Champion once more, and of course having a friend in Tito Ortiz. Though building off of last week when Bully was “on the phone to Brooke” he called her out to tell the world the truth.

And yes, it was Brooke Tessmacher. So we are now supposed to believe that all along the Phone Calls to “Brooke” were to her. Which is good, because with Brooke Hogan gone from TNA, it means Tess can her name back.

They made out, which was horrible, then she sucked his Wedding ring off of his finger. It was gripping television…..

The best bit was Bully Ray talking about having the “Hot Brooke” with him, Tito Ortiz, and of course his Brother Taz.

Taz Day

Gail Kim vs. ODB

Well last week I talked about how ODB hanging Gail with her Bra looked rather nasty. Well it seems Gail got her own back this week with this:

Gail Kim ODB Drop

Aside from that, I didn’t make any notes. Gail eventually caught ODB with a Crucifix Pin and won the match. Whatever momentum ODB had, Gail has now evened it out. Which my guess would be the two of them square off once more for a Shot at Mickie James at Bound for Glory. Or bring in Velvet… or even Tessmacher come to think of it. Okay, I am going with Tess. I like Tess… even when she is somewhat manly in the face.

The Aces and Eights vs. The Main Event Mafia – Loser gets Fired

Devon, Garret, Knux, Wes and Anderson make up the Aces and Eights, and Anderson made a point to call out their illustrious leader who sat on an office chair of all things a top the stage.

This just made the whole “play up to the leader” thing worse, with Anderson now looking like a spoilt child craving their Mothers attention. Sick of the Aces and Eights now, it’s just wasted potential.

Speaking of a general waste of time, Sting, Samoa Joe, Magnus and Rampage Jackson obviously made up the Mafia. I could care less about the Mafia, they drew big when they were first created. But back then they actually embodied with Main Events, this is the Mid-Card (it’ll do) Mafia. And they suck the life out of the program.

And yes, it gets a lot worse.

AJ Styles makes his way out to the ring. Stands still, then his “Phenomenal” Music plays and he throws off his Jacket and acts all happy and excited with Tenay claiming the old AJ to be back.

This can be summed up with one phrase “WHAT A WASTE”

They spent how long building AJ’s Character, over a year and a half, nearly two years. It all comes into fruition, it’s new, exciting, edgy, and then they’re like, Meh, a few weeks later and just scrap it.

They have obviously scrapped it because they need someone to fill whatever they had planned with Angle. But couldn’t they have just used someone else? AJ was doing so well with his new gimmick, it wasn’t being used to any huge degree, but I had such high hopes for it.

Turning him back, for no reason, it’s just dumb. He’s spent so long talking about being out for himself, and I bet next week he will walk out and just give a crap promo about being wrong. It’s annoying, it’s pathetic, and it really sucked.

Speaking of sucking, The Aces and Eight seem to be on their way out as a Faction, another waste, they could have made a great Aces and Eights Tag-Team, and have them with the belts. it would have given the faction more power and helped define the Tag-Team Division.

Devon had the Television Championship, Bully World Championship. They could have done so much more, now I don’t even know why TNA are bothering to keep Wes, Garret and Knux on their pay-roll.

Rampage Jackson got a little moment to show off what he can do. To say he used to be a Wrestler before going into MMA he was just “alright”.

The match was a bit of a mess, seemingly no-one told Rampage not to just stand there and watch. Sting got a low-blow and nearly lost, but Rampage and Joe just stood outside the ring, leaning on the apron watching.

In the end AJ Styles pinned Devon after the Styles Clash.

I was so hoping AJ would turn on the Mafia, but it seems all hope is lost.

It was such a pathetic waste.

What if Sting just got his Baseball Bat and just Violently attacked Samoa Joe, for example, I mean like really whaled on him and beat him down badly and Joe lost his job. How awesome would that have been. If it was just so unexpected.

The very idea Sting is aligning himself with the idiots that didn’t help him in the first place is dumb. And now after AJ Styles’ quick turn around, I don’t know what I think of TNA currently. I am finding it hard to praise them, they are making a tone of mistakes, and a lot of bad choices, and they need to really change their PR team, and their Creative team. They are the home of “Good Ideas” and utterly crap execution.



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